February 4th, 2010

Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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Korea Ranked 8th 'Most Sinful Country'

Korea spends more money on pornography than any other country, according to BBC magazine Focus. The magazine analyzed 35 countries in the world based on the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.
The top 10 countries in the respective fields were listed.

The level of lust was calculated based on the amount of money spent on pornography per capita. What it means by pornography, and what kind of data was used for the analysis remain unclear. Korea was followed by Japan, Australia and Finland.

Korea ranked sixth in gluttony, which was topped by the United States, followed by Canada, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. "We gauged excessive sexual thoughts for each nation using the average annual income per capita from the porn industry, divided by the price of a Big Mac hamburger -- a measure of the cost of living in that nation. This gives an indication of the amount spent on porn per person," the magazine wrote.

Averaging the scores each country received in seven fields, the magazine made up an overall ranking. Korea earned 10 points for being the top finisher in lust, and five points for being in sixth place for gluttony. With the total, Korea was the eighth most sinful country in the world. Australia came top with whopping 46 points, and the U.S. next with 32 points. Canada was in third with 24 points, and Japan amassed 16 points in total, being second in lust and fourth in gluttony, finishing seventh overall.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Video source: AznJayx3
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Rude rude rude: SHINee fans get up before the concert ends

Fans leave midway after listening to SHINee finish two songs!

Performing for seasoned, famed composer Oh Joonsung’s Korean Drama Favourites showcase, Korean boyband SHINee rounded off the concert for both nights.

When staff workers moved microphones up on stage during the last 20 minutes of the showcase, fans, which made up most of the audience, started getting excited and screams began to resonate in the concert hall.

SHINee performed two songs during the showcase, both composed by Oh Joonsung and featured in two different drama OSTs as well. After [Countdown], theme song of drama Dream, the five of them performed [Stand By Me], accompanied by Green Caocao (T/N: Mr Oh’s awesome band), the local strings section and Oh Joonsung himself.

The five did their best on stage and brought the entire showcase to its climax. Having waited since the beginning of the showcase for about an hour, there was no stopping the fans from screaming their lungs out and in the process, ignoring SHINee’s prowess at singing.

Despite the ban on both photography and videography, fans were all taking down the precious 8 minutes of SHINee’s performance.

After SHINee’s performance, about 60 members of the audience, all fans, rushed out of the concert hall in order to queue for a short fansign after the entire showcase. The showcase was still going on, and because SHINee fans occupied most of the front row seats, it was extremely awkward when they walked out just like that.

Despite being upstaged by SHINee, Oh Joonsung was still gracious and polite. Speaking in English, he assuaged the situation by telling the audience “I love SHINee”, “SHINee are my friends”, and won the applause of everyone present (T/N: You mean those that didn’t leave)

After news broke of the fans leaving, netizens have been commenting on various SHINee related sites, stating that those fans were “rude” and “embarrassing”.

Source: omy.sg
Translated by: hypothermal

SEE. Rude, rude people. I cannot express my rage. And Mr Oh was so nice to bear it for two nights. TWO NIGHTS. Ugh
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It's that time again

"U-Kiss vs. Sean Kingston"

By U-Kiss vs. Sean Kingston, we’re referring to the songwriters and producers of these two acts. Reggae-pop artist Sean Kingston scored a top 5 smash hit last year with RedOne (Grammy Award winning producer of Lady Gaga’s smash hits).

Meanwhile in Korea, U-Kiss began to rise in popularity with the help of kpop hit-maker Brave Brothers. Just as RedOne shaped the sound of pop music today, the same can be said about Brave Brothers with K-pop. Although it’s true Brave Brothers’ released material has had a great influence in K-pop music, there has always been a question of originality behind his tunes.

Recently he’s been accused of plagiarizing Kat Deluna for his single “Invisible” and using an unauthorized sample of Fancy for Son Dambi’s “On A Saturday Night.”

Bang Bang Bang” is a newly released track off of U-Kiss’ debut album produced entirely by Brave Brothers. U-Kiss’ track shares an almost identical riff and crafted synth featured in Sean Kingston’s track.

