January 18th, 2010

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F.cuz member LeeU cried a lot

Newsen recently conducted an interview with the members of F.cuz, more specifically LeeU, as his father is already a well established trot singer (Sul Woon Do).

Being that LeeU’s father is a famous singer, LeeU received much attention and his debut was highly anticipated. He talked about how this experience was and how he felt.

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C.N Blue dominating online charts; Jung YongHwa’s ideal girl is f(x) Sulli

4-member band C.N Blue dominates the online chart as they had their debut stages on the music shows this weekend.

They had their first debut stage on KBS Music Bank on 15th January performing the title song ‘Alone’ off their debut minialbum ‘Bluetory’.

With their debut stage that day on the 15th, the group’s minialbum ‘Bluetory’ went up to #1 on Hanteo realtime chart and also on Hot Tracks real time chart. And on 17th January, it is also up #1 on the daily chart and realtime chart.

Apart of that, the group is also one of the top searches on portal sites like Daum and Nate. There is a C.N Blue fever going on. Already when the group had its debut showcase on 14th January, their minialbum is already moving up fast on various music and album charts.

Meanwhile, during their recent SBS radio show appearance, Jung YongHwa revealed that his ideal type of girl is f(x) Sulli.

The DJs have asked for his ideal type, and he said that all (of the female celebrities) are pretty and he like them all, but f(x) Sulli has caught his attention lately

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News: Sookyeong
Video: miyachannel

What, no. You're supposed to mention me, TRAITOR!
Congrats boys :D

Dear mods, what's the criteria for a new group to get their own tag? (._.) *sees no CNBlue tag*

SHINee Onew reveals, “I was ranked 2nd in the whole school when I was in high school 3rd year”

SHINee Onew reveals, “My results in high school 3rd year, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school.”

Onew appeared for ‘Shin Dong Yeop’s 300′ teens special to be aired on 24th January. That day in the filming studio, about 300 students were present and they discussed the problem that teenagers these days are too inclined to look at results as a form of happiness.

SHINee Onew, who was one of the challenger, said, “I used to be very self-conscious about this that I am not able to think in along this side (of the argument). I started practising singing when I went on to high school. But I also studied hard. And in high school year 3, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school” and many were surprised to hear that.

Meanwhile, during the filming, of the 300 students, many thought that, “in the end, having good results will help bring happiness”.

The show is set to air on 24th January at 12.10 midnight.

source: sookyeong, newsen

Wonder Girls to perform at global ‘Show of Peace’ Concert!

The Wonder Girls have been invited to yet another huge event, and this time it’s the International Show of Peace Concert! The global peace concert, which will be held in the Bird’s Nest Stadium (where the 2008 Summer Olympics took place) in Beijing, China on April 17, 2010 (40th Earth Day anniversary), will be broadcast worldwide and is expected to be the largest globally televised concert event in the history of China.

The artist list hasn’t been confirmed, but the legendary Jimmy Page, Aerosmith, Prince and of course, the Wonder Girls have been confirmed to perform at the main stages.
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source: StellarHead - allkpop
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T-ara, Davichi, SeeYa, 2PM, and Go Ah-Seong Pose for a Selca

T-ara, Davichi, SeeYa, 2PM, and Go Ah-Seong Pose for a Selca

T-ara and actress Go Ah-seong show off their tight frienship.

On January 17th, T-ara took home their very first Inkigayo Triple Crown award for being #1 for three consecutive weeks.
For their acceptance speech, T-ara dedicated their award to those people that worked with them and their fans. For their encore stage, their Wonder Woman partners Davichi and SeeYa shared the stage with them in celebration for their Triple Crown.

God of Study cast Go Ah-seong dropped by to congratulate T-ara for their win. After the brief celbrations, Go Ah-seong along with 2PM, Davichi, and SeeYa posed with T-ara for a quick batch of selcas.

January 16th marks the beginning of T-ara's 'Like the Beginning' promotional activities.

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201001181119481001
Written by: Lee Eonhyuk
Translated by: Elly @ tiaradiadem.com
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T-ara to open online shopping mall!

