January 17th, 2010


Ivy Sues Netizen, Omona rejoices !

Since Ivy's comeback, she has been slammed with bad luck and her recent streak of it comes in the form of identity theft.

Ivy revealed that on the 14th, she turned in a form to the Seoul Kangnam Police declaring that she will press charges on the netizen who hacked into her information.

Ivy's agency has released a warning addressing the thief, "To the netizen who has released and abused Ivy's identification number, we will press full charges against him or her."

Apparently, the netizen who had stolen Ivy's identification number changed the passwords to her various accounts on blogs and shopping sites. In addition, the netizen used her information to make accounts on different adult sites and took photos accusing Ivy of looking at porn.

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Yoon Suh-in's "Girls' Generation" cartoon, "sexual harassment" ruckus

Webtoon artist Yoon Suh-in's Girls' Generation-related cartoon has fallen under controversy.

Last February, Yoon Suh-in uploaded a cartoon titled "Ladies' Generation's Past" on an internet portal site.

This cartoon depicts the scantily clad members of Girls' Generation in their 'past' look and another where they greet the New Year by pounding rice cakes. On one side are the strange comments, "I want to go to the commissioners.." (tn: incomplete) and "Oh... this is good too..."

After seeing this, the Girls' Generation fans left attacks and disparaging remarks such as "He sexually harassed Girls' Generation" and "It's too shameful to look at." Especially in the 'past' look, they considered the poses of the members and Yuri's expression (in the middle of the group) overt cases of sexual harassment.

Yoon also drew a cartoon where the subject was Girls' Generation. At that time, he called members Yoona, Yuri, and Sooyoung "The Pretty 3" and revealed that "At first, Yoona caught my eye, then I started to see Yuri sometimes, and lately it's Sooyoung." Also, the remaining members were called "The Nobody 5" and eventually drew the last member with a simple dot, gaining criticism.

Translations, from left to right, top to bottom.
(Th-this is a little...)
(It makes me want to take the manor examinations...) (tn: They were the nationwide examinations to test knowledge and skill in the old Goryuh and Josun days. They were really difficult, and you can look it up if you want to know more. 장원급제 : jang won geup jae)
"I want to go to the commissioners.." (tn: incomplete)
A photo of Ladies' Generation greeting the New Year by all pounding rice cakes together
"Oh... this is good too..."
"From the New Year, looks like there's no information"

Source: Sports.Khan
translated by hypocritical

The OP will refrain from personal comments. ♥
I didn't feel the cartoon had to be lj-cut, but if anyone feels otherwise, I will?

Helpful note taken from somewhere: "pounding rice cakes" is a euphemism for having sex.

"Global Talk Show" Eva "Marriage to Korean Boyfriend in Fall" Surprise Announcement

British citizen Eva (Popiel) (age 28 - tn: in Korean age, I assume), known for being on KBS2's "Global Talk Show" surprised everyone with an announcement that she will be getting married this Fall.

Eva, on KBS2's "Entertainment Tonight" on the 16th, said that she would get "married in the fall."

On the 11th, Eva revealed on "Global Talk 2" that she is dating a Korean man under the premise of marriage.

Eva says that she and her Korean boyfriend are into their seventh month of dating, and until she met her current boyfriend, she didn't feel that she made a very good match with Korean men.

Furthermore, she added, "I really want to marry this man. His mother is really a very understanding person."

Saying, "I met my boyfriend's mother. She is so wonderful and really very understanding," Eva received much envy from her companions.

Source: asiae
translated by hypocritical

Yay, weddings and happiness.

Helpful note: Eva Popiel was in Super Junior's Full house and the English teacher in Star Golden Bell.

Entertainer-Sponsors "devastated" at Haiti Disaster

The stars participating in Haiti's sponsoring program admitted their feelings towards the Haiti earthquake, making the viewers feel more unfortunate about the disaster.

At 9pm on the 16th, MBC's News Desk relayed the situations of the entertainers, who were watching the news of the earthquake that is predicted to have resulted in at least 200,000 deaths, with possibly more anxiousness than anyone could imagine.

On this broadcast, the talents Shin Ae-ra, Joo Younghoon and wife Lee Yunmi, all known for sponsoring children living in Haiti, appeared.

Shin Ae-ra, upon hearing that the guest house that she stayed in three years ago (with the 10-year-old girl she has now been sponsoring for four years) had been destroyed by the earthquake, said that her "world seemed to go dark." Further, recalling the meeting with the little girl, she began, "The girl who would smile and laugh and shy away when I approached, her eyes filling with fear, how hungry she must feel..." but was unable to finish her words.

