January 2nd, 2010

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An update on Na-Young

I don't remember seeing this posted, and I thought some of you might be interested in an update on Na-Young, the nine year old girl who's rapist was given a ridiculously light 12 year sentence. (original post here)

The child's double eyelid-less eyes shone playfully.When I met the child on the 16th, she hid behind a column and laughed while sticking out her head. We introduced ourselves and her face turned red. Pen and paper were produced and the child drew various pictures. A baby bird was receiving a present from its mother, and a child dressed in red, just like her, smiled brightly. Not showing her face, the child had been communicating her thoughts through pictures. The nine-year girl is the one known by the name "Na-young".

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source: Asian Correspondet.com / Naver News
found via the Grand Narritive


i'm so happy she's doing better. what a precious child.

Rainbow’s shocking statement,“We are better in terms of sexiness and development as compared to KARA

7-member female group Rainbow makes a shocking statement that they are sexier and have better development than senior group KARA.

Rainbow will be on OnGameNet ‘HanYeong’s RockYou’ to be aired on 3rd January where they will show off their youth and vitality as a girlgroup. Rainbow said, “Even though we debuted later than KARA, our average age is higher. Comparing in terms of sexiness and development (growth), we are ranked above KARA.”

It was known that KARA and Rainbow, who are both under the same entertainment company, are 2 groups with close relationships. KARA have showed up at Rainbow’s filming site to show support, and also helped monitor the group’s performance.

During the show, Rainbow also sang their song ‘Not Your Girl’ live.

The show is set to air on 3rd January at 9pm.

Original Source: Newsen
Source(translation): Sookyeong

jaeha x anna attic

Japanese Media "TVXQ Will Disband This Summer"... Three Members' Side States "We Didn't Know That"

Japanese media stated that popular group TVXQ, who has stopped domestic activities due to the legal dispute between some of the members and their agency, will be holding a disbandment concert this summer.

Sport Nippon released information on the 1st that the rift between the members of TVXQ was irreparable and that both Korean and Japanese representatives of the group were preparing for a disbandment.

According to the newspaper, SM Entertainment and Japanese agency AVEX came to an agreement to solve the issue but both sides agreed that disbandment was inevitable. It was also reported that both sides were fixing the group's schedule to accommodate a 'farewell concert' that would be held in both Korea and Japan in June.

Regarding this, the three members' side stated, "We've never heard about this farewell concert," and "At the moment, nothing has been set and both side are still trying to come to an agreement."

On the other hand, TVXQ is planning to release their 29th single 'BREAK OUT!' on the 27th this month and will be releasing their first Best Album on the 17th of next month.

Source: [heraldm]
Translation credits: jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia 
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lmao, omg, i really love the headlines XD

They are saying they've never even heard of the things mentioned in the newspaper, which means, uhm, it's not true O___O

Status quo: Nothing has been decided.

T-ara EunJung explains snowman costume, “I didn’t know people would see it as a punishment”

T-ara EunJung gives an official explanation about her snowman costume.

On 27th December, she had written on her minihompy diary, “I didn’t know that people would see it as a punishment…Ohyo keke. The one person I’m reminded of at this moment. ㅅㅈㄴ”

Previously, EunJung’s snowman costume worn for T-ara’s Christmas special performances of their song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ has been commented on by 2PM TaecYeon with, “Your costume today is some kind of punishment? Kekeke” and has been the topic amongst netizens.

Some netizens have also called T-ara’s stylists as antis putting the members in weird costumes like that of the snowman costume which EunJung was put in .

Meanwhile, T-ara won their 1st #1 on music show with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ just 5 months into debut on KBS Music Bank on 1st January.

Translation: sookyeong
Source: Newsen

Narsha's talking to you, Wooyoung

‘Adult-dol’ Narsha (30) reveals her wish for 2010.

During the episode of KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ aired on 1st January, the G7 members (So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri, Sunny; KARA Goo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, 4Minute HyunA, T-ara HyoMin, Secret Han SeonHwa) were seen wearing hanboks and sending their new year greetings to the TV viewers.

Especially for Narsha, her wish for the year to have scandal with a male idols gave funny episode. She said, “I must have a scandal this year. With male idol group.”

With that Kim TaeWoo also said, “I really like scandals with idols. I also had a blast with scandals with idols after discharging from army.”

Meanwhile, during this episode of Invincible Youth, gagman Kim JongMin chose HyunA and Goo Hara as his ideal types in the waiting room for G7 backstage to KBS Entertainment Awards.

Source: Sookyeong

Kim Taewoo must have really enjoyed his "scandals" with Yuri, Seungyeon, Nicole.... who else?
And WooSha >>> WooFany, OKAY?! I'm looking at you, lotsoflov_e and crappy_love.

