January 29th, 2010


f(x) appointed ambassadors for Korean Armed Forces

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As testament to their growing popularity, 5-member group f(x), has been appointed as ambassadors for the Korean Armed Forces.

The girls were officially appointed at the 2010 Friends FM Ambassadors Ceremony on the afternoon of January 29th.

Past ambassadors include Jewelry (2003), Jang Nara (2004), Hong Kyung Min (2005-06), Ivy (2007) and Han Young (2008-09).

There were also other familiar faces at the event, which included Boom who was MCing and actor/singer, Kim Jung Hoon.

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Your idol age-chart for year 2010

Now in the new year, Korean netizens made a new age-chart, this time also featuring the male Kpop idols, ranking them according to their age.

Let’s take a look at who is the youngest and who is the eldests in the idol family.



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SNSD occupies #1 to #6 rankings on Monkey3 chart after reveal of 2nd full length album

So Nyeo Shi Dae occupies the #1 to #6 position on Monkey3 chart!

The group released their 2nd full length album on 28th January and all top rankings on the chart from #1 to #6 are occupied by them.

‘Oh!’ is up #1, ‘Star Star Star’ at #2, ‘Be Happy’ at #3, ‘Show Show Show’ at #4, ‘Stick Wit U’ at #5 and ‘Day By Day’ at #6. And for the song ‘Oh!’, the cowboy dance and hakdari dance are expected to set new dance trends.

The song has already been #1 on daily chart for 3 days consecutive since its release on 25th January, and the MV is also getting very high viewer-rates online.

An official for album sales on Monkey3 said, “It is rare to see that a singer occupy all rankings on the chart from #1 to #6. So Nyeo Shi Dae is set to show off their power once again.”

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Source: Newsen
Via: 1 and 2 on Sookyeong

Wonder Girls’ Sunye tours Picasso exhibit with kids for charity event


With the season of giving in full swing, Wonder Girls‘ leader Sunye spent her Tuesday afternoon touring a Picasso exhibit at the National Palace Museum of Korea with children at a charity event today.

Since October 26th, the National Modern Art Gallery has held a special exhibit called “Picasso and Modern Art: Passion and Solitude” (‘피카소와 모던아트’), featuring a collection of over a hundred artworks from the Albertina Museum in Austria. The National Modern Art Gallery and the Community Chest teamed up for a year-end event admitting a hundred young attendees into the exhibition for free. The crowd, which included orphans and children from low-income families, received an exclusive exhibition tour during the two hour event. “The children are mostly from low income, single parent families so they haven’t enjoyed many cultural and social things. They were so excited about going to the gallery,” a teacher who attended the event explained.
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Source: Allkpop

Hae Lim to debut as a Wonder Girl in early February

The Wonder Girls‘ newest member Hae Lim, is set to begin her activities with the group in early February in China. According to JYP Entertainment on the 29th, the Wonder Girls will visit China for an event which is for a product they are endorsing.

Hae Lim, who is fluent in 4 languages including Chinese, should have no problem at all. Good luck to her! With the latest report of a possible 6 member Wonder Girls in the future, lets hope Sunmi returns soon!


T-ara's Eunjung fell asleep in the toilet?!

Due to their busy and hectic schedule, the T-ara members are lately experiencing lack of sleep. But which member was affected too much? Well, it seems to be leader Eunjung.

During an episode of SBS' Strong Heart, Eunjung cracked up the audience by sharing her personal hardship. But what caused the laughter? It seems that because of lack of sleep, Eunjung fell asleep in a toilet cubicle.

She explained "Well usually we get enough hours of sleep but sometimes we only have 2 hours of sleep. The other members seem to be taking it well, but I fell asleep inside a cubicle once."

Hyomin has also commented "Eunjung really has weird habits. She can sleep anywhere and anytime. One-time we were in the van talking and suddenly we didnt notice she was already sleeping." She continues "when she was sleeping at the toilet, we had no idea where she was. So we kept searching the whole building for our leader. Suddenly our staff member said she fell asleep inside the cubicle."

Eunjung responded, "Honestly, I fell asleep because I was so tired. But the seat was so comfortable and I didnt even smell any bad odors."

*YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com

Wonder Girls to have 3rd anniversary fan meeting

JYP Entertainment has announced on the 29th that they would be organizing a fan meeting this coming February to celebrate the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary.

With February 10th marking the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary, JYP Entertainment is preparing for a special fan meeting to celebrate the occasion with Wonderfuls. But most importantly, it will be an important channel for fans to communicate with the Wonder Girls about their doubts/queries, regarding Sunmi’s withdrawal especially.

A JYPE representative expressed that the exact date has yet to be fixed as they needed to notify and discuss with the Wonder Girls and their family members. But the fan meeting will definitely be held within February.


SBS Inkigayo for Olympic special this weekend, girlgroups to come together for cheerleaders performa

SBS Inkigayo will be doing a special Vancouver Olympic special with girlgroups coming together as cheerleaders.
Coming 31st January, Inkigayo will be a 80-minute special with Super Junior Lee Teuk, HeeChul and ShinDong as the special MCs.

Park SungMin PD for the show said, “We will be doing a Olympic special this week. Girlgroup T-ara JiYeon, EunJung, HyoMin, 4Minute HyunA, Rainbow JaeKyung, SeeYa SooMi will be doing a cheerleaders performance for the Korean representatives at the Olympic games.”

It was also added, “There will also be joint stages – BEAST and 2AM will be performing ‘Champion’, Kim JangHoon and C.N Blue will be performing ‘Show’.”

There are also plans for a video showing Teuk-academy from SBS Strong Heart introducing about the Vancouver Olympic games.

The show will air same time from 4pm on 31st January.

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jeon jihyun (and zhang ziyi) drop out of snow flower

Directed by Wayne Wang, filming for the English movie, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which is an adaptation of the bestselling Chinese novel by Lisa See, was slated to begin earlier this month but was repeatedly delayed. A few days ago, the media released news that Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the movie producer and lead actress of this film has decided to drop out from the production.

Apart from that, Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun, who was supposed to take on the role of Lily in the movie, has decided to back out from the film following Zhang's decision to dropout. Zhang's manager has confirmed the news and cited that "she is too busy filming Wong Kar Wai's upcoming movie, The Grand Master" and is "unable to account for her work schedule".

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SG News

Damn, I was looking forward to this movie.
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T-ara SoYeon confirmed of swine flu, Music Bank perf for 29th cancelled

After collapsing halfway during filming and went to the hospital, T-ara member SoYeon has been confirmed of swine flu.

T-ara was filming for their cameo appearance for KBS 2TV drama ‘God Of Study’ on 28th January when she suddenly developed high fever and vomitting. She was then sent to the hospital where she was given Tamiflu in fear for contracting swine flu.

The first body examination showed that she did not get swine flu just normal flu. But it was suggested for her to go through another round of examination and the results came out on 29th January confirming that it was swine flu.

An official said on 29th January, “SoYeon has been confirmed of swine flu. SoYeon will concentrate on recuperating and the activities will be put on hold until she is fully recovered of it.”

With that, T-ara will be cancelling their scheduled performance on KBS Music Bank today, discussions are still in the way whether the group will be performing on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo this week.

Source: Newsen
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Kim Nam Gil “I’m destined to help people in need”

Actor Kim Nam Gil, or best known as “Bidam” from his character in MBC historical drama “Queen Seondeok’ has truly surprised his fans with his big heart to help others in need. First, it was known that he went to an island in Indonesian with the volunteers from Korea to help out hands-on, then he took part to help with volunteers for the victims of Haiti earthquake.

On January 6, Kim Nam Gil and the sponsored members of Korea International Children Organization went on a mission to help people in the Sumatra island after the 7.6 earthquake and tsunami devastated this Indonesian island. Many people became homeless and lost all their belonging and families, thus those volunteers delivered some food supplies and volunteers to help them rebuild houses and schools for children. The story of his journey will be broadcast through MBC “The World and I” on January 29.

Then on January 11, Kim Nam Gil went back on another mission to help with the Haiti earthquake victims. The actor mentioned that he felt like he is destined to help with these victims. He told, “These children were just playing and jumping around happily the day before the earthquake, and now they lost their parents and their homes. The result of these kinds of natural disaster is scary and hard to comprehend. I really feel for these children and hope that I can help them in any way I could.”