Joo Younghoon and Lee Yunmi, a couple that has also been sponsoring in Haiti, admitted that they "look at the children being rescued from the wreckage and worry that maybe our child is one of them" but added that they hope and "pray that we will be able to see the children again."

At this, the netizens left words of encouragement such as "I think I understand how it would feel to see the disaster as a parent" "I hope the children are safe" "I hope you get good news soon" and were unable to hide their anxiousness.

Source: mydaily
translated by hypocritical

I feel so bad for them... It must be horrible to know your child is somewhere in the destruction but not know anything about what happened...

U-Kiss: We're forming our fanclub "Kiss Me"!

Two years after its debut, the 7-member idol group U-Kiss has formed its official fanclub "Kiss Me."

In the afternoon of the 17th, at the Seoul Sookmyung Arts Center Theatre, the members of U-Kiss posed for the cameras at the founding ceremony press conference.

U-Kiss debuted in 2008 and has made a bold "strong man" dance trend with its song "Man Man Ha Ni" and recently, the members Eli and Ki Sub Kibum (tn: The article says Ki Sub, honest. Go look.) drew attention when it was reported that they would appear in the Thai drama "Autumn Destiny."

Source: mydaily
translated by hypocritical

New fanclub! I didn't catch what their color was...
Maybe... pink... like the numerous balloons...

Helpful Note: "Kiss Me" was formed a while back, but it wasn't made official until the press conference~ Now it's official.
Giselle - in the throng
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snsd back to work

SNSD started the sweet recharging period in preparation for their return to the stage in February.

The vacation, starting from early this month ending circa Jan 15th, is valuable in the sense that it represents a reward to the members for the restless year of 2009.

A related person stated on the 14th that "Each of the members started the vacation on the 2nd and now plan to actively work on the new album."

The new album to be issued in Feb will contain Gee and Tell me Your Wish and some of their new songs as well. Another related person commented that "you will feel the more matured beauty of SNSD".

translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

So they had about 13 days vacation overall. This seems pretty standard (for SM artists, anyway). But considering they really had a very active period of promotions these last six months and are about to embark on another one, I hope they'll be okay.
Giselle - in the throng
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tiffany & nicole on family outing - excites male guests

Popular girl group members Tiffany and Nicole laughed a lot on the most recent episode of Family Outing.

On the 17th, as part of SBS's program "Good Sunday", "Family Outing" featured Kara's Nicole and SNSD's Tiffany as new family members.

Male members Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Jongkook, and Yoon Jongshin outwardly expressed their joy towards their guests. Daesung of Big Bang, who arrived a little later due to his schedules in Japan, started a comedic romance with Nicole which gained a lot of laughter on set.

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

lol Daesung is a player.

18-year-old SHINee TaeMin’s shocking revelation, “Teenagers these days are scary”

SHINee TaeMin who is 18 years old this year reveals that he felt that “teenagers these days are scary”.

He had appeared on SBS ‘Shin Dong Yeop’s 300′ filming recently. He is joined by 300 students and they talked about issues of teenagers these days.

He was posed the question during the interview, “Are you ‘even though I’m a kid, kids these days are scary’ too?” and he answered, “Recently I went to the gaming cafe, and the students have curses and swears in half of their conversation. Even though I’m in my teens, when I heard conversations like these, I thought that the teens these days are scary.”

MC Shin DongYeop then posed the question, “When are the times when you are scared of leader Onew as the youngest of the team?” and he revealed the ‘leader Onew fears’ which only the members living together in the dorm will know.

The show will air on 24th January.

source: newsen
credit: kbites

2PM to concentrate on solo activities

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With Heartbeat promotions finally wrapping up this evening, it has been announced that 2PM will be taking a break as a group so taht individual members can pursue individual activities for a while.

JYP Entertainment expressed on January 17 that 2PM’s last activities for now would take place that day on Inkigayo. “The members are going to take time to rest and work in various solo activities,” a rep said.

It has been confirmed that Taecyeon and Wooyoung will continue as MCs on SBS Inkigayo, and Taecyeon will begin filming for his role on Family Outing Season 2 at the end of this month. Furthermore, Nichkhun will begin filming for The Shining Diploma next month. Junsu, Junho and Chansung will also have various solo activities of their own during this break period of sorts.

I guess it was kind of expected, but that means no promotions for the collaboration track Tik Tok with Ke$ha Yoon Eun Hye for Cass Beer.