Compare the two tracks here:

U-Kiss - Bang Bang Bang & Sean Kingston - Fire Burning


Source: Allkpop

I think we're close to being able to declare this a monthly feature. Dancing Floor is my jam, I hope it stays clean!
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Evisu's 2010 S/S ad campaign w/Yunho

Oriental Unique Jean casual brand Evisu had an advertisement photoshoot on January 12th in a studio in Seoul for their 2010 S/S collection.

This advertisement has been receiving high marks as photographer Hong Jang Hyun and stylist Hong Yeon collaborated for the photoshoot.

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Source: [BNT News + Yuaerubi]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by tohosomnia.net

Found the article at: sharingyoochun
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D'aww what a good message to send.

Sorry for the double-posting, mods. Ignore the other post - I sourced incorrectly, I think.

Wheesung composes a song for T-ara, Fans want all 6 members

Wheesung composes a song for T-ara

We reported earlier that girl group T-ara would be returning later this month with a repackaged album as courtesy for ending their album promotions early. It’s now been revealed that singer Wheesung has participated as a composer for the album!

Although Wheesung’s style of music is nothing like T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep or Like The First Time, it is said that he has done a wonderful job.

T-ara’s label stated that Wheesung’s stylish choice of lyrics works well with the melody and will make T-ara’s performance stand out even more. It was also revealed that when Wheesung first heard the demo, he liked how different it was from T-ara’s usual style of music and therefore agreed to participate.

So what’s this track going to be like? T-ara’s representative is saying think, Ivy’s Sonata of Temptation. If you recall, Wheesung was the composer of that song and it was a spectacular hit. The representative of the group guarantees that I go crazy because of you (너 때문에 미쳐) is going to be another fan favorite.

The repackaged album, “Breaking Heart,” is scheduled to drop on February 23rd.


T-ara fans worried about Jiyeon and Soyeon's absence

With 2 members out, T-ara fans are worried if they will get to see a 6-membered T-ara on stage once again. Core Contents Media has spoken up about this, "Soyeon was diagnosed with H1N1 last week. We expect her to still be diagnosed till next week and we will give her enough rest and not push her. The date for the release is still 3 weeks away and we're making sure Soyeon is ready". Member Jiyeon was also absent for most of their promotions for "Like the First Time" due to conflicts in schedule with her hit drama "God of Study". But Core Contents Media are already making sure that Jiyeon will be present for their "comeback".

*YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com

Wonder Girls’ Newest Member HaeLim Integrates Into Group


WONDERGIRLS has restructured itself as a result of newest member HaeLim coming aboard. After SunMi’s announced withdrawal last month, the preceding plan was to involve her in group activities until late-February, & then begin to mix in HaeLim from the month of March. But the transition period has been brought forward somewhat.

Beginning February 4 with CF activities in Sanya, China [the city is located on Hainan island], HaeLim will publicly appear as a WONDERGIRLS member for the first time. To this end, she had parted company with the others on January 27 & then joined the group to go overseas to China on February 2. After finishing China promotions, she will head to America to participate in recording sessions for WONDERGIRLS’s official debut album.

WONDERGIRLS had begun recording for the debut album in America since late last year. Because the plan was to publish it in late February, SunMi had participated in the recordings. However, her abrupt decision to exit resulted in an unavoidable change. After careful deliberations over whether to keep SunMi’s vocals in the album, the decision was made to enroll HaeLim & let her re-record the parts. The anticipated album release date is also delayed till April or so.

Separately, SunMi is not involved in the China CF activities & has remained behind in New York. The JYP camp said that she will have already left WONDERGIRLS when the CF is aired, & was thus not included in the China promotions. SunMi will join the ‘Pop-Con Concert’ on February 20 at the Nassau Coliseum in America, before biding farewell to WONDER GIRLS.

{translation: qoxie @ soompi forums (WG thread)}

source: wonderfulsworld, JoongAng Daily Chinese Web

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[MV] Untouchable - Living in the Heart [Feat. Narsha of BEG]

Source: kedawoos @ Youtube.

I like this song, a shame it wasn't Narsha in the MV, she sounds lovely (it's Na Hyemi from High Kick instead). Untouchable is so underrated. The duo will be on Music Bank this week to promote their (great) new mini-album.
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Globally Minded Cubs Mining Korea

When Korean shortstop Hak-Ju Lee reports to the Cubs' Minor League camp this spring, he should have a better grasp of the English language, thanks to The Carpenters.

