January 19th, 2010

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The Reason Why T-ara's Hyomin Was Edited Out in 'Invincible Youth

The Reason Why T-ara's Hyomin Was Edited Out in 'Invincible Youth

The reason behind why T-ara's Hyomin was edited out in Invincible Youth has been revealed.

In the episode of Sang Sang Plus, Kim Taewoo says that "When the camera is turned off, Hyomin tends to eat between takes. However, once the camera starts rolling again, she still continues to eat. Therefore, on the actual day of broadcast, eating in front of the camera wouldn't have been a good thing to see, so she was edited out."

"I'm extremely worried about the fact that Hyomin is constantly eating," said Kim Taewoo, "you still have to worry about the fact that you can get sick with doing that".

So the reason why Hyomin is like this is because for T-ara's new album, T-ara was told to get into an intense diet in preparation for it. The only time Hyomin would've gotten some food to eat was on set Invincible Youth.

Meanwhile, Invincible Youth airs every Friday on KBS 2TV at 11:05 PM.

Source: news.mk.co.kr
Written by: Lee Hyunwoo
Translated by: Elly @ tiaradiadem.com
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T-ara Was Embarassed With Their Bo Peep Bo Peep Stage Costumes

T-ara Was Embarassed With Their Bo Peep Bo Peep Stage Costumes

T-ara members Eunjeong and Hyomin talk about their 'Bo Peep, Bo Peep' stage constumes.

On the SBS Strong Heart episode aired on January 19th, Eunjeong and Hyomin explained that: "On the first time we recieved the costumes for our first performance, we were very ashamed with it.'

"We can't explain everything. People see the costumes and they say things like "Are T-ara's coordis (coordinators) antis?!" But the real truth is that, it's not the coordinators, the costumes were all thought up by our CEO" T-ara added.

As a result, the cast members danced to T-ara's BPBP.

Source: asiae.co.kr
Written by: Park Geonwook
Translated by: Elly @ tiaradiadem.com
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2PM’s Chansung is featured in 2AM’s mini-album!

2PM has been showing a lot of brotherly love to 2AM lately for their upcoming album, but it looks like there is more support to give! It has been revealed that 2PM’s Chansung is featured in To Her (그녀에게), one of the tracks from 2AM’s upcoming mini-album.

On the 18th, a video of 2AM and Chansung was revealed, wherein Chansung met with the ballad quartet in the recording to record his part of the song. In the video, Jo Kwon asked Chansung, “How’s the music?“, to which the latter replied, “Totally manly. I was really surprised.” Then Jo Kwon commented, “Now, we are now beastly idols too,” prompting the curiosity of fans who wonder how “beastly” 2AM will become in their comeback album.

With Chansung’s rapping to go along with 2AM’s powerful vocals, fans are anticipating this track as much as 2AM’s title song. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t like a track which features both 2PM and 2AM?

With teasers of Seulong and Jinwoon already out, expect the rest of the members’ to be released soon! Stay tuned to the release of 2AM’s mini album this week (January 21)!


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it me

Happy Birthday Gong Minji!

Went on my twitter and saw this!

pictures and tweets under the cut!

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ETA: real updates from a real source

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the twitpics are
here and here.
Real source: Dara's me2day
this is not their official twitter!
[info]sonatinas said: "Yeah, these are just taken from their me2days. Fan made twitter.

Or Dara's, at least.

So this twitter is fan-made, posing as 2NE1 and the pictures are taken from dara's me2days. my bad :[

sorry mods i went straight to bed after i made this
Heechul; Split

Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.01.11 (I & II)

Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.01.11 17:13
In the ‘澈’ folder..

아 바 타 / Avatar

김희철 2010.01.11 17:13

Wanted to watch Avatar so got Hongshi* to come over but I was playing WOW* only
What on earth is that game Hongshi asked

Me: (While) playing WOW would not have time to date lover

Hongshi: ㅡㅡ?

Have not met up with Hassan hyung and Hongshi for a long time the three of us talked and had a good time
We spent the day chatting and laughing at a lot of memories

Me: The first time I saw Hassan hyung feel that (he) has a lot of charisma.. I’ve thoughtㅋㅋ

Hongshi: I heard some rumours of Heechulie hyung.. (is) born stiff..ㅎㅎ

Hassan: It was fun really ㅎㅎ Already exceeded 1 year..