For those of you that are already missing the 2PM boys, worry not – the boys are set to return this April with a new album.

source: allkpop

2PM WooYoung wants everyone to “forget about Go MiNam”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2PM WooYoung asked for fans and TV viewers, “to forget about Go MiNam”.
WooYoung said that during the interview he had with rookie band C.N Blue on SBS Inkigayo on 17th January. He recalled the parody 2PM did for drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which C.N Blue member Jung YongHwa starred in.

WooYoung said, “Let’s forget about Go MiNam” and then Jung Yong Hwa said, “The kiss scene was impressionable”. WooYoung then looked at Jung YongHwa saying, “Why do I feel so excited? ShinWoo hyung, you are really a pretty guy” and Jung said, “And you are really a pretty lady”.

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2AM’s Jo Kwon and his on-screen We Got Married wife, Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls had a hilarious segment on January 16th’s Star King.

A Soprano guest singer sang to Ga-In which caused Jo Kwon to go in a jealous rage trying to block him from Ga-In. Eventually Ga-In stood next to the guest singer and was somewhat fluttered by him. Jo Kwon couldn’t handle it anymore and sang his own song in a deep voice and Kissed Ga-In on the hand, he then stormed off with Ga-In in hand claiming his prize.

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SOURCE: akp, celinaka
First time posting.. :) I hope I posted this correctly now.
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

SNSD working on upcoming MV choreography

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ever since rumors of SNSD’s return to the stage were confirmed earlier this month, fans have been scrambling for clues on the group’s upcoming album and the new concept that the girls will bring. Lisette Bustamante, an established choreographer who has worked with SM Entertainment in the past, posted on her Twitter that she was working with SNSD in Seoul on a video, presumably the choreography for the upcoming MV for the album’s title track.

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source: akp

If they're going to be dancing like BoA, yes! Just please don't turn into 2NE1 Space Version, girls.

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Lee Byung-hun to star in Kim Ji-woon’s thriller pic

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun has joined the cast of a new thriller film by famed director Kim Ji-woon, according to Lee’s agency BH Entertainment on Thursday.

An official at BH explained that Lee is set to star in the film — titled “I Saw The Devil” — although the actor has not finished signing the contract as of yet.

Famed actor Choi Min-sik of Cannes award-winning director Park Chan-wook’s film “Old Boy” had already confirmed his appearance in the movie, set to start filming next month.

Lee will play the role of a man who plots revenge against a psychopath killer, played by Choi, after his girlfriend gets murdered.

Kim has directed several notable films including “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003) and the critically-acclaimed “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” (2008).

Lee, 39, has starred in numerous television dramas and films including Kim Ji-woon’s “A Bittersweet Life” (2005) and “Weird”. Choi has appeared in more than a dozen Korean movies, most notably “Oldboy”(2003) and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”(2005).

Source: Asiae
Via: Jazzholic

Very interesting!!
H/H 4ever!
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Yoona Gets Blood Letter Threat

Girls Generation (SNSD) member Yoona is the most recent recipient of a blood letter, but this time it’s a threat.

Yoona, who is a confirmed member of “Family Outing Season 2” has one crazy anti. The blood letter was uploaded to the internet and reads, “Yoona, don’t do Family.”

Netizens are searching to find the anti who wrote this letter, and others are claiming it to be fake. Most netizens agree, “The blood is really scary-looking.”

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Source: Popseoul
[bleach] fuck this shit

F.CUZ Kan injured his left ankle during dance practice

Despite having suffered an injury to his left ankle, Kan from 'Model Idol' F.cuz showed his fighting spirit by using crutches and going up on stage.

On the afternoon of 15 Jan, F.cuz completed their stage performance on KBS Music Bank and attended the dance rehearsal for the remix version of their song in the practice room. During rehearsal, Kan got injured as he overstretched the ligament while turning his left ankle for a tumbling practice. The other member, LeeU, also sustained an injury to his right little toe.

The remix version of F.CUZ's song will add acrobatics to the existing dance moves, and this increased the level of difficulty by another notch. The enthusiasm of the members grew, which has indirectly led to the injuries.

"Kan was immediately sent to the hospital and had to use crutches. As his ankle was very very swollen, we had to let him use the crutches," a spokesperson of F.CUZ mentioned during a phonecall with Newsen.

However, the biggest problem lies in their schedule. This is because F.CUZ, who has officially started their activities for debut song 'JIGGY', was scheduled to perform on Show! Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 16th and 17th respectively.

The staff members tried to persuade Kan to rest, but it was revealed that Kan had simply just said, "I will definitely go on stage. I won't die from this extent of injury. This is an important period as we have just started our activities, so I can't give up." In the end, Kan took painkillers and attended the dry rehearsal for Show! Music Core in the afternoon of the 16th. After the rehearsal, he visted the hospital again.

