January 11th, 2010


Park Jin Young’s official apology to WonderGirls SoHee?

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Park Jin Young apologises to WonderGirls SoHee?

On KBS 2TV ‘Sweet Night’ aired on 10th January, singer producer Park Jin Young reveals his ideal type of girl. That day, Park Jin Young have to choose from female celebrities like Rainbow Kim JaeKyung, Jung YoonHye, gagwoman Kim Sook, actresses Kang EunBin, Kim JungMin, Yang MiRa, Lee YooJin, singer NS YoonJi etc.

And WonderGirls SunYe and SooHee appeared together as the finalists for ‘top 32 ideal type worldcup’ where Park JinYoung has to choose one of them.

In the end, Park Jin Young chose SunYe after much thinking and relayed a message to SoHee on the show, “SunYe is the leader and your unnie, so I chose her.”

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young chose actress Lee YeonHee as his ultimate ideal type of woman on the show.

S: Starnews


Family Outing Parodies Bo Peep Bo Peep and Heartbeat!

the seven original members of SBS Family Outing and two guests, Jo Han Sun and Kim Sung Soo, parodied T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’.

The first team was made up of Big Bang’s Daesung, Jo Han Sun, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Soo Ro. With colorful wigs and mini skirts, they performed a hilarious parody of T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ that had me rolling on the floor, laughing! I have to say, the highlight of their performance was Daesung’s solo dance.

The next team was made up of Park Hae Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Sung Soo and Kim Jong Gook. Their performance was none other than the parody of 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’. Interestingly, they used the recording from the SBS Gayo Daejun’s girl group performance by KARA, After School and 4Minute, which made the performance even better.
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source: TRPgirl - allkpop
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Big Bang DaeSung, “I have only the contact number of one female idol member”

Big Bang DaeSung reveals an episode regarding idol girlgroup members.

On SBS Strong Heart to be aired on 12th January, DaeSung reveals the ’special relationship’ with one of the girlgroup members attracting much interests.

He was asked on the show, “Do you have the contacts to the other female celebrities othen than those in your company?” and DaeSung said, “2 of them”. And it was revealed that the 2 are Lee Hyori who appears on SBS Family Outing with DaeSung, and singer Bada who was also a guest appearance on the show that day.

And then DaeSung added, “There is one more..”

As to who is the last girlgroup member, stay tuned to the show for the answer revealed.

DaeSung revealed that the 2 of them are pretty close friends and have exchanged contact numbers during their first meeting.

The show will be aired on 12th January.

Source: Newsen ; sookyeong

so, who wants that girl to be ye-eun? 8D
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Tiffany & Nicole on Family Outing!

On Sunday the 10th, at the end of SBS's show "I love Sunday", a clip of next weeks Family Outing aired, which showed clips featuring new family members Tiffany from SNSD, and Nicole from Kara.

The recording for these episodes took place on December 21st and 22nd of 2009, and when the girls showed up on set, they gained a lot of attention for the program.

As soon as the two guest showed up on set, they heightened the atmosphere with a time of dance, where Tiffany showed off SNSD's dance and Nicole performed the famous 'butt dance'. This especially pleased the older members on set, which included Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Sooro, and Yoon Jongshin.

To further support the two new family members, more girls from girl idol groups showed up, including members from SNSD, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, and T-ara. This episode of Family Outing will be broadcasted on the 17th.

On another note, the last episode of Season 1 of Family Outing will be recorded on the 11th and the 12th in Bosung City, Chun-Nam province. In this recording, Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Hyori, Yoon Jongshin, Kim Jongkook, Daesung, and Park Haejin will attend. Also, previous family members Park Yehjin, Lee Chunhee, and Park Si Yeon will also attend.

Source: Sosiz.net & Soshified
Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified.com

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Korean & Chinese Entertainment Book (Vol. 20) Interview - TAEGOON K-pop Town Special Interview

> Nice to meet you.
TG: Yes, nice to meet you. (smiles)
> Please introduce yourself.
TG: I'm Taegoon! I debuted on January 17th 2009. I did activities with "Call Me" for my debut and with "Superstar" for my 2nd mini album.
> Were your parents against you becoming a singer?
TG: They weren't against it, but they were very concerned. They are a lovely family for believing me.
> You triumphed over adversity and you're active not only in Korea, but also in Japan. How are you feeling?
TG: I'm so happy. I haven't sung anything in Japanese yet, but my album released in Korea will also release in Japan. I'm looking forward to it.
> What genre of music do you like?
TG: I like sad ballads and love ballads. I like songs that can touch my heart.
> For sad ballads, can you cry?
TG: I cried when I sang "As Insignificant As You" during my first event in Japan.
> Now you're in a hot spring town.
TG: I haven't been to a hot spring even in Korea, so I look forward to it. I also look forward to the big bathtub because I've never seen it..
> How do you feel if it's a mixed bath? (Men and women bathing together)
TG: (shyly) It's real?!

