January 24th, 2010

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Police Arrest Kang Byung-kyu for Assault

The latest incident involving Kang Byung-kyu, 37, a baseball pitcher-turned-TV entertainer, and Chung Tae-won, the executive producer of KBS-2’s hit action-drama “Iris,” took another turn on Tuesday when the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced Kang had been booked without detention on assault charges.

The same day, police also released their analysis of a video of a fight between the two last month.

The incident is related to a feud between Iris star Lee Byung-hun and his ex-girlfriend Kwon Mi-yeon, a former Canadian gymnast. Kang was rumored to have urged Kwon to file a lawsuit against Lee.

The police said that the video footage, captured last month by CCTV cameras on the set, shows Chung and an associate holding baseball bats over Kang, who is later seen dragging the associate out of the shot.

Kang says he visited the Iris set on Dec. 14 to talk to Chung about the rumors, which Kang has accused Chung of starting.

While Chung alleges that Kang brought “gangsters” to the set and was violent, Kang maintains that the people who accompanied him were his friends and that he is the victim, not the perpetrator, in the incident.

Police said Kang’s involvement would be clarified in court.

Source: JoongAng Daily
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2PM fans donate to earthquake victims in Haiti under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Lea

In hope for Park JaeBum to return to 2PM, 2PM fansite UnderGround donates 10 million KRW to Haiti, recently devastated by massive earthquake.

The in-charge of UnderGround revealed about the donation on the fansite on 22nd January. It is known that the site has donated the amount under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Leadja Park JaeBum‘.

An in-charge of the site also said, “We will use part of the money we collect in hope for JaeBum’s return to earthquake victims in Haiti who need this money, this is one of the most meaningful things we as fans who wish for JaeBum to return can do, and we hope that relay the message to JaeBum in Seattle that we are all together.”

Fans comment to the donation drive with comments like, “I’m sure JaeBum will be excited at this donation activity”, “Thanks to JaeBum, we can convey some warmth to people in need. I believe JaeBum thinks the same.”

Source: TVDaily

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Bae of all baes Matsumoto Jun.

First episode of U-Kiss' Vampire is out

As we reported last year, U-KISS was going to begin filming a new reality show on Christmas Day. The show "U-KISS' Vampire" premiered on the 22nd, on MBCEvery1. Check out the first episode!

The show title "U-KISS' Vampire," may confuse many, but in fact, the name was cleverly though out. In the show, the boys' blood types were revealed. With this, a lot of personality traits that are attributed to different blood types are being played out.

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Video Sources: ohriman [1, 2, 3]

lol oh hai thar Hyung Joon. Seriously. He was there.
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Sony Music to release 2PM album in RP

The first full-length album of Korean idol group 2PM will be released in the Philippines by Sony Music Philippines on Jan. 30.

The album, "01:59 PM," was launched in Korea last November when 2PM made their comeback in the K-pop scene. It contains 13 tracks including the carrier single "Heartbeat," which became a chart-topper in Korea and won numerous awards in music shows, and "Tired of Waiting" and "Gimme the Light."

JYP Entertainment also included in the album the hit songs "Again & Again" and "I Hate You," which were part of 2PM's "Time for Change" album, which was released 2009.

For the Philippine version of the album, Sony Music included three 2PM music videos: "Heartbeat," "Again & Again," and "10 Points Out Of 10 Points."

"Heartbeat" made it to number ten on the "Myx Daily Top 10" last Jan. 20 after premiering on the Myx Music Channel last Jan. 17.

Filipino fans of 2PM will hold the "Day of the Beasts" event in Makati on Jan. 30 to celebrate the launch of the album in the country and the birthdays of 2PM members Junsu, Junho, and Chansung.

The "01:59 PM" album became controversial in Korea even before it was launched.

The album was recorded without Park Jaebum, leader of 2PM and a Korean-American, who left the boy band last September after getting embroiled in controversy for his "anti-Korea" posts on his MySpace account.

"Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back (to the US)," wrote Jaebum on his MySpace account during his training days under JYP Entertainment in Korea between 2005 and 2007, before he debuted as member of 2PM.