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Joint Security Area the musical, i kind of lol'd omg :(

Ten years after director Park Chan-wook’s film Joint Security Area made a splash as the highest-grossing Korean film at that time, a stage musical adaptation is being planned.

A producer with the musical explained on the 28th that the stage version is being produced for a theatrical run later this year: “Although there have been a lot of films dealing with the issue of North and South Korea’s separation, this is the first musical.” The film (which starred Song Kang-ho, Lee Young-ae, and Lee Byung-heon) unfolded around an illegal shooting in the DMZ, and a special investigation that ensues to try to figure out what triggered it. The film was based on the novel by Park Sang-yeon, DMZ, making this musical an adaptation of an adaptation.

Source: My Daily
Via: dramabeans

JSA is one of my favourite films from PCW. I kind of stared at this article for 5 minutes giggling kind of nervously lole. One of my favourite scenes lol. Some background if you haven't watched this, the North and South Korean soldier spitting at each other are already friends at this stage.

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DGNA Releases an Intro


All: Hello. This is Daeguk Nam Ah!
Jay (JiHwan): Monday Feb 1st 2010
InJoon: Daeguk Nam Ah's 1st teaser will be released
Garam (HyunChul): Please wait for us
HyunMin: See you again on Monday

PRiNCESHUNGEJE @ youtube | koyangi @ XIERA.net

Guh they're so cute. I was almost teary-eyed hearing their voices again. Also, many fans have just taken to calling them DGNA, but the official site refers to them as D-NA, so that's what I've been using. daeguknamah
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G-Dragon's Trainee Days: "For a whole year, all I did was clean."

This is the third part of asiae.co.kr's 'Star Testimony' series about G-Dragon (previous parts: 1 and 2).

After hearing American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan and looking for a place to practice freestyle rap, G-Dragon started to befriend the hyungs at People Crew, the new place he discovered.

"This little kid was learning how to rap amongst all these older hyungs, so they all found it fascinating and cute. I appeared on their cable TV program and fooled around, and I also got to participate in the '2001 Korea Hip Hop Flex' album which was a good opportunity."

Being a 13-year-old young rapper on the album, which gathered people who did Korean hip-hop, was a huge help to GD.

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Korean source article: asiae.co.kr
Translation: filmsession @ omona_prection

ETA: GD's solo song @ Hip Hop Flex:

Video source: bakapi04

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Taecyeon and Yoona will not be lovers on Family Outing Season 2

It looks like we won’t be seeing 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Yoona having a relationship with each other on the upcoming Family Outing Season 2.

On January 28th, the PD of the show said “I know fans are anticipating to see a loveline between Taecyeon and Yoona on the show, but there will be nothing like that at all.

He then said, “There will be no loveline, but they will be shown as good friends to the public. While we were filming, shooting only the two of them looked so beautiful, but there was no reason to create a loveline between them.”

Fans had expected the two to have a cute loveline because of their couple stage at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun, as well as the rumors about them wearing couple rings and dating. But amidst speculations that they were dating, Taecyeon said, “It’s just for business.”

The PD is making the right choice, as the loveline would just create anti-fans for both of them. But who knows? The two might develop a loveline naturally… at least we hope so!

Source: Allkpop, 2pmonline
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U-KISS Revealed Their Morning Face For The First Time

U-KISS members revealed their fresh face for the first time through a broadcast.

On the recent MBC Every1 U-KISS’s Vampire’s filming, U-KISS members’ morning faces right after waking up were completely exposed.

U-KISS members were being woken up by their manager in the morning of their first dormitory life. The sleepy U-KISS members woke up for a while and before falling asleep again, causing their manager to lost his patience and uses a horn loudspeaker to wake them up.

How people are waking up in the morning can also be differentiated through their blood type and a glimpse of differences of this matter was captured through U-KISS members’ morning face. A-type’s Soohyun refused to shoot and was seen worrying about his image right after waking up. O-type’s Alexander, Kibum, Kevin and Eli who were very bright the day before, were seen a bit crumbled and exhausted.