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Source: onlytaegoon
Translation: Emiko @ www.onlytaegoon.com

Andy is off to the army! “I think of Shin HyeSung hyung the most”

ShinHwa Andy picks member Shin HyeSung as the member he thinks of the most.

Andy reported for his 20-months military services at ChoongNam Nonsan camp at 1pm on 11th January. He gave up his American citizenship in 2003 and came back to Korea for his celebrity promotions and is the only ShinHwa member doing active service.

On the day, about 200 fans were present to send him off to his military service. He was accompanied by ShinHwa members Eric and Kim DongWan who are currently serving their military services.

Andy said, “At this point in time, I think of the members the most. Especially Shin HyeSung hyung. HyeSungie hyung is the only who did not contact me.”

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Source: Sookyeong

Be safe, Andy!
And where u at Shin Hyesung! (;_;)

Suju 4th album?!

Super Junior traded the cute look for sexiness in 2009’s Sorry Sorry, a hit track that launched the thirteen-member group to the top of charts last spring. Music-wise, the boys have mostly been on the DL as individual members have been working on their own activities, but it looks like the boys will be reuniting soon for another album!

Members Leeteuk, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae traveled to Thailand recently to make an appearance on KPN Awards, an American-Idol-esque reality show for aspiring singers. During their guest appearance, the boys were interviewed and revealed their recent experiences in Thailand through a translator. When the MC told the boys that one of the contestants covered SuJu’s track It’s You in a recent episode, leader Leeteuk complimented the contestant for singing in a foreign language.

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video sources: 0nlySJ KUNMEKUNG


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10Asia's 10LINE analysis on Kim Hyun-joong

Kim Hyun-joong
Truth #1: He is a good-looking idol. He is a guy you would go out with regardless of his age. He is someone so pretty that he is likely to appear in a romance comic.
Truth #2: He was a runaway teenager who has experienced almost every part-time job out in the world. He is the most four-dimensional celebrity in Korea. He is a rock mania whose body would squirm at the cheesy lines he had to say in hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers."
Truth #3: He is a happy-go-lucky sort of person, unpredictable and hence, we become increasingly curious. Attracted.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
Yee {Hoho}

Fans rank idol group members.

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The ranking of idol group members have been the hot topic online amongst netizens.

Fans of each idol group revealed the ranking of the group which they support. In So Nyeo Shi Dae, member SooYoung was ranked #1, while in 2PM and Dong Bang Shin Ki, the youngest members ChanSung and Max ChangMin are ranked #1 in their respective groups.

Other than ranking the members in each group according to age, height, build, time of joining the company, broadcast hit etc they also compared the potential for further celebrity career development, mass popularity, fashion sense, language abilities and individual talents etc.

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Sorry, Sorry’ leads 2009's K-pop album sales in RP

Korean idol group Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” album is the top-selling K-pop album in 2009 in Music One stores in the Philippines, according to Universal Records.

Music One released its Top 25 Bestselling Albums list for 2009 based on album sales in three Music One stores from January to December 2009.

“Sorry, Sorry” landed at No. 10 and is the only K-pop album on the Top 25 list. “The Essential Michael Jackson 3.0” topped the list, followed by “You’re the Inspiration: The Music of David Foster and Friends” (which includes Charice Pempengco), Lady Gaga’s “The Fame,” Jed Madela’s “Songs Rediscovered 2,” and Sabrina’s “I Love Acoustic.”

According to Universal Records, “Sorry, Sorry” debuted at No. 1 in Music One Album Chart just three days after its release in September. It was also No. 1 in Odyssey Records stores in September.

Super Junior holds the distinction of being the first K-pop artist to reach No. 1 in album sales in the Philippines. More, “Sorry, Sorry” is the first K-pop album to reach Gold Record status in the country, having sold 7,500 copies three months after its release in September.

The album’s title track was voted No.1 in the Top 100 singles of the year countdown of Taiwan’s Hit FM radio station. “Sorry, Sorry” garnered close to 250,000 votes to beat Jam Hsiao’s “Princess” and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

Mini-album “Super Girl” of Super Junior M, a subgroup of Super Junior, also reached No. 1 in the Music One and Odyssey Records stores charts.

source: Manila Bulletin
Oh pain!
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North Korea Being Confusing as Always

North Korea Proposes Talks Over Peace Treaty

North Korea proposed talks on a peace treaty Monday, saying the issue could be discussed at a meeting of armistice signatories or in the six-party talks.

