February 8th, 2010


'LeeSeChang, Han MinGwan, Eli, Oh Seungah's F1 derby challenges "Real Life Racing" '

Various celebrities will be filmed while training for a F1 (Formula 1) racing derby. Their "lessons" are to be shown on tv.
As shown on MBC's ESPN, sometime near the month of October in JunNam, Youngam ; a F1 GrandPrix racing derby will be held. For the F1 GrandPrix derby, various celebrities will be learning and training to possibly participate in it.
Next week, the first broadcast of the program will feature actor Lee SeChang; gagman, HanMinGwan; U-Kiss's Eli and Rainbow's Oh Seungah.

For the program, actor Lee SeChang who is also a racer, will be training and teaching the featured members. He will be helping them recieve international licenses and help them learn safety regulations. This will lead them to participate in the F1 derby later in October.
This program will be broadcasted for 2 months.

Credits: newsen + pigger995@ROCKETBOXX.NET

2PM WooYoung on kiss scene with JunHo, “The feeling was weird”

2PM WooYoung talks about his kiss scene with member JunHo.

2PM had a fanmeeting on 6th February at 2PM in SamSung Electronics Building Delight Hall when fans get to ask the members things they are curious about.

And WooYoung reveals that the kiss scene with JunHo for the drama parody of SBS You’re Beautiful for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, “The feeling was weird.”

The other members started laughing saying, “This is the first kiss for JunHo and WooYoung.” And WooYoung said, “I want to forget about it quickly.” with a shy smile.

Meanwhile, 2PM recently ended the promotions for their 1st full length album ‘Heartbeat’, and is currently taking a break. It is planned that they will be back with a new album early this half of the year for their comeback.

Source: Sookyeong

Cue WooHo .gif spam~
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SHINee visits a Japanese orphanage

On February 6th, boy group SHINee performed at the K-POP Festival in Sapporo, Japan. The next day, the angelic boys decided to visit an orphanage in the city and put smiles on the little kids’ faces.

They gifted the children with shirts that had Korean on it, Korean snacks and Korean stuffed animals. I guess the purpose was to introduce Korean culture to the boys and girls.

SHINee and the 60 children split up into teams and played games. The children even performed for SHINee. With Sapporo TV recording every minute of this event, the boys received much kudos from the Japanese fans.

SHINee said, “It was for a short period of time but we made a lot of memories in Sapporo. Meeting these children made this trip more meaningful. If we get the chance to, we want to visit Sapporo again.”

SHINee is wrapping up an Asia promotion by hitting Hong Kong on the 12th, Cambodia on the 21st and Fukuoka on the 27th.

Source: allkpop

*~Angelic~* boys indeed. Slight wtf at Cambodia though.
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U-kiss Dongho, "Saipan off-season training, it's harder than school'

U-kiss Dongho confesses how harsh off-season training was in Saipan.

On the episode of KBS 2TV's 'Invincible Baseball' that aired on the 6th, the Invincible Baseball team underwent 'hell-training' catching balls hit by a fungo bat to practice their defense.

After taking a nap after the fungo training Dongho struggled to get out of bed saying, "I'm so tired, this is harder than going to school." Dongho is becoming a first-year high school student this year.

During their off-season training in Saipan, the Invincible Baseball team took on the challenge of achieving a 90% fielding average. Although none managed to succeed in infield defense, in outfield defense Han Mingwan, Kim Joon, and Lee Haneul achieved 90%, while Marco, Oh Jiho, Mario, Jobin, Kim Sungsoo, and Kim Changryul all failed.

Afterwards the Invincible Baseball team had their first international match with the Saipan San Roque D-9er's, and coach Kim Sunghan joined as a special commentator for the game. They also met with the new LG Twins' coach Park Jonghoon who provided tips on outfield defense.

Original source: Newsen
Translation: qvinx @ omona_prection
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2nd Nation’s Younger Brother U-KISS Dongho, Middle School Graduation on February 10th

“I’m A High School Student Now”

U-KISS’s youngest member Dongho will be graduating from middle school on this coming February 10th.

On February 10th at Seoul Yongsan district in Icheon, Dongho will receive his middle school diploma from Yonggang Middle School. The 1994 born Dongho will be 17 years old this year (Korean age) and has been rewarded with a scholarship to attend Hanrim (Hallim) Entertainment Arts High School starting on March.