A 19-year-old infielder from Jeonju, South Korea, Lee turned to karaoke last year to complement his language lessons. His singing talents were showcased at a Class A Boise booster club event at the end of the 2009 season, and his rendition of "Superstar" can be seen in a YouTube video.

"They're here by themselves," said interpreter Min Sung of the Koreans in the Cubs' system. "They don't shop much. They go to dinner and sing karaoke. In the Midwest, the entertainment is going to Wal-Mart and Target."

"As long as they're learning English, I don't care what they do," Cubs player development director Oneri Fleita said.

The Cubs now scout around the world. Collapse )

Source: Cubs.com

I'm really glad that Korean baseball players are getting the chance to get some serious exposure here in the US; I watched the World Baseball Classic last year and they had players, that if given the chance, could do very well in the Majors.
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2AM’s no-show on Music Core for 3 weeks, MBC “There is no discord”

Much attention has been brought to the rumoured discord between 4-member vocal 2AM and MBC Music Core.

This is because 2AM had not appeared on Music Core and performed their new song ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’ for even once. In addition, for the show coming 6th February, 2AM will also not be performing. With that, 2AM has yet to perform on the show even though it has been 3 weeks since they released their new album.

Usually, Kpop singers will appear on all 3 weekly music shows KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo to promote their songs. And for 2AM, they released their new album on 21st January and from pre-release to after-release currently the song is doing very well up on music charts.

So far, 2AM has appeared on KBS Music Bank to perform twice (22nd and 29th January), and 2 times on SBS Inkigayo (24th and 31st January). And coming 5th and 7th February, there are plans for them to perform on the 2 shows.

But with their continual no-show on Music Core, there has been rumours about disagreement between 2AM and MBC.

And many point decision for 2AM leader Jo Kwon to appear on SBS Family Outing 2 as the possible root of this discord. Jo Kwon has been quite prominent in the variety show zone with his funny appearance on MBC We Got Married and SaeGaKwi, which even earned him the nickname of ‘Kkap Kwon’.

MBC felt that they have given him much opportunities in this area, and now they are feeling unhappy that Jo Kwon will be appearing on the variety show of the competitor broadcast company.

MBC side revealed, “Especially since he was decided as the fixed appearance on We Got Married, normally they would refrain from doing fixed show appearance on shows by other companies. With this, MBC is feeling a little unhappy with 2AM’s company about it. With that you can see that 2AM did not appear on MBC Music Core. But that being said, we felt that 2AM’s side was being unfair in some aspects too.”

But their stand is that there is no discord with 2AM. The show team official said during an interview on 3rd Feb, “This is ridiculous. There is definitely no discord with 2AM’s company. The 2AM members are still appearing on other MBC programmes. 2AM like any other singers, will be able to perform on MBC Music Core.” during their recently interview.

2AM’s side also said on 4th February, “There is no discord with MBC.”

Source: Star News
Translation: K Bites

Michael Jackson - Popcorn

U-Kiss "Bingeul Bingeul", pushes past Girls Generation to #1 on Hanteo

U-Kiss' comeback has been receiving a lot of attention.

U-Kiss' 1st full album 'U-Kiss 1st Only One' has been released on the 3rd. Just after 1 day of it's release, the album has made it to #1 on Hanteo charts and is doing well on other music sites, Hottracks and Synnara Records, Evan Records, and in offline stores. The hot response is even more eye-catching than Girls' Generation's comeback with "Oh!", doing better than them.


This album's title track "Round Round" is produced by the Brave Brothers and the lyrics are addictive with the repetitive bingeul bingeul in the chorus and strong beat.

U-Kiss is scheduled to be making their comeback stages on the 5th on KBS 2TV's Music Bank, on the 6th on MBC's Show Musiccore and on the 7th on SBS's Inkigayo.

cr. sports.choson.com + ukissme.SG (trans)
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jaejin and sulli won't be able to attend graduation

Ft. Island's Lee Jaejin and f(x)'s Sulli will not be attending their graduation due to their busy schedules.

