January 9th, 2010

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Modern Mozart Make-up Fits Park Gun Hyung And Kim Junsu Well

Make-up Artist Kim Yoo Sun has a unique love for wigs
"I want to hear 'Your work for the musical Mozart! was good.'"

Musicals 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Empress Myeongseong', 'Hairspray' and 'Chicago'. What is the similarity between these unique musicals? Extravagance. And that extravagance existed because of make-up artist Kim Yoo Sun.

"I prefer musicals because they are more extravagant and larger in scale than plays," says Kim Yoo Sun and he has been put in charge of make-up for the musical [Mozart!] that is "a position any make-up artist would envy."

This was his first official interview so he was shy at first but he showed his unique love and pride for wigs throughout the interview. We met with the man who has lived since November buried in the 200 or so wigs that are to be used in Mozart!

"I fell in love with the music of Mozart!, and I'm confident."

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Shindong Becomes Trending Topic on Twitter

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Recently, it was reported that Shindong has a Twitter, so naturally followers have increased tenfold. So much that today, fans pushed #weloveshindong to be a trending topic on Twitter! Once again, k-pop fans show their strong presence on the intarwebs.

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Yey, first post on omona. :9 Shindong seems to be having fun in Thailand, too!

"TVXQ did not divide into 3-2 groups at Kouhaku rehearsal."

Komai Chikako is an entertainment reporter who works for a YTV's program called Miyaneya, the one that Tohoshinki made an appearance on the day of Best Hits Song Festival. On 1/8, when Miyaneya was having a discussion about Tohoshinki's disbanding rumor, Komai Chikako voiced out what she had seen at Kouhaku's backstage.

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YG wants to start the year strong.

According to OSEN, YG will be starting the first half of the year strong by Gummy, TOP, Daesung & 2NE1's comeback.

It is reported that Gummy will be singing the OST for a drama and Taeyang will then be releasing his solo album.
Daesung will be releasing his solo album and solo activities will start late-january or early-february after Taeyang  & Big Show Concert ends, it is said that he'll reveal two songs from his album during the concert and TOP will be releasing his solo album next and all solo activities will start mid-february or early march!

2NE1 will then be releasing their 1st album which many are waiting for. YG has mentioned that 2NE1's 1st album is the most anticipated one and also one of the biggest topic amongst netizens, fans and has been receiving more attention then all other YG artists mentioned above.
* The awesome soompi kids are predicting the album to be out late March - early/mid April which is just after TOP solo activities end.

SE7EN will then make a comeback and Big Bang's album is (most probably) set for the 2nd half of 2010!

Source: osen itszmaeee @ 2NE1's Soompi thread.
2NE1's comeback in march/april? /dies Opinions?
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Wonder Girls Receive the First Reported Bloody Letter of 2010

In 2009, we saw extreme fans show their love to their idols by writing their letter in blood. Looks like the trend has not died yet, but it returns again in 2010.

Disclaimer: The following image is not suitable for children or those with a weak stomach.

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Kim Jong Kook comeback on the 15th

Singer Kim Jong Kook will be making his comeback next week with the unveiling of his upcoming album’s title track Don’t Be Good To Me.

The song will once again be a ballad and tackle the sorrows of love with a soft melody and the blending of his vocals and a melancholy piano sound. This will be his first album in over a year since his last one in the fall/winter of 2008. Kim Jong Kook commented on the song saying, “The songs feels like an outfit that fits me well.”

Don’t Be Good To Me will be released online on the 15th whereas his full 6th album drops on the 27th. But before this, Kim Jong Kook will be wrapping up filming for Happy Sunday and Family Outing on the 11th and 12th.

Source: allkpop
FREAKING EXCITED OMG HAN NAMJA *-* I'm so excited that I could cry :')