January 10th, 2010


Lee SeungGi and Kim TaeHee voted as the #1 celebrities who will continue to remain single in 2010

Actress Kim TaeHee and all-round entertainer Lee SeungGi has been voted as the #1 celebrities netizens think will remain solo/single for the year 2010.

During KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 9th January, about 12,000 viewers did a survey on the poll ‘The celebrity who will remain single this year’.

And Kim TaeHee and Lee SeungGi are were voted #1 for the female and mae celebrity category with 20.3% and 20.4% of votes. Following behind are Lee Hyori and Kim HyunJoong at #2, and Kim HyeSoo and Rain at #3.

At #4 are actors Han YeSeul and Bae YoungJoon, and Son YeJin and Jo InSung at #5.

The results to the poll “Celebrities who will get married this year’ are also announced on the show.

Kim JaeDong, Lee HwiJae and Kim GunMo are voted top 3 on the poll.

Source: Sookyeong

That's so mean, lol.
uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

SHINee's Hello Baby to start January 19th!

A staff writer on Hello Baby updated his Cyworld page about the new season...

+ 샤이니의 헬로 베이비

- 두근두근 첫회 촬영을 마치고, 티저예고 촬영 중!

:) 1/19(화) 밤 11시 KBS joy 닥.본.사 ^^ 많은 시청 바랍니다*

+ SHINee's Hello Baby
- Finished the first episode, filming the teaser!

:) 1/19 (Tues) 11 PM KBS Joy ^^ Hope everyone watches*

source: shakizi + cyworld | translated by filmsession @ omona_prection

So soon ;____; Today is so good.

C.N.Blue members' profiles + Skoolooks endorsement pics + Korean debut release tracklist

The group is very much known as an indie group active in Japan before their official Korean debut.

They are a 4-members group, bassist Kwon KwangJin left the group recently and member JeongShin joined.

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The group is already decided as the new endorsement face for Skoolooks for 2010 before their official debut.

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Some video snippets of their live performances: Collapse )

Korean debut release:
Bluetory [Mini Album Vol.1]

Release date: Jan 14th, 2010
1. 외톨이야 (Lonely)
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why…
4. Now or Never
5. 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… (I will... forget...)

Mini album teasers: Collapse )

Source: Sookyeong
Video sources: As tagged above each video

Previously posted member profiles + mini picspam

The remaining teasers will be out on the 11th (JungShin, the bassist), and the 13th (Yonghwa, guitarist & vocalist)!
Yonghwa plays the piano too, by the way.

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Bibimbap Controversy Was Caused by 'Misunderstanding'

Kuroda Katsuhiro, Seoul bureau chief of the Japanese right-leaning Sankei Shimbun, who created controversy for his derogatory remark on a Korean dish, said there was some "misunderstanding."

In his Saturday column titled "Bibimbap Terror?" on Sankei, Kuroda said his earlier calling bibimbap as"Yang Du Gu Yuk" (羊頭狗肉) was meant to be a humor
, Chosun Ilbo reported.

Yang Du Gu Yuk literally means "to hang a lamb's head outside the shop to lure customers, but actually sells a dog meat." It's comparable to the English expression of "crying wine, and selling vinegar."

In his December column, titled "Tormenting Bibimbap," Kuroda used the expression to decry bibimbap, which is a popular Korean dish that is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sauted and seasoned vegetables with a raw or fried egg on the top.

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Source: The Korea Times

WTF Korea, some people are ready to kill over this?

Seo HyoRim's ideal type between Junho and Nichkhun?

Actress Seo HyoRim picked Junho from 2PM as her ideal guy.

HyoRim did an Ideal Type World Cup along with the 2pm members on KBS 2TV's YunyegaJunggye.

She picked Nichkhun and Junho as the final 2, and enjoyed their individual skills, where Junho did an Andre Kim impression and Nichkhun did a surprising killer wink to match the game.

Seo HyoRim picked finally Junho as the winner. She said, "I liked Nichkhun for a long time but it seems like he has alot of popularity these days" which frustrated Junho alot.
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Source: Newsen
Translated by: parkjinyoung @ omona_prection
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Sean, Jung Hye-young: Committed to Charity

Sean and Jung Hye-young, a couple known for their charitable donations, have given W100 million they made from appearing in an advertising together to a convalescent home for patients of Lou Gehrig's disease (US$1=W1,135). The couple visited the Clinical Research Institute at Seoul National University Hospital in November last year to deliver the money and ask for construction of a care home for patients with the disease also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo
Sam is.
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Singer faces inquiry over hailing N.K. rocket launch

A popular singer renowned for his liberal political views faces an inquiry over his writing that congratulated North Korea on its rocket launch, widely believed to be a long-range missile test, in April.

Prosecutors will summon rocker Shin Hae-chul this week acting on a conservative civic group's complaint.

"I, as one of the Korean people, congratulate the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on its legal launch of a rocket," the singer wrote on his webpage last April.

Conservative civic groups charged Shin with openly praising the North Korean regime and thus breaching the National Security Law.

