January 8th, 2010

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yuri to attend chung-ang uni

SNSD's Yuri (given name Kwon Yuri) became a freshman of Chung-Ang Universities class of 2010. (*note in Korea, "Class of _____" is determined by the year that you enter University)

Newsen posted on the 6th of January "Yuri has decided to enter Chung-Ang University".

Yuri passed Chung-Ang University's first advanced entrance exam for the entertainment arts program for the school year of 2010, and also Dong-Guk Universitie's early entrance exam as well. Yuri chose to become a member of Chung-Ang University, which made her an alumni of SNSD member Sooyoung.

The other SNSD member that will be going to University this year, maknae Seohyun, chose to enter Dong-Guk University for the Entertainment Arts Program.

original source
translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

:D Congratulations, Yuri! I hope she does well.
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Real life F4 gets reality show?

After the huge success of Boys Over Flowers, it seems someone thought having a reality show following the lives of four real life rich flower boys would be a good idea. Coming soon to Korean cable channel On Style is Papa Rich (파파리치), which will follow the luxurious life of four young chaebeols. The four players in this show are: Eom Seong Mo, 25 the son of a medical family that owns several hospitals; Yoon Suk Min, 25 son of parents who own a financial group; Kim Hyung Woo, 21 grandson of the K Group; and Park Jae Young, 20 grandson of the M Company.

The show follows their life in which their family’s fortunes puts them in the top 1% of the Korean population in terms of wealth. They have allowances in excess of ₩20,000,000 ( yes, all those zeros are correct – about $20,000) a month, drive luxury foreign cars, and ‘hang out’ with friends in ways beyond what most of us are able to. The four are said to have different and interesting personalities and the show will follow all aspects of their life not just the happy and fun stuff, but also all the stress and difficulties they experience. They grew up going to all the upper class schools, leading somewhat sheltered lives, and have much pressure on them regarding their futures. Hmmm, talk about life imitating art. I wonder if one of them will fall in love with the plucky daughter of a dry cleaner, and then his mom finds out and goes ballistic, but then his best friend falls in love with her too?

If you’re interested in seeing a real life Boys Over Flowers, the debut episode will be on January 10th at 2:oo pm in Korea. Check out the preview of the show here, courtesy of wkfzldnj.

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source: wkfzldnj@YT + seoulbeats
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Kim Hyun-joong declined offer to appear on "Family" season 2, Yoon Sang-hyun verbally agreed to join

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong [Asia Economic Daily]

Leader of boy band SS501 Kim Hyun-joong has turned down the offer to appear in the new season of SBS variety show "Family Outing", according to his agency DSP Media on Thursday.

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Reporter : Park Kun-ouc kun1112@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: Asiae.co.kr

Korean actor Yoon Sang-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Yoon Sang-hyun verbally agreed to appear in the new season of variety show "Family Outing,", according to his agency MGB Entertainment.
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Reporter : Park Kun-ouc kun1112@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: Asiae.co.kr
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Who are the idols whose eyesmile will melt away the ultimate cold?

When you first meet another, the person's eyes are usually the first thing you look at. Eyes therefore play a big part in creating the first impression of oneself. And the eyesmiles are ones which make these eyes more beautiful and lovelier. We gathered 4 idols whose eyesmiles make our heart flutter the most. They're SNSD's Tiffany, F(x)'s Sulli, Big Bang's TaeYang and 2PM's Nikhun.

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Source: Stoo.com
Shared& translated by: blackcider @aff(x)tion forums
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yoona wants to be loved like a normal girl

SNSD Yoona revealed, "My greatest goal in life is to get married and live while be loved like an average person."

When SNSD was participating during a recent filming of 'Girls On Top 2' on MTV, she revealed her views on marriage, her complex, and life style. Through this, she showed her future hopes and aspirations, wanting to be a lady and not a girl.

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original source
translated by taenbear @ SSF

I can't wait for that to come out and be subbed. lol All the stories about her elementary schoolboy persona really have ruined her image. xD
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Yoona confirmed for Family Outing 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
SNSD YoonA, Actress Won Hee Kim, Actor Sang Hyun Yoon, and Comedian Sang Ryul Jee have finally confirmed to participate in Family Outing Season 2 (FO2)

Led by Jae Seok Yoo, Hyo Ree Lee, Jong shin Yoon, and Soo Roh Kim, FO Season 1 is planning its last episode around the mid of Feb. Following it, FO Season 2, with new members and format, is gradually confirming their new member line up.

By now, YoonA, Won Hee Kim, Sang Hyun Yoon, Sang Ryul Jee have agreed to join FO2. One of the administrators of FO2 has said that the members that are mentioned above have confirmed to join and rest of members are still undecided

TacYeon (2PM) and Bong Sun Shin are hesitating to respond due to the heavy and inevitable schedules.

FO1 is having its last shooting on 11th and 12th in Gang Gol town, Bosung, Jeonnam. In this episode, the ex members (Ye Jin Park, Chun Hee Lee, See Yeon Park) are joining the original members to celebrate their farewell journey

Original source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100108n13540
Translated by : 탱구♥@soshified.com
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Sexy Rainbow Video!!