On the 5th Lee Jaejin and Sulli would be graduating from highschool (Jaejin), and middleschool (Sulli).

The day of the graduation is interferring with their overseas concerts so they will not be able to make it.

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News Max Movie
translated by sugarcookie @ afx

:/ That sucks for them. Graduation is kind of a big day. All the other idols who get to go always look so happy and excited and it's a shame they'll miss out on the experience.

MBLAQ reveals, “Even Rain hyung gave up on us”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rookie boyband MBLAQ reveals, “Even Rain gave up on us.”

MBLAQ appeared for the recent filming of KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell when they talked about it.

During the filming session, MC Jeon HyunMoo said, “I heard that Rain will monitor MBLAQ when you go on variety shows, what are his responses?” And G.O said, “He said he will monitor our image for the 1st 2 months when we debuted, but from the 3rd month, hyung is now helpless and said ‘You guys do whatever you want!’.” The members revealed that after that, they just did what they like on variety shows, rousing laughters from the other guest appearances.

2AM SeulOng said, “JinYoung hyung also said that to us at first, like don’t do that, or try to act moderately, but he went to the States.”

The show will air on 6th February.

Source: Kbites

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

give up?? why? LOL
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Wonder Girls cancel tour after Sun Mi announces departure

The Korean pop group Wonder Girls have cancelled their headlining tour of the United States, which was supposed to start at the end of February.

It seems all of these decisions were made after one of their members, the 18-year-old Sun Mi, called it quits last month to return to school. The CEO of the company that manages the group, JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin-young, first cancelled the U.S. tour and postponed their U.S. debut album release for April.

“The upcoming tour wasn’t going as planned and postponing their U.S. album release was an inevitable situation,”
said a spokesman from JYP Entertainment.

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Source: JoongAng Daily

4minute’s GaYoon & Han Ye Ji releases One Two Three

4minute’s GaYoon and Han Ye Ji collaborated together to release an OST track titled One Two Three for the MBC drama The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.


The track is definitely pumping with peppy energy that has an inspirational vibe. Not only that but the song unlocks GaYoon’s underrated singing abilities. Don’t just take my word for it and listen for yourself!

source: allkpop XDDDD30
bom sweet smile

Oh Joonsung Drama Concert at Singapore Esplanade

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh Joonsung Drama Concert at The Esplanade was held on the 1st of February and the 2nd of February. Oh Joonsung, Mario, Bobby Kim and SHINee performed signature OST music from all-time favorite Korean dramas such as Dream, My Girl, Get Karl O Sujung, Witch Amusement, King and I, The Queen Returns, Heading to the Ground and Boys Over Flowers.

SHINee, appeared on the stage in stylish monochromic outfits, and performed 2 songs- ‘Countdown’ from Dream OST and ‘Stand by me’ from Boys Over Flowers OST.
SHINee were still wearing those awesome looking studed combat boots they had worn to the press conference here.

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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way

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Guess who graduated today?!

Previously reported that YounHa was down to largyngitis and need to stop her activities due to her illness.

Yet, today (Feb 4), YounHa attends her special high school graduation at HwiGyeong High School – Seoul.

Why special : YounHa was actually dropped out of high school on 2004 for her singing career in Japan, yet, she managed to accomplished the graduation condition via the surrogate method given by the school.

YounHa is currently enrolled to Hankuk University major in Japanese and is in her 3rd year.

Meanwhile, other stars who also receives their high school diploma today are : BEAST Son DongWoon who is accompanied by his hyungs DooJoon, HyunSeung, YoSeob and JunHyung and 2AM Jung JinWoon who is accompanied as well by his hyung Lee ChangMin.

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From Sookyeong

Awww, congrats bbs! :D

Supernova's Kwangsu in an-an! (and some other stuff)

Although the January issue of an-an may have been a hot topic because of the appearance of Arashi's Sakurai Sho half-naked, what really caught my eye was Supernova's Kwangsu. In this issue he appears shirtless...and even shows off a bit more than that. And there was some other stuff, but we'll get to that later, I know what you're really interested in.

