January 14th, 2010

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ZE:A's Debut Showcase

Today, Jan 13,2010, the new 9 member boy group ZE:A (Children of the Empire) finally threw their debut showcase!

The showcase takes place in a club located in KangNam-gu, Cheongdam-dong,Seoul and starts at 3 pm onwards with their senior Park JungAh and Seo InYoung conducting the event. The boys started their debut showcase by performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Then ZE:A performed their single from their mini album Nativity like : ‘Love Coach’, ‘New Star’ and title single ‘Mazeltov’ to the attendees including their 150 fans at the showcase.

It is said that ZE:A members had shown a nice choreography and brilliant vocal performances in the showcase.

ZE:A: "We finally make this debut. We’re really happy and we’ll do our best and work hard to show our best appearance. We hope to become the best singers in Korea. ZE:A will work hard from now on", they said.

Park JungAh and Seo InYoung also expressed their feelings towards the group,” We see them growing, we see them since their trainee days and we think these boys will do great and we do look forward to see more from them. We’re proud to see that these boys are growing more and showed us a beautiful appearance,” they said.

On Jan 7, ZE:A already released their mini album “Nativity” with Mazeltov as their title single.

In addition, the group will do their promotion in various music shows starting this weekend by performing in KBS Music Bank (Jan 15), MBC Music Core (Jan 16) and SBS Inki Gayo (Jan 17).

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Credits: Sookyeong, PeacefulxChaos@YT 1 and 2, EmpireChildren
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And all the fans scream!

Finally, after much talk about whether the 13-member boyband will make it to our shores for their own concert, the official news is out.

Yes, Super Junior will be in Malaysia for their The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”. The date: March 20 (Saturday), 2010. The long-awaited concert will be held at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Ticket prices are at RM138, RM238 (numbered seats) and RM458 (numbered seats and rock pitt). Fans will be able to get a hold of the precious tickets at T-Hop Zone, 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza (in front of the Green-Box Karaoke).

Malaysia’s first major K-popped! event of 2010 is organised by Redstar Presents and managed by Marctensia.

We are pretty sure this event will not be as carelessly handled as…dare we say it…the F.T. Island concert by C.I. Entertainment back in 2008.

Marctensia seems to have a solid track record as the company managed Jason Mraz’s concert, Akon’s Freedom Beach concert and Sandy Lam’s concert in 2009.

So who’s going?

Source: Wawa & Marctensia

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f(x)’s African photoshoot for 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project revealed!

Rookie girlgroup f(x) shows off a new type of charms with their new photoshoot shot in Africa.

The photos to f(x)’s photos taken in Africa last year for 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project were revealed on 13th January.

f(x) is one of the many celebrities who joined the 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa project like Kim JoongMan himself, singer Kim JongJin and magician Lee EunKyul.

It was known that the f(x) girls had played soccer with the children and also sang their hit songs for the children when they were in Africa.

Kim JoongMan said, “f(x) has displayed a different image from their usual idol and pure image. They have shown the image of infinite possibilities through their photoshoot in Africa.”

More of 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project photos and videos will be revealed from 11am on Naver on 19th January.

Source: sookyeong

This would look so pretty! I cannot wait.
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HyunA’s “Change” MV slapped with 19+ rating

I guess all of that hip-thrusting was too much for minors to handle – Cube Entertainment recently received a notice that 4minute gal HyunA’s Change music video has been flagged as a video for 19+ viewers only.

“After deliberation, the music video has been deemed too sexual, so it will only be viewable for a 19+ age audience,” a Cube Entertainment rep revealed, going on to say that the company would accept this decision and begin plans for a re-edited version of the MV that will be submitted later for approval.

[commentary omitted]

source: akp

lol not surprised tbh. But I am somewhat amused because Hyunah herself is under the age of 19.
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Thriller casts Yoo Ji-tae as a psycho killer

Yoo Ji-tae takes on a psychopathic villain for his next role, starring as the kidnapper-killer in the upcoming thriller film Late Night FM, which has cast Su Ae as the female lead. In it, she plays a perfectionist DJ of a nighttime live radio program who receives a call from the kidnapper of her relatives.

Yoo Ji-tae is the villian who has taken her family hostage, and orders her to continue with the program according to his demands; if she doesn’t, he threatens to kill them all. The film will begin shooting at the end of January.

The plot doesn’t sound all that novel — it sounds pretty garden-variety crime thriller to me — but I do like both Yoo Ji-tae and Su Ae, who are very solid actors. He’s has a lot of good-guy roles under his belt in recent years (A Star’s Lover, Hello Schoolgirl, Ditto, Hwang Jini), but then again, there’s Oldboy. I’d love to see his innocent face portraying a psycho.

Source: OSEN
Via: dramabeans

Yoo Ji-tae was in Oldboy. Javabeans is right, the premise for the movie sounds a little trite.

C.N.Blue's Debut Album Information

On January 14th, CNBLUE's first mini album [Bluetory] will be released.

1. 외톨이야 (타이틀 곡) "I'm a loner" (Title Song)
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why…
4. Now or Never
5. 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… "I will..forget you..."

