February 5th, 2010

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Mir's Cheating Ex

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Though Mir is MBLAQ’s maknae, he seems to have some experience with the ladies.

MBLAQ’s Mir revealed on a recent recording of Maknae Rebellion that he still keeps in touch with an ex-girlfriend that cheated on him with three other guys. Four guys at once, is that possible?

Mir said, “I knew this girl that had a crush on me for two years. I always turned her down but one day, we reunited in Seoul and I noticed that she got a lot prettier. I decided to start going out with her then.”

He continued, “I was happy because she was so pretty but she cheated on me with three other guys.”

The other people on the show commented, “How is someone pretty enough to go out with three extra guys?” and “If she asked you out again, would you say yes?”

Mir answered, “I can’t go out with her again but I still keep in touch with her.” His self-contradiction made the other idol members crack up.

This episode airs on February 6th.

Source: AKP

I wonder if this is the girl he burned a heart in the field for, or w/e.

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Yuri and Daniel Henney pair up for Biotherm

SNSD's Yuri is now Daniel Henney's partner.

On 4th Jan, the skin care brand Biotherm revealed that they have chosen SNSD's members Yuri, Sooyoung and Tiffany as their new models. Soon after, it was confirmed that Yuri and Daniel Henney, who is being very active as a model, have already finished shooting the first commercial film with the concept of a couple.

Representatives of the company said "We selected SNSD's Yuri, Sooyoung and Tiffany as our models since their clean, limpid skin and fresh, healthy image matches with the brand's image." also stating "We also expect that their overflowing vigorous energy along with Daniel Henney can bring a new vitality to the brand."

On this, Yuri, Sooyoung and Tiffany said "We will work hard so we can show a more healthy and beautiful image."

Meanwhile, SNSD is heavily promoting their 2nd album's title track 'Oh!' and Yuri is being extremely active as a 'Variety Queen' working as a MC with Tiffany on the MBC's music program, 'Show! Music Core' and also appering on the KBS 2TV's variety show 'Invincible Youth'. Sooyoung is going to appear as a MC too on the KBS2's 'Sweet Night' starting this March.

Source: mydaily
Translated by jek_093 @ Soshified

The ad will air on Korean TV starting late Feb! What a good-looking couple T__T
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Hong Soo Ah and Lee Eun Kyul speak on Super Junior at Seoul Music Awards

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At the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards, Super Junior members celebrated Kyuhyun’s 22nd birthday, while Hong Soo Ah and Lee Eun Kyul were on stage.

Netizens quickly criticized Super Junior for their behavior, calling it rude and disrespectful to the celebrities on stage.

After the incident, the ELF then went to Hong Soo Ah and Lee Eun Kyul’s Cyworld minihompy’s and left them many apologies on behalf of Super Junior. Well, it’s a good thing they did, as both Hong Soo Ah and Lee Eun Kyul reacted to these messages and have pretty much put the entire controversy to rest.

Hong Soo Ah replied, “Super Junior fans, ELF! Please don’t worry about me,” and Lee Eun Kyul wrote, “I went and had fun doing my part, please don’t worry about it.”

These two statements from the stars that were on stage during Super Junior’s celebration, have put an end to all of the controversy and chatter going on regarding the situation. Thanks to the ELF, Super Junior has been saved.

Source: allkpop

I'm glad that's settled.
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Lee Seung Gi & his abs. Yes. Abs. This qt has abs.

Remember the previous post about the heated responses over the revelation of ballad singer Lee SeungGi’s chocolate abs on his 2009 concert poster?

Now here’s the real thing! Lee Seung Gi did a sexy dance performance during his 2009 year-end concert, and during the performance he ripped off his shirt (Jjit SeungGi?) and showed off some real abs!

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Chocolate sauce on abs: sookyeong

lol idek
B2ST: Our little secret.
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F.Cuz’s Kan and Yejun graduates…and IU?

2010’s idol graduating class is getting even bigger as F.Cuz’s Kan and Yejun are also on the list!