T-ara to open online shopping mall!

T-ara sure is moving on up! The girls have decided to open up their own online shopping mall and take on the title of CEO.

The girls will plan the concept of the shopping mall, setup an office, design the site, choose models, styling as well as handle the sales of the online transactions.

In addition to opening up the site though, there will be an entire reality program, much like Kara Bakery, called T-ara dot com (url not yet revealed).

The girls of T-ara all have a great interest in fashion and style, so much that they all have subscriptions to foreign fashion mags. In addition, it would only make sense that they are and have been highly involved in their own fashion.

Although there is a reality show concept behind this business, make no mistake about it, these girls are not only doing this for the show, they are serious about this business. In fact, T-ara’s stylist, Kim Woori, one of Korea’s best, has agreed to provide T-ara with 100% full support of their business.

With that said, do you trust T-ara’s fashion sense?

Stay tuned for more on the show and their online shopping mall.

source: allkpop

They aren't selling their bo peep stage costumes, get over it!!!
Boram is so pretty and cute too, I bet anything by her will fly off of the internet shelves! just like the private jet that flew her to the land of beauty and success

F(X) greed for entertainment shows

f(x) has greed for entertainment shows

5-member girl group, f(x) has revealed their greed for going on entertainment shows.

Captivating the fans’ attention with their devilish charms, f(x) has revealed their wishes for appearing on entertainment shows through an interview with TVDaily.

In response to the question, “If you had the chance, what entertainment show would you like to appear on?” Sulli excitedly replied that she “wanted to appear on Invincible Youth”

Also, Luna revealed her wish that she “would like to appear on Family Outing” Then Sulli threw a silly question saying, “Isn’t that show only for adults?”

In response to the question, “Which member would do the best in entertainment shows?” Krystal picked Victoria and Amber, saying “the unni’s that came from a foreign country would be seen as cute because of their developing Korean. Also, I think that they would be really funny on entertainment shows.”

Source: tvdaily.com
Translator: Grace - Kpopobsessed
Credit&Shared By: Grace - Kpopobsessed @ affxtion.com/forum

Please, SM :)
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T-ara BoRam in tears, “Goodbye now to 2nd generation celebrity”

T-ara BoRam in tears, “Goodbye now to 2nd generation celebrity”

Member BoRam of group T-ara, who took the 2010 Kpop world by storm with their hit song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, reveals that she wants to shed away from the glory of her celebrity parents.

T-ara recently appeared for KBS 2TV ‘Park SooHong Choi WonJung’s YeoWooManMan’. Member BoRam is known to the be daughter of celebrities Jeon YeongRok and Lee MiYeong, and on the show, she reveals that she wants to shed away from the glory of them.

But recently, with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ getting very popular, her mother Lee MiYeong has been called ‘BoRam’s mother’. Lee MiYeong, “Because of my status, my daughter also felt this sense of burden. But I will always support and root for my daughter.”

Seeing her mother’s video message, BoRam was in tears. Even though it has been hard for BoRam as the 2nd generation celebrity, she realised that her mother Lee MiYeong has also been worried about her.
Meanwhile, the girls also revealed their dorm for the first time and the members’ mothers also paid a surprise visit on the show.

The show will air on 19th January.

S: Tvdaily
source: sookyeong

She's such a cautious angel!

HyunA’s shocking revelation, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan”

4Minute HyunA
gives a shocking revelation, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan.”

HyunA was on the last episode of KBS 2TV ‘SangSang Plus Season 2′ set to air on 19th January when she said that. And her revelation came as shocking as the singer has been gaining much popularity with her solo single release and trending hot pelvic dance.

HyunA said on the show, “For my body now, I lost 17kg.”

Known to love dancing since young, HyunA revealed that she has lost 17kg as compared to when she was in primary school.

She added, “The reason why I lost so much weight is because of Shin JungHwan. There is this famous celebrity, and he/she had told me back then ‘You look like Shin JungHwan!’, and I was in shock and started losing weight.”

