January 16th, 2010

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Shin Se Kyeong as a doll for InStyle Korea magazine

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Shin Se Kyeong
is looking like a pretty doll for a photo shoot in the February issue of InStyle Korea magazine!

With big flower hair accessory, ruffles, laces and gathers, in romantic, sweet colors of greys, whites, creams and pinks, Se Kyeong looks like a pretty little doll in this photo shoot!

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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way


DISASTROUS NEWS EVERYONE: Lee Jun-ki's "Hero" ends with low ratings

MBC TV series "Hero", starring Hallyu star Lee Jun-ki, saw a bitter end to its two-month run on Thursday.

According to statistics released by TNS Media Korea the following day, the Wednesday/Thursday evening drama recorded a viewership rating of 4.7 percent for its final episode. Another research firm, AGB Nielsen Media, reported a 5 percent rating.

"Hero", which premiered in November, had taken off to a rough start with two lead actresses pulling out of the show and had failed to fare well against other prime-time dramas, namely KBS2 TV's "Chuno" and SBS' "Will It Snow On Christmas?".

Lee played the role of a passionate reporter working for a third-rate magazine in the drama, about a group of youngsters who rebel and fight against a corrupt society.

"Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" -- starring Park Jin-hee, Uhm Ji-won and Kim Bum -- is scheduled to air starting January 20.


"We're going to be Asia's best pop-dance group." -f(x)

SM Entertainment, the source of top idol groups Super Junior, Girl's Generation, and SHINee, has a new ambition: f(x), a group with powerful dance moves and trendy pop-music inclinations, which has placed itself as a strong new contender on the music foreground. With leader Victoria, members Krystal, Amer, Sulli, and Luna form the five-member girl group f(x), which debuted last September with its song 'LAchATA,' receiving much love for its cute and appealing image.

At the question regarding the latest hot issue circling music idol groups, the 'i-dol' nicknames such as "Animal-dol, Chic-dol, Luxury-dol," and what they would want for themselves, f(x) replies with, "Oh? We haven't thought about it. What would be good?" "Personality-dol? Function-dol? Baby-dol?" (tn: Bear with me. These "i-dol" words make more sense in Korean...) accompanied by much laughter, eventually saying "We'll think about it some more before giving you an answer" with cute smiles.

Even though they appear to be no different from other teens with their playful behavior, when asked what their goal is, the answer "We're going to be the best pop-dance group in Asia" reveals the bold ambitions of these passionate artists.

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Source: tvdaily
translated by hypocritical

Again, I am reminded that Korean word-puns are so... stupid-looking in English.
I think I'll be doing older stuff from now so pm me if there's anyone you want me to look into unless there's something that catches my eye.
I'm finding f(x) more and more appealing lately...

Oh. And unni = older sister (figure). jic.
kidding right

Chuno breaks 30% in its second week

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Looks like it’s going to be a huge sensation: KBS’s Chuno just aired its fourth episode, and already it has passed the 30% ratings threshold. According to TNS Media numbers, Chuno pulled in a 30.8%, up against Will It Snow For Christmas, which has returned to its IRIS-era numbers with a 11.5%. MBC’s finale episode of Hero went out quietly with a 4.7%.

(Ever greedy, the press is now expecting Chuno to break the 40% mark as the story really gets going. Not that it’s an impossible task, but these days, a drama can’t even enjoy its current achievement without everything jumping to the next expectation.)

A new contender will join the fray next week when MBC’s The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry will premiere. One factor working in its favor is that it’s a completely different genre, centering around three modern career women, but it’ll be hard to make a dent in Chuno’s stronghold if it keeps up its level of visual quality, acting, and quick-paced storytelling.



Chae Dong Ha "I have no regrets about having spent my 20s with SG Wannabe."

Chae Dong Ha (born Chwae Dong-sik), who left SG Wannabe in January of 2008, has released his 2nd solo album "Essay." This is the first time he is standing on his own in seven years, since the release of his first solo album in 2002, before the formation of SG Wannabe in 2004.

Having experienced everything from the rumors regarding him and the SG Wannabe members to the split with his girlfriend, he seemed to have decided to reveal everything through the release of this album. The songs full of emotion and the words on the inside cover of the album all were very honest.

Recently meeting with him at a cafe in Apgoojungdong, Seoul, he began by saying that, "Since leaving the group, I've been on volunteer trips to the Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, among others, and the bright expressions of those children in such impoverished conditions helped me to sort out my inner turmoil."

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Source: naver news
translated by hypocritical

Sorry! I meant to have this done well over a week ago. :c
I personally did wonder what happened to him.

"ChungChoon Boolpae" (Invincible Youth): the favorite star among the military?