At the moment, Dongho lives in a dorm with other U-KISS’s members as they are currently busy with their album activities. Despite of his young age, he is a fixed members on various shows such as KBS 2TV Invincible Baseball Team, MBC Change The World, SBS E!TV Idol Magnae Rebellion, M.net SSGB, and MBC Every1 Bling Bling Every Show – U-KISS’s Vampire.

Dongho, who has established his name on various variety programs, has been hailed as the 2nd nation’s younger brother after Yoo Seungho.

U-KISS who is receiving lots of love from their ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ activities, has just releasing their 1st full album entitled ‘ONLY 1st ONE’ an has making a comeback with title track ‘Bingeul Bingeul’.

Source: Newsen
English translation: contiukiss

It's kind of funny that he got a scholarship when his grades are so low. Perhaps it's base on his entertainment skills? I bet they also take into consideration amount of publication he'd bring to the school if went there.
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G-Dragon : "What's with President Yang?"

Part 9 of the interview series. Read Part 8 here

So once YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok decided the song G-Dragon had written for himself, ‘Lies’ would be used as a Big Bang song, G-Dragon started to rewrite it for the group.

”I felt so weak knowing I had to rewrite it from the beginning. Still, I did it and showed the other members, worried about whether they’d like it or not. It was a lot different to the music we’d done til then so at first the members just looked really blank after hearing it. I was sitting there quietly thinking ‘They don’t like it? Oh well I can’t do anything about that. Then Taeyang said ‘Let’s do it!’”

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Korean article

Translated by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net
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Adam couple me2day update

감사합니다…!!!!^^ 시혁이형 사랑해요!!!ㅋㅋ 감사합니다^^*
Thank you....!! ^^ Love you, Shihyuk-hyung!! Keke. Thank you ^^*

Nuna...!! Don't forget that you said you plan to do some other thing for me other than a back hug in the text message you sent!! ^^* Keke

Translated by: Sparkskey at [info]omona_prection 


Ooh~~some other thing? sounds interesting...

Get ready for Sponge Band!

a hot new 5-member band called Sponge Band will be debuting soon. And with a name like that, who could possibly hate them?

With all due seriousness though, they sound really good – kind of an F.T Island vibe, but what’s even more interesting is that they’re a co-ed group! There’s definitely a lack of co-ed groups in k-pop lately, so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Sponge Band’s first mini-album will be titled, “The Beginning” and it will drop on February 19th. The members are, Oh Song (오송), Ga On (가온), K# (키샵), Soo Yeon (수연) and Chung Ah (청아).

Check out the three teasers:

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Source: allkpop - Kaboomzable

CNBLUE’s composer Kim Do Hoon speaks on plagiarism allegations

Composer Kim Do Hoon, who has recently been suffering from various plagiarism accusations, for songs such as CNBLUE’s “I’m a loner” and Kim Jong Kook’s, “Can’t forget,” has finally released an official statement.

On the 8th Kim Do Hoon stated:

“I want to say to all of the music fans and industry professionals that I’m very regretful and sorry to cause everyone such an inconvenience. I was trying to hold back my words, but I couldn’t resist with this crisis. I want everyone to know that the reason I didn’t speak out on these allegations are not because I had nothing to say, or because I was agreeing to the allegations.”

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source: allkpop

Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.02.08

2010.02.08 19:05
Title : Baengsin


Everyday me who is lonely feel bored and just sleep with Heebum
So I got a kitty from parceling out
(to not make the same mistake like in the past with Champagneㅡㅡㆀ)

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In other Heechul Cyworld related news...

100209 Heechul BGM List Update

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The first song is Birthday by Haibwa
the second is Happy Birthday by Tabo

So, guess whose birthday is it in Korea and China right now? :'(

Credits: Heechul's Cyworld
Translation: evanesco @ sj-world.net

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa’s sad love story?

C.N Blue member, Jung YongHwa revealed a sad true story about what happened when he first arrived at Seoul from his hometown PuSan on the episode of Strong Heart airing on the 9th.

On this day of filming Jung YongHwa stated, “When I first came to Seoul and I didn’t know a thing about Seoul styles, I fell in love with this one girl when I was walking down the street.” He added, “I knew that I couldn’t lose her, so I requested for a date,” surprising everyone during the filming.

He explained that the girl accepted the date without any hesitation and Jung YongHwa described the experience as “finally meeting me ideal woman.” However, after that day, he said that he couldn’t contact this woman at all. And they “broke up” after that because her identity had been revealed.