On the 4th, Yejun and Kan survived through and graduated from what l call the worst four years of my life Yehsool High School. And if you didn’t already know, Yejun celebrated his graduation in conjunction with his birthday (now 18, American age). To make their day even more special, fellow F.Cuz members Jinon and Lee U attended the graduation ceremony to show their support for their ‘little brothers.’ Yejun also received a student representative award from his school but his special day didn’t end there!

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Source: allkpop

That was so sweet of IU omg. :D
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Two faced idols show on stage and off stage differences

It isn’t hard to find an idol group member featured in variety programs. In many different show programs, the necessity of an idol star is highlighted, and it gives another chance to the idol stars so that they could show off another side of them beside the music stages.

Especially in these days, along with the rise of real variety programs, the “made” image of an idol is slowing being unveiled. However, no matter how much they “mess up” their image on these shows, back on stage, they become the role models of many.

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Source: Kbites

How does Jokwon still not have a tag :(
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U-kiss Dongho, gained great confidence through YooJaeSuk's words.

It's been one and a half years since they've debuted, U-kiss (Alexander, Kevin, Eli, Kibum, SooHyun, Dongho, KiSeop). Through their song "manmanhani" U-kiss has started to gain attention. For the first time, U-kiss confessed their hardships and heart wrenching moments of their training days till now on national TV.

Every since the beginning of their debut days, all Dongho got was "Who's that?"”
The first person to come up to Dongho and talk to him was Korea National MC YooJaeSuk. YooJaeSuk came up to dongho and said “"DongHoya~ U-kiss' new song ManManHaNi is awesome!" Dongho said on TV program that he gained great confidence through YooJaeSuk's words and sent his thankfulness.

Eli who is known to be the mood maker of U-kiss confessed, when he was fifteen years old he started his dorm life in china. He told how he had to live three months on instant noodles. He confessed he was so poor that if he somehow got his hands on some ramen, the first day he would eat just the noodles, the next day he would drink the soup of the noodles, and that was how he lived for two days.

Idol Suhyoon told his story of when his father passed away. He said he was very shocked and in complete anguish. But he never gave up on his dream and pressed on to become a singer.

Kiseop confessed his hardships of joining the group late and his never ending days of auditioning and of how he fell into deep depression. However after he witnessed his mother crying alone secretly, he slapped himself to his senses and climbed out of his depression.

U-kiss who is always bright surprised the staff leaving them speechless.

Sources: Artsnews.co.kr, Jaejoongie <3 @ Soompi
rich and famous

OMONA Lifestyles of the RICH AND FAMOUS: Ex-Mayor Edition

Korean Member of Parliment Gets a Giant Toilet Home

Nothing highlights a social awareness message like a giant Toilet-shaped House. That was the aim of Sim Jae-Duck, a member of the World Toilet Association, when he commissioned the construction of his new home, a gargantuan concrete and glass home that resembled a toilet.

Located in Suweon, south of Seoul, the strange home towers over everything else at 4,508-sq-foot and cost him 1.6 million dollars.

Sim, who is also the former Mayor of Suweon and current member of the parliament, hoped that this home would emphasize the importance of better sanitation in all countries.

Toilets were once regarded as stinking and dirty places. Not any more. They must be treated as the sanctuary that protects human health,” was his take on the matter.

In fact, Sim has been so vocal on the clean toilet issue that, during his term in office, folks had started calling him Mayor Toilet.

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Kwon Sang-Woo Hurt

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On February 4th, popular actor Kwon Sang Woo was sent to the hospital after being injured on set during the filming of a scene for the movie Into the Gunfire.

Kwon Sang Woo injured himself during a scene where he was rolling on the ground together with Big Bang’s TOP to avoid enemy gunfire. His right cheek bone hit the ground hard and he had immediate swelling on his face, this caused concern and he was sent to the hospital.

Kwon Sang Woo also complained about pains in his teeth and he visited a dentist where they gave him some X-rays. A representative of Kwon Sang Woo said, “The injuries aren’t too serious, he’s doing well. Filming for the movie should resume soon.”