The new blue wind to stir up the K-pop scene,

The new band CNBLUE, who first debuted as an indie band in Japan and has been training themselves to their full talents, finally appears before the Korean public. After performing in streets in Japan, and live club stages over 100 times, CNBLUE already proved its skills through two single albums. But now they will release their Korean debut mini album ‘BLUETORY. CNBLUE can freely perform anything from straight and powerful sound to emotional ballad. Therefore, their debut album can be seen as the best playing card for the 2010 Kpop scene.

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Mods, I took this from the CNBLUE-SKY forum, not Soompi :)

The MV will be released in a few hours :D No words can express my excitement ^^

1st member profiles + mini picspam
2nd member profiles + performance videos + 1st and 2nd teasers
3rd teaser
4th teaser
Giselle - in the throng
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yuri has become most refined

SNSD members chose Yuri as a member whose looks became more refined since their debut days.

In the interview with Park Kyunglim's 300mm on 13th, SNSD was asked, "In terms of looks, which member's look became more refined?", and they chose Yuri. "Yuri's fashion style changed the most. She has been always pretty but honestly she wasn't always fashionable. Prior to our debut, Yuri had her own fashion style. After we debuted, Yuri has learned a lot about fashion and became noticeably stylish", said SNSD members.

Maknae Seohyun was chosen by other members for her lovely looks. "We met her during our trainee days and she is still the same, her looks and her (fashion) style. With her big eyes and slightly chubby cheeks, she looks like a doll. Seohyun's cheeks are so adorable that we just want to pinch them. We think guys will pick Seohyun because she is very lovely and feminine", added SNSD members.

Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon were chosen as members who have high interest in fashion. Other members said, "These three have been stylish since their trainee days. They are very interested in fashion. They all have their distinct ways of choosing which clothes to wear and certain ways to put on a make-up. As a result, we ask for their help often".

They also noted, "If you add up the length of our trainee days, it is about ten years. Since we have been together for a long time, we are pretty direct about pointing out regarding each other's look".

"During our debut days, when a member pointed out another member's outfit or looks, the member would go to the bathroom because she is upset. Nowadays, we know each other so well that we trust each other's thoughts 100%".

Tiffany said, "If some one points out a flaw, then I will ask them to tell me more. Like what can I do to change my outfit or make-up? We try to bring out each other's strong points and fill in each other's weak points.

original source
translated by cathode @ ssf

lol doesn't surprise me that the most tomboyish of the bunch didn't care much for fashion.
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HuNan TV hopeful to gather The 4 Hanazawa Rui (Hua Zhe Lei) for CNY

After being rumored to have invited the hotly famous Susan Boyle for New Year, HuNan TV CNY show leaked out that they might be able to gather the 4 "Hanazawa Rui" from the Taiwanese, Mainland, Japanese, Korean versions, forming for the first time ever a group of "Flowerlike boys"

"Meteor Garden", "Hana Yori Dango", "Boys over Flowers", and "Meteor shower " , no matter if they're from Taiwan, Mainland, Japan or Korea, the 4 Idols groups would always bring a flower like boys storm. Kim Hyun Joong, Shun Oguri, Zaizai and Yu Hao Ming each "Hua Zhe Lei" became numerous girls Idols. And now, HuNan TV CNY show's directing team states that they wnt to invite the 4 of them for a gathering on the 7th, and are currently contacting the 4 actors for that purpose. If it goes through this time, it will definitly make the fans who love the "flower boys" crazily hapy.

Looking at the possibilities of it happening, Yu Ming Hao as HuNan TV boy he has 100% chances of being able to attend.
As for Kim Hyun Joong, who is a member of Korean SS501 Idol group, the show had previously leaked out that they wanted to invite SS501 to perform ; so there's 80% chances he'll appear that night.
Then, about Shun Oguri, who had acted with great success in "Gokusen" and "Hana Yori Dango" isn't an Idol as hotly famous as before, but no news of him wanting to break into chinese market had been released, so the chances of him attending is only of 40 %.
Last but not least is Zaizai, Vic Zhou who can be counted as the most unforgettable "Hua Zhe Lei", but because he is now having love issues, as his rumors with Bowie Tsang makes him having problems to focus on work, his chance to come to the show is only 50 %, if Zaizai can appear in Hu Nan, there will be many press members who will endlessly ask him questions.

From analysing the possibilities, gathering the 4 "Hua Zhe Lei" successfully can only reach 70 % but the chances of gethering them is still quite high, so on the night of new year, Hu Nan TV is going to reveal one by one their surprises...

source: qq
translation: bee@asianfanatics
Big Bang <3
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Big Bang's Interview For 1/5 Non-No Magazine

We want to make music that anyone can listen to and think “This is good”

The popular Korean group Big Bang is currently very popular in Japan too. Their single “Let Me Hear Your Voice” was chosen as the opening theme for the drama “One Person” last year, and they have been rising to popularity ever since.