What was her identity that made Jung YongHwa so surprised, and what was the sad story behind the fact that he “broke up” with her? This can be caught through the episode of Strong Heart.

Source: Sookyeong

I know what you're all thinking.
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

“Even though ‘WonderGirls SunMi’ is important, just ‘SunMi’ is also important”

Girl group Wonder Girls members SunYe, YooBin, YeEun and SoHee talk about their feelings on SunMi’s leaving the group.

The 4 WonderGirls members had a meeting with their WonderGirls fan union on 8th February and the fan union released the details of the meeting through their fancafe at about 11pm.

According to the representative of the fan union, SunMi’s training was shorter as compared to the other members since her debut she had missed out a much of her schooling life. And the members constantly felt SunMi’s regrets about it after they had their American debut.

They told the fans, “But our responses were the same as fans when it was revealed that SunMi will be stopping her promotions as WonderGirls for the time being. At first we panicked, and said that she will regret this, but after awhile we calmed down and gave our support for her decision.”

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SOURCES: Star News, sookyeong

I'm glad they held this fan meeting but I'm still sad about the whole thing. Not about Sun Mi's decision but why she had to be replaced =\ I actually also wish they could do this kind of thing for 2PM as well.
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Invincible So Nyeo Shi Dae up #1 on music charts for 2nd week with ‘Oh!’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The main characters of the ‘Oh!’ fever, So Nyeo Shi Dae is up dominating various music charts for the 2nd consecutive week.

The girls released their 2nd full length album ‘Oh!’ on 28th January, and the album is up #1 on various album charts like Hot Tracks, Yes 24 etc, and also up #1 on various daily, weekly and monthly charts, reigning as ‘chart queens’ again.

And the title song ‘Oh!’ is up #1 and dominating various music charts like Melon, Dosirak, Monkey3, Bugs etc for the 2nd week consecutively, it is also up strong on various mobile ringtone charts like SKT Live Bell.
Already the group had gone up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank K Chart during their comeback stage on 5th February. The song is highly expected to the group’s 7th consecutive hit song after 'Into The New World', ‘Girls Generation’, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Baby Baby’, ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.

source: sookyeong

GaHee’s shocking revelation, “UEE is the discipline master of After School”

After School GaHee gives a shocking revelation of fellow member UEE.

GaHee participated in the recent filming of SBS Strong Heart where she revealed, “I’m the leader of After School but recently there is a member who is scarier and holds more discipline power than me.”

It turned out that she was talking about UEE. UEE was seen flustered upon that revelation. GaHee said, “Recently we have 2 new maknae members joining After School, and one day UEE was watching the maknae members practising choreography and she called them an adjacent room.”

“I don’t know what happened but I was shocked to know from the maknae members the next day that they were disciplined.”

With that, GaHee reveals the story told by the choreography team who saw what happened in the adjacent room that day on the show.

The guest appearances on the show had all commented with “So surprising coming from UEE” etc.

Stay tuned to the show ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 9th February for the full story.

Source: Newsen + K-Bites

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Shin Hae-chul Spews Venom Against CNBLUE

CNBLUE’s guitarist and lead singer Jung Yong-hwa, second from right, and three other members pose in this file photo. The group’s hit song “I’m a Loner” is accused of having copied indie band Ynot’s song.

Rocker Shin Hae-chul, well-known for his straightforward, savage criticism against social and pop culture issues, spewed venom again ― this time against four-member band CNBLUE.

Shin added fuel to ongoing disputes involving allegations that the group's hit song "I'm a Loner" off its debut album "Bluetory" is a copy of an indie band's song.

The hit song has been accused of having "shocking similarities" with an indie band Ynot's "Blue Bird."

The fast rising group's song swept the music charts after it was released in mid-January. CNBLUE's agency FNC Music has denied the allegations.

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Source: The Korea Times
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on DamBi’s comeback album set to release in March, same time period as Lee Hyori

‘Dancing queen’ Son DamBi will be making her singer comeback in March.

Son DamBi revealed back stage to 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards on 3rd February where she was awarded the BonSang, “I will comeback with a new album in March. I will be working with Brave Brothers who composed ‘Saturday Night’ for this comeback.”

Son DamBi and Brave Brothers are called the ‘perfect match’ in Kpop circle. Son DamBi’s previous hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’ are all works of Brave Brothers. Son DamBi said,”Please look forward to a new transformation and a even cooler track for my comeback.”