Hopefully he’ll recover fully soon but they’ll probably have to wait for the swelling to go down a bit before they start filming again. Thanks to megan for the tip.

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I know bitch... I was predicting

Greetings. I am swami_nim, he who knows and is the master of himself. I was guided to your humble community to foretell of future events. I'm sure it is important information to you all.

2009 has passed and ahead of us a whole new year. The great Swami-Nim has seen much of his predictions come to pass through the years. Today I share with you the knowledge of what is to come.

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Is today U-kiss day or what? Two more articles.

U-KISS Dongho “My Hobby Is Knitting!”

U-KISS’s magnae Dongho has gained some attention due to his knitting hobby.

On the last 4th broadcast of “Midnight’s TV Entertainment” some stars’ hidden talent like Choi Munsu, Kim Byung Man, Jo Hye Run, Kim Hong Jun, Shin Hyungjun, Bada etc were revealed.

During the broadcasting, there is this one particular young man who is in the middle of knitting in the waiting room that caught the attention among all the stars. That particular young man is U-KISS’s Dongho, who has been receiving lots of love for their Man Man Ha Ni single.

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U-KISS “Bingeul Bingeul (Round And Round)” Comeback…First “Strong Guy” Dance, Now Blasting With Whirlwind Dance

‘Am I That Easy’ U-KISS returned with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’.

U-KISS made their comeback on the February 5th broadcasting of KBS Music Bank, performing their title track ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ taken from their 1st full album ‘U-KISS 1st ONLY ONE’.

U-KISS who gained popularity with their strong guy dance through ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, will continue striving to the top with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’. This time, their title track is accompanied by more intense dance steps called Whirlwind Dance which already caught people’s attention.

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Sources: Conti U-kiss, Conti U-kiss
Video Source: Ukissyo

How cute is it that Dongho knits? I wonder if he just makes endless scarfs. Perhaps now the fans will send him knitting books and yarn.

Jang GeunSeok, “I was shocked at the ‘changed’ YongHwa”

Actor Jang GeunSeok reveals that he was shocked to see a different Jung YongHwa in C.N Blue.

Yesterday during MBC TV program ‘SaeBaKwi’ filming session, Jung YongHwa did a phone call on the show to actor Jang Geun Seok, whom he had acted together with in SBS drama You’re Beautiful.

Jang GeunSeok who picked up the call said, “YongHwa has changed from when he was filming the drama. Recently when I see him perform on music shows, he looked really talented. I was shocked when I see his gestures on stage.”

Meanwhile, C.N Blue is taking the Kpop world by storm with their debut Korean song ‘Alone’ gaining much popularity.

Source: Sookyeong

Sigh. I'm at school so I don't have the link to my gif of Yonghwa playing a guitar :/
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Ga In's First Love Was Her Junior High School Teacher

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GaIn unveils her first love story in KBS 2TV ‘Sweet Night’ upcoming broadcast!

The BEG youngest member shares her story in the program and reveals that her first love was actually her junior high school science teacher.

GaIn,”The teacher was so cool, like a movie star. So, I secretly had a crush”, she said.
She continues,” I wasn’t visible to him, but I am blessed as a student and I also like his voice, “she recalled.

When asked if she meets her first love again after 10 years, GaIn answers,” I am still excited to see my teacher. I feel like being a junior high school student again, “she said. GaIn’s first love story will be aired on Feb 7th,2010 at 11:15 KST.

Source: KBites

I know a certain Ssanti Diva who would not be pleased to hear this.
But you know she dgaf.
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G-Dragon, “I found myself tearing up as I handed over ‘Lies’”

After their debut, the group ‘Big Bang’ received much attention for being a “skill-based idol group”. Since they did their own writing, composing, choreography and even styling, they were considered ‘new concept’ idols. This group that wore black clothes with painted faces, tilted hats and looked like they belonged in a dark alleyway soon gained the nickname of ‘the Dark Idols’.

”Early after our debut, I made all the members work even harder. It was my job as a leader, so I had no choice but to play the bad guy. When people see me outside of work they say I’m a fool, but when I’m working I calculate everything because I’m very timid like most blood-type A’s. I keep telling myself that I have to pay attention and be serious. People tell me that I get this look in my eyes when I’m working.”

