January 23rd, 2010

Wonder Girls’ new member Hae Lim revealed

Just hours ago, JYP Entertainment released an official statement that Wonder Girls member Mimi (Sunmi) would be leaving the group to fulfill her academic goals. Mimi would however continue to visit the JYP offices to dance and train during her hiatus. Whether Mimi will return as a Wonder Girl however, is still unknown.

With that said, a photo of Hae Lim, the newest addition to the Wonder Girls has been revealed. Hae Lim is 17 years old and has been training at the JYP Academy for three years. In addition, she is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Earlier this week, we saw Hae Lim in a dance video that was released with two other JYP trainees – well, her training days are now over. Although I am sad to see Mimi go, let’s all wish her the best of luck and welcome Hae Lim to the Wonder Girls!

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looking forward to her~

SHINee Key’s ideal woman is one of the SNSD members? “YES”

SHINee member Key reveals that there is a member from group So Nyeo Shi Dae who is his ideal type of girl.

He was on ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ on SBS E!TV recently when he revealed that amongst the SNSD members, there is his ideal type of girl.

It was during the corner on the show called ‘The terrifying YES’ where he was asked the question ‘There is a member in SNSD whom I like” and his answer was “Yes”.

But with much suspicion coming from the ‘MakBanShi’ members on the show, Key said, “I have never thought of them as women since they are family members from the same company. I just answered that for the sake of the game”.

The show is set to air at 10pm on 23rd January.

source: sookyeong, Newsen
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Zhang Liyin returns to Korea for 2nd Chinese album!

Old photo from September 2008, posted from her Cyworld.

Tomorrow, I return to Korea:

Lovely friends, tomorrow I must fly back to Korea. I feel specially uncomfortable, feeling that there are a lot of things I have not yet accomplished, feeling I want to bring everybody even better performances, but now it is time to return back, so I'm very apologetic. But this return back is to prepare for the new Chinese album. I predict I'll be in Korea for several months, recording new songs, filming new MV etc. I especially await for the new songs. Once I've returned to Korea, I will definitely work hard to record, so then I could bring everybody even better music to listen to~~

Here, I have to thank the producers of "Moving On", lyricist etc., as well as our company's staff members. The times we've spent together the past several months have been memorable. "Moving On" has given me a lot of memories, and I've really think the song is quite good. Oh oh! Also hope everybody will work hard in their studies, at work and in play!!

I love you guys!!

Source: Liyin's Cyworld
Translation: Wendy @ Chocolyn

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JYPE denies all Jaebeom rumors and tells that JYP's original stance still applies

JYP Entertainment is denying rumors that former 2PM leader Park Jaebeom has filmed a music video as a step toward becoming a solo artist.

Some Internet news providers reported that Park secretly made a music video in the United States and has been offered a part in a movie.

"The rumors are groundless," a representative of the agency said. "No executives from JYP have heard anything involving Jaebeom's casting in a movie. Nor did he film a music video."

He said nothing has been decided in regards to a possible comeback of Park, who quit the group and flew to the United States in September after critical comments he made about Korea on social networking site MySpace between 2005 and 2007 were made public.

The news of his possible return is drawing keen attention from fans and netizens. Since his departure, Park Jin-Young, head of the agency, has asked his fans to respect the singer's decisions.

"Nothing has been decided about Jaebeom's comeback. As Park Jin-young has said, our basic stance is that he will come back as a member of 2PM," the representative said. "How and when will be decided according to Jaebeom's decision."

He also denied reports that JYP Entertainment will make "an important announcement" about the artist on Jan. 24.

Source: The Korea Times


Disclaimer: This post is guilt free. The internet police said we could explain the situation to our members.

The ultimate truth of the matter is that Omona did nothing wrong. Our members give amazing credit. Better than a lot of other places. But apparently all the comments made here are not completely 100% positive. This is causing much turmoil over at 2od.

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What netizens are saying
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Lee Byung-hun questioned by authorities all night

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun -- who is currently engaged in a legal battle with his former girlfriend -- was questioned by Korean authorities last night, according to a source at Seoul Central District Court.

"We summoned Lee and with his consent, held an investigation from 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening through 5 a.m. the next morning," an official with the Korean Prosecutors' Office was quoted as saying on Thursday. He explained that the night-long questioning was regarding the two lawsuits filed by the actor and one filed against him.