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These scans are available for download in HQ at my journal.

source: my scanner and my benevolence
Penelope is pretty.
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Park Bo-young sued by movie producers for fraud

Korean actress Park Bo-young of hit 2008 film "Speedy Scandal" has been sued for fraud by a film production company, according to a local media report.

Cookie News reported Wednesday that production company Botem had filed a suit to the Seoul Central District Court two days earlier, accusing the actress and her agency Humane Entertainment of fraud and embezzlement.

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Source: asiae.co.kr

2PM’s Nichkhun will spend Valentine’s Day with his fans in Thailand

2PM’s Nichkhun will take a special trip with fans this month.

The Thai Prince will be in Phuket, Thailand starting on February 13th for three nights. He was previously chosen as the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) new tourism presenter and this trip is a special event arranged by TAT.

Nichkhun will practice Muay Thai with fans, have a dinner party, play beach games, go to the spa, tour the city with them and more. On Valentine’s Day (February 14th), Nichkhun will have a nice & fancy party with his fans. That sounds like a pretty good vacation to me. And the fact that it’s with Nichkhun of all people makes it even better

cr: allkpop
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Raunchy Music Videos Rule as Korean Youngsters Cherry-Pick Downloads

Middle and high school students are overwhelmingly au fait with the latest pop music videos but carefully sift the grain from the chaff online before downloading the ones they like on their portable gadgets.

A survey of 86 high school and 65 middle school students at a crammer in Noryangjin and another in Mia-dong, Seoul by the Chosun Ilbo reveals that 109 out of 151 had watched the music video for Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra," while 42 and 35 students had seen the raunchy videos for "No Love No More" by Park Jin-young and "Touch Me" by Ivy. Asked by which one or more means they prefer to watch them, 72 percent said the Internet, 18 chose PMP or MP4 players, and 10 mobile phones, indicating that they pick a handful of clips they watch online for repeat viewing.

Industry insiders say it now costs an average of W10-20 million (US$1=W1,164) to produce a music video. Only seven or eight years ago there were plenty of "blockbuster" videos made for billions of won. But the seismic shift in the music industry brought on by online distribution has shifted the trend from high concept to raunchy videos, which are bound to hook adolescent viewers and cost little to make. Music video director Seo Hyun-seung said, "Because girl groups don't differ much musically, they compete in the end by trying to appeal with more graphic visual imagery."

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Video source: ivyshy98

Be free to spam me with banned Korean MVs.

2PM Interview from 1.59 PM press conference

At 2PM on February 1, 2010, six members of Korean boy band '2PM' (Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung, Nichkhun, Junho and Junsu), who had flied to Thailand,  joined the press conference for their first full-length album '1.59 pm.' at Infinity Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon Department Store.

There was a gathering among Thai fans, giving a warm welcome to 2PM. They had been packed in the hall to support their favorite artist while the members shared many stories, regarding this album which drew hot and passionate screams from Thai ladies.

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Source: PingBook
Thai-Eng Translation by Kagetsu Crackerbaby@2pmalways
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Jang-Ko Pair Stalked by Wedding Vendors

Actor Jang Dong-gun and actress Ko So-young

When actress Ko So-young showed up at the airport last month after vacationing in Hawaii with her beloved, heartthrob Jang Dong-gun, she sent a message to the wedding industry as to what kind of bride she intends to be.

Wearing a fancy Isabel Marant leopard-print fur coat, Ko sported metal-framed aviator shades by Rayban, a white oversized Givenchy bag and a gold metal Rolex watch. Striding comfortably in her black snakeskin kill heels, the star celeb was clad head-to-toe in bling.

Ko's bold fashion ensemble created not only an immediate stir, but also served as a hint to wedding vendors.

According to industry sources, premium dress shops, travel agencies, jewelry brands and beauty salons are all competing to let the 37-year-old bride-to-be know that they can provide her with whatever she wishes.

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Source: The Korea Times
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snsd for donation campaign with music site lunchbox

The wireless music portal, Lunchbox, will unfold a "Music Dream" donation campaign along with national idol girl group SNSD.

In the Music Dream campaign, Netizens will click the "join" button on the site Dosirak and 3% of the purchase price will be accumulated as a reserve. This reserve will be delivered to the donation group, "Korea Make Wish Foundation". The Music Dream campaign will carry the cute and lively voices of SNSD and will be broadcasted via TV stations KBS, MBC and SBS.