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Minwoo's injuries are much more serious

Following up from the article posted yesterday:

We reported earlier today about Lee Minwoo getting into a car accident. New reports have now surfaced and imply that his injuries are pretty serious, including injuries to the neck, spinal cord and a concussion.

An official said, "Lee Minwoo is currently at the hospital receiving treatment and doctors have advised that he would need more than a month of recovery.

With regards to his upcoming concerts on the 16th and 17th at the Ewha Womans University, it will be difficult to proceed with it. We will be offering refunds and more details will be made available soon via the ticketing website."

We wish him all the best in a speedy recovery.


8| Screw you 2009/10. Mess with my 신화 and I'll ... CRY OR SOMETHING EQUALLY AS THREATENING. YEAH. YOU HEARD ME.

I'm hoping for some more info to come out about it soon. I mean, at first it sounded like not too much, but now it's sounding pretty serious. Maybe M Rising will release a statement soon that outlines things a lot better. ;_; (for now we just have Dongwan calling him superman ♥)

tbh my second thought when I heard about this (after "omfg what?") was "SEE?! I knew you should have gone to the army already and stopped delaying it. NOW LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO YOU." Oh Minu. Be well ;;
[Korean] Shinhwa - OTP (MinWan)

A Minwoo Update From A More Reliable Source

I've been waiting for this before I started freaking out so finally a Shinhwa member has spoken up about Minwoo's condition since the accident.

From Dongwan's 01/02 Naver Blog Entry:

"Don’t worry too much about Minwoo
Although we failed to keep Minwoo’s injuries from being found out by the enemies.
It’s alright~ Because Minwoo is Superman~^0^/"

The translator noted that Dongwan is most probably referring to the media as "enemies". That explains why the news only got out now though the accident happened in December. They purposely kept it among themselves to stop the story from being sensationalized by reporters.

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Credit: Absolut Shinhwa (1 & 2)

*clutches heart*
I love these boys and their amazing friendship!
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Half-Korean girl struggles to find her own identity

As this case just showed to us racism still runs completely wild in Korea. And apparently even among kids:

Eom Wu-jeong shrugs off barbs from classmates, secretly wants cell phone

GIMCHEON, North Gyeongsang - Eom Wu-jeong, 11, was born and raised by her Korean father and Filipino mother.

Wu-jeong has black hair and dark skin, slightly different from other Korean kids, but she’s just like any preteen girl who gets excited over idol stars and the latest cell phones.

Wu-jeong lives in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang, with her parents and three siblings. Her family lives in a semi-basement house that measures 33 square meters, and her parents pay 250,000 won ($214) a month in rent after a 1 million won deposit.

Though the size of the house seems to be a bit small for a family of six, the house is full of joy and happiness.

During a recent visit, Wu-jeong’s mother was busy looking after her 18-month-old baby sister, and Wu-jeong’s father had his eyes glued to a TV. The girl’s two brothers, Jeong-dae and Jeong-won, were busy playing a computer game.

Marriage migrants boomed in Korea in the late 1990s. Wu-jeong’s parents married in 1996, and her mother is considered an early marriage migrant to Korea. Wu-jeong, the couple’s first child, was born two years later.

She’s the only multiethnic student among 30 students in her class. When Wu-jeong was in second grade, her classmates teased her about her skin color.

“‘Why is your skin so dark? Where is your mom from?’ That’s what they asked me,” Wu-jeong recalled. “I know that they were asking me not because they were really curious. They just wanted to tease me.”

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Source: JoongAng Daily
it me

A. N. JELL Reunites for SBS Drama Awards

All fans secretly wish that SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” idol band A.N.JELL was a real band, but they aren’t.

For the 2009 SBS Drama Awards on December 31st, the fake idol group came back together to sing “Still/As Always” from the drama’s OST.

Reprising their roles from the drama, Park Shin-hye happily squeals, “Hyung-nim.” Later, Jang Geun-seok announces, “I am A.N.JELL leader, Hwang Tae-kyung,” giving fans in attendance a mini heart attack.

With Lee Hong-ki and Jung Yong-hwa, the four play the part of A.N.JELL so well, I also wish I could see them perform together more often. In this performance, Jung Yong-hwa displays his stage charisma, so long forward to his band C.N Blue’s Korean debut. They have completed filming a music video that is to be released with a mini-album later this month.

Jang Geun-seok was included in the “Top 10 Stars Award” and received the “Netizen Highest Popularity Award.”

Lee Hong-ki, Jung Yong-hwa, and Park Shin-hye receive the “New Star Award.” Congratulations to the “You’re Beautiful” cast and crew!

See the A.N.JELL performance (plus some pictures) under the cut.

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vvvvanilla's youtube channel
ssuruki's youtube channel

lawll sorry about that mods! i'm usually good about not hotlinking.

