January 26th, 2010

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YunHo Fans Respond to YunHo’s Donations to Haiti

On the 20th of January 2010, our idol Jung YunHo donated 5,000,000 Won to Haiti. The angel-like heart of YunHo had once again touched us when we got hold of this information.

Being one of his fanclubs, we ‘有志竟成’ can’t just sit back and watch. Therefore, on the 22nd of January 2010, we donated a total of 2,000,000 Won to Haiti through MBC under the name of ‘Jung YunHo.’

T/N: 有志竟成郑允浩 is a Korean fancafe of YunHo on Daum; 有志竟成 is derived from the short form of 有志者事竟成/뜻이 있으면 반드시 이루어진다 which means ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

source: 有志竟成 + UKnowBar
translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


The Game makes ignorant comments about Asians using Jaebum

American rapper shows support for Jaebeom via twitter? Not quite..

this is the situation, as I understand it. For the past couple of days, fans of the Korean pop group 2PM were tweeting "#RT기 다릴게 박재범 기다릴게 2PM" (never mind what it means) to show love the group's ousted Korean American leader Jaebum, who had been kicked out by his company for anti-Korean comments he made on his MySpace page a while back (which is a whole different drama, and not really relevant for this story).

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Fans managed to make the 2PM tweet a pretty popular trending topic, which got a lot of people curious about what the hell the Korean phrase meant. Others, like rapper The Game, simply saw something foreign and "Oriental" and decided to mock it with an ignorant-ass tweet like this:

"#RT 기다릴게 박재범 기다릴게 2PM dont kno what dis trendin topic is or means but I like shrimp fried rice alot & smokin makes my eyes tight so I RT'd it"

For some people, the sight of a weird Asian language will always simply equal Chinese takeout and chinky eyes. Thanks for showing the love, Game -- for both shrimp fried rice and 2PM. Your blind idiot re-tweet just supported a South Korean pop group in a time of great distress for their fans. That's real gangsta, and they thank you."

Jung Yong Hwa thought his manager was a stalker

We kpop fans have heard some interesting “idol discovery stories” in the past, from Lee Hyori, who was discovered through a purikura photo, to 2PM’s Nichkhun, who was scouted at the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles a few years ago, then pursued by said scout and forced to audition in a public cafe. Apparently, CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa went through a pretty interesting scouting process himself as well.

On January 27, GOMTV will reveal Making the Artist – CNBLUE, which will reveal how the four members of this rookie group were chosen for the band.

It was revealed that, prior to being put into CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa discovered online photos of himself at a ski resort, taken by a stalker and uploaded onto an ulzzang cafe. Soon after, someone at school told him that a sachon noona (older female cousin) was trying to contact him. Since he didn’t have such a cousin, Jung Yong Hwa assumed that the person was a stalker and ignored her visit to the school.

A while later, Jung Yong Hwa bumped into his casting manager and discovered that she had been the one trying to contact him at school about CNBLUE. To make things worse, Jung had accidentally mixed up his manager’s number and ignored her calls. Luckily, the two cleared up the confusion during their chance encounter and immediately began preparing for Jung’s debut soon after.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know who posted those shots of Jung on the ulzzang cafe, but since his face is plastered everywhere now with CNBLUE’s debut, I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Making the Artist – CNBLUE will show how the other members got cast as well. Keep your eyes locked on allkpop for this upcoming episode!

Source: allkpop

CNBlue surpasses 2AM and 2PM to get to #1 spot on Monkey3 Weekly Chart

4-member rookie band C.N Blue has overtaken groups 2AM and 2PM to reach the #1 spot on music chart.

C.N Blue’s Korean debut song ‘Alone’ has gone up 26 spots to the #1 spot on Monkey3 chart for the 3rd week of January (18th~24th January).

Even though the group has been plagued with plagiarism accusations recently, they continued to gain popularity amongst music fans at a scary rate, and going up to the #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart.