Rookie female group Rainbow does 2PM’s Heartbeat !

A video of Rainbow members doing 2PM’s Heartbeat in their waiting room is on youtube.
2PM is indeed receiving many supports (read:love) for their single ‘Heartbeat’ and their junior Rainbow is no exception!

source: sookyeong & DSPangELS

rainbow rox! get over it
shinhwa: furs
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Lee Minwoo’s stay in hospital will be extended

Shinhwa member, who is currently being hospitalized after a car accident on Christmas Eve, is likely to get his hospitalization period extended.

On Christmas Eve, Lee Minwoo’s car slipped on an icy road outside Yongpyeong Reosrt in Gangwon-do and he suffered injuries to his neck, back and spine, as well as a concussion. He was admitted into a hospital in Seoul on the 25th and is currently recuperating there.

A rep from Lee Minwoo’s management told Newsen on 5th Jan, “He’s still receiving treatment in the hospital, but it looks like he will be hospitalized for a longer period of time. Injuries take longer to heal since he’s older now. Initially we thought he would recover very soon, so we’re very concerned right now.”

Besides a concussion, Lee Minwoo sustained injuries to his neck, back and ankle. However, looking at the state of the wrecked car, it seems that he is considered lucky. The rep said, “When the police sent us the photos of the scene of the accident on the 4th, it looked absolutely dismal. Although he welcomed the new year in the hospital, it was really an escape from what could have been much worse.”

Meanwhile, Lee Minwoo’s concert ‘M’s Suite Room’, which was initially scheduled for 16 and 17 Jan at Ewha Woman’s University, has been cancelled due to his accident. However, Lee Minwoo may still consider proceeding with the concert after he has recovered from his injuries.

Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

Although it still sounds very serious, and it's taking longer than they hoped, let's stay positive ^^ 이민우 화이팅! He was very healthy and fit before the accident, which gives him a much better chance of recovering well.

TOP, attacking both singing and acting.

It's now TOP's generation!

After leaving a strong impression with his assassin role in 'Iris', popular idol group Big Bang's TOP (Choi Seunghyeon) plans to show various transformations this year.

TOP will begin his solo activities either mid-February or early-March. On the 7th, a YG Entertainment representative confirmed it will either be a mini-album or digital single, and that "the overall direction hasn't been determined yet but it will be planned to fit TOP's unique style." After his solo activities Big Bang will meet fans as a group with a new album sometime the first half of 2010.

TOP's plans as an actor are also underway. After his screen-debut last November in the telecinema '19,' he is currently filming the movie, "Into the Gunfire' as Jangbum, a student soldier. TOP stated, "It's an honor to once again be involved in such a large-scale production, and I am working hard night and day to not cause any problems for this project."

'Into the Gunfire' is a movie shedding new light on student soldiers' bravery and noble deaths during the Korean War, and is planned to start showing in theaters in mid-June.

Source: Donga.com
Translated by: qvinx @ omona_prection


BEAST JunHyung and F.cuz Jinon are close friends

It has been known that F.cuz member Jinon and BEAST JunHyung are close friends.

The 2 of them have attended the same high school AhnYang Arts High, and have been close friends since they were in high school.

F.cuz is set to have their debut stage with the song ‘Jiggy’ on KBS Music Bank on 8th January. While BEAST will be performing their followup hit song ‘Mystery’ on Music Bank too.

JunHyung tells a Newsen reporter, “I heard about Jin Chul’s (Jinon’s real name) debut. We have been dreaming to be singers together since high school and I hope we can get along well.”

Source: Newsen + sookyeong

Apparently Seungho went to this high school as well...?
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omona best of 2009 [comeback edition]

OmonaTheydidn't! made her glorious debut nearly one year ago and a whole lot of craziness in the world of Kpop and KCulture has been shared here. Many posts were exciting, lulzy, cringe worthy, emotion filled, wtf etc.

Finally now with Omona's over 7800 ~*charms*~ it's a time to look back & reflect.

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You can submit as many posts as you want. It's kind of like a FFA spam of post links.

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Have fun reminiscing !


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Because MBlaq members can't stop kissing people...

 2AM JinWoon’s “surprise” kiss with MBLAQ Mir!

2AM Jeong Jinwoon and MBLAQ Mir have exchanged an electrifying kiss on the snow.

2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon and MBLAQ’s Mir laid out a kiss scene in SBS E!TV ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ together with the 1991 line friends, SHINee KEY and Beast Son Dongwun.

In ‘IMR’, there has been a battle over MBLAQ Mir, with Mir headbutting against Jinwun.

After a fierce fight, Mir pushed Jinwun aside, but as Jinwun ran toward him, calling him out for a duel, he slipped in the snowy ground, kissing Mir.

As Mir came back having been wasted by Jinwun, MBLAQ who wanted to keep their maknae safe is starting a battle with ‘IMR’ members who recruited Mir. With that concept, the show started with MBLAQ and ‘IMR’ continued with search ranking battle, the balloon popping of horrors, swine flue battle, knee wrestling, drag queen battle.