Meanwhile, the G7 members for KBS Invincible Youth are guest appearances on the show which is set to air on 19th January at 11.05pm.

via Sookyeong

BS!!!!!!! Lets assume that Hyuna is 46 kgs (100lbs) now... 46+17=63! there is no way that Hyuna was 63 kgs (138.6 lbs) in primary school and that netizens havent posted pics. And yes she meant kgs, Korea uses the metric system.

17kgs = 37.4 lbs

Fans appreciate what SBS did

2PM fans are expressing their gratitude to the producers of this weeks SBS Inkigayo, where 2PM held their goodbye stage.

On January 17th, 2PM finished up promotions for their 1st album and performed two tracks, “Tired of Waiting (기다리다 지친다)” and “Heartbeat.” During the intro, prior to their final performances, SBS put the image displayed above and left a blank white spot for leader Jaebeom.

In addition to SBS leaving a space for Jaebeom, the 2PM members themselves left a space in the middle for their leader as well. Fans were really able to feel the love for Jaebeom as they chanted loudly, ‘We’ll be waiting Park Jaebeom. We’ll be waiting 2PM.”

After the show, fans expressed their gratitude:

“Inkigayo thank you so much. Only Inkigayo! PD we love you. We were extremely impressed (heart warming). We won’t forget how you took care of us, thank you.”

It was a great way for 2PM to close out their promotions. I have a feeling there’s going to be quite a big surprise for fans when they return.

source: allkpop and vid from Koreanview2
i really hope he comes back in april! :( OR, NOW.


Goo Hara, “JunHo and Jo Kwon are #2 and #3 male idols in my heart”

KARA Goo Hara reveals the male idol members whom she has in mind/heart.

She revealed all the male idols she kept in mind/heart during her appearance on KBS ‘SangSang Plus Season 2′ recently.

At #3 is 2AM JoKwon. And then she went on to reveal that at #2 is 2PM JunHo. It seems that the girlgroup members have all fallen for the charms of the ‘beastly’ idols.

Goo Hara, who had easily revealed her #2 and #3, refused to reveal her #1 male idol even until the end, rousing much curiousity about it.

Meanwhile, the show featuring Goo Hara’s appearance will air on 19th January.

Source: TVDaily + sookyeong

I was just watching the idol army episode where Hara picked Jo Kwon XD
Julianne Moore
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Moon Geun-young and others shoot charity spread for Vogue

A handful of Korean celebrities -- including top actresses Kim So-yeon and Moon Geun-young -- have come together to shoot a charity photo spread for fashion magazine Vogue Korea, according to their agency on Monday.

Seven notable actors -- including Jeon Hye-bin, Jo Dong-hyeok, Kim Kang-woo, Lee Gyu-han and Lee Yoon-ji -- who are all managed by entertainment agency Namoo Actors, took part in a photo shoot for the February issue of Vogue to promote the "Love Tree Project".

"Love Tree Project" raises funds from a charity music album recorded by Namoo artists for underprivileged children who cannot afford medical treatment when they need it.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
it me

2PM TaecYeon sends out warning on minihompy, “Whoever circulated the photos, turn yourself in”

2PM TaecYeon declares war (?) on his minihompy.
He recently renamed a folder in his photo diary on his minihompy as “The person who circulated the photos, turn yourself in”. This follows the incident which happened last December when his personal photos uploaded privately on his minihompy were leaked online by a netizen.
With his private photos leaked, TaecYeon had closed down his minihompy for a period of time. He was seemingly angry at the incident and posted up messages like “who was it?”, “how did the IiChon photos get uploaded?”. Fans and netizens also tried to mediate things by posting up comments like “let bygones be bygones” etc.

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Source: Sookyeong
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Philippines to get F. T. Island too!

So the F.T. Island boys are heading to Manila, the Philippines for a showcase on March 6, 2010.

If you don’t want to miss the happenin' K-pop event, make a beeline for www.ftislandmanila.com.You’ll be able to book your tickets for the showcase.

The F.T Island Manila 2010 Showcase will be held at the PICC Plenary Hall.

source: K-popped!