However, it was really hard to wake up the B-type Dongho even though Kibum tried by using a radical way to do so. (TN: It stated that he used a method which can caused an injury to the head? I'm not sure what it is...)

Something happened at U-KISS’s dorm that morning as they were still not fully awake yet. Dongho’s bed was wet and it seems like he did his ‘business’ there. (TN: It wasn't Dongho! >.< It was his puppy..I believe~ haha)

Dongho, who slept in his puppy pajama and was treated like a criminal under that situation and followed by Alexander’s scream inside the O-type’s room when he saw someone’s ‘big business’ was laying under the blanket.

Dongho responded to his hyungs nagging “It was just a poo, why are you looking for me for such things?” and was seen reluctantly cleaning up the mess.

This episode will be broadcasted on January 29th at 10:00 pm.

Credits: Newsen + ROCKETBOXX.NET
Translated by: jaymie501 & Rina

Between the cute animal aprons and Dongho's bunny and puppy pajamas U-kiss Vampire seems to be more like U-kiss's Menagerie.

Bonus: Xander's Tweet from today

Source: alexander_0729's twitter

EDIT: Another Tweet from Xander:

Source: alexander_0729's twitter

Tohoshinki's 'Break out' single, already 300K ?

This is from Max Matuura's blog ~


"Tohoshinki in Perfect Form"

On 1/27, the day before yesterday,
Tohoshinki's first single after half a year, "BREAK OUT!", went on sale
and since the first day has topped Oricon daily chart with a great force.
Today is the 3rd day after the single came out but that force cannot seem to be stopped,
and they've already outdone their own record with 300,000 copies of this single have been shipped out.
This is all thanks to their fans.
Thank you very much!


Source: Max Matsuura's Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com

This is... awesome! Can't wait to see the total number... 300.000 is already huge O__O and that for a single and 3 days.
    :') Boys never change ~  <3
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Special Dance Battle Program Brings Out the Idols

On Lunar New Year, February 14th, MBC will be airing a special program “Star Dance Contest” (스타 댄스 대격돌-춤봤다) featuring some of your favorite idol groups.

The special dance battle program will feature Girls Generation (SNSD), who recently released their second album and music video for the single “Oh!” Also, now promoting “Like the First Time,” T-ara will be present with After School, hot off a “Because of You” wave. Fresh rookies Rainbow will also take part.

Don’t worry, you’re favorite male pop acts will be there too! Dance groups Super Junior, 2PM, and BEAST all are set to participate in this year’s battle.

Look forward to seeing some of you favorite groups battle it out on the stage while also having fun and playing games. The MCs for the program will be announcer Oh Sang-jin, comedians Shin Bong-sun and Kim Shin-young, and actress/CF queen Hwang Jung-eum.

Catch the special program “Star Dance Contest” on MBC, February 14th, 11pm.

Source: popseoul
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So Jisub being wild & sexy in Vogue Nippon

Vogue Nippon recently did a photo shoot and an interview with So Jisub for their "New Asian Icon" feature.

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In the interview So Jisub talked about everything from what he finds sexy and attractive, his apparently non-existent love life, his approach towards acting and his Hollywood ambitions (or lack thereof). The interview really has a lot more substance to it than the title might suggest and is a recommended, if a bit long (sorry tl;dr crowd ^^;) read for So Jisub fans!

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Scans & translation: Yuuya@coinlockerbaby.org

I translated this interview a few weeks ago and kind of forgot about it but I thought shanny_w's birthday was a good opportunity to finally post it ^^;

BEG's Narsha "Before debut, Suju Donghae was more handsome"

On a recent filming of KBS2TV 's segment "Idol love pairing", BEG's Narsha has been chosen by most of male idols, thus making her to be the most popular female idol.

When choosing her "love pairing", Narsha chose Super Junior Donghae and said "Before debut (SJ's debut), I happened to watch a video clip of him, I was surprised because he was very handsome" and "It seems that at that time he was more handsome than now" which made everybody laughing.

The show will be aired at 5.15PM on January 30th.

Original article is here
Translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
May take out with full credits and do not add in your own credits.