January 15th, 2010


Jokwon's angry serenade to Ga-In 'The only thing I can give you is this kiss'

2AM Jokwon made a surprise proposal to his 'wife' Ga-In on MBC's We Got Married.

Jokwon and Ga-in's display of affection for each other has got the netizens suspecting that they are dating. When Jokwon appeared on SBS 'Star King', he sang a love serenade to his wife, Ga-in.

The couple kept whispering to each other during the recording and their affection of each other even made the Star King panel jealous. However, their happy moments came to a stop when a member of a vocal group participating in 'Star King' sang a love serenade to her and even kissed her hand.

Jokwon, outraged at the turn of events, stood in the middle of the stage and sang his version of 2AM's 'This Song' with the lyrics 'The only thing I can give you is this kiss' (T/N: The original goes: 'The only thing I can give you is this song').

The Star King panel burst out laughing upon seeing this side of Jokwon and asked if that song revealed his true feelings for Ga-in.

The episode where Ga-in was almost stolen from Jokwon will be aired this Saturday on the 16th at 6:30PM.

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Source: TVDaily
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Hero star watches finale with fans

MBC’s Hero is ending tomorrow, and its star Lee Jun-ki is marking the event by watching the finale with fans in a special screening.

This event will host 300 members of his official fan club and be held on January 14 in Seoul’s Kangnam Samsung-dong Megabox theater. In addition to the last episode, attendees will watch highlights from the series, video messages sent from the cast, NGs and the like. Following this screening, Lee will head to Japan for another Hero-related event on January 16.

While the drama never caught on with the public — Hero’s ratings have hovered between 4%-6% and today’s penultimate episode brought in a 4.7% — it has a core set of loyal fans and has been praised as a well-acted and solid drama. It had some bad luck by going up against blockbusters — IRIS, then Chuno — but personally I don’t think it would have been a mainstream hit even with a better timeslot. Having watched several early episodes, I thought it had appeal, but its tone and material keep it at the mania level.

Source: Asiae
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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is a pyromaniac

For many, the movie “Home Alone” probably brings up fond memories of childhood. For MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, the movie probably reminds him of his past devious ways.

On a recent recording of “Star Golden Bell,” Lee Joon revealed that after watching “Home Alone” in primary school he found a liking towards the main character (Macaulay Culkin) and decided to copy him. How? Just like the movie, Lee Joon placed tacks on the ground for his sister to step on and poured sesame oil on all of the door knobs in his house. Although he did admit his satisfaction towards his sister’s surprised reaction, his sister ended up in the emergency room after stepping on the tacks. But that’s not even the worst of it. He finished his “Home Alone” act by crawling under a sofa with his dad’s lighter and ended up burning up his living room. Basically, he’s a reminder to us all to not mimic what you see on TV.

Who would’ve thought this little troublemaker would grow up to be an idol seducing girls with his “honey abs”? You can catch Lee Joon’s confession on “Star Golden Bell” on the 16th!

SOURCE: absolutemblaq , abmforums & allkpop
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Ooh...Naughty, naughty.
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T-ara made $800,000 in the first week of 2010

T-ara made $800,000 in the first week of 2010

T-ara is definitely starting 2010 on a good note. The girl group not only won number 1 on various music programs but they also earned 900,000,000 KRW (slightly under $800,000 USD) just from their endorsements alone in the first week of January.

How crazy is that? They have made endorsement deals with a bank, a chicken company, a cosmetics company, an online game website and more. In one week, they managed to snag three endorsement deals and earn a hefty sum of money as their rewards. This girl group is on fire and is definitely going places, namely the bank.

Because of those three endorsements, the deal has earned them around $800,000. It hasn’t even been six months since they have debuted so such a feat is pretty insane. This just proves that even if you were a bit unpopular during debut, with a good album full of potential hit songs, you can definitely make it in the industry.

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T-ara's Eunjeong & F.cuz's Jinon Relationship Stirs Up Fans

T-ara's Eunjeong & F.cuz's Jinon Relationship Stirs Up Fans

The special relationship new boy group leader Jinwoon of F.cuz and T-ara's leader Eunjeong have stirred up the fans.

Jinwoon and Eunjeong worked together as actors for SG Wannabe's music video 'Gashiri' in 2007. From this music video, people have truly noticed both leaders' good looks and acting skills.

Moreover, Jinon was supposed to be part of Supernova in the first place, the boy group that T-ara recently collaborated with. With that being said, their extremely tight relationship has caused the stir with the fans.

"Ever since T-ara debuted, I've already been a fan of their's. I'm extremely glad that our sunbae-hoobae relationship has been realized again," said Jinon. He also added that, "The debut's been extremely nerve-wracking and Eunjeong's advices were a big help to me".

Meanwhile, F.cuz recently released their debut track 'Jiggy'.

Source: tvreport.co.kr
Written by: Park Youngwoon
Translated by: Elly@diadem

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changmin, heechul, jungmo attend VIP premiere of Jumunjin

The movie ‘Jumunjin’ which is starred by Super Junior Ki Ki Bum along with actress Hwang Bora (director Han Myeong-jung / HMJ FILMS production) held its VIP premiere today on January 15th, 08:00 p.m. at Lotte Cinema in front of Konkuk University, Jayang-dong Gwangji-gu Seoul.

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UKISS DongHo got a tongue burn?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

UKiss member, DongHo got a tongue burn during a filming. However, his tongue burn wasn’t the simple kind of tongue burns you can get from drinking hot coffee or tea.
DongHo and KiBum were filming for the MBC food program, where they were looking for the rare restaurants that served food made from porcupine and deer in Seoul. However, when DongHo took a sip from the deer soup, he started to show signs of pain with his tongue sticking out. Then HyunYoung who was watching DongHo suffer from the pain told everyone else and then others around them were shocked.
DongHo was got a severe tongue burn from drinking the soup with the spoon that had been used to stir the soup while it cooked in the hot heat. Other people filming with him couldn’t stop feeling sorry for DongHo’s puffed up white tongue. It is later said that he had to keep on drinking cold water.

SOURCE : Kbites
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Kang Byung-kyu to countersue Lee Byung-hun

Baseball player-turned-TV personality Kang Byung-kyu has declared he will countersue actor Lee Byung-hun who has sued him for defamation.

"I heard the news through his legal representatives... I will not remain silent anymore," Kang told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Thursday. "I will take counteraction and sue Lee for defamation too, as well as for making false accusations."

Kang had already been indicted for his alleged involvement in an assault case on the set of TV series "Iris" which roots from an ongoing legal battle between Lee and his ex-girlfriend identified by her last name Kwon.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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choding taeyeon receives coloring book and colored pencils

On 14th, a post with pictures was posted on MBC FM4U Taeyeon's chinhanchingo (chinchin) photo bulletin board. The title of the post reads, "Taeng DJ with a flower on her head". The pictures show Taeyeon with a big blue flower on her head and she couldn't withhold her excited facial expression. At the sight of 120 colored pencils and the coloring book, it is awe-inspiring to see Taeyeon's face lit-up, with no make-up on.

It was revealed that the blue flower, coloring book, and colored pencils were given to Taeyeon by fans. Fans remembered that in the chinchin broadcast last week, Taeyeon said, "I have been playing with the coloring book". In response, the fans had decided to give Taeyeon these presents.

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Aw she's so cute. I want a coloring book, too.

Lee Teuk, “I cried seeing my juniors Dong Bang Shin Ki debut first”

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Super Junior leader Lee Teuk talks about how he has cried looking at his juniors Dong Bang Shin Ki debut before himself few years back. Lee Teuk will be featured on SBS E!TV ‘Jo HyungGi and Park JoonKyu’s Brother Restaurant’ to be aired on 17th February as the first customer to the restaurant.

Lee Teuk revealed on the show, “I was set to debut as part of a 5-member group in June 2002. But with Worldcup which shook the whole nation, the debut was pushed backwards, and I had to see junior trainees Dong Bang Shin Ki debut before myself.”  He added, “I congratulated coolly them on their debut, but I cried on my way home in the bus.”

Lee Teuk will also share the hard times he went through during his trainee days and also life now as leader Lee Teuk on the show.
The show is set to air at midnight on 18th February.

source: newsen
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the first thing that i thought of was FOUR SEASONS.
imo, it would've been epic.
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Jang Geun-seok embarks on an Asian tour

My first reaction was, “Huh? A tour for what? Is he jumping the gun on a singing career?” But as it turns out, Jang Geun-seok is planning a three-month (March through May) promotional tour through Asia to build buzz for the Asian broadcasts of his latest drama, You’re Beautiful, as well as the Asian releases of his recent films. The drama may only have garnered mania numbers in Korea, but it has enjoyed incredible popularity online and overseas — it’s been bought for broadcasting in 17 countries.

Jang hasn’t yet participated in official activities outside of Korea and Japan, but no matter; he’s heading to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where he will hold fanmeetings. This is in large part due to the requests of overseas fans, according to the notice posted on the SBS homepage. Jang’s management also stated that he also plans on holding fanmeetings in Thailand and the Philippines sometime this year.

Jang will also be holding a fanmeeting on January 31 at Seoul’s Olympic Hall. After his Asian tour ends, he’ll get back to work picking his next acting project.

Via Chosun.com
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brb screaming forever. except, i don't live in asia....cri :|
i'm excited for his new acting project though..!!
Oh pain!
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Another Ordinary Day on Korean Peninsula: NK Threatens to Wage Holy War on South

North Korea threatened Friday to wage a "holy war" against South Korea and exclude it from future negotiations, citing recent reports out of Seoul that its southern rival has prepared a contingency plan to address the potential collapse of the regime.

"We will blow away the den of South Korean authorities, including Cheong Wa Dae, in a pan-national holy war of retribution," said a statement issued by Pyongyang's National Defense Commission, which is headed by the North Korean leader.

Seoul expressed disappointment over the statement, with its Defense Ministry spokesman saying, "It is regretful for Pyongyang to make such a provocative statement taking issue with unconfirmed newspaper reports."

The statement from the North came shortly after its official news agency said that Pyongyang had decided to accept 10,000 tons of corn in aid from Seoul and a day after it proposed talks aimed at reviving tours of Mt. Geumgang for South Koreans, which have been halted for more than a year over the shooting death of a tourist.

The North's proposed talks with the United States to replace the current ceasefire with a permanent peace regime were recently snubbed by Washington.

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Source: The Korea Times