February 1st, 2010

Kim Hee Sun is Jealous of T-ara, doesn't like T-ara or SNSD

Kim Hee-sun revealed on the January 30th broadast of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Tonight', "My husband likes T-ara."

Kim Hee-sun stated, "My husband likes girlgroups" she continued, "especially T-ara. We have been married for three years, so I become a little jealous sometimes."

Kim Hee-sun was asked later in the show who she liked more, T-ara or SNSD, she responded with "I don't like either."

Kim Hee-sun is known for her beautiful genes after shooting constant ads and CFs.

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G-Dragon's Trainee Days: "Taeyang was my support"

This is the fourth part of asiae.co.kr's 'Star Testimony' series about G-Dragon (previous parts: 1, 2 & 3).

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) came to act as the younger Jinusean along with Taeyang in Jinusean's "A-Yo" MV. The two who were both thirteen and thus similar in age quickly became friends.

"When I first saw Youngbae I knew he wasn't a person I should just glance over. It was more 'Oh! Who is this?' We were friends from the beginning. Maybe it's because our personalities are completely opposite, but we've never fought once. When I was young I was introverted but in my teenage years I became more confident, while Youngbae was more lively when he was young but is now quiet and genuine. When Youngbae was young he really was very lively so he ruthlessly asked Yang Hyun Suk manager 'I want to be in YG', and the manager jokingly said 'Okay, come here yourself.'"

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Korean source article:
Translation: filmsession @ omona_prection

ETA: The last sentence is a bit of enigma. I think it might be that "he decided to start preparing a secret weapon", but according to the translator the literal translation of that last word is poison, venom, something to do with being bitter. Anyhow, we'll know when the next part comes out.

Jinusean's "A-Yo" MV:

Source: YGEntertainment

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talking bout my girl [Sohee]

2PM Junho, Selected as a New Fixed Member for 'Dream Team 2'

2PM's Junho is going to join the cast of "Lets Go - Dream Team 2" as a fixed member.

As 2PM is wrapping up the promotions for their first album, Junho will be joining the variety show Dream Team 2.

Junho had first appeared in the pilot episode for Dream Team 2 along with SHINee's Minho, Song Joong Ki and other stars. However, due to issues from 2PM's leader, Jaebum, dropping out of the group amidst comments he's made about Korea, Junho could not join the rest of the cast for the show.

'Let's Go Dream Team2's Jun Jin Hak PD talked with Newsen and said, "Junho will be joining us for filming on February 10th episode with UFC players like Chu Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun. We had originally wanted Junho to be with us from the start but could not because of issues with Jaebum's scandal."

He also added, "We are really impressed with his skills and have big expectations for him. I hope you look forward to it, too."

The episode will air on the 7th of March.

Original source: Newsen
Translated by: cityscripts @ omona_prection

omgbbq finally!!!

Korea activists target foreign English teachers

A South Korea group uses the Internet and other means to track foreign teachers, in an effort to ferret out illegal or unsavory behavior. The teachers say they're victims of stalkers and rumors.

Yie Eun-woong, volunteer manager of the Seoul-based Anti-English Spectrum, investigates complaints from parents about foreign teachers. Angry teachers groups call him an instigator and a stalker.
(John M. Glionna / Los Angeles Times / January 20, 2010)

Seoul - Sometimes, in his off hours, Yie Eun-woong does a bit of investigative work.

He uses the Internet and other means to track personal data and home addresses of foreign English teachers across South Korea.

Then he follows them, often for weeks at a time, staking out their apartments, taking notes on their contacts and habits.

He wants to know whether they're doing drugs or molesting children.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

D: Yikes.
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T.O.P still wants to do a concert with Big Bang in 2050 + other Big Show-related articles

T.O.P, "I still want to do Big Show in 2050"

T.O.P unveiled the music video of his new solo song, Turn It Up, during Big Bang's 3-day concert last January 29-31. He also told the audience that he still wants to do Big Show in 2050.

During the concert, Big Bang surprised the fans seated on the 2nd and 3rd level by gliding over them (via a wire) while singing. 2NE1 also performed and sang their hit songs, Fire and I Don't Care.

Daesung, who got into an accident last year after a filming of Family Outing told their fans, "During the accident, I was worried that I won't be able to sing again. But now that I'm standing here in front of all you, I feel so blessed."

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Original Articles : 1 ; 2 ; 3
Source : bigbangupdates.blogspot.com

Taegoon doesn’t want to be asked about Jaejoong anymore

Taegoon who is known to be close friends with Jaejoong of TVXQ said during an episode of My Name Is Taegoon that he does not want interviewers to ask him questions about Jaejoong.

