January 12th, 2010

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SNSD is now 20+

SNSD's Seohyun (real name Seo JuHyun) will graduate high school on February the 9th.

On the morning of the 12th, SNSD's Seohyun confirmed that she would attend her high school's (Jeonju Fine Arts High School) graduation ceremony.

With Seohyun, who was born in 1991, graduating from high school, none of the nine members of SNSD remain high school students. Now in Korea's eyes, a group containing members of ages 20 and above has appeared. After maknae Seohyun graduates from high school, SNSD will be able to show off a different kind of charm.

On one hand, Seohyun was accepted into the class of 2010 at Dongbuk University as an Arts major.

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Translation : Seohyun_is_Best@soshified.com

I always forget she's still in high school. ^^; Each album has been more "adult" than the last, hopefully this means we can look forward to a mature/sexy SNSD. They can't stick to lace and lollipops forever.
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soshi to have encore concert in february

Popular girl group SNSD is holding their encore concert on Feb 27th and 28th at Seoul Olympic Fencing stadium. After that they are starting their Asia tour with Shanghai concert from April

SNSD who have finished their first concert very successfully have dominated awards from Golden Disk, and Melon.

In response to this, SM said "We are holding Encore concert to appreciate fan's love and their request to watch the concert again"

This concert is expected to be more perfect and great chance to experience 9 different charms of the Girls.

translated by 탱구♡ @ SSF

Shaking and crying. If all goes well, I might actually get to go! This is happening really soon after their first concert, though...


"The tickets start going on sale on the 21st on www.gmarket.co.kr.

This concert will be a family-friendly concert and you can purchase family ticket packages of 3 to 4 tickets starting the 18th via phone." - AKP
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Okcat's drawings of idol groups as....cats

It's been a while since we've seen amazing art skills from idol group members, so here Omona! Have some drawings Taecyeon did of idol group members as cats :D

Starting with 2PM :'D

lol forever @ how shiny Khun is + their "abs"

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CREDITS; NATE (SOURCE) and jina_bing_bang@2OD
Name translations by me

I wonder how bored he must have been to have drawn all these.
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Soompi Gets To Know Jessica And Tiffany of SNSD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We were able to catch up with Tiffany and Jessica, the lovely Korean American ladies of SNSD, while we were in Korea for a quick trip. After spending some time getting to know them and talking to them about their experiences as Korean pop stars, we were amazed at how down to earth and friendly they both were – and yes, they are as cute and pretty in person as they are in photos and videos!  We asked them a few questions from you, the Soompi members, and a few questions of our own. Read on and make sure to check out the video shout-out at the end!
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too cute omg
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Kang Ji-hwan may face lawsuit by former agency

Actor Kang Ji-hwan is on the verge of being sued by talenthouse Jambo Entertainment which claims Kang signed a contract with a new agency although his current contract with Jambo is valid for several more months.

Kang's new agency, S Plus Entertainment, had announced through a press release last Friday that they had signed with the 32-year-old actor. Kang had reportedly sent a contents-certified letter last month to Jambo, asking to be freed from his contract to which he is legally bound till August this year.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Album and Singles Chart for Week 1

Album Chart
1) T-ara - Absolute First Album [1st Album]
2) 2PM - 1:59PM [1st Album]
3) Younha - Part. B : Growing Season [3rd Album]
4) Ga-in & Jo Kwon - We Fell In Love [Digital Single]
5) Various Artists - Will It Snow On Christmas? OST

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Singles Chart
1) Ga-in & Jo Kwon - We Fell In Love
2) Lee Seung-gi - Like The First Time, Like That Time (feat. Kang Min-kyung from Davichi)
3) After School - Because Of You
4) Younha - I Broke Up Today
5) T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep

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Sources: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2
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Jo Kwon ♥ Ga-in, suspicion of dating from fan pictures?

The couple Jo Kwon and Ga-in from MBC's pseudo marriage show "We Got Married" are attracting attention from fans due to their affectionate relationship.

Pictures of Jo Kwon and Ga-in acting close on set are circling internet portal sites and attracting netizens' attention. The photos are of them in front of an English tutoring school acting close and affectionate, just like a real newlywed couple.

