January 27th, 2010

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The Trax - 가슴이 차가운 남자 (Cold Hearted Man/Let You Go) Performance Version - Music Video

Source: www.youtube.com/sment

Newly uploaded by sment@youtube (official)
The difference I noticed from the
first MV is that the intro (and throughout the song), there's an extra guitar part playing along.
Compare the two version starting at the beginning of the song, timemark 0:15, to see what I mean =]
Yay for listening to the original version all day?

The first MV with the original version of the song was soon after removed by sment.

This version of the song is the version that The Trax use to perform their live performances, with the guitar solo added.
I was also wondering where the solo went in the first MV.
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2PM holds fansigning on 27th January, fans relay ‘2PM is 7 members’ message

2PM held a fansigning on 27th January in Seoul KangNamGoo MarketO ApGooJung store, and the members shook hands and gave autographs to about 500 fans.

2PM has recently been chosen for the model for MarketO. And to get a glimpse of the 2PM members, about 1000 fans had arrived at the fansigning venue since early that morning.

The 2PM members appeared in casual style. And fans were also seen holding placards with ‘Waiting for Park JaeBum’, ‘2PM is 7 members’ written on them during the event.

Recently there has been speculations about Park JaeBum’s total withdrawal from the team, and many fans present at the fansigning want to relay the message that they will always be waiting for Park JaeBum’s return.

Meanwhile, recently ending their 1st album promotions, the 2PM members are currently focusing on their individual activities like MCing and acting. Member TaecYeon has also been casted for ‘Family Outing 2′ and also drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ alongside actors like Moon GeunYeong, Seo Woo, and Cheon JungMyung.

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s: newsen sookyeong 2pm-online
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G-Dragon was an SM trainee? PLUS adorable little G-Dragon pictures

G-Dragon (name: Kwon Ji Yong, 23) became famous when he was young due to being a part of "Kiddy Roora." This "Kid Roora" was just like the hit song "An Angel Without Wings", so what kind of thoughts did Kwon Jiyong have from being in the show business so early on?

"I started by being on MBC's 'Bbo Bbo Bbo.' The seat next to Bbomee noona was the king's chair. Ever since I was young I loved to dance so as I danced really well, the noona always let me sit next to her. I guess the 'Roora' management saw me then. While Roora was promoting 'An Angel Without Wings', Kid Roora also wore the same clothes and went on the same concert tour. We weren't great at enunciation but we put out a record full of carols too. (laugh)"
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Article : http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010011409475161855
Translations by :
filmsession @ [info]omona_prection 

/Mods, I keep on putting the translator's username but it doesn't show on the preview so I just linked it to her LJ.
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oh! gains 100,000 views at release, #1 on gomtv

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In the afternoon of the 27th (KST), the music video for idol group SNSD's second album title song had 100 000 views when it was released, and it went up to the number 1 spot on GomTV music video charts.

The song "Oh!" has already been released on the 25th, and rose to number 1 on major music sites and it is speculated that the album will also rise to the number 1 spot as well. However, it wasn't just the song, but the performance and visuals with the song and SNSD's known previous various fashion looks that fans were so much more expectant of this music video.

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original source
translated by taengbear @ ssf

Photos of Kwon SangWoo and Son TaeYeong’s son revealed for the first time!

Son TaeYeong posted up photos of her son RookHee for the first time.

She posted up 4 photos of her husband Kwon SangWoo and son on her minihompy on 23rd January. Son TaeYeong wrote, “What are this 2 doing in front of me?”

Meanwhile, netizens’ comments were “He looks just like his father”, “The father and son looks good together” etc.

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Source: Sookyeong
uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

S.E.S.'s Shoo is pregnant!

The "legendary girl group" S.E.S.'s member Shoo, who will soon be getting married, has been confirmed to be 3 months pregnant.

Shoo, who will marry basketball star Lim Hyo Sung (Incheon ET Land) in April, has been reported to be 10 weeks pregnant. Her company's publicist talked with Newsen and said, "Yes, Shoo is 10 weeks pregnant, and her health condition is excellent."

This publicist also said, "Shoo is not marrying Lim Hyo Sung just because she is pregnant; they were already planning to get married. Lim Hyo Sung was busy during basketball season and Shoo was preparing for an album so they were careful."

source: newsen | translated by filmsession @ omona_prection
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100127 TVXQ is #1 on Oricon Daily Charts


How Oricon counts the Daily Charts

The New Approach

Starting on March 2nd, 2009, the Oricon chart now shows the projected actual sales for the previous day. With the following updates:
* Actual daily sales are collected from the POS System (Point-of-Sale System) of approx. 3,370 stores nationwide (this will be the projected sales you see on Oricon Daily)
* by the end of the week, additional actual sales are also included from: i) another 700 stores that fax in their weekly sales results; ii) website sales; iii) sales from promotional events..etc.
* Therefore, when the weekly sales figure is released, the total projected sales per Oricon Chart =/= total final sales

Source: maesor@soompi thread

CONGRATS BOYS~ They just keep breaking their own record. :D
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Manager Cam - Beast is the B2ST Vol.6 (Final) [Featuring MBLAQ]

Source: b2stlysubs @ Youtube

This is the last manager camera
(why?*cries* season 2 already, pls), now subbed. It's cute and funny as always, the scenes this time are during the filming of their intro during the SBS Gayo Daejun + both groups practicing @ Cube and Junhyung's birthday.