Taegoon says “There’s a lot of people who thought poorly of me, they said I blackmail my friends and take advantage of TVXQ, there’s many people saying that.” He continued, “I often talked about it with Jaejoong, but I don’t like people to look at me like that. There were many people who regarded us as good, but a lot also said I took advantage of it. We were very hurt.. I didn't talk about Jaejoong for a while. I request for them not to ask but they still do and write about it.” Although they continually ask him about it, he says “It’s a challenge, I don’t want to give trouble to my friends. I don’t like bothering him.

B2ST: Our little secret.
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BEAST’s Doojoon wears pink undies?

A few weeks ago, BEAST’s leader Doojoon went to Cambodia to film for MBC’s Danbi. Well, the episode aired recently and it was hilarious. For those that don’t know, Danbi is a program where the crew goes to help people out in less fortunate areas.

In this particular episode the crew went to Cambodia to help some people in need and this particular segment is causing interest amongst Doojoon fans. The crew was supposed to assist the fishing family in fishing and they did a terrible job, but as you can see in the segment below, the focus was on Doojoon’s dark pink / red panties:

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Source: allkpop, KpopFun@YT

I saw this and they're definitely red, not pink. lol. Also, mods, I'm really sorry for how many times I screwed this up. XD
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260110 SHINee Nagoya fanmeeting fancams

Here's a mix of some good fancams from the SHINee fanmeeting in Nagoya in the end of January. The video quality isn't perfect but you can at least see and hear them quite good in all videos.

Jonghyun's reaction to a fanboy shouting (LOL)

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Source: Randy19976 for the solos and winkme18 for the subbed videos
Excuse me if the post is a mess, idg the video posting on lj :/
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Omona introduces Prection Subs!!!

Because providing all your daily kpop news isn't enough for us, Omona Headquarters has decided to conquer the land of subbing! Get excited~

Some positions that will make up our subbing team...(and of course you can apply for multiple)
+ Translators - For those of you in omona_prection who would also like to get involved, or for the few of you out there who know Korean but aren't a part of the translating team yet. The job will require understanding Korean by ear (none of that Google translate business), so near fluency is appreciated.
+ Editors - For those of you who boast extraordinary skills at English, feel free to join! This will require correcting grammar and usage errors that the translators make as well as clarifying parts that might get lost in translation.
+ Timers/Typesetters - Those of you who can time the translations to the raw videos, and those who can provide pretty fonts and colors and position the subs on the screen.
+ QCers - Stands for quality control: for those who are able to catch timing, typesetting, encoding, and grammar errors that the editor may have missed.
+ Encoders - This position requires putting the softsubs and video together into a hardsubbed video.
+ It would also be nice for someone who has been on a subbing team before to take the lead and guide the rest of us through the process, and be a sort of team leader.

We'll be discussing further details and putting up applications at prection_subs, but we just wanted to get a feel for who's interested in this project for now. So head on over if you're willing to participate!

Also, a common question you guys might have is what videos we'll be subbing. So far we're thinking of starting off basic, such as radio clips, audio UFOs, or the odd MC cut or mobile ranking clip from a music show. Mostly short videos that would get posted on Omona unsubbed. If you guys have any ideas as to what else we should focus on or shows that sometimes get left in the dust by other fan forum subbing teams, please comment~*~ And we'll probably have a request post sometime in the near future at prection_subs for specific videos you guys want.


2PM to appear in a talk show

To show their support for Wooyoung, 2PM will appear in a talk show, their first since their debut.

On the 11th of Febuary, 2PM will participate in the filming of "SeungSeung JangGoo". This will be their talk show appearance since their debut in 2008. They are appearing in this episode to show support for Wooyoung who has been listed as an assistant MC.

Since September 2009 when their leader Jaebum dropped out and went back to Seattle, they have been reluctant to do interviews. With the talk show appearance with 2PM, this has garnered much interest..

The show, in affiliation with a popular internet portal site, is a show where appeared guests are asked questions that are received from the internet portal site. The issue with their leader Jaebum is expected to be the most popular question.

The episode with 2PM is expected to air on the 16th of February.

Orginal source: Newsen
Translation: cityscripts @ omona_prection
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Min Kyung-hoon Realizes Importance of Music after Wandering

There is a rumor that former Buzz member Min Kyung-hoon (26) weighed about 100kg during his two years of silence in the Korean pop scene. However, he seems to be thinner than before.

Min said, “I drank Soju (a distilled beverage native to Korea) everyday after I quit my previous agency from August to December 2008. I gained about 30 kg and then weighed about 90kg. One day, I was ashamed of myself while I was talking with my parents on the phone. Since last January, I have worked out strenuously along with eating a sweet potato once a day, and now I weigh 65 kg at a height of 180 cm.”
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source: KBS GLOBAL

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"IRIS" set to air during prime time in Japan

Korean blockbuster drama "IRIS" is set to air during prime time on Japanese television, according to the show's producer Taewon Entertainment on Monday.

Taewon said Japanese broadcaster TBS announced the Korean TV series will run Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m., a slot usually assigned to domestic TV dramas.