On December 8, a Korean-Canadian woman by the last name Kwon -- who claimed to be a former girlfriend of Lee's -- had filed a lawsuit against the Hallyu star, saying she was allured into a sexual relationship based on false promises of marriage. She asked to be paid KRW 100 million won in physical and psychological damages and also reported to authorities that the actor had taken part in illegal baccarat gambling overseas.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Koyote BbaekGa’s 8-hour brain surgery was a success!

Group Koyote member BbaekGa’s 8-hour brain surgery is said to be a success.

A representative from BbaekGa’s side said on 22nd Jan, “He went in for his brain surgery this morning at 7.30am and the surgery ended at 3pm. It was a success and BbaekGa is currently recuperating at the intensive care unit.

“Visitors are still not allowed as of now. According to the hospital, if everything goes smoothly, he will most probably be discharged from the hospital on 28th January.

BbaekGa was hospitalised to prepare for the surgery on the 20th, friends like the Koyote members, NRG Cheon MyungHoon etc visited on 21st January to wish him success for the surgery.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer previously in October. He wrote on his minihompy on 19th January, “I will try to close my eyes and pray” and attaching photos of the Haiti natural disaster.

S: StarNews
Via: sookyeong

(Interview) 2AM Jung Jinwoon, "My heart was beating during the rehearsal for our comeback"

2AM's maknae, Jung Jinwoon, has expressed his thoughts about their recent comeback after 10 months.

Jung Jinwoon said, "Though its been a long time since I've been onstage, I have not thought about being nervous. However, when I stood on the rehearsal stage my heart was beating because i was so nervous."

He also added, "I still couldn't believe that it's our comeback. I don't think I'll realize it until I wake up. I only felt the anticipation of our comeback when I woke up on Friday morning."

Out of 2AM (Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Lim Seolong, Jung Jinwoon), Jo Kwon has shown his many sides on many variety shows. Are they worried about the different, separate images of "ballad singers" and from their variety show appearances?

He commented on that with, "We had some worries about it. I find it a burden that the other members are all hilarious, but I'm not like that. On variety shows or onstage, the serious 2AM image is the same. I think that the public will appreciate our contradictory image on variety shows."

Meanwhile, 2AM's comeback song that was released on the 21st is enjoying popularity on the charts. Member Lee Chang Min commented on that by saying, "Because of our rankings on charts, my body doesn't feel the affects of our comeback. I get energy from such comments like, 'the song is good', 'I think this song will do good'."

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: cityscripts at omona_prection
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Hyomin gets another nickname from G7.. Cinderella Hyomin?

Hyomin gets another nickname from G7.. Cinderella Hyomin?

G7's Hyomin is once again catching attention. After her letter to the boss with her lack of airtime, her nickname "Edited Out" and "CEO-Completely Edited Out" now adds a new nickname.. Hyoderella!?

In an episode of Invincible Youth, G7's puppy(dont know the name) needed to take a bath. Hyomin decided to get water from the water pump outside their house But due to the cold weather, the water was too cold for the puppy and everyone felt bad for the puppy.

While jokingly pushing and abusing Hyomin, she went outside once again to get more water. And with her weird personality, she started conversing with the camera saying "Hey, can you put a little music for me. Im like Cinderella they bully me". And thats how she got a new nickname "Hyoderella".

Hyomin said "before i barely had any screentime. But as time went on, I felt more comfortable around my unnies and maknae Hyuna. I felt more comfortable and so I started talking more. Im glad now my screentime has tripled".

Source: Newsen
Translated by: *YANiPOPO* @ www.tiaradiadem.com
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yuri & tiffany on 17 years later

SNSD's Yuri had made a statement that she will still be doing 'SNSD' 17 years later.

In MBC Show! Music Core aired on January 23, Yuri asked Tiffany, who was busy practicing her dance moves, what she will be doing in 17 years.

Tiffany replied, "In 17 years, wouldn't I be a 'super star, shining star, super star' receiving love from all over the world?" and added "I'll probably be the aunt of your children." Hearing this, Yuri said, "I'll still be doing SNSD even after 17 years," and showed affection towards the group. With Yuri's surprising comment, Tiffany said, "Me too! I have 'S.N.S.D' written in my heart!"

On a side note, SNSD will come back January 30 through Show! Music Core with their new song "Oh!". When they released their teaser on January 23 midnight on Naver, it caused a downtime for Naver's music server. The new "Oh!" teaser shows a new, cheery concept of SNSD in just 30 seconds. The title and choreography gained a lot of attention and many are predicting the start of 2010's "Oh!" syndrome.

original source
translated by typicalharu @ ssf

I ♥ Soshibond. And the comeback isn't coming soon enough, lol.

Ynot speaks on CNBLUE plagiarism allegations

Yesterday, CNBLUE’s agency FNC Music, stated that the plagiarism allegations against CNBLUE’s “I’m a loner” due to its similarity to Ynot’s “Blue bird,” was “unbelievable.”

Today, indie band Ynot spoke up on the issue, in a tone and manner that was drastically different from FNC Music’s response:

“The plagiarism issues are the fault of the composers, Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. We hope CNBLUE does not get scarred from this issue. This issue is between us (Ynot) and the composers of ‘I’m a loner’, in no way is it an issue between us and CNBLUE.”

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Source: allkpop
B2ST: Our little secret.
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HAM releases new single, Alpensia

The ladies from girl group HAM have released their new single, Alpencia.

The song has a nice lounge feeling with its jumpy guitars and the girls have pretty good voices. Alpensia is the name of a ski resort that opened November 27th last year in Gangwon Province. Looks like the group is continuing their skiing theme from their last single Doo Geun Doo Geun… is there a CF in the works?

Source: allkpop, XDDDD30@YT

Mods, any chance we can get a HAM or Heart and Mind tag?

Jewelry to hold open auditions in February

Already a week has gone by since Park Jungah and Seo Inyoung performed for the last time as 4-member group Jewelry.

Park was an original member since Jewelry's debut in 2001, and Seo joined a year later for their second album. On the 10th they performed 'Love Story' for the last time with their juniors Kim Eunjung and Ha Juyeon on SBS's Inkigayo.

On the 13th, Park and Seo also hosted the showcase for new idol group ZE:A ( also under the same company) and are planning to take a break while slowly preparing their own solo albums. Despite leaving Jewelry they will remain under Star Empire Entertainment and plan to lead very active solo careers.

So then what is in store for the 'younger line' who joined Jewelry in early 2008?

For the time being, Kim Eunjung and Ha Juyeon will not be standing on stage as singers; they will be greeting viewers through variety programs.

Kim is currently a regular member on cable channel MBC Everyone's 'Infinite Girls Season 2,' and is solo MC of E!TV's 'E! News Korea.'

Ha is also similarly appearing Monday thru Fridays on Mnet and KMTV as MC for 'Golden Hit Song.'

Kim and Ha will also be present at the auditions for new Jewelry members this coming February.

On the afternoon of the 17th, a Star Empire Entertainment representative stated, "Auditions to fill the gap left by Park and Seo will take place in mid-February, and of course opinions of current members will also be taken into consideration."

If all goes well currently 2-member Jewelry might gain new members by the end of February. In this case, we might be able to see the new Jewelry sooner than expected.
translated by qvinx at omona_prection
original article by star news

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Rain’s personal airplane revealed gets many envious

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Singer actor Rain’s personal airplane revealed gets many netizens envious.

Recently, photos of Rain on his personal airplane in Korea have been uploaded and circulated by netizens online on various portal sites, catching the attention of many.

Rain will board his personal plane to fly overseas when he has activities or events to attend overseas from domestic airport. The personal airplane has Rain’s full-body photo printed on it, and is one of the most eye-catching airplanes at the airport.

 In addition, it is known that he owns a 15-billion KRW building with a basement and 2 higher levels in Seoul KangNamGoo.

Netizens’ comments were, “It is a great feat that he gets to have his own Hollywood movie at such a young age, now it is shocking to know that he has his personal airplane”, “So envious” etc.

Source:  TV Daily
K Bites


Edit: Looks like TV Daily is confused.  Comment by mrskwonjiyong:

they've used a wrong photo or something's just wrong about the article.
those planes are from 2007's Korean Air sponsorship for Rain's world tour concert.

maybe he has a new plane but the news site had put up an old photo.


2AM, "Park Jin Young went 'Ole!' at the news of our all-kill on the charts"

The 4-membered group 2AM released their mini-album on the 21st and have already swept the music and mobile charts with #1's. The ballad group that debuted in 2008 did not show as much explosiveness as dance groups did, despite their superb talent, but after their comeback, the intense interest that fell on them couldn't hide their happiness.

After their first broadcast of their hit single 'Even If I Die, I Can't Let Go', we met with them on the 23rd. Jokwon said, "It was the song we were showing after 10 months, I was shaking even at rehearsals." On this particular day, Jokwon and Ga-In won 1st place for their duet, 'We Fell In Love', making Jokwon even more happy.

Pre-recorded the day before, 2AM's brother group 2PM supported them, too. Seulong said, "2AM and 2PM visit each other during first broadcasts, jacket shootings, and music videos. It is natural now."

Last year's 2nd single 'Friend's Confession' producer Bang ShiHyuk met with them and created this mini-album, creating an "all-kill" in music charts in one day and dominating the mobile charts in 2 days. Not only 2AM, but their staff's mouths reach their ears, too.

Jokwon said, "Jinyoung-hyung called from the states and said, 'Ole!'". Park Jinyoung said, "The four of you did a good job."

They said boldly, "We want to be like G.O.D, a national group loved by everyone from all ages and sexes. We are confident."

Source: Newsen
Translation: parkjinyoung at omona_prection
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yuri tries to grow bean sprouts & shows off soshi's dorm

Kwon Yuri surprised everyone by revealing SNSD's dormitory room for the first time through her personal camera.

In KBS 2TV 'Invincible Youth' that was aired on January 22nd, Yuri attempted to grow bean-sprouts as a punishment. While in her dorm, Yuri dressed up casually in front of the self-camera.

Yuri, who often wore rubber trousers during the show, displayed herself in a one-piece dress and revealed her sexy body-line, which became a hot topic amongst the viewers. Yuri also displayed a special affection towards her bean-sprouts by calling it 'Kongdori.'

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original source
translated by glucose @ ssf
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SHINee's Key not at Music Core, grandmother recently passed away

5 group member SHINee's Key was not able to make it to their last stage for their 3rd Mini Album.

On the 23rd, it was SHINee's last stage on Music Core, wrapping up their promotions for their 3rd Mini Album. But, due to Key's missing appearance, it questioned many fans.

SHINee's representitive from SM Entertainment stated, "Recently, Key lost his grandma and grandpa. Because he was at his hometown, he was not able to participate in this last performance."

Source: Newsen
Via: stalkingfraud @ Soompi
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Aimee Lucas sets record straight about G-Dragon's 'Breathe' performance: "There was no humping"

If you’re like me, the public outcry that ensued when Janet Jackson flashed her nipple for all of half a second during a performance with Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl seemed like much ado over nothing. But if you think Americans are overtly prudish, they have nothing on the Koreans. Last month, Korean pop star G-Dragon (of Big Bang fame) was accused of “dry humping” a dancer on a stand-up bed during the song “Breathe” at his “Shine A Light” concert.

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Source: Philip @ YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily

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yoona is lonely

SNSD Yoona appeared on MBC 'Quiz That Change The World' as a special guest and confessed about her loneliness.

In MBC 'Quiz That Change The World' that aired on January 23rd, SNSD's Yoona appeared as a special voice guest and spoke through a phone with Seon-woo Yong-nyeo.

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original source
translated by glucose @ ssf

Aw Yoona... I'll keep you company. Oh and the original image was just a still of this gif, anyway. :D

OMONA! Best of '09

Nominations have been gathered from the Best of '09 post and the original fail post.

Omona is approaching it's very first full year. Only a small amount of our members were here from the very start, so please do not get frustrated if you don't see an abundance of "old school" omona posts up for voting. Simply all these nominations were submitted by you the members. The polls are not even in numbers but that's ok cause we got it like that. This is just for entertainment purposes so please don't take it too serious. We are hoping to do this each year. So save the links to your favorite posts throughout 2010 and we can make this even better next year!

You are provided with links to each of the nominated posts. The links are followed by a poll.

yo! let me show you samting


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Now let us have a moment of silence for the trolls we lost this past year....

Please light a candle and leave some words. Our group name is OMNTD

It's been a crazy year with you Omona and you're a ~*treasure*~ to behold! It's been a wonderful journey so let's continue together and collect many ~*charms*~ along the way.
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Ga-In asks for JYP’s permission to marry Jo Kwon

In a recent recording of We Got Married, the star couple of Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon went to the concert of singer / producer Park Jin Young (JYP) to receive permission to get married.