Jaebum publicly apologized for the posts, but this didn't appease many Korean netizens. On Sept. 8, just days after the controversy broke out, Jaebum quit 2PM and left for the U.S.

With Jaebum out of the group, the remaining six members of 2PM---Junsu, Wooyoung, Junho, Nichkhun, Chansung, and Taecyeon---were left to do the first full-length album.

Despite the controversy, 2PM won numerous awards last year, a testimony to their immense popularity. These included Best Male Group and Artist of the Year in the M.net Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Disk Bonsang Award in the Golden Disk Awards, and Song of the Year for "Again & Again" in the KBS Gayo Daejun.

Source: Yahoo! News Philippines
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hyoyeon the usain bolt of girl groups

Today(24th), in the filming of KBS 2TV's "Let's Go Dream Team 2," located at DanGook University's gym, Hyoyeon won 1st place in girl group 100M sprint.

In this day's 100M sprint, Hyoyeon went against popular girl groups like Brown Eyed Girls(Narsha, Ga-in), Kara(Nicole, Han Seungyeon), Secret(Jun Hyosung), SNSD(Sunny, Tiffany), and Jewelry(Ha Jooyeon, Kim Eunjung) and won 1st place.

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original source
translated by typicalharu @ ssf

Yay Hyoyeon! :D And d'awww Tiffany.
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FTI's Lee HongKi shows some love to CN BLUE

Flower Boy Band FT Island's lead vocal Lee HongKi caught many attention from showing "strong" emotional feeling toward the new band CN BLUE.

On the 21st, Lee HongKi commented through a FT Island's fan site, "I am really happy because we got team that does band music with us. Together I want to introduce the band genre to everyone."

Lee HongKi and the lead vocalist, Jung YongHwa, are family members that share the same management, FNC Music. Lee HongKi and Jung YongHwa even got closer filming the drama 'You're Beautiful' and sharing the hard training times together, winning the title "Brotherly Group."

They even showed more close bonds when FT Island and CN BLUE appeared at each other's concerts and debut showcases. Lee HongKi even sang the title song "I'm a Loner" during the recording for the show Dream Team and changed the song on this mini-homepage to "I'm a Loner."

Lee HongKi boasted, "These days, everyday is so joyful. Doing activities, I was so envious of other groups playing around with group from the same management, and finally!!! We, FT Island got a family member as well."

He went on to say, "We were always lonely being the only band group compared to the dance groups, but now! I'm really happy to be sharing band activities with each other." Then he even requested the Primadonnas (FT Island's fan base) to support CN BLUE as well.

Lastly he added, "At times like this when bands aren't very popular, and we also know that FT Island and CN BLUE aren't as nearly good as some of the sunbaes, but we will work hard on spreading out the band genre to the public. So Primadonnas and CN BLUE fans, join forces together and say "Fighting." Soon we will be also greeting you guys wil some good music."

Source: Il-Gan Sports
Translation: cnbluemoonlight @ Code Azzurro

needs more FTI & CN blue bromance plz
[marvel] tony stark blue

ZE:A: World-famous designer Lee Joo Young debuts in Korea

9-member rookie group ZE:A (Children of Empire) wore world-famous designer Lee Joo Young's clothes on Inkigayo's stage tonight.

ZE:A performed their debut song "Mazeltov" on SBS Inkigayo stage on 24th January. They wore clothes designed by Lee Joo Young to show more of their manly and funky style.

Lee Joo Young is responsible for American rockstar Marilyn Manson's clothes for the music video from "Eat me drink me" album, as well as the production of his jacket costumes for the world tour. He's also famous for supporting designs for Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

It's the first time that a major designer star, Lee Joo Young, helps a rookie group from his home country. Lee Joo Young saw ZE:A's concept and style and will actively continue to support it.

On the other hand, ZE:A finished their second week of promotions for their debut single "Mazeltov", appearing on various TV and radio shows, and will continue to promote it.

SOURCE: Newsen
TRANSLATION: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

I'm so proud of these boys. ♥
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Here we go again: NK calls SK defense minister's "preemptive strike" remark as a declaration of war

North Korea on Sunday took direct aim at Seoul's defense minister for his remark that a preemptive strike against the North would be the only acceptable course of action in the face of an imminent nuclear threat, calling the comment a "declaration of war."