With news of Son DamBi’s comeback 4th album next month, which happens to fall in the same time period as Lee Hyori’s 4th album comeback, much anticipation from music fans as to how the ’showdown of the sexy queens’ will turn out.

Source: SportsChosun
Via: sookyeong

oooh this will be interesting



Korean’s Hottest boyband, SHINee and JJ Lin JunJie are confirmed for the Singapore Entertainment Awards.  SHINee came last week to attend Korea’s famous composer, Mr Oh Joon Sung’s concert and had a fan-signing event. Both these events had attracted thousands of fans. If you are a fan, and you haven’t seen enough of them, get your tickets now and you can see SHINee singing and dancing!

There will be many other artistes besides JJ and SHINee attending. The name list will be out soon, so stay tuned to “LIAN HE WAN BAO”, 1003 FM and OMY.

DATE: 13 Mar 2010  Sat 7PM
DURATION : Approx 5 Hrs
VENUE(S) : The Floating Platform @ Marina Bay
TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard – S$21.40, S$10.70
Mosh Pit (Stage Front Standing) – S$69.55
(Ticket price are inclusive of 7% GST)

Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable. 

source: OMY.SG, SHINee Singapore 

 Book your tix here: SISTIC

Dia, “I was very hurt from all the mean comments after I was said to have imitated Park Bom”

Newcomer singer Dia is more known to many as ‘teenage Park Bom’ or ‘Korea’s Beyonce’.

She debuted last year with the single ‘0carat’ and recently in January she released her 2nd single ‘0.5carat’ which was well received by music fans, and she was given the nickname of ’scary newcomer’ with her powerful vocals. But amidst that, Dia reveals that the nickname has brought her much tears and hurt. This new singer said there has been some misunderstanding about her, which had attracted mean comments from netizens.

Dia is just 18 years old this year, but through her recent interviews, she has shown a very dignified self unlike most new singers.

“After my first performance, I was shocked at the responses. The MCs for one of the music shows introduced me as the singer who is trying to sing like Park Bom unnie, and after the performance it became hot issue on portal sites. Of course it is good to be more known all of the sudden. But because of all the mean comments like my style is similar Park Bom unnie’s style or I’m trying to imitate Park Bom, I was very hurt.”

“Actually after the failure from the previous single, I lost all the anticipation. I wanted so much to sing and perform on stage, but I can’t, and everyday it gets tougher. I was so depressed.”

But Dia said that she did not just stop there. She worked harder and aimed for success. With the strong belief in the saying ‘*인간만사 새옹지마’ she stood up strong again.

“I thought (Park Bom unnie) I should be more thankful. I want to thank Park Bom unnie if I get the chance to meet her. And also through this, I wanted to do my best to show my own styles and capabilities. My wish for the year is to be known as my name Dia instead of ‘the 2nd who-who’. (smile)”


Giselle - in the throng
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oh! more easily available to international fans

9-member girl group SNSD's recent track can now be appreciated all over the world.

On the 9th, SNSD's company, SM Entertainment, provided SNSD's 2nd full album "Oh!" to more than 80 countries through the international music service, iTunes Music Store.

SM Entertainment revealed, "'Since last 8th, 'Oh!' is being provided to more than 80 countries, like the USA, England, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc, through the 'iTunes Music Store'."

Soon after, they spoke about their view upon this, "We expect to provide internationally, in a more accessible way, not only SNSD's music, but also promote the korean music itself to music admirers."

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Star News
translation by jek_093 @ ssf

Yes, international is the way to go.
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Mighty 'Korean Wave' Needs Localization in Japan

"So you're asking me whether 'hallyu' is facing a crisis? I don't think so. Maybe it doesn't have the same almost blind zeal among Japanese it enjoyed during the initial stage. Rather, I think it has entered a stabilization stage," said a Korean movie producer, Shawn Shin, who works in Japan.

The view that hallyu or the Korean wave (the popularity of the Korean culture abroad) hit its apex and stands now on a downhill curve in Japan surfaced in recent years.

But those who work on the frontier of hallyu in Japan flatly reject the view.

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Source: The Korea Times
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J.ae’s New Album Rejected by TV Stations

Returning to the music business after three long years must not be as easy as she thought. J.ae’s new special album, “Sentimental,” was ruled unfit for broadcasting by KBS and SBS. MBC is currently reviewing the song to announce the result next week. Broadcasting review panels at the leading national networks said that the lyrics of the title song “No.5” contained direct references to commercial brand names, like Chanel and McDonalds. Network stations are concerned that naming certain brands could cause debates over indirect advertising.