Jo Kwon has already stated that JYP is like a father to him after training him for 8 years. The two decided to formally meet JYP at his concert.

Although this was Ga-In’s first time meeting JYP, she called him her father-in-law and showed off her cute personality as a daughter-in-law.

Ga-In also prepared a present and a special performance for JYP, who she has been a fan of for many years.

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fjdkghsldkfj wgm I got excited there for a second >:(

Wonder Girls message on “Sunmi Diary” at WonderFul Fan Cafe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
To the Wonderfuls we love, read this.
To all the fans who have been our energy and loving us.
Hello we are the Wonder Girls.
Through this new, we know how shocked and sad you must have been..!
Because of the fan’s support we were able to live day after day in America with thanks… and learn so much!
All five of us have spent a long time discussing because of this news.
For the promise of her fans and the promise to herself, Sunmi has though over this issue a lot, that is why it took her
even longer to make this decision.
Because this was such a hard decision, just like the fans we are also very sad but
We hope you respect Sunmi’s decision..^^ because this must have been a hard decision for Sunmi…
But because our love for Sunmi will never change, we hope everyone’s care and love for Sunmi does not change.
We will always work hard and the best that we can! Thanks…We love you!^^

Wonderfuls Fan Cafe
Translated by Sunmikiwangjang @ wgspectacle
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wooyoung & taeyeon to co-mc

2PM WooYoung and SNSD Taeyeon are aiding Seung Woo Kim for his new talk show

WooYoung and Taeyeon accepted the position of Sub Mc for "WinWin" which is planning its first broadcast next month

CP said that "2PM WooYoung and SNSD Taeyeon is going to be the sub MC's, and the number nor list of Sub MC has not been decided but it will soon."

Besides them, Hwa Jung Choi, and Shin Young Kim are named for Sub MC too.

blah blah blah -lazy to translate (unnecessary anyways)

"WinWin" will be broadcasted on Feb 2, following Sang Sang + which has been broadcasted for 6yrs

translated by 탱구♥ @ ssf

Eee! Excited and my only grounds are that performance on SBS Gayo where they danced together...
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F.Cuz Yejun “Ideal type & duet” surprising confession

4-member male group F.Cuz's (Jinon, Kan, Yejun, LeeU) maknae Yejun has disclosed his ideal type.

On 22nd January at the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ broadcast, Yejun met up with reporters in a room and made a surprising confession, “My ideal type is ‘High school girl singer’ IU”

Yejun, the maknae who is F.cuz’s mascot, is in charge of lead vocal in the team. Yejun expressed, “I certainly want to do a duet with IU for once” and “She really makes me feel fluttered.”

Yejun also said, “IU is like a woman with a cute style” and “It is said that Leader Jinon hyung likes IU too. However, I like her more,” revealing with a sense of rivalry.

Meanwhile, F.Cuz which Yejun is in, has a hit song titled ‘Jiggy’.

Credits; Newsen.com + Fcuz Official Daum Site
Translated by; xing@FCuz Singapore

omfg this is too qt ; _____;
tiffany 𝄆 윙크 날리기.

Goo Hye Sun says, “I’m okay with going bald for my acting, but…”

Goo Hye Sun has been on the popular searched tags because she admitted her personal acting preferences. During an interview on KBS Entertainment Relay, she admitted, “I could gain weight depending on my character. I could gain up to 10kg.” In addition, when they asked her about her weight she replied, “It often goes back and forth.”

She also added, “I could even go bald. I like to cut my hair,” showing her passion for acting. When they asked her about acting that shows her skin, she truthfully replied, “That I might have to think about.”

source: newsen | translations by kbites

i miss her ;___;
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2AM-SNSD Coming Back... Predicted Fierce Competition Between Solo and Idol Singers

The boy groups such as 2PM and SHINee who filled the music industry in the end of 2009 are ending their promotions and handing off their batons to other idol groups such as 2AM and SNSD in addition to Kim Jongkook and Lee Hyori's solo stages. The music industry is predicted to have fierce competitions between singers in the beginning stage of their comebacks.
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source: newsen
translation: soshi00@soshified.com