The favorite in the military among the members of "Invincible Youth" is?

On the episode of KBS 2TV's Invincible Youth, aired on the 15th, a member of the group with the recent single 'Change,' Hyuna, was chosen as the artist with the most photos in the military quarters.

The soldiers on snow duty of the Tooho unit, when asked 'In the quarters, who out of the G7 members is pinned up the most',' answered that Hyuna's photo is pinned up the most, verifying her popularity.

However, when the 50 soldiers gathered were asked to vote who they would want to work with all day, they bypassed Hyuna, Yuri, Hara, etc, (the 'popular girls') and chose Adult-dol Narsha in a reverse that brought lots of laughter.

Source: naver news
translated by hypocritical

It's cute, but the first time reading it, I got a creepy vibe because of the pictures... But thinking of them in terms of posters, it's not so bad....?
I wish they would include the soldiers more. They don't do much during their enlistment.

Jo Kwon, “Winning #1 on MuBank, Park JinYoung liked it a lot”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he has received congratulation wishes from Park JinYoung for winning #1 on KBS Music K Chart on 15th January.

Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn’s duet ‘We Fell In Love’ has gone up to the #1 spot on KChart on 15th January.

This is the first time Jo Kwon has won #1 on the music chart since his debut as 2AM. But it was shame that the 2 were not present on the show to receive over their trophy.

Jo Kwon said on his me2day, “Ah really, didn’t expected it. Winning #1.. Really cannot believe it. Sincerely thankful!”

He also wrote, “I was with JinYoung hyung having dinner when calls and messages started coming in, and I found out I have won #1. I was so excited and wanted to shout out in happiness, but I was in front of JinYoung hyung so I didn’t. JinYoung also said congratulations and that he likes it. Feels good. 2AM’s album this time will be daebak!!!!”

2AM revealed a teaser to their comeback (D-5) on 15th January.

Sources: Newsen + K-Bites

SKoreans named world texting champs

Two South Korean teenagers have been crowned fastest texters in the world.

The team of 17-year-old Bae Yeong Ho and 18-year-old Ha Mok Min went thumb-to-thumb against competitors from a dozen countries to win the title in a competition Thursday in New York City.
The LG Mobile World Cup challenged nimble-fingered youths on both speed and accuracy. The winning team took home a $100,000 prize.

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Source: Associated Press 

I totally understand the unlimited texting plan thing! And tbvh, I text away even in class. What about you guys? 
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KARA uses money earn from ‘KARA Bakery’ for a good cause

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Girlgroup KARA will be donating all the proceeds from their bakery business to the children welfare association.

It has been announced that all proceeds from the bakery business operated by KARA on Mnet ‘KARA Bakery’ will be donated to unfortunate children under the children welfare association.
KARA said on 16th January, “We want to use the money we get from the bread we made for a good cause. Even though it is not a big amount, it will be good if the children like it.”
KARA had been one of the idol groups which had caused the ‘craze of girlgroup’ last year with their dance like ‘butt dance’ for song ‘Mister’. And they continue to receive love from TV viewers for doing a good cause with the money they earn from the program ‘KARA Bakery’.
source: sookyeong
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ZE:A's leader looks like Micky Yoochun

Moon Joon Young, leader of rookie group ZE:A is getting recognized by fans for looking like TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s Micky Yoochun. The resemblance is quite clear actually.

The new group had a great debut stage on Music Bank yesterday and it seems like people were paying more attention to Joon Young than others.

He’s also getting noticed for looking a little like actor Kang Dong Won as well. It turns out that in middle school, Joon Young uploaded a picture of himself on his minihompy and it spread around because of his good looks. He became an ulzzang (good face) and became famous on the internet for it. Because of this, he was cast in Mnet’s Flower Boy Ah-rong-sa-tae.

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Source: allkp, original article on Newsen

Tbh... can we stop with comparing? Yeah, half of the ZE:A's members look like other kpop celebrities. Yeah. -__-

PS. Mods, can ZE:A have their own tag now?
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Interview with Kyuhyun from Bugs Music

Bugs : Hello, you seems to be glad to meet Bugs family, could you first introduce yourself
Kyuhyun : Hello, I'm Super Junior Kyuhyun. Bugs was a good searching site to me since when I went to school, so I'm very grateful to be able to give my greeting through Bugs.

Bugs : Last year Super Junior has got the daesang award at Golden disk. Although it's late but congratulation. How was your feeling then?
Kyuhyun: That was out first time to get the deasang award at Golden disk, while if you look at the history those who got that award were all great sunbae singers. But having that award was like a dream to us, I couldnt sleep that night.
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source: here
original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

his solo interview was really honest and sweet. it's awesome to see him talking alot. sorry mods, putting it up so many times!