Artist View, the show's marketing promoter in the country, explained that such programming is proof that Japanese people are looking forward to watching a Korean blockbuster action drama, not just Hallyu fans expecting to watch a Korean dramas and its cast.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Missions of North tipped to successor

Kim Jong-un

The head of a Seoul-based news agency run by North Korean defectors said yesterday that North Korean embassies overseas have been told to lay the foundation for a leadership change in Pyongyang, making a possible succession of power virtually official.

Kim Sung-min, head of the Free North Korea Radio, said the North’s government sent notices to its embassies to “firmly establish the system for the sole leadership” of Kim Jong-un, the third son of the current leader Kim Jong-il. Kim Sung-min said he had been informed by a member of a North Korean embassy but declined to say in which country the embassy was based.

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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'Kangaroo Shoppers' Rely on Mom’s Wallet

On Sunday morning at Shinsegae Department Store in downtown Seoul, Lee Yoo-kyung lays her hands on a pair of silver Prada flats. And then, instead of calculating how the 300,000-won purchase would work with her monthly finances, she looks at her mom.

"My mom feels sorry for me so she almost always pays for my shopping," says the 34-year-old housewife, who has been married to an ordinary salaried worker for four years with one toddler.

"It's not that I'm poor but I definitely have far less money than my mom so she's happy to take me out," says Lee, while locking arms with her 60-something-year-old mother.

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[2pm] junho - he winks = i die

shaved head for big bang

Japanese model and actress Chinatsu Wakatsuki recently shaved the initials “BB” on her head in support of Korean boy band, Big Bang.

With the pictures posted online, she wrote “I dyed my hair blond like G-Dragon. Of course this logo is for Big Bang.” If that didn’t convince you enough that Wakatsuki is a true fan, she recently came to Korea on the 31st to see Big Bang’s Big Show 2010 concert.

Chinatsu Wakatsuki gained popularity in Japan as a swimsuit model and appeared in the 2006 horror movie “Lost and Found.”

source: akp

lol did anyone else first thought of this dude when you saw the picture?
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yuri drops out of sitcom for japan activities?

The sitcom would interfere with SNSD's Japan activities starting this May.

SNSD member Yuri's plan to appear in a sitcom has been cancelled.

Yuri was supposed to be casted in an MBC sitcom following the current "High Kick Through the Roof" in March. However, it has been known that Yuri recently notified the producer that she won't be able to play a part. MBC stated, "Since Yuri declined her role, we're in the midst of casting another actress at the moment."

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nate news
translation by taengbear @ ssf

I'm not sure if "I heard" counts as a true statement, so we'll see about SoShi activities in Japan, I guess.
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snsd's concept as national cheerleaders

SNSD's "cheer girl" fashion seems already to be setting the trend since they came back to the stage with their second album.

SNSD revealed their title song, "Oh", for the first time on Jan 30th and 31st through music programs, and attracted the gaze of music fans with a fresh and witty cheer girl fashion, which was accompanied by a perfect intensive performance.

The fashion concept of "Oh!" this time focused on sporty looking cheer girl outfits, and it is planned that SNSD will reveal more interesting cheer girl outfits. It is also interesting because each individual member has their own preselected number that will be shown on their jersey/outfits.

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

Do want these parodies. xD Also I'm not sure if the fashion tag is entirely appropriate, but the article does talk about this style becoming a trend.

C.N Blue is the cover artiste for Inkigayo Take 7 magazine’s first issue!

SBS Contents Hub (www.sbs.co.kr) has released their first issue of SBS Inkigayo Take 7 magazine.

This magazine was first revealed when it was given out during 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, which was followed by great interests from those who received it.

And on the cover of the first issue is band C.N Blue who rose up to win Mutizen in just 2 weeks into their debut. The first issue is 144 pages long with various extensively covered contents which is set to be bring great satisfaction to readers.

The theme for the first issue is love, and many related articles revolves arounf this theme. And also included in the full making story for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, and also stories on power rookies C.N Blue and ZE:A, 2PM’s goodbye stage sketch, T-ara and MBLAQ’s keyword talk – more into SBS Inkigayo and all that happened behind the stage.

Source: Sookyeong

SBS, I love you sooooooooooooooo much for this cover. ;DD

CNBlue is popular~

Rookie band C.N Blue has been winning various music charts with their title single “I am a loner” as well as creating “Blue Storm‘ in the industry.

C.N Blue just debuted 2 weeks ago, yet, it is said that the group already signed endorsement contract from 3 companies.

As we all know, the group leader Jung Yonghwa has joined famous names like Super Junior and Big Bang as he is chosen as the new endorser of NII together with High Kick Through The Roof’s Yoon ShiYoon.

C.N Blue is said to receive many CF lovecalls because of their fresh image as well as their popularity.

FNC Music, “Up until now, C.N Blue is still receiving many endorsement offers. Their new CF shall be revealed soon”, he said.

Original Source: Paran
Source: Sookyeong