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translation by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

Yay for donations to a good cause. I'm still kind of confused about what's going on, though, lol.
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yuri tops a poll asking "who is most likely to be a good ice skater?"

SNSD's Yuri took first place in a poll asking "most likely to be a good figure skater".

On-line music site, Monkey 3, conducted a poll from last 22nd until 28th with the question, "Who is a female oidol who is best suited to be a figure skater as well as an idol?"

Out of total 2,182 participants, Yuri was ranked the first with 578 votes (26%) for the reasons such as "she has a perfect S-line, flexibility trained with Yoga, and a good expression with her dancing skills".

In particular, Yuri took the role of a Yoga teacher on KBS2's Invincible Youth where she boasted about her flexibility.

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

These polls are so random... I never understand the reasoning. Unless they're going to do another show turning an idol into an ice skater?

Whatever. *admires Yuri's s-line*

Taeyeon and Yonghwa gathers attention on the net

A recent photo of SNSD’s leader Taeyeon and CNBLUE’s leader Yonghwa is gathering much attention on the net.

The photo was released on the 3rd when Yonghwa was a guest on Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio Show. The two posing together has netizens saying, “They look really good together. There’s no other good pair.” and “The two are the same age, I wish they could be more than just friends.”

What do you guys think, would they make a good couple? After all the two have a lot in common…they’re both leaders of a popular group, they were both born in the same year and they’re both Korean (shocking)!

Currently, the two are both leading a group of sexy girls and boys as they engage in live album promotions. Taeyeon is leading SNSD with Oh! and Yonghwa is leading CNBLUE with I’m A Loner. Both have gained much success and will be performing on February 5th via Music Bank on allkpop.

With CNBLUE winning last week’s K-Chart and SNSD coming on strong after releasing their new single, who will come out on top?

Source: allkpop
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seohyun's graduation photo revealed

The graduation photo of SNSD's youngest member Seohyun (Real name: Seo Joohyun) has been revealed.

Seohyun will be graduating at Jeonju Fine Arts Highschool on February 9th.
Moreover, Seohyun's graduation photo has been revealed online and is attracting many people's attention over the internet. Seohyun's features, such as her long black hair and innocent look have captured the hearts of male fans. However, with Seohyun who turned 20 this year, her maturing look is also capturing many Netizen's attention.

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translation by Glucose @ ssf

Not really fond of the picture myself, but whoo on her upcoming graduation!
Fierce Taec

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung show their love and affection


Onscreen romances typically result in netizens hunting down the couple in order to determine whether or not their portrayed chemistry was real. However, for a recently shot CF (commercial film), there was no storm of netizens going buck wild for the kiss between the two stars in the CF. Why? Because the couple is already married with a child on the way, so their kiss was no biggie.

Celebrity couple, Tablo of Epik High and Kang Hye Jung, is known for their PDA (Public Display of Affection) and they continued to publicly shower each other with love even during the shoot of an unspecified CF in Gyeonggi-do. This CF was the first the two filmed for as a couple, and it was even merrier because Kang Hye Jung is currently impregnated with their baby.
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Source: allkpop
xxxholic / Moonlight

UEE is going back to acting

After School’s UEE is coming back as an actress in the upcoming drama Buddy Buddy. She will be playing a country girl who dreams about being a national golf player.

Her character, Sung Mi Soo, grabs a golf club at a young age and is inspired to play for the rest of her life. She’s from a poor family but she works hard to achieve her dream and make her family proud.

The casting directors wanted to find someone who looked very healthy and fit for this role. They also wanted someone who was generally interested in sports. UEE is known for having honey thighs specially made from swimming. So in terms of athletics, UEE was the perfect fit.

Buddy Buddy’s director said, “She’s taken over the music and endorsement fields but not the acting field just yet. She is working to build a new image for herself and will definitely progress in terms of acting.” UEE said, “The director told me to act natural but acting and playing golf is really hard. I will have sleepless nights to go over deliver.”

Are you guys ready for the pro-golfer UEE?

Source: TVDaily, AKP

No UEE tag? :(