In a statement, a spokesman of the North's Foreign Ministry indicated that it could rejoin the six-party denuclearization talks to discuss the issue.

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Source: The Korea Times

North Korea Shows Photos of Attack Drills

One of 59 photos North Korea’s state-run TV displayed. The JoongAng Ilbo captured the still photo.

North Korea has recently carried out military drills apparently aimed at preparing for attacks on South Korea, the North’s state television station reported late Tuesday.

The Korean Central Television in Pyongyang ran 59 still photos of drills by the 105th Armored Division.
The country’s leader, Kim Jong-il, visited the base for his first field inspection of 2010 and watched the exercise take place. The exact date of the exercise was not reported. He also made the unit his first destination for inspection last year.

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Source: JoongAng Daily

South Korea Confronts Open Secret of Abortion

Woohae Cho for The International Herald Tribune
A group of doctors held a news conference in Seoul to ask “forgiveness” for having performed illegal abortions

SEOUL, South Korea — Displaying images of fetuses on her computer screen, Dr. Choi Anna described what happens to them during an abortion. For years, she said, she washed her hands in contrition after each one she performed.

Her colleague Dr. Shim Sang-duk said that until it halted the practice in September, their Ion Women’s Clinic in Seoul did 30 abortions a month, twice the number of babies delivered there. Nearly all were illegal.

“We sold our soul for money,” Dr. Choi said. “Abortion was an easy way to make money.”

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Source: New York Times
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T-ara to perform album track 'Like the First Time' on the 15th

T-ara to perform album track 'Like the First Time' on the 15th.

On the January 15th episode of KBS 2TV's Music Bank, they will start performing the track "Like the First Time". Through various music sites, T-ara let their fans choose which song will be their title track. Although 'Like the First Time' recieved more votes, the margin was not far. Contrary to the votes, T-ara decided to go with Bo Peep Bo Peep as their title track.

Even with NO promotions of the song 'Like the First Time', it has charted consistently on the top 10 on alot of music charts like bugs, melon, soribada and dosirak.

With Bo Peep Bo Peep sweeping the online and music shows, winning them 4 mutizens and topping alot of charts, they are now gonna promote the other candidate 'Like the First Time'.

With Bo Peep Bo Peep, T-ara showed off a cutesy and charming side. Now, they want to show off their sexy and mature side. With this sudden transformation, they wish to appeal more people to their music.

With all these projects, T-ara promoting 'Like the First Time'. while 2 members Eunjung and Hyomin will promote 'Wonder Woman' and member Jiyeon with her drama "God of Study", we hope to see them come out successful.

Sources: newsen & *YANiPOPO*(translation) at Tiaradiadem
Finally! (: Cannot wait!
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Ye Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin, and Yuri to be the female leads in future MBC sitcom

Ye Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin, and SNSD's Yuri are set to be the leads in an untitled MBC sitcom.

This sitcom will follow "High Kick Through The Roof" where the three females will be sisters.

The show, which will focus on the three sisters' tangled love stories, will feature Ye Ji Won as a 30 year old single woman, imitating the popular 2004-2005 KBS2 sitcom "Old Miss Diary" that she also aired in.

After depicting a naive and sly "old maid" on "Old Miss Diary", Ye Ji Won came to be known as the sitcom queen so this new sitcom is highly anticipated.

The second daughter Choi Yeo Jin has been in SBS's "Dream", MBC's "My Girl," and SBS's "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee." Unlike the strong images she's portrayed, she will show a more comic side of herself through this role.

The youngest daughter is SNSD's Yuri as a high school student with no interest in college who is always getting herself into accidents.

Yuri also portrayed a high school student in a 2007 KBS sitcom "Unstoppable Marriage."

On another note, "High Kick Through The Roof" will end March 19th.

source: nate | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

YAY YURI! But I never want High Kick to end ;_____;
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U-Kiss new variety show to start soon!

The first broadcast of 'Bling Bling Every Show' will air at 10pm on the 22nd of January. It consists of various variety shows put together. Idol group U-Kiss' members' everyday life will be revealed through several situations, each showing how the personality of people with different blood types differ through a variety show, 'U-Kiss' Vampire'.

Seon Shin Ae from sitcome 'High Kick Through The Roof" will be the narrator in 'U-Kiss' Vampire'.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr
Translation: chrestos @ rocketboxx forums

Cannot say I'm not excited.. :3 Even though the theme of the show and that picture irritate me quite a bit.

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