"They're going to kiss if they continue like this."  lol Seob, ilu. I remember when Doojoon chose Mir over Joon at the radio program, I guess it really hurt him. lmao @ classic Mir dancing, G.O describing MBLAQ's practice room, Junhyung's "let's go to a night club. WOOO!". Everyone is prection. And I want those beer glasses.

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[TRANS] 100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts, Lack of "face", Leeteuk beaten up, Stingy Eunhyuk etc.

Men who have no face in front of women
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, when was it, that you felt you were very short and small?
Leeteuk: The year when we were having Happy (SJ-H) activities, we went to a volley ball court once, and as Super Junior’s leader, I walked in full of confidence. Once I saw the handsome male volley ball players, I couldn’t lift my head. 193…… 198……
Eunhyuk: You looked like a dwarf.
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Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by --dreamx @ sj-world.net
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soshi's numbers designated by preference

SNSD's 2nd album's title song's Music Video was released today.

In the SNSD MV, two concepts were shown, one being the concept of cute and very lively cheerleaders.

While watching the music video, the interests of audiences got heightened by the numbers written on the individual members uniforms. SNSD presented two kinds of cheerleader outfits and people wondered what the numbers of each member represented.

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

lol I want the members to explain why it's their favorite numbers... But good on leader for taking 9. :)

2AM “We want to become musician-like idols"

Four member boyband 2AM has made a comeback with their mini album titled "Won't Let You Go Even if I Die." They have shown their comedic side in 2009 by starring in various variety shows but they show a different, sophisticated side of them onstage when they perform their tear-jerking songs. In only two days of the song's release, they have swept the music and mobile charts and also earned the nickname "All-Kill Singers."

The content of 2AM's new album differs from the others. They have moved past their producer JYP's music style and met with producer Bang Shi Hyuk to explore new music.

Prior to this, 2AM's leader Jo Kwon said "Even though the song's not produced by JYP, we still want to hear that the song is still '2AM style' since we sung it." The different style of the music allowed the four people's harmonies to become stronger and their solo skills have greatly improved.

Changmin said "This album will help us find 2AM's unique colors so we put forth our best effort to show people our greatest charms. In the past, we only focused on singing ballad-type songs so we wanted to show people we could easily digest different genres of music- we had to sing another person's song. In our new album, we have included a few upbeat songs you can easily dance to, so part of me was very satisfied with that. I think that I need to show off my skills more; I want to be known as more than just an idol."

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Source: Newsen
Translation: pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection
Beyonce: WDYLM

2PM to be advertisement models for Coca Cola

Boy band 2PM further displays their popularity by being selected to be Coca Cola's CF advertisement models.

On the 27th, it was announced that 2PM was offered a one-year contract to advertise Coca Cola CF's with their new release 'Mini Coke.'

Another song by 2PM that will be included in the CF's is known to be titled "Open Happiness Song."

A Coca Cola rep said "2PM's bright, hard-working, can-do attitude has received great love from many people. They always have a refreshing, positive image which best matches being Coca Cola's models. They have been chosen to be the models because the joy that 2PM brings is desirable in any situation which is guarantee why 'Mini Coke' will send a thrilling and exciting message to consumers."

Meanwhile, 2PM has wrapped up activities for their first album on the 17th in SBS' Inkigayo.

Here are the corresponding fancam and Section TV interview:

Source: Star News
Translation by: pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection
Videos: 2odsubs1 and Symbelmynevii

Park Jin Young turns down WonderGirls fan union’s request for conference

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The representative of WonderGirls fan union revealed that their request for fan conference with JYP Entertainment has been rejected on 23rd January.

It has been known that fans requested for a conference with JYP CEO Park Jin Young regarding the shocking news of SunMi’s sudden leaving of the group, but it was rejected. According to the fans, JYP has personally rejected the request.
The representative of the fan union announced on 27th January, “We are still in shock and confused state of SunMi’s leaving of the group. Such an important piece of news and it was released through WonderGirls American homepage and not through the fanclub, explaining it briefly in a few sentence in English. We are disappointed with the way JYP announced it.”

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EDIT: JYP, wondergirls will hold dialogue with fans

It has been known on 27th January that a WonderGirls fan union's request for conferece with JYP Entertainment has been turned down by Park Jinyoung himself. 

The 4 major fansites Wonderful, ByeolHa, Wonderholic and WonderGirlsWorld are known to have submitted a request to JYP Entertainment for a conference on 23rd January.

With that JYP posted up an announcement on their official homepage after that saying, “We will open a window of communication by demand of the fans.”

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S: TVDaily via sookyeong