At #2 is SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’ which was #1 last week. While at #3 is 2AM with their comeback song ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’, and #4 goes to 2PM with their new CM song ‘Tik Tok’ which fell 2 spots.

Here are the rest of the chart results:
1. CNBlue ‘Alone’
2. SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara ‘Wonder Woman’
3. 2AM ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’
4. 2PM ‘Tik Tok’
5. Gavy NJ ‘Love Like That’
6. Im JaeBum ‘NakIn’
7. Kim JongKook ‘Don’t be nice to me’
8. Lee Seung Gi ‘Teach love with wine’
9. Rumblefish ‘Men are all like this’

Source: Sookyeong

Glad the plagiarism issue didn't affect them ^^

‘Family Outing 2′ first filming ended with a success!

The first filming of Family Outing 2 featuring its 7 new members – Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSeon, SNSD YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon, 2AM JoKwon – on 25th January ended successfully.

According to SBS, the filming took place under weather of below zero degrees calcius in KangWonDo. During their first filming, the 7 members showed great teamwork despite the harsh weathers.

The SBS staff also said, “The 10 members of Family Outing 1 including Park YeJin, Lee CheonHee and Park ShiYeon went for their last vacation to a village in JeonRaNamDo on 11th and 12th January. The last episode will air mid-February.”

Meanwhile, it is known that one more male member will be added to Family Outing2 team, making it a 8-member group. And the first filming took place with much curiosity the 8th member is since nothing has been decided yet yet.

The PD to the show said, “We cannot confirm as of now, and we are still in the midst of discussion. We have not decided on that 1 more member. But we went ahead with our first filming anyway, the new member will be introduced once everything is confirmed and decided.”

Source: Sookyeong

The only reason I'm going to watch this is Jo Kown, tbh.

Kibum's Not the Only Actor. Take That!

This kind of seems like an odd pairing, but perhaps the story will carry it: Chae Rim (Dal Ja’s Spring) and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon have been cast as the leads in SBS’s new drama Oh My Lady.

Chae Rim plays an ordinary housewife who becomes the manager of a top star in this romantic comedy series. Her character is a spunky 35-year-old ajumma who takes the job to earn money so she can take back her young child, who is in the care of her husband. Choi’s character is a prickly actor who finds himself in an absurd living situation with Chae Rim, but then falls for her. Directing is Family Honor’s Park Young-soo, and the drama begins filming in early February.

Although I raised my eyebrows at first glance, the more I mull it over, the more I can see this happening. Chae Rim is a bright actress who can do both comedy and drama, and although I have been largely unimpressed by idol-stars-turned-actors, I thought Choi Siwon was thoroughly adorable (and showed decent comic timing) in the sageuk comedy Story of Hyang Dan. I can already picture him pulling off the spoiled actor role in an updated sort of Full House meets Last Scandal.

Their real-life age difference is 8 years; by the time the drama airs, Chae Rim will have newly turned 31 and Choi Siwon will have turned 23. That’s not too different from the age difference in Dal Ja’s Spring, and with all the ‘81 and now ‘82 actors heading off to military service, I think we’ll be seeing more of these older-women/younger-men romances. It may become an overused plot point, but what else can you do when all your top actors are suddenly in the early-twenties generation? You can either pretend they’re older, or roll with it.

Oh My Lady will take over the timeslot from current series Wish Upon a Star starting in March, which indicates two things: (1) SBS is sticking with its 9pm Monday-Tuesday experiment, and (2) this will probably have a similarly light, funny tone.


Changmin, Siwon, Taecyeon...who to choose?

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yuri anticipating comeback - message to fans

Yuri, on 24th through her official homepage, uploaded a greeting to the fans under the same subject with her new Album title, "Oh!".

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

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soshi website
translation by typicalharu @ ssf

This isn't really a cyworld entry, so I'm not sure how to tag it...

In any case, she really is adorable. >_< Can't wait for this comeback, it feels like it's coming so slowly.
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music broadcasting shows delighted with return of popular idols (snsd)

SNSD's return is obviously good news for the music programs, given that the ratings have been down since the activities of the more popular idol groups were significantly reduced.

