February 6th, 2010

[Model] Chinese Garden

Inside Kevin & Alexander's Bags

Sony PSP - Gift from a fan, since I like blue.
"Living Life" - Gift from Brian hyung.
Vitamins - It's the same vitamins as Alexander hyung.
Anycall Haptic 2 - The main picture is a selca.
Bean Pole wallet - My sticker photos with my family, friends from America and members are precious.
Apple iPod - I enjoy listening to girl groups' songs.
Loccitane handcream - Important cream for my hands when they get dry.
Nintendo DS - I play Tetris against Kibum hyung in the waiting room.

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Translation Credit: kwongi @ ukissme.SG (1 & 2)
Source: High Cut (1 & 2)

Sorry guys! I just found these now or I would have included them in the Kibum post.
And of course you like girl group songs, Kevin. OFC.
Xander needs to talk about his love for them too...

Changmin touch

Seulong Gets Ignored?

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2AM is currently on a roll with their new song, Even If I Die, I Won’t Let You Go. Member Seulong recently told a story about him meeting legendary idol group g.o.d.

On the latest episode of Intimate Note, Seulong said, “When I was in Grade 1~2, I was a child actor. During my acting days, I got an autograph from g.o.d.” He continued, “I was at the MBC center late at night, and saw g.o.d. I went and asked for an autograph. Kim Tae Woo hyung came and told me to work hard.”

Danny Ahn, who was also in the episode, said, “I remember Seulong back then. I thought that he was going to do well.”

Seulong then corrected, “I remember that everyone was ignoring me except for Tae Woo hyung.”

Hmm… I wonder what the former g.o.d member said to Seulong after the recording…

Source: AKP

lol, I can't wait for this episode to be subbed

2AM, “We have better body than 2PM. We’re beastly idols too”

4-member vocal male group 2AM reveals their wish to be seen as beastly idols too.

The group was on ‘Guerrilla Concert’ on KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 6th February when they said, “Our body (build) is better than 2PM’s. Now we are also beastly idols.”

They added, “In the past 10 months, the burden and worries piled up, but when our new song was released, it was all-kill on charts.” revealing their excitement about their comeback song.

Also member JinWoon also revealed that he likes girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun, “I changed the computer password to ‘SeoHyun Jjang’.”

Source: Star News + K-Bites

XD "SeoHyun Jjang"
Oguri Shun - Word

F(x)'s Happy Energy Charity Work in Africa Subbed

The wonderful people at Iheartfx have subbed f(x)'s charity work/photoshoot in Africa!

Your lesson in fun

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Source: iheartfx

Question for you non-f(x) fans--does this change your opinion of them at all? For the people who are already fans, do you have a different favorite member, or has this changed your view of a certain one? Oh and sorry if the post is a little off, this is my first post here ^^
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Another eye-smile survey

High Cut had an online survey last January 21-31 on celebrities with the most charismatic "half-moon eye smiles". Here are the top 4:

1. Rain (43.5% votes : 576 people)
2. 2PM's Junho (27.1% votoes : 359 people)
3. Big Bang's "Dancing King" Taeyang (15.6 % : 207 people)
4. God of Study's Lee Hyun Woo (13.8% : 183 people)

Source: BigBangUpdates
Original Source

I checked the High Cut site and it looks like it's still ongoing? The results are the same except Rain's higher (44,2%). Cue junhoexcited.gif for actually being included in a survey.
Michael Jackson - Popcorn

U-kiss on Ulzzang Generation (얼짱시대) - Season 2 - Episode 1

U-kiss came out to support member Kiseop's joining of Ulzzang Generation.

From what I understand ulzzang (얼짱), translated as "best face", is used to describe a person who (through the use of makeup, camera angles, and computer programs) takes beautiful selcas to post online.

Ulzzang Generation (얼짱시대) is a variety show that follows some of the more (in)famous ulzzangs.


I'm not really familiar with ulzzangs, so please correct me if I got something wrong. I figured I'd have to add some sort of definition or else half the comments would be about what they are.
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[INFO] 100206 Kim Junsu & Kim Junho To Go To Singpore In April 2010

Posted Image

Posted Image

Quest Model Management (part of Quest Group Holdings) announced on 3 February, via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, that Kim Junho, fraternal twin of TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, will be holding a mini-concert in Singapore in April 2010.

Xiah Junsu is set to make an appearance for this mini-concert.

More details will be made available on a later date.

Quest Group Holdings represents and manages upcoming Korean artists in the music and entertainment industry.

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Source: [Quest's twitter & facebook]
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