Also, the jokingly aggressive pictures show skinship between the two and are attracting netizens' curiosity. Some netizen comments are:
"I wish the two were dating in real life."
"They match the most out of any WGM couple."
"It looks real, not for TV."

The two are attracting even more attention since before WGM started, they both admitted they were attracted to each other beforehand.

Original article: here [nate]
Translated by filmsession @ omona_prection
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2NE1 to perform in Big Bang's 2010 Big Show Concert

Four-member girl group 2NE1, will be performing at Big Bang's Big Show 2010 Concert Show. Big Bang will be having their concert on January 29, 30 and 31 in Seoul's Olympic Stadium.

An official from YG Entertainment said that 2NE1 will be performing all days during the 3-day concert.

Many are anticipating if Big Bang and 2NE1 will be performing their hit song 'Lollipop' during the concert.

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Rough translation by : bigbangupdates.blogspot.com
uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

Big Bang's Text Pranks!

Big Bang talked about their "Big Bang Breakup Text Incident" on January 12's "Strong Heart."

Daesung first revealed, "When Big Bang discovers a new way to prank, they do that same prank for 2 months. Taeyang changed his number and first decided to prank us with text messages."

He continued, "Taeyang first wrote as 2NE1 Minzy saying 'Oppa! I love you.' I was worried over how to let her down easy without hurting her but then the next day Taeyang revealed that it was his prank."

After Taeyang, G-Dragon posed as Seungri and sent a text message to Daesung saying "Can I sleep next to hyung again tonight?"

Daesung said, "Even though I'm close with Seungri now, at that point we were somewhat distant so I got a strange feeling after that text. Since these pranks kept circling among members, a level of distrust started to build up. We even though texts from our manager talking about our schedules were pranks."

Then, a message posing as YG head Yang Hyun Suk came saying "There is no more Big Bang." The members all gathered and confirmed that it was none of their own pranking, and then went to go see Yang Hyun Suk.

Big Bang asked him, "What did we do wrong for you to say that we're going to break up?" Yang Hyun Suk replied surprised, "What breakup?" After he found out about the origin of them pranking each other, he rebuked the members for doing such extreme pranking.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked, "Did you ever find the sender of that text?" Daesung replied, "It's still a mystery."

source: newsen | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

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YEH & Kim Hyunjoong for Basic House

The Spring 2010 collection from Basic House is already here and who better to don those stylish clothes than the much-loved Yoon Eun-hye (YEH) and Kim Hyun-joong.

Yes, Kim Hyun-joong (of SS501 and Boys Over Flowers fame) is teamed up with everybody’s Coffee Prince darling for Basic House’s Spring 2010 collection where the key to stylish casuals lies in mixing and matching.

YEH seems to be the constant for Basic House while her “leading man” keeps getting changed. In 2008, YEH modelled with Olympic gold medallist Park Tae-hwan. In 2009, she shared catalogue space with Hyun Bin.

It just shows that YEH’s star is still shining brightly…well, at least much brighter than the other Basic House models. I wonder how long Kim Hyun-joong will last?

Source: Newsen
Via: Kpopped

Her winter catalogue shoot with Hyun Bin was so qt and pretty I wanted to buy everything.

Suju's Kangin charged with 8000000 won for drunk hit and run

Super Junior's Kangin (Real Name: Kim Young Woon) has been charged with 8000000 won (~$7000 USD) for his drunk hit and drive.

The Seoul Central District Public Court came to a decision near the end of last December that Kangin will be charged with 8000000 won (~$7000 USD) regarding his flee after driving under the influence last October 16th.

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translated by pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection

:l I wonder how he'll get the money
Penelope is pretty.
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Solo Singers Get Ready for 2010

Lee Hyo-ri will release a new album in February.

Boy and girl bands may have conquered music charts last year, but solo singers are aiming at comebacks in 2010. But will they be able to win over fans amid the popularity of idol groups?

Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Jong-kook, the two stars of the first season of the popular show "Family is Out!" are returning to the small screen as singers this February. Netizens expressed their anticipation as the news spread that they were returning to the idol group dominated music scene, and experts are expecting a year of more diversity.