"Kan is very firm in his intention to be on stage. He will fulfill all his scheduled activities on Show! Music Core and Inkigayo this week," said a spokesperson of F.CUZ.

On the other hand, F.CUZ has been scheduled to display their "upgraded" and new choreography next week.

Source: Newsen + F.Cuzed forum

Silly boy. :/
Seeing him with crutches at the backstage was kind of sad. T__T
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[myxph] The dates are in for the first – ever Philippine promo tour of one of the biggest acts in the K-Pop music industry today! Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, HyunA, So Hyun, collectively known as 4Minute make their way to Manila on Feb. 4 – 8 for a series of mall shows and autograph signing sessions!

Feb. 5: SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium, 6 PM
Feb. 6: SM Megamall, New Event Center, 5 PM
Feb. 7: SM North EDSA, Annex Event Center, 5 PM

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SOURCE: Sookyeong
Myxphdotcom's youtube channel
picture i found on google images

i'm not sure if this has been submitted yet, but man, super junior AND 4minute?! i'm jealous.

Fans get their “Christmas date” with drama cast

Some happy fans got their “Christmas date” with the cast of Will It Snow For Christmas, per the show’s recent promotional event. If you’ll recall, the SBS drama series held an online event that invited fans to tell memorable Christmas stories, with winners getting to meet the actors and possibly win a background acting part.

Four winners were chosen out of more than a thousand participants and given a brief tour of the broadcast station offices on January 14. They shared a meal with lead actors Go Soo, Han Ye-seul, Sunwoo Sun, Song Jong-ho, and Kim Ki-bang, and took photos with supporting actress Jo Min-soo, who plays Go Soo’s mother. In addition, they were shown the drama’s upcoming 13th episode, which airs this Wednesday.

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Kim HyungJoon "Please take care of my brother Kim KiBum"

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon attended to U-Kiss’s fan club establishment ceremony not as a singer, but as the real brother of Kim KiBum.

Kim HyungJoon attended to Idol group U-Kiss (Alexander, SooHyun, Kevin, Eli, KiBum, DongHo, KiSeop) official fan club ‘Kiss Me’ 1st establishment ceremony held on 17-Jan at 3.30pm, at SookMyung Art Center Theatre S in SookMyung Girls University, YongSan-gu, Seoul.

Kim HyungJoon had previously attracted attention on their extremely close relationship when he went to support his brother immediately after SS501 returned from Shanghai concert. In addition, Kim HyungJoon requested to the fans “Please help my brother to be able to win 1st for once with ‘ManManHaNi’.” Collapse )

Credits : www.newsen.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

H&B~ Also thank you to shanny_w for the Newsen link~
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Lee Yoon-mi: “Please pray for the safety of our daughter in Haiti”

Actress Lee Yoon-mi (My Name is Kim Samsoon), posted on her Cyworld mini-homepage a plead for people have compassion for the people of Haiti, especially for one girl, Naika, who her and her husband, composer Joo Young-hoon, became close to on a trip to Haiti one year ago. Because they were so taken by the young girl, the couple calls her their daughter.

The couple took a humanitarian trip because of tropical storms that have hit Haiti in recent years. There, Lee Yoon-mi wrote that they “met an angel,” who they continued to keep in contact with by writing letters. On her Cyworld mini-hompage, the actress requests, “Please pray for the safety of our daughter in Haiti.”

They haven’t heard any news yet about the status of the girl or others that they met in Haiti.

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Lee Yoon-mi’s Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/yoonmi925
Via: popseoul
B2ST: Our little secret.
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Kyuhyun’s Pasta OST track is a remake of LeeU’s song

F.Cuz’s LeeU got a chance to be part of the OST for 2008 SBS drama Sikgaek. At that time, he was 19-years-old and he sang Listen to You. He showed off this great vocals though he wasn’t a debuted singer at the time.

Now, two years later, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is singing in a remix of his hubae’s original track. For the new MBC drama Pasta, he sings Listening… to that person (듣죠… 그대를).

Fans have been commenting, “I knew Kyuhyun could sing but I did not know LeeU could sing so well,” and “It’s the same song but they both have different sounds.”

Netizens have also created a version where they can hear LeeU’s voice through the left speaker and Kyuhyun’s on the right. LeeU said, “It was my first solo song so I was really nervous. Kyuhyun sunbaenim pulled it off very well!”

It’s kind of funny that a sunbae did a remake of a hubae’s song, since it’s usually the other way around.

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Sources: allkpop, chuan1028@YT, urnobody191@YT