"Shin, being an influential public figure, should be held responsible for confusing people by posting his arbitrary political opinions on cyber space," said a civic group official.

Source: The Korea Herald
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Singer Ivy’s ID number leaked online and used for hacking

With news that singer Ivy’s ID number was leaked online, the source of leakage DC Inside comedy program Gallery experienced excess of traffic and server downtime. A photo revealing Ivy’s ID number was posted up on the site on 10th January and with that Ivy’s personal information has been leaked online as well.

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Source: SportChosun
Tanslation: Sookyeong
Giselle - in the throng
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top female candidates for a scandal?

Members of male idol groups elected SNSD's Taeyeon, Kara's Nicole, T-ara's Hyomin and IU as the girls whom they want to make scandals with.

On the vacation special of SBS "Maknae Idol revolution" on the 9th, MBLAQ's Mir,2AM's Jinwoon and U-KISS's Dongho spoke positively about their scandals with some of the girl group members.

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original source
translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

lol I seriously want some context. Also, I'm kind of surprised Nicole doesn't have a tag yet.
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What Obsession with Celebrity Couples Tells Us About Ourselves

Yu Hae-jin (left) and Kim Hye-soo

(This is a column by Choi Seung-hyun from the Chosun Ilbo's News Desk)
The public's fixation with the love lives of celebrities reveals the hidden desires of our society, and ubiquitous access to the Internet has caused news or rumors to spread at the speed of light. At the start of the New Year, the Internet was filled with news about top actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yu Hae-jin officially announcing they have been dating. The Korean public has grown used to far more scandalous and sensational revelations, but the reason they were so surprised to find out that Kim and Yu were dating is because their relationship appeared to transcend social classes.

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Uee, "After School's favorite group is 2PM"

Who is the male idol group that After School likes the most?

On KBS 2TV's YunyegaJunggye, Uee answered truthfully like a shy girl, "2PM, I think they are very cool." to the question "Who is After School's favorite male group?"

Later, Uee danced to 2PM's 'Heartbeat' catching attention.

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Source: Sportsseoul & MHJ2U@youtube
Translation: parkjinyoung @Omona_prection

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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin
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f(x) Sulli, Days when she was 'drinking' Soju? 'Punch Lady' coming back alive.

The movie f(x)'s Sulli starred in Punch Lady, is becoming a hot topic again.

In 2007, Sulli appeared in the movie Punch Lady starring Do Jiwon. Sulli played the role of 'Choi Sulli', the daughter of the main character (Do Jiwon), showing a lot of charisma in the movie.

Recently, netizens has pulled the image of Sulli drinking soju (Korean alcohol) back up. It's showing a completely different side of Sulli, comparing to the cute eye-smile Sulli who's getting alot of love promoting Chu~.

Netizens said 'Back then she still had alot of charisma' 'She's different then the child stars that act although they suck.' 'She's still the same now as she was back then.' showing that Sulli is full of Charisma.

Sulli also appeared in SBS's drama Seo Dongyo in 2005 before f(x)'s debut.

On the other hand, f(x) is currently busy promoting Chu~. Chu~ has very lively dance moves, and because of Victoria's tumbling, you can feel f(x)'s unique charms.

Source: Newsen
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credits: Affxtion
gulp gulp gulp
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Lee Minho's new drama!

After seeing how he treated his lover Geum Jan Di on the drama Boys Before Flowers, we all know he can’t possibly be gay. But he can at least fake it.

Its just been revealed that Lee Minho was cast to play the role of a gay guy named Jun Jin Ho in a new MBC drama, Personal Taste.

Jun Jin Ho is a perfectionist who decides to act as a homosexual to become the roommate of his crush, who only befriends homosexual boys. Jun Jin Ho also enjoys seeing his room abnormally clean and neat, and of course, enjoys playing with girls as well.

“The elegant image of Lee Minho, plus his unique charm is perfect to fulfill women’s fantasies and portray men’s true feelings. We believe his acting and charisma will attract many viewers.”, says a representative.

Lee Minho stated, “I apologize for the long wait. I think my strong desire to bring better acting made me wait even longer. I promise to return as an actor who is more mature and experienced for the viewers.”

Personal Taste is planned to air its very first episode in April of this year, so stay tuned!

source: akp

okay, so is he gay or straight? b/c the first time I read the article I assumed his "crush" was a guy :/
ps I changed akp's article title, lols.
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Kwon Sang Woo declares war on rumour mongers

Actor Kwon Sang Woo is furious at the spreading of malicious rumours that he and his wife Son Tae-Young are getting a divorce. The celebrity couple who tied the knot in September 2008 has been plagued by these rumours since mid-2009.

Kwon and his family (they have a son) have since been continuously plagued by rumours via the Internet. The couple has since asked police to probe into this matter and Kwon has declared war on those who spread these malicious rumours about him and his family.

Pic credit and source: Newsen
Via: kpopped

lol I guess it's appropriate for him to do so, but everything he does is now lulzy and extreme to me rn.