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Source: The Korea Times

DC'ers rank 2PM members

The reveal of 2PM's 'ranking chart' is attracting much attention. Through fans of DC Inside, the rank of 2PM members such as 'JYP Entrance Order', 'Age,' 'Realistic Age Order,' and normal rankings such as 'Amount of air time,' 'Amount of muscles,' and 'Level of gluttony.'

What's eye catching is Jaebum's rank in the 'Amount of muscles' section where he is confidently #1. Being nicknamed Jjit Jaebum, he proudly shows off his perfect abs and is closely followed by Taecyeon, Chansung, and NichKhun.

In 'Level of popularity within the fandom,' Nichkhun is pushed off the rankings with the reason listed as 'God's territory,' explaining that he cannot be compared to the other human members.

Lastly, in the 'Level of internet usage' section, Wooyoung and Taecyeon take the first two ranks with Ok Taecyeon's nickname of 'Oktizen.' Nichkhun took the last half of the rank because of his lack of Korean skills.

2PM will be ending their album activities on the 17th at SBS Inkigayo and is planning to head into varieties and personal activities.

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JYP impressed by Rainbow member Jae Kyung’s sexy dance

Looks like Rainbow’s Jae Kyung has a new fan in JYP / Park Jin Young.
On KBS2TV’s ‘Sweet Night’ Jae Kyung put on a very sexy dance for the participants of the show. This impressed everyone, but none more than Park Jin Young who couldn’t keep his jaw off the floor. He also commented on how he was surprised with her talent as well as her fine physical shape. I don’t think anyone could argue with him on that, she’s so hot.
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source: allkpop, z0831
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ZE:A: Male version of "Girls' Generation"? We dream of being "Boys' Generation"!

ZE:A (Children of Empire) finally took off the veil and started their countdown to debut. Leader Moon JunYoung, Kevin, Hwang KwangHee, Im SiWan, Kim TaeHun, Jung HeeChul, Ha MinWoo, Park HyungSik and Kim DongJoon are also called "Male Girls' Generation" (So Nyeo Shi Dae) because of the 9-members.

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Source: Newsen for the interview, Naver + Starempire Daum Cafe for the photos
Translation: justsmile + Nashirah@EmpireChildren
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KBS variety show “1 Night 2 Days” is aiming at visiting the South Pole for a shoot in March, according to the show’s producer on Tuesday.

“We haven’t set a detailed schedule yet but are laying out our plans with March in mind,” Na Young-suk told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

He added cautiously though, that the date may be pushed back since it is not easy coordinating the schedules of the cast composed of singers, comedians and actors. “We’re having a hard time setting a time frame because it’s not easy for everyone to push back or miss out on all their other activities for two whole weeks.”

“1 Night 2 Days” is the first of a two-part weekly show titled “Happy Sunday” starring hosts Kang Ho-dong, Lee Seung-gi, Eun Ji-won, MC Mong, Kim C and Lee Su-geun. The six go on the road to travel to various locations throughout Korea which are relatively unknown to the general public.

“Happy Sunday” is the most popular show on television in the non-drama category with its ratings recently hitting the upper 20 percent range. The show won the award for best TV program at the year-end 2009 KBS Entertainment Grand Prix.

Lots of rumors and press articles regarding this particular trip in the last few months.  PD Na made it official today with his announcement to the media.  1 Night 2 Days is in the midst of preparing for their Antarctica trip, tentatively to start in March.   The members openly discussed about the trip during the last episode, a very good sign that things are being ironed out successfully.   This will be one trip to remember guys!

sources: 1n2dfansubs + 10asiae + hkn24

A.N.Jell members are together again for C.N.Blue upcoming debut showcase!

Still can’t get over A.N.Jell charm ? In need of A.N.Jell members ?

Worry not, because the drama-made band will reunite in 2 days!

A.N.Jell members will be together again as they will come to C.N.BLUE upcoming debut showcase!

Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye and Lee HongKi will come and attend their fellow A.N.Jell mate Jong YoungHwa’s real life band C.N.Blue debut showcase on Jan 14,2010!

The three of them will come to Samsung-dong, Seoul where the event will take place and give their strong support to C.N.Blue Korea’s debut.

Source: Kbites

I love how they're still close and supportive of each other though the drama ended 2 months ago ^^