Last week, South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young told a local defense forum that the South "would have to strike (North Korea) right away" if the North showed clear signs it was about to attack the South with nuclear weapons.
An unidentified spokesman for the General Staff of the North's Korean People's Army released a statement Sunday saying it considers the minister's remarks an "open declaration of war" and warned that it may take "stern military actions," according to an English-language report by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

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Source: Yonhap News
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SHINee's Interview with Happy8 Magazine in China

SHINee: Existing to Dazzle You

It is definitely not too much to see SHINee as another of SM Entertainment's secret weapon after Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior, these 5 big boys have been widely recommended for their unique vocals and refreshing looks. On the first day of New Year, Korea's extremely popular group SHINee arrived at Hunan TV, creating the first wave of the Hallyu in 2010. From the New Year's Mango Festival to the media interviews the next day, not only did they dazzle the Chinese audience in front of the TV, they also dazzled the media.

Why is SHINee so attractive? All our questions were answered after meeting them. We can only say that, SHINee deserves to be loved.

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Source: 百度SHINee吧
Credits: SHINee Forums
Translation: atlantis-x @ soompi

This is one of the best interviews with Shinee I have ever read actually. LOL at Onew the senile cafeteria uncle and Taemin the casanova.

Ivy ends 3rd album promotions in tears on SBS Inkigayo

Ivy ends her 3rd album promotions with tears.

She had her last performance for her 3rd album ‘I Be’ promotions on 24th January on SBS Inkigayo performing the song ‘Goodbye Tears’, and during the performance she was unable to hold back her tears.

She had her comeback last October after 2 years and has garnered much hype and interests for her long awaited comeback. But a series of events after her comeback had caused her many bashes from netizens and also she was unable to perform her hit song on music shows due to censorship.

However, the songs ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Goodbye Tears’ are said to be a success amongst music fans for it has done well on various music charts.

A staff said on 24th January, “Ivy thought of all the tough times she had for her comeback after so long, and the tears just came. Even though Ivy is sad, she is happy that the fans have showered her with love and support for her comeback.”

Source: Newsen + K-Bites
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'oh!' makes it to #1 on real-time music chart

The nine member group SNSD have once again brought up the music fever with the release of their new track as it quickly rose to #1 on real-time music chart.

According to the music site Monkey3, the release of the new title track 'Oh!' on the 25th at 11:00AM received explosive response online and reached #1 on real-time chart.

Monkey3's representative Lee Jung Gyoo commented, "Even though we already predicted that the new track would definitely reach #1, we were curious as to how fast the track would rise to top #1." He concluded, "the new track 'Oh!' have topped #1 within the first ten minutes of its release and have received quicker response than 'Tell Me Your Wish'."

SNSD's second album will be released on the 28th.

original source
translated by Glucose @ ssf

:D How exciting for them.

SJ Concert in Beijing: Hangeng is not present, Heechul in tears, Kyuhyun is Jam Xiao

Super Junior’s 2nd Asia Tour officially ended its Beijing stop yesterday, and because of HanGeng’s issue, KangIn’s hiatus and KiBum’s acting commitments, SJ only had 10 members performing, all bringing songs as well as their solo performances. Fans offstage were both touched and upset, shouting ‘HanGeng, KiBum and KangIn’ from time to time, and even with fans crying.

This is SJ’s first time holding a concert in Beijing, and also the first super show without HanGeng. Therefore, there were changes in some of the performances, like cancelling HanGeng’s solo, Super Junior- M performing with only 6 members, and the dance battle that comprises of EunHyuk, ShinDong and HanGeng was changed to EunHyuk, ShinDong, DongHae and Sungmin. The VCR also underwent changes, leaving out most of HanGeng’s footage.

Although the people were not present, fans still gave their support. Fansigns for Hangeng were lit, and before the concert started, fans were screaming HanGeng, KiBum, KangIn’, the members that were unable to turn up. Once the VCR showed HanGeng, fans started screaming, and when the concert came to an end, while one end shouted encore, the other shouted ‘HanGeng’. And when it was SJ-M turn to perform [Blue Tomorrow], HanGeng’s name was once again shouted.