But watching Avatar with glasses on is really great(-┏)
It’s like when I’m in elementary school going to Taejeon Expo or Technology Hall? That kind of feelingㅋㅋ
There was the Kkumdorlee*.. A really long time ago..(T-T)

* – referring to Hongki
* – World of Warcraft
* – 꿈돌이 is a cute, yellow character… It looks like this.

source: Heechul’s Cyworld
translated by viragis@sj-world.net
via icepluscoffee

- - - - -
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Kim HyunJoong and Jeon DooHwan controversy

SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong is currently mad due to the controversy that is encompassing him in Korea. This controversy of this matter involves the ex-president of Korea, Jeon DooHwan.

What is it exactly that the netizens and citizens are making a fuss about? KBites will lay out the facts.

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Source: sookyeong

Sookyeong's comments: The news had been compilied from several news articles because many of them contained false information. Information about Jeon DooHwan was directly from my parents. And at times like this, lets all support Kim HyunJoong instead of criticizing him.

I don't know how big of a controvery is this in Korea, but I do know about that Gwangju Democratization Movement and the consequences and that this president is not very well-liked in Korea. But as it is, I'm not even sure what's going on. :( All I can say maybe is that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time?
Key Blah.

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu contracts virus!

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TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu has contracted a virus infection and hasn’t been in good shape lately. On the 18th, Junsu received treatment at the hospital for this virus.

Junsu’s representative stated:

“Starting from the 17th, Xiah Junsu was feeling pain and dizziness. He visited the hospital for a check up and they determined he had contracted a virus infection which has made him lethargic.”

Junsu received shots and IV treatments at the hospital and is now taking a rest at home. Although they are saying it is not a serious infection, it has been revealed that Xiah Junsu was receiving treatment at the hospital for about one week.

How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin
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2AM's Jo Kwon confirmed for Family Outing Season 2!

As you all know, with 6 members comfirmed for SBS Family Outing Season 2, two more members were set to join for a total of 8. Guess what? A Family Outing producer has revealed that 2AM’s diva, Jo Kwon, has been confirmed as the 7th member!

Jo Kwon will join the star studded cast composed of Kim Won Hee, Yoon Sang Hyun, Ji Sang Ryul, Shin Bong Sun, Tacyeon and YoonA.

As Season 1 is set to end mid-February, shooting for Family Outing Season 2 is set to begin on the 25th and 26th. You’ve got to be excited – that’s 3 idols in one show! I don’t. I have this feeling that Season 2 will be even better than Season 1

Source: allkpop
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DSP's official statement regarding Hyunjoong's presence at ex president's party

Hi everybody, this is DSP media.
Since yesterday, a lot of people after reading Hyun Joong’s report, tried via many methods to enquire about this matter.
We think we should at least let TS know the entire process of Hyun Joong went to the location in the news report.

The detail is as the followings:

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s:DSP Media, ENG trans: ss501ufo

Previous post: here

less tl;dr version: CEO knew the president and decided to stop by before moving on to their next schedule. Hyunjoong doesn't know the president but was with his CEO so he had to go. lol damn if he goes and damn if he doesn't. Sorry boy, wrong place wrong time and you have a more famous face than your CEO. ♥ :( :(
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Netizens tell Taec to stop cyworlding and start practicing his vocals

Taec updated with a diary entry at 2:57am, only to take it down shortly thereafter.
He then posted a new entry at 3:15 am.
Fans capped his first entry and posted it on tellzone.

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CREDITS: DAUM; 옥택연@cyworld (SOURCES); hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY & kdrama_queen@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

Since we had a post about him calling out who leaked the pictures, here's an update.

PS: 빵구똥구 ("fart face" or "fart asshole", etc) is a made-up word from the sitcom High Kick that one of the characters uses as an insult. (thanks to [info]parkjinyoung ).

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Kim Ha Neul ‘travels to the edge of fashion’ in Elle Korea

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In the February issue of Elle Korea, Kim Ha Neul has a section on the subject ‘travel look’ or 트래블룩. From the Winter season to the coming Spring season, Kim Ha Neul shows you how to travel stylishly- from sexy to dramatic looks.

She has always been an awesome fashionista (See Kim Ha Neul in a Phillip Lim 3.1 outfit) , so I’m definitely looking forward to this section!

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Fresh Model Idol' F.CUZ, "We didn't go online for a period of time."

4-unit male group F.CUZ - famous for being 'Sul Woon Do's son LeeU's group' - finally made their debut in the music scene. F.CUZ, which consists of JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun, has been carrying out endless activities for their debut song 'JIGGY' on all three national music programmes for two consecutive weeks.

"We were fidgety and nervous for our debut stage performance. It was impractical to try and show everything in three minutes," said F.cuz who entered the music scene at the end of a two-year course of preparation. "We achieve our dream by working day after day, right? Even so, some good also came out of it. We developed a sense of responsibility and obligation that only makes us work even harder."

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Source: newsen & translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum