January 7th, 2010

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Shoo is back as singer after 8 years with new single album release!

S.E.S member singer actress Shoo will be coming back as a singer after 8 years.

She will be releasing a single album and promoting as a singer again. This is Shoo’s first singer activities previously as part of S.E.S 8 years back.

There will be 4 tracks included in the single album and the 4th track ‘With Me’ features the 2 otherb member Bada and Eugene. The title song to the single album, ballad track, ‘Other than me’ will show off Shoo’s cute and cheery image like that of S.E.S Shoo.

The single album is produced by production team Outsidaz from the States which also did many hits by singers in Korea like Lee Hyori, M, Bada, Jang Nara and A’ST1.

Shoo reveals her feelings about doing her singer comeback, “I am having the kind of feelings I had when I first debuted 12 years back in preparing this album.”

Source: sookyeong

Mmmmmm S.E.S. is having a lot of activity these days. Bada is holding a concert, Eugene has a book and now Shoo.

Bae Soo-bin joins cast of drama "Dong Yi"

Actor Bae Soo-bin has decided to join the cast of a historial drama by famed producer Lee Byueong-hoon of hit TV series "Dae Jang Geum" and "Yi San", according to Bae's agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

BH explained that Bae, 33, will play the role of a swordsman who dedicates his life to protecting his love Dong Yi, played by actress Han Hyo-joo, in the TV series also tentatively titled "Dong Yi" in English.

The drama will be about the life of Dong Yi who grows up to become Choi Suk-bin, a consort of King Sukjong and the mother of King Youngjo during the Joseon Dynasty. Hallyu star Ji Jin-hee has been tapped to play the role of King Sukjong.

This will be Bae's second time working with Han -- they became two of the most sought-after actors and actresses in the entertainment industry for their role in drama "Shining Inheritance" earlier last year which ended its run with a 41.7 percent rating.

Bae's most recent drama "Temptation of an Angel" which ended in December also saw a successful run, with its ratings surpassing the 20 percent mark.

He will soon undergo training in swordsmanship for the drama set to go into shoot starting later this month.

Original Source: 10asia.co.kr
Source(Translation): Hancinema

Junse OPPA!~ <3
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2NE1: Looking back at 2009

“Edgy” 2NE1, will they continue their “big hit” trend in 2010?

2009, a year when girl power swept through the Korean music scene, a 4 member girl group, 2NE1, with a different concept than [of the] typical girl group came into the Korean Music scene.

In 2009 new girl groups such as 4minute, Secret, Rainbow, F(x), T-ara, etc debuted saying that they would ‘appeal [the public] with a different color than that of the typical girl groups [of the past]’ but none of them have been able to show as much difference as 2NE1.

2NE1 was not to be belittled from the start. These girls were a hot topic on the internet café’s with the title “female Big Bang” long before they debuted. And on top of that, this female idol group was created by Big Bang’s company, YG Entertainment.

Each member also gained much attention. Sandara Park (27 years old) was as famous [in the Phillippines] known to be the ‘Philippine Boa’, Park Bom (27 years old) worked together with Lee Hyori and Lee Junki during the AnyCall CF. The youngest Gong Minzy (17 years old) gained attention by being the granddaughter of a [famous] Korean traditional dancer Gong Ok-Jin and although young, CL (20 years old) the leader called much attention [to herself] by having superior rapping skills.

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source: sstv
translated by: lovesong @ ygsecret21

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snsd prepares to promote overseas?

In 2010, Girls' Generation will begin their first year for oversea promotions in full-scale.

In February they currently aim to release their new full length album and will now begin steps into Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other Asian markets and is preparing for a full-scale advance.

2010 girls 'age' first year as overseas samgo began preparing for full-scale.*

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original source
translated by ☆Genie @ SSF

*I have no idea what this means. @_@; It sounds like it should be a reiteration of the first line? Idk.

This sounds more like they'll be promoting overseas with just the tour, but there's always that chance of a proper promotion in a country like Japan or China. I wonder where they'll go, if they do. My bets are on Japan, because I hear f(x) is supposed to be promoting in China. And at least Sooyoung speaks Japanese. xD
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2NE1 dominates Cyworld's BGM Annual Top Songs Chart

2009's scary rookie girl group once again prevails on the charts. 2NE1 achieved #1 on Cyworld BGM Annual Top Songs Chart with 'I Don't Care', just surpassing 2009's top artists SNSD and G-Dragon. A few spots below at #5 is their collaboration CF song with Big Bang 'Lollipop'.

2NE1 also holds a few more spots in this Top 100 chart, with Bom's You and I at #11, Fire at #14, In The Club, CL & Minzy's Please Don't Go, and Let's Go Party at #36, #65, and #96 respectively.

2007 and 2008 belonged to also YG Entertainment as Big Bang took the #1 spot respectively for 'Lies' and 'Haru Haru'.

source: Cyworld Music
credit: elavip @ ygsecret21

BGM = background music of cyworld accounts :)

Family Outing Season 2 looks promising

The time to say goodbye to SBS Family Outing is coming close, but it doesn’t look like our Sunday happiness will be in doom anymore. The list of the celebrities who have been offered to be cast in Family Outing Season 2 – which unfortunately will not include almost all of the original members, including MC Yoo Jae Suk (yes, it’s been confirmed again that he’s leaving for good) – has been unveiled. I gotta say, it looks pretty good.

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Source: allkpop
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seohyun interview with t-news

Last year was definitely SNSD's year. Their 'Gee' and "Tell Me Your Wish" songs were both hits and won various awards at the Melon Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards. Recently, they have successfully finished their solo concert, which has further shown the power of SNSD.

On January 1, 2010, T-News met privately with SNSD's maknae Seohyun, who recently turned twenty, at KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'.

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translated by cathode @ ssf

:D Aw an interview all to herself.
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It's poll tiemz, y'all!

Koreans speak up about who they see as the next Lee Hyori!

A poll was conducted through the show Real Story to find who Koreans see as the next female superstar like Hyori. The search is the done through 3 stages:
1. determining the most talented/popular girl groups of 2009 (SNSD, 2NE1, After School were selected)
2. identifying the best (in terms of beauty, marketability, popularity, talent) members of each group. Dara for 2NE1, Yoona for SNSD, and UEE for After School were chosen.
3. a survey of 100 people was done.

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Source: janeth0802 + me for the info

Wow, it's nice to see some Dara love <3 And, finally! A poll that asks real people instead of netizens!

Ahead of comeback, Jo Kwon to have duet stage with GaIn with ‘We Fell In Love’

Ahead of singer comeback, 2AM leader Jo Kwon will take the stage with Brown Eyed Girls GaIn for duet performance.

Coming 9th January on MBC Music Core, the 2 will be performing their duet ‘We Fell In Love’. The duet song talks about their sweet love story for MBC We Got Married where they played made-believe couple. Even though there was no promotions for the song, it has gone up to #1 on music charts after it was released.


Jo Kwon, “All this time, we’ve seen the cool performances that Brown Eyed Girls have put up. But now it’s the time for 2AM.”

Source: Sookyeong



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 Samyang made a mistake on the poster with the girls' signatures, Seohyun's signature is missing. But Krystal's signature is there, its the second one from the left D: in case anyone is curious the order of the signatures are as follows: Taeyeon - Krystal - Yoona - Hyoyeon - Sunny - Tiffany - Jessica - Sooyoung - Yuri

If you're mega hxc, you can download the full-sized posters from the Samyang site. The original files range from 5MB to 17MB each lol.

source: Samyang + bossa747's twitter