January 9th 10pm broadcast.

SOURCES: Soompi (pinktea) translated by AsteriskRolled@abm from article at Newsen; Pic 1 (AKP), Pic 2 (GossipCity)

+ + + + +

LOL @ "Drag queen battle"
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Andy Prepares For Military

Andy (28) of Shinhwa and “We Got Married” will be enlisting in the military on January 11th. In preparation, Andy will have a fan meeting and release a digital single.

Eric, Kim Dong-wan, and Junjin have already enlisted, but Andy, Shinhwa’s mangnae (youngest member) will be the first of Shinhwa to serve active duty. Andy gave up his American citizenship in 2003, and is required to serve in Korea’s military for about 2 years.

On January 11th, Andy will head off to 6 months of basic training at Nonsan Military Training Center and then enter active duty.

Before that, Andy will have a fan meeting “ANDY Farewell Party Bye For Now” on January 9th, in Sungdong-gu at Sowol Art Hall. Andy will also release a digital single “One Love” (사랑 하나) on the day of his enlistment, January 11th.

Fellow member Minwoo, will also be enlisting this year, after putting off military service for about 2 years already. Minwoo was scheduled to have his last concert before enlistment on January 16th and 17th, but after a serious car accident, Minwoo injured his neck, back, and ankles, and is currently recovering.

The final member of Shinhwa, Shin Hye-sung, will not be serving in the military, due to a previous injury.

Andy’s cute antics will certainly be missed. Good luck!

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G-Dragon "Summoned by the Prosecution", No Freedom of Expression for Musicians?

There are many controversies over G-Dragon's performance that was marked as an offense for an immoral performance and also said that it infringed the youth protection laws. We have to recognize that the core of this controversy is the freedom of a creator and that we cannot overlook the freedom of the audience who has the right to enjoy a creator's expressions and results.

This controversy this time is very ambiguous. What is the standard for obscenity? Is it when someone feels sexually harassed or is it when someone thinks that it is simply too erotic? But it’s not like the police could just pick a random person that was at G-Dragon’s concert and ask "Was that too obscene for you?" Collapse )gooddaymoderato )

Original Article by Kim Jihyun @ TV Daily
Translated by Beau @ bbvipz
Edited by big bang=love @ bbvip


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Suju Shindong "I'm the only one in Suju dont get interference from the company"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior Shindong has revealed that he's the only one in the team dont receive the interference from the company.

On the show KBS2TV "Star Golden bell" which will be aired on 9th, Shindong is one of the guests and he will talk about the idol group's taboo subjects.

MC Ji Seokjin asked "Being an idol you will receive a lot of interference from the company, is there anything that you absolutely can not do ?" which Shindong said "We cant take photos at those drinking parties". But he continued with "But at the company there is saying that 'Shindong, it's OK to you' " which made everybody laughing.

Shindong also said "When we promote for Dont Don and Sorry sorry, we had a cool image so we couldnt be funny when we came out on TV", "but someone said to me 'Shindong-ah, yesterday you were so funny', 'You're the only freestyle one in Super Junior' "

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits

Good for you, BB.
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MBLAQ's Lee Joon kissed Kim Na Young for real on Idol Army? [VIDEO]

I found a GIF shared by a k pop fan which shows the kissing scene between Lee Joon and Kim Na Young,netizens with sharp eyes revealed that Joonie actually kissed Kim Na Young.

They explained that Lee Joon moved her thumb away before touching Na Young's lips,there is a GIF below as evidence,i don't really know whether Joonie has kissed her or not,so any opinion to voice out,Joonie lovers?

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Source: dailyk-popnews - abmshows
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Daesung not participating in Family Outing season 2

Big Bang member Daesung was recently mentioned in the news that he will be joining the second season of Family Outing.

However, a representative from SBS announced today that Daesung has decided that he won't be participating in the next season anymore.

Daesung has been confirmed to be part of Song Ji Na's new drama, "What's Up" (working title), and is also working on his solo album so it is really impossible for him to participate due to schedule conflicts.

Daesung is one of the original cast members of Family Outing along with Yoo Jae Seok. The two are famous for being the "dumb and dumber" and for displaying "brotherly love" in the show.

Confirmed members for the second season are Girl's Generation's Yoona, Kim Won Hee Yoon Sang Hyeon and Ji Sang Ryeol. Filming is scheduled to begin this month.

Translated by bigbangupdates.blogspot.com
Original article

SHINee's Hello Baby is confirmed!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

from stalkingfraud at Soompi: 
 the information on the baby was out. hes 4 in korea and turning 5. yes, hes a bit old but i guess thats the concept
that they'll be doing.
no other information is released so we'll just have to wait!
+) one of my best friend is at korea now and she just called me from music bank rehearsal saying
'hello baby' is CONFIRMED because key is with the baby and he told the fans,"this is my son". 

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credit: weareshining , shinee soompi forum

ARE YOU EXCITED? cause I am. Key with a baby. YESH!!