One of HanGeng’s fan said that when she saw the dance battle, she felt really upset, because the whole choreography was changed, which caused many of HanGeng’s fans to cancel their tickets. When asked why she still turned up, she said, “Because we are holding on to this hope, that HanGeng might turn up,’ causing the other fans to burst into tears.

When singing [Shining Star], HeeChul and Eeteuk were in tears, while fans too, were crying, shouting the members’ name. Many fans said it was the first time that they saw HeeChul cry.

Emotions aside, Heechul also provided laughter to many, SJ’s imitation of SNSD’s Gee, and HeeChul don 2 plaits, attracting a lot of attention. And during his solo, he wore a suit that matched his rock stage.

Lastly, HeeChul also used Chinese to communicate with the fans, saying, ‘having you around, makes us happy.’ At the end, HeeChul also pulled ZhouMi out, saying to the fans, 'I say Zhou, You say Mi’ , making ZhouMi really embarrassed.

Apart from performing [Sorry Sorry], [Twins], [U] and all their other songs, the concert also had solo performances from other members. Ryeowook had a dance with a female dancer, Eeteuk sang [Honey], Siwon sang [Who Am I], and KyuHyun sang Jam Xiao’s [Forgive Me], showing off his vocals, making the fans really hyped. DongHae sang and danced to [My Beautiful], the song he composed and wrote lyrics on his own, as well as using Chinese to greet the fans, garnering the most screams from fans.

The highlight of the Super Junior’s concert would be the interaction between members on stage, Eeteuk and EunHyuk were singing while on the floor, and Yesung ran and sat on top of EunHyuk; with the mood at level high, Siwon carried HeeChul and walked around the stage, and his shirt was being ripped by Eeteuk. SIwon took revenge, and did the same back to Eeteuk. The members playing around: while KyuHyun was singing, DongHae and Eeteuk went to put the fishing net on his head; and when he was going to sing a high note, one of the members would definitely tickle him on the neck, making him unable to continue singing. The whole place did not look like a concert, but instead, a party that allows one to enjoy it to the fullest.

Original Source: sohu.com.
Translated by: lunny- at SJ-WORLD.NET

Giordano says,”Park HaeJin anyone?”

Handsome actor Park HaeJin seemed to successfully showed off his charm in the eyes of Hongkong very own clothing brand Giordano.

Related to this Park HaeJin who’s been busy with his drama & Family Outing schedule will be off to Hongkong on Jan 26,2010 to shoot his previously delayed Giordano Ad shooting . The theme for the Ad shooting is said to be “A Comfortable Jeans” concept. The Ad is set to aired in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Park HaeJin has been Giordano Model in Greater China since F/W season, and he has done his photo shooting for S/S catalog last Fall in Shanghai-China. It is also reported that the actor previously attended a Giordano Press event and had a good time with 500 chinese fans.

Giordano official “After using Park HaeJin as our model, our sales has increased significantly, we also surprise that his popularity is surpassed our expectation,” he said.

Park HaeJin is in the midst of preparing his next project while his variety show with other top entertainers Family Outing changed its casts.

Source: Sookyeong

Include Singapore plase D: My feelings got cheated last year when Jang Dong Gun and Yoo Jae Suk's endorsements were supposed to be displayed in Singapore as well but nooo :(
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Narsha not ashamed of getting work done, remains the hbic while doing so

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls were known as the faceless group when they first debuted, and Narsha is not embarassed to discuss the fact that she had some work done on her face during that time.

On an episode of Star Golden Bell, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha confidentally revealed a picture of her pre-plastic surgery face. It’s hard for a celebrity to admit that they’ve done some work on their face, especially for females, but Narsha has chosen to be open about it.

The discussion topic for this episode was, “I want to get rid of my past pictures.” To this, Narsha contributed her two cents and stated, “Even a photo that’s been taken a month ago looks odd. It’s natural, and there’s no reason to hide that.”

Narsha even filmed a short letter for her past self stating, “Hi, let’s go to the hospital together.”

Major kudos to Narsha for being confident with both her past and present self!

Source: AKP

tbh I don't see why she felt the need to go under the knife, she's gorgeous either way and I don't see much of a difference.
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