Korean viewers showed dissatisfaction towards New SBS “Intimate Note 3″!

SBS TV has aired a new version of “Intimate Note’ called ‘Intimate Note 3′ for the year 2010.

Yet, the response towards its 1st episode aired on Jan 1st,2010 was quite bad as viewers showed their dissatisfaction.

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Source: Nate + Kbites

If a show that has Jungmin and Brian in it is called boring, then it really must be that boring.
~*NVR 4GT*~
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Kyuhyun and UEE fail in math

On the January 2nd edition of Star King, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and After School's UEE participated in a math challenge against math whizzes from Korea, Japan, and China. The challenge was that within 4.5 seconds, 12 numbers would appear on the screen and you add up the total sum of the numbers displayed.

While the whiz kids added it up pretty quickly, both Kyuhyun and UEE found it very difficult. In fact, Kyuhyun tries to cheat and peek at one of the kids answers.

The answer was 6,706 and Kyuhyun came close by answering 6,705 while UEE basically gave up. Check out the math segment below and thanks to Kacey for the tip.

Kyuhyun taking a sneak peek occurs at 0:10

cr: dkpopnews11

source: akp

omg I would've pulled a UEE and given up too XD it's okay kyuhyun, you were close. ps: sorry mods!

Won Bin voted as the "Entertainer Most Desired for a Steamy New Year's Kiss" ; followed by Gong Yu a

Won Bin has been voted as the number one entertainer most netizens would like to share a steamy kiss with on New Year's day.

On Cinetong.com, a question asking "New Year's Day, the entertainer you want to share a sweet kiss with?" has been running since December 28th. The results show Won Bin in first place with 58.3% of the votes.

Following are Gong Yu, who received a love call for filming just after returning from service, in 2nd place with 21.4% of the votes and Ok Taecyeon, the thief of noona's hearts, in 3rd with 14.3%.

Won Bin's secret to 1st place seems to be the recent CF where he shares a kiss with Shin Min-ah, that captured the attentions of many female netizens.

2009 was a year full of romantic kisses. The candy-kiss from the drama "Iris," the scarf-kiss from "High Kick through the Roof," and the deep kiss between Won Bin and Shin Min-ah in their CF all caught the viewers' attentions.

Spurred on by the kiss-fest, the movie "After Love" (in theatres January 21st, 2010) is gathering widespread interest with its refreshing love story and delicious kiss scene.

"After Love," also known as "Love Actually" internationally, contains 110 kiss scenes and is considered 2010's best romantic comedy.

Source: Jaegyung News
translated by hypocritical

Kissing. Hmm.
I don't know about you guys, but I would have voted for the actor (semi-singer?) Kim Kibum. That guy is looking mighty fine lately... Or Kim Bum.
Best romantic comedy is stretching it.
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U-Kiss' Dongho Wants to do Better in School

I guess idols aren't perfect after all. Dongho of U-Kiss revealed that he wants to do better in school. It was his new year's resolution which he talked about on Quiz that Change the World today.

He said, "In 2010, I turn 17. My wish is to become one of the 50 best students in the school. Right now, there are 300 students in my school and I'm at 200th place in terms of grades."

Wow, that's a bit low but we have to cut him some slack since he probably sleeps two hours a night. Who has time for school when you're an idol? The MC's made him look better by saying, "He is doing promotions so that's considered good for all the world he does."

He showed his masculine side by doing a very manly dance but surprised everyone when he confessed that his hobby is knitting. He even gave Lee Kyung Shil a handmade scarf. What a gentleman.


dongho why are you the sweetest thing ever. ):

[video] SJM cooking with Patty Hou + Translations

The second episode of SJM's awesome 2 parter with Patty Hou has been upped to youtube! ♥ Everybody should watch because it is truly the boys at their best and most ridiculous =D

Hannie, Henry & Donghae cooked dumplings, and Zhoumi, Kyu, Shiwon and Ryeowook made a Korean dish (I forgot the name of ^^)

General overview (from my totally biased POV): Hannie and Ryeowook are awesome cooks; BBQ and Fishie are totally ADD; Henry makes a giant dumpling baby w/ Hae; Zhoumi and Q are married; everyone makes fun of Shiwon's xiao long bao love; and Patty pretty much fails at the Sorry Sorry dance.

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TV Dramas to Look Forward to in 2010

This year's lineup of dramas proved to be interesting. There were young, handsome characters attracting female fans ("Boys Over Flowers," KBS), smart housewives took over households and offices ("My Wife is a Superwoman," MBC) and ancient royalty ("The Great Queen Seondeok," MBC) and intelligence agents ("Iris," KBS) fought for their lives on the small screen.

For 2010, networks are preparing another year of compelling dramas based on history, catchy storylines and even war.

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Source: The Korea Times