4minute: february
f. t. island: march
super junior: april
kpop fans are gonna have 3 exciting months! i wonder what it'll do for tourism?
bom sweet smile

Go A Seong with masculine-female outfits in Elle Girl Korea

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Go A Seong, one of the actresses in the recent popular drama, God of Study,  is dressed up like a masculine-female in the February issue of Elle Girl’s photo shoot. Looks like this kind of masculine-female concept is really popular these days- check out Park Shin Hye’s photo shoot in Nylon Korea!

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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way, Newsen

DBSK & BB, Awarded as "Cultural Ambassador"

Both five-member groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang received the exceptional recognition of being “Cultural Ambassadors.”

The private organization from the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “Due to the contributions they have made in the development of the cultural aspect through popular music, we have decided to appoint/award them as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ as a form of recognition.”

They have produced the most number of successful album records even in such a difficult period of time in the music industry, and have been energetically involved in both local and overseas activities; these are the main reasons behind this award.

A representative from KOFICE said, “This honor was awarded based on those who have contributed to the cultural industry on a yearly basis. Every year, this award has been given to those working in the cultural field, but this year is an exception as it has been given to idol groups.”

They added, “As both Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are busy with their schedules, the official announcement will be made later in January.”

Original source:  KOFICE
translated by: 
sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com


That's kind of big you know,  O___O ~   congrazz'


Narsha is threatened… because of 2PM’s WooYoung?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Narsha revealed that she had been threatened by her friends all because of that guy from 2PM, WooYoung.

On the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2,” airing on the 19th, Narsha revealed that recently her friends have threatened her. Her friends saying stuff such as, “I will reveal your graduation pictures!” She personally didn’t want to reveal it, but her friends stated, “If you don’t get 2PM’s WooYoung’s signature, then I will reveal your graduation pictures everywhere.”
More of her stories will be revealed in the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ with all the G7 ladies including, KARA’s Goo HaRa, 4minute’s HyunA, T-ara’s HyoMin, Secret’s Han SungHwa.


source: kbites

Daesung and Tiffany are the next hate couple?

Yesterday, beautiful Tiffany of SNSD / Girls’ Generation was a special guest on Family Outing. Lee Hyori and Kim Jong Kook are known on the show for their pairing as “hate couple” and it seems like yesterday’s episode showed a variant of this between Big Bang’s Daesung and Tiffany.

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sources: allkpop  nincomboob  jjesalva1
uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

100119 SHINee's Onew Me2Day

[온유] 이제얼마남지않은활동~여러분과함께즐기고싶어요~우리함께마니웃어볼까요?그리고오늘밤알죠다들? 본방사수꼭!!^^
[Onew] Now there isn't a lot of promotions left to do~ We want to spend good times with you~ Shall we laugh a lot together? And everyone knows about tonight right? Please watch live!!^^

source: me2day | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

T-minus 10 hours for Hello Baby!
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SM Entertainment to take legal actions against cartoonist accused of sexual harrassement to SNSD in

It has been known that SM Entertainment will be taking legal actions against the case of cartoons drawn depicting group So Nyeo Shi Dae and said to have sexual harassment and references.

SM Entertainment said over the phone on 18th January, “Our responses to the cartoon author and legal actions have been late due to investigations. Even though the author had issued an apology today, it only regards the misunderstanding caused by the lack of explanation in the cartoon, but no apology to So Nyeo Shi Dae at all. With that we will follow up with legal actions.”

The artiste of the cartoon is webtoon writer Yoon SeoIn. He recently posted a cartoon titled ‘Joy Ride #592 Lady Generation Past Photos’ on a portal site on 2nd January.

In the cartoon, the 9 females depicted as the So Nyeo Shi Dae members were wearing just underwear and seen with a voluptuous expressions.

Yoon SeoIn had posted an apology after articles of the cartoon emerged on 17th January, “An internet news reporter ran an article on this cartoon with his/her own interpretation of it. But my intentions for the cartoon is different from what was said to be in the news articles published on it. It is in my wrong that there is lack of explanation causing the misunderstanding. Sorry for causing the misunderstanding and I apologise to all the readers who have seen the cartoon.”

Source: Newsen
Via: sookyeong

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