SBS production management said, "Idol groups decorate the stages with their outfits and dances, and thus we will match the lighting and stage sets with the color of SNSD as well."

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf
translation somewhat edited by me

Wow 4-5% is a pretty significant rise/drop.

Thanks to whichever mod gave me the donga link! :)
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F.Cuz Star News Special interview

Meet the new male group F.CUZ. With their heart-pounding charisma and lively lyrics of their debut song 'Jiggy', F.CUZ is making all their listeners joyful. Amidst the competition that has started between the new idol groups since the beginning of the year, F.CUZ has been appealing to the fans with a kind of charm different from the masculine ZE:A and new idol band CNBLUE. So exactly what kind of idols are the F.CUZ members?

We met JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun from F.CUZ, and listened to stories about them.

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Sources: Star News - 1, 2, 3, 4
Translation: sOpHiA@FCuzed - 1, 2, 3, 4

Long article is long. But these boys... ♥
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SNSD 'Oh!' Music Video Reveals "Bad" SNSD?

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The music video of the female idol group SNSD's second album title track 'Oh!' has been revealed.

SNSD's newest music video that was released on the 27th presented two different concepts, one of which includes the complete transformation into cute cheerleaders. In a blue locker room, SNSD members were dressed in pink, white and pastel-tone apparels which depicted a barbie-like image, while in a football stadium, the girls were dressed up in blue and white cheerleader uniforms.

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translated by Glucose @ ssf

Just bolded the important part to confirm. Yes. I am excited. Anyone else?
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SS501 to close their Asia Tour with Encore Concert in Seoul!

Top boygroup SS501 will wrap up their Asia Tour as the boys will execute their last concert performance through their Encore concert in Seoul in the upcoming Feb 27th and Feb 28th at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.

Their Asia Tour was opened last August in Seoul, and continued to other location in overseas such as : Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong giving spectacular performances for their fans.

Leader Kim HyunJoong was getting everyone’s attention as he always gives sexy performance in his solo stage whilst other member Park Jungmin gave another fan service by singing local famous song in their language.

It is shared by their agency DSP Media that this encore concert will be different from the previous concerts as the boys will give their fans new shows line up.

Meanwhile, before throwing their encore concert , this coming Feb 13, SS501 will held their concert in Bangkok-Thailand.

Tickets for the SS501 – Seoul Encore Concert can be purchased in Interpark starting Jan 27th,2010 at 7 pm local time.

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Source: bntnews
Via: sookyeong
hot tae

KARA to comeback mid-February, “Showdown with So Nyeo Shi Dae”

Female idol group KARA will be back with a minialbum coming mid-February and resuming their promotional activities.

A representative said on 26th January, “The aim is for KARA to comeback mid-February. And the plan is for them to release a minialbum. Currently we are working on the title song and also the member concept.”

Many speculations are that chances are high that KARA will make their comeback on music shows after the lunar new year holidays.

It seemed that since KARA and So Nyeo Shi Dae will be promoting in the same time period, a ’showdown’ between the 2 groups will be unavoidable.

So Nyeo Shi Dae will be releasing their 2nd full length album on 28th January and do promotions for the album.

Meanwhile, KARA will be having their first Japanese showcase on the 7th next month.

credits: k bites

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After School will represent Korea at Billboard Music Awards Japan

After School has been awarded the title of Billboard Japan’sK-pop New Artist of the Year 2009‘. They will be receiving the award and performing on 31st of January at the Billboard Japan Music Awards.

This awards show is a huge celebration where the biggest and hottest artists are awarded and praised for their hard work and music. I guess After School is gaining popularity in Japan as well.

Pledis Entertainment said, “We’re so honored that After School was invited and that they also won an award. They will work hard to put on their best performance.”

After School will begin promotions for When I Fall in February.

Source: Allkpop

AJKFDLHASJKLF! After School's 1st (?) international appearance outside of Korea? EEEE~~ So happy for the girls!