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Original Article

Translation by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net
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G-Dragon questioned by Korean authorities

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Korean pop idol G-Dragon was summoned by Korean authorities last night and questioned for about an hour, according to the criminal investigation department at the Seoul East District Court.

In a phone conversation with Asia Economic Daily on Friday, the department official explained that they had confidentially brought in the singer to investigate the recent controversy surrounding his solo concert, for which he was accused of displaying sexually explicit behavior during the performances.

The leader of idol group Big Bang, who showed up at the court around 8:45 PM, was questioned by authorities for approximately one hour.

The hour-long questioning was regarding the singer's concert -- held December 5 to 6 at Seoul's Olympic Park -- where he had allegedly shown sexually suggestive dances and body movements. Authorities are looking into whether the choreography had been planned in advance by agency YG Entertainment and whether they were aware that presenting such obscene behavior might suggest sexual acts.

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Source: asiae.co.kr

This article gives more detail as to what happened at interrogation.
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sunny wants to be an adult idol

SNSD's Sunny made a surprise announcement stating that she is envious of the 'adult idol' character.

KBS2 'Invincible Youth' which aired on the 5th showed the girls of IY ice fishing and cooking.

On this day's show, the G7 members were seen slipping and falling on the ice while fishing, eating raw fish that they caught as well as various other images that are not usually shown and brought laughter to the viewers.

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yahoo news
translated by k_taevid @ ssf

This sounds ridiculous, lol.
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taeyeon & tiffany are moms of the group

SNSD's Taeyeon and Tiffany revealed the fact that they were the moms of the group.

Taeyeon stated, "We have to carry a bell around the dorm" on the MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Relay' on February 5th.

Taeyeon stated, "Tiffany and I started our training 3 years earlier." Tiffany revealed, "We carry around a bell and wake the other members and feed them."</b>

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translated by k_taevid @ ssf
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seohyun has the best body in snsd?

SNSD Seohyun was chosen to have the best body of the group.

Seohyun was chosen as the 'Best body through dancing' of the 9 girls on the MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Relay' which aired on the 5th of February.

Leader Taeyeon stated, "Seohyun exercises in the middle of the night. She stared straight into the mirror and works out."

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translated by k_taevid @ ssf

Do they mean the most healthy? Who do you guys think have the best body? Don't think Jessica necessarily has the best body, but I'll start the gif spammage. :D


Why did 2AM ChangMin cry during KBS Music Bank performance?

2AM ChangMin tears during a broadcast performance.

This was during 2AM’s performance of ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’ on KBS Music Bank on 5th February when lead vocal ChangMin was seen tearing.

Right after the performance, top searched keywords on various search portal sites were ‘ChangMin tears’. With that fans and netizens also posted up their worries after seeing the tearful performance like “He looked so immersed in the song, really a pro”, “Did something happened or something?” etc.

With that ChangMin came out to explain, “I was too caught up with the emotions on stage and I started tearing. It’s not that something had happened.”

Meanwhile, the song has surpassed So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh!’ on various mobile chart and Cyworld background music chart.

Source: Newsen + sookyeong
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Korea: sex-obsessed or free expression?

G-Dragon, left, leader of popular boy band Big Bang, gives a sexually-charged performance during his concert at Olympic Gymnasium in southeastern Seoul last month in this image captured from a video of his performance. Singer Yoon Bok-hee sports a miniskirt in this January 1967 file photo.

Sex-Obsessed or Free Expression?

By Park Si-soo
Staff Reporter

In January 1967, when Yoon Bok-hee, a legendary singer, appeared on TV wearing a miniskirt, she was branded a "public enemy" who threatened to destroy Korea's strict ethical code.

In April 1973, a barmaid was thrown into jail for sporting a scanty garment that exposed more than 20 centimeters of flesh above her knees.

Such a miniskirt ban is long gone but, ironically, Korea now finds itself debating whether it is overly tolerant.