“No. 5” was written by Lee Ji-rin of the indie band Humming Urban Stereo, who was inspired to write a song after seeing an ad about Chanel No.5 perfume on a bus. The song may have succeeded in grabbing the interest of listeners with its unique lyrics, but could not escape from the criticism of indirect advertisement. Jae’s agency said that it’s most unfortunate that her year’s work failed to meet the industry standards, but it will apply for another review after changing some parts of the lyrics. J.ae’s latest album will be out on the market on February 10th.

source: KBS Global
Who's next?

SNSD’s Seohyun graduates from high school

SNSD’s Seohyun has graduated from her high school.

Seohyun and her fellow members in SNSD just recently made their comeback and are busy promoting their title track Oh! And even though the SNSD maknae is busy with her live promotions, she appeared on stage with TRAX and is now finding the time to attend her graduation on the 9th where she received a lifetime achievement award.

“I’m excited that I’m graduating, but a part of me is a bit sad too. But I plan to become less shy and I will definitely attend my graduation,” said Seohyun.

After her graduation, Seohyun plans to return to Seoul immediately and resume her activities. She will also be celebrating fellow band member Sooyoung’s 21st birthday as they’ll be throwing their own little party in their dorm.

Julianne Moore
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KBS TV dramas to air in Central, South Americas

2002 KBS TV series "Winter Sonata" starring Hallyu stars Choi Ji-woo (left) and Bae Yong-joon

A number of Korean television dramas are set to air in several Central and South American countries, according to Korean public broadcaster KBS on Monday.

KBS Media, who sells the network's programs overseas, announced that they sold the popular TV series "Winter Sonata"(2002) and "Autumn in My Heart"(2000) to Hispanic distributor Latin Media at the "NATPE 2010" conference, held January 25 thru 27 in Las Vegas.

"NATPE 2010", which stands for the National Association of Television Program Executives, is an annual event attended by television industry officials from all around the world.

Many more Korean dramas -- including "Boys Over Flowers", "Full House" and "Mr. Goodbye" -- have broadcasting contract in pending, KBS said, after which they are set to air in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

The Korean broadcaster had been airing its dramas in Central and South American countries for free so far to expand its market and gain viewers. In 2006, "Winter Sonata" and "Autumn in My Heart" were broadcast in 11 countries in the region through a promotional alliance with Korea Foundation.

Hallyu dramas will be shown Arab countries as well. KBS Media is reportedly processing a deal with the region's satellite broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Center to air the hit 2009 dramas "Boys Over Flowers" and "My Fair Lady".

Source: asiae.co.kr

Why not Europe ever?
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Lee Gikwang shows off his luxurious figure on 'High Kick Through the Roof

Singer and actor Lee Gikwang captured viewers' attention through revealing his luxurious figure on 'High Kick Through the Roof.'

On February 8th's broadcast of MBC 'High Kick Through the Roof,' Seho (Lee Gikwang) has been shown struggling to draw a manly appearance to charm Jungeum, who acknowleges him as a persistant, crazy man.

Seho first appeared before Jungeum in a suit in attempt to show a more adult demeanor. However, Jungeum rejects him with a nonchalant reply, causing lots of laughter. Going back to the vain effort to appear mature, Seho calls for the gym and shows a manly appearance through his muscles to attact Jungeum. But again, Jungeum responds with another cold remark.

Viewers who watched the broadcast commented with "Seho's cute face and contrasting body suprised me," "Jungeum's indifferent reaction was sad but thanks to that hot body, I was content," displaying hot reaction.

All this has caused the number of visits to his cyworld to skyrocket.

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Source: etoday, thetalkingapple (semi-translated) @ cube_b2st
Videos: 1, 2, 3, all from nocamerasplease @ youtube

I'd go straight to his Cyworld too, Gikwang makes me feel happily superficial.

UEE for all mankind!

After School’s UEE recently modeled for premium denim jeans called Seven For All Mankind and the sexy photos have just been released.

UEE is representing Korea in Seven’s global campaign called ‘2010 Global Marketing‘ as they try to spread the denim love.

A representative of Seven jeans said, “As a star, UEE is definitely dazzling but she has a baby face that goes well with her long slender legs and glamorous body. She is the ideal model as she meets all the requirements for our denim campaign.”

Often looked upon as a younger version of Go Hyun Jung, she certainly does resemble her a lot through this photoshoot.

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Uee needs a tag!