GD: When I found out our song was going to be on a Japanese drama, at first I was really anxious. But… if I may say so myself, doesn’t the song fit well with the drama? (laughs)”

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Korean source: 구름위를달려 @ VIPZ
Translation credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP

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Students Interview SHINee Members

It is difficult being a celebrity. Fans follow you wherever you go and you have obligations that regular people don’t have. But how does that compare to being a student? When you’re in high school, your parents are the ones keeping tabs on you and you have obligations that regular people don’t have.

It’s not often that these two groups of people get to have an in-depth conversation about their experiences, but that is just what happened on Tuesday. That afternoon, more than a dozen high school students gathered at a noraebang, or singing room, in Apgujeong, southern Seoul operated by Korean management agency SM Entertainment.

Intern reporters from the JoongAng Daily talk with members of the boy band SHINee at a singing room operated by SM Entertainment in Apgujeong, southern Seoul. The interns are participants in the winter session of the newspaper’s internship program.

The students were there to meet with members of SHINee,
one of the hottest boy bands in Korea today. The students were ready with their pens and note pads, but they weren’t there for autographs, nor were they there as members of the band’s fan club. They were there as journalists.

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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Tiger JK Slams Racism in South Korea and Tells How He Proposed to Yoon Mi-rae

Popular hip-hop singer Tiger JK said he has often encountered racism in South Korea just like he did in the United States.

Appearing on the MBC nightly talk show "Mureuppak Gru" hosted by comedian Kang Ho-dong Wednesday, Tiger JK said he was shocked by racial remarks uttered by Koreans about his African American colleague rapper who came here and performs with him.

"I returned to Korea in the late 1990s for the first time in about 10 years. At that time, I heard that Korea is a nation of etiquette that welcomes everybody," he said. "But it was not. I came across racism here too. I was often told by many Koreans not to go along with the 'nigger.' It was a shock."

Tiger JK (real name: Seo Jung-kwon), the founder of hip-hop group Drunken Tiger, immigrated to the United States at the age of 12 with his family. He later witnessed the violence between Korean-Americans and blacks during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

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Source: The Korea Times

KARA Nicole changes the lyrics to 2PM ‘Heartbeat’!

KARA Nicole has gotten the attention of many for changing the lyrics to 2PM’s recent hit song ‘Heartbeat’.

She rewrote the lyrics to the song on Mnet ‘Celebrity Goes To College’ show recently. Nicole is currently enrolled temporarily as a student in veterinary course in GonKook University on the show.

Nicole changed the part of 2PM TaecYeon’s lyrics from “No matter how hard I try to forget. No matter how many new people I meet~” to “I have to pass (my exams), I can to go the States. I have to pass histology, if not I cannot board the plan (to the States)~”

Meanwhile, Nicole also gets to personally participate in a surgery for a puppy on the recent episode of the show.

Source: sookyeong

C.N Blue's hot debut showcase

Band C.N Blue had their debut showcase on 14th January at PM in Seoul KangNamGoo SeomYoo Centre.

During the showcase, they also revealed their debut title song ‘Alone’. The group consists of main vocalist cum guitarist Jung YongHwa, Lee JongHyun who is also in charge of vocals and guitar, drummer Kang MinHyuk and Lee JungShin who is in charge of bass and rap.

The group name comes from ‘Code Name Blue’ and they will be showing off their charms through various concepts like ‘Burning’ ‘Lovely’ ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Emotional’.

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Source: Kbites
Video Source: URMyMelody

They look tired. I love the song more with that perf ^^
They'll be on Music Bank tomorrow :D
Penelope is pretty.
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Kanauru Productions Interviews Aimee Lucas

Aimee Lucas is a dancer who's part of Gen2 and The Company. She is Shaun Evaristo's (choreographer whom YG often hires) girlfriend and is well known for performing with Big Bang, Taeyang, G-Dragon, and 2NE1. In this interview she talks about herself, her work, and YG artists.

Source: kanauru

The interviewer is kinda creeper. :-\

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2AM reveals image for comeback album

Concept image for boy band 2AM's new album [JYP Entertainment]

A photograph revealing the concept to boy band 2AM's new album has been released, according to their agency on Friday.

The image, showing the four members donning never-before-seen styles for their comeback, was posted on the group's official website late on Thursday, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) said in a press release.

The new record, to be unveiled online on January 21 and offline five days later, will be the band's first mini-album. So far they had released two singles -- "This Song" and "Time for Confession" -- both of which were hits.

The band has been popular since their debut in 2008, with its leader Jo Kwon in particular a favorite on various entertainment shows for his dancing skills and sense of humor.

Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>
credit: 10asia

Kim Kibum "I never think of leaving Super Junior"


Kim Kibum has expressed "I never think of quiting Super Junior just for once".

There was doubt from fans and people in music field if Kibum had some conflict with the company so that he didnt attend the promotion of vol3 "Sorry sorry" with Super Junior . There were also rumors that he quitted Suju and not in a good terms with the other members. Kibum has been absent from Super Junior's activities begin from first performance of "Sorry sorry" in March until the year-end music award ceremony in December.

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Source: Original Article
Translation: evanesco@sj-world.net
Sj-world translated source: Here