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From Korea Times

Remember this, Omona? XD I can't believe this girl didn't get that much hate + criticism compared to G-Dragon in Korea... 8D
Yee {Hoho}

Park Han Byul to romance Super Junior’s Choi Siwon in Oh! My Lady

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Actress Park Han Byul has been added to the cast of SBS’s Oh! My Lady which stars Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and veteran actress Park Chae Rim.

Siwon plays the role of a rude celebrity actor, and Chae Rim plays the manager of Siwon. Park Han Byul will play the role of a former lover of Siwon, she leaves him to study abroad and returns to Korea as a director of a fashion house. Siwon will come in contact with her once again as he becomes a model for the fashion house.

I’ve never seen Park Han Byul act before and to be honest I don’t know much about her besides the fact that she’s the girlfriend of Se7en. This drama seems interesting though and SBS may have a big hit on their hand. This might be the venue launching Park Han Byul to the next level as she advances her career as an actress.

Source: Allkpop

CN Blue, ‘Bluetory’ means blue bird?

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The new group CN Blue is swept in the tides again with the fact that they have also copied the album title from Ynot after the song as well. Currently, CN Blue is in fight against the copyright issues with the song ‘Blue bird’ from the group Ynot. The rhythm pattern and the melody of the chorus matching in the two songs was the cause of it.

According to Ynot, they stated that FNC Music, the management company for CN Blue, asked the composers Kim DoHoon and Lee SangHo to apologize about the matter, but it the issue seemed to be calming down solely because there hasn’t been any more actions from CN Blue.

However, the netizens are raising the matter once again by claiming that CN Blue’s album title ‘Bluetory’ actually means ‘Blue bird’. According to these netizens, ‘Bluetory’ is a mix up with the word “blue” and “tory” which means “bird” in Japanese.

CN Blue’s management, FNC Music replied that the album title ‘Bluetory’ was purely made up by the president of the company and that it represents CN Blue with the “blue” and the pure Korean word “tory.” They also added that “tory” stands for the “music specialty that each area has” and ‘Bluetory’ in general means that “CN Blue will be showing their own color in the music industry.

source: kbites
Translation By: cnbluemoonlight @ CodeAzzurro
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sooyoung keeps three winks promise to fans

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SNSD's member Sooyoung has kept her promise with the fans.

Yesterday (5th) on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank," Sooyoung pointed at her right eye and winked three times to the camera while celebrating their winning first place for K-Chart.

This was requested by SNSD fans from a music and video community site. They asked Sooyoung, "If SNSD wins first place for Music Bank K-Chart, please wink three times." Seeing this message, Sooyoung accepted the request and took action on air.

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translated by typicalharu @ ssf

How sweet! It's nice to see them responding to fan requests.
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Inside Kibum's (U-Kiss) bag

Sexy photo - A photo by photographer Choi Bo Yoon, with a homosexual concept.
Brown Cruizer 2 Shaver - My beard/mustache grows really fast. I use it up to 2-3 times a day.
Hairband - Used during practice to keep my hair up.
Portable hand group - For hand exercises when I'm bored.
Gloves - I need when I do weights at the gym.
Blackberry Bold - Start-up screen is our toy poodle, Choco.
MLB cap - My favorite cap because it fits well. Hyungjoon hyung has the same cap.

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Credits: ukissme.SG (Translations) + ROCKETBOXX.NET
Source: High Cut

He actually carries that picture around with him?!
How does Kevin feel about this development?
And his close relationship with Hyungjoon is so adorable ♥

4Minute Invades Manila

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Armed with a handful of Filipino including "Ako si..." (I am) and "Maraming Salamat" (Thank you) in perky, adorable teenage voices no less, 4Minute has finally landed in Manila.

(Reminds me of the tales about how SHINee's Minho kept asking their bus driver how he was in Filipino)

Okay technically I believe they were here yesterday and did some TV promotion recordings but today was the official press conference at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel (their official residence in Manila).The 4minute girls exuded cuteness and politeness throughout the short interaction with the press.

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Source: twistedhalo04 & nonbeliever04

I can't wait to see the perform tomorrow!