February 9th, 2010


Stars that attended BIg Bang's Big Show concert



I bet almost every one in Korea were craving at least a little Big Bang with the boys' constant absence due to Japanese activities. And that's right people, eveyone includes celebs too. Here's a list of the some of the big names that attended the concert along with VIPs.

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Pretty impressive, huh? Letz celebrate 

source: ibigbang

p.s mods, sorry about before. My lj acted up on it's own and posted this without my knowledge, obviously before I finished the article :/

Guess who's alive?

The Birthday Boy!


One of the last pictures taken of this increasingly rare Chinese disappearing act, courtesy of SEMIR.

2010-02-09 15:15
Let Love Fly**
Thank you for the best birthday present! Really touched really~~~Let's all continue to work hard together~~~!!!

I love you all !!!

** The Birthday/Charity Project from GengBaidu.
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Source: Han Geng/韩庚's Cyworld
Credit: eunmi/은미남~☆ @ sj-world.net

Happy 26th birthday (28th in Korea), Han Geng! Here's hoping that the current mess solves itself asap for the sake of everyone involved. I also hope you're planning on calling a certain sworn brother whose birthday fake one but the one he celebrates nonetheless is a day after yours. To wish him a happy b-day, at least. :'(

Lee SeungGi expresses unhappiness to YoonA-TaecYeon scandal

SBS variety show Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi reveals his unhappiness to YoonA-Ok TaeYeon scandal.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and 2PM TaecYeon was present in the recent filming of ‘Strong Heart’. The 2 had showed not just their dances as Korea’s representative idols, but also their good speaking.

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S: SportsChosun

I wish Taeckyeon didn't have to strip and make fake scandals to get some attention :( he's so cool!
gong yoo

G-Dragon : "I don't know where it ends"

Part 10 on the interview series. Part 9 is here.

Most of the songs G-Dragon has written have gone on to be huge hits ('Daebak' s). The song ‘Lies’ on Big Bang’s first mini album (released in 2007) which he had originally written for himself became a massive hit, as did ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ to follow.

”Even though people kept telling us we’d become 'a huge hit', it didn’t feel like it at all because we weren’t allowed to go out. The only places we’d go were broadcasting stations, living quarters and practice rooms. We were still nothing but kids and people continued to say “what do we do with them?”. Even though we kept getting number 1, we didn’t feel any different. When the audience cheered and clapped for us, we just thought ‘it’s only because we’re singers’. Whenever we went on stage people would clap, but we wouldn’t be able tell at all since we’d be singing.”

There’s a saying that celebrities often hear, and repeat to themselves over and over again: “The next one is the most important”.

”I think that’s what’s hardest about being a celebrity. Even if we do really well, it’s always ‘next time is more important’. Normal people might think being a celebrity is easy, but it really isn’t.”

Even when they’re on hiatus, celebrities can’t let their guard down. Anxiety in the form of thoughts like ‘I must try even harder’, ‘I can’t give up now’, ‘The next one is more important’ continue to taunt them.

”I just don’t know where it ends. Whenever we see fans who say ‘Big Bang helps us build our dreams’, I realise ‘Man this really isn’t just a joke’. I feel increased responsibility.”

However the Big Bang members aren’t really the type for excessive breaks anyway. When they’re given a holiday, they spend the first couple of days at home before crawling back to the practice rooms because they have nothing to do.

”It’s not like we plan it or anything but even during our days off we see each other dancing or writing lyrics...Practice is like a regular part of our lives now. That’s why we write more songs than others and have more to choose from. I think we’ve come this far because we don’t want to disappoint our fans.”

Even through the times where he had no choice but to run, G-Dragon learned to keep his balance with the thought and determination not to disappoint his fans. We finally start to feel and understand what it was he ran so hard for.

Translator's note: This one was poorly worded in Korean so some of the translations don't make sense especially that bit about the clapping.
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2PM’s Junho is jealous of Taecyeon

2PM’s Junho and Taecyeon are guests on the upcoming episode of Strong Heart in which Junho confessed his true feelings about Taecyeon.

Junho said on the show, “Wherever we go these days, Taecyeon gets a lot of attention so I get kind of jealous. I get kind of greedy because I want attention as well. I wanted to stand out on stage so I would practice by myself all night.”

Junho went on to talk about a special ending move he did during a performance of Heartbeat in November. Here’s a video compilation so we can all appreciate Junho some more:


Junho and Taecyeon performed acrobatic moves and Junho even had a dance battle with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

Stay tuned for a more detailed coverage tomorrow.

Sources: NewsenAKP + puresunshine1989

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Untouchable is #1 on the music charts

Untouchable made their comeback after eight months with their 2nd mini-album and title track Living In The Heart. After only a week, the hip-hop duo has already taken the #1 spot on the online music charts.

This is a pretty big deal, considering the fact that Monkey3 predicted that SNSD would stay on top for quite a while. Looks like the duo really can’t be touched as they’ve beaten out big idol groups like 2AM, SNSD and U-KISS, who are all making a comeback.

Untouchable’s 2nd mini-album contains 5 tracks and their title track even features the beautiful vocals of Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha. The duo was accompanied by Narsha as they made their live comeback last week on Music Bank.

Source: Newsen + AKPkimkshinee

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Sooyoung drops Sweet Night schedule

SNSD Sooyoung's news of joining KBS 'Sweet Night' as an MC has been cancelled.

Representative of 'Sweet Night' stated, "Sooyoung's schedule has increased suddenly with SNSD's new album release, and it seems impossible for her to join us as an MC" and "It's a sad news but maybe we will get to work with her at a different time."

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Sports Chosun
translated by k_taevid @ ssf

Aw, the poor staff. They seemed really eager to have her on.
taemin ; oic
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It's been more than half a year so we decided that it was time for a new layout!

~ The tags are staying on the side for easy reference so you'll have to work around that
~ Side bar needs to stay
~ Layout should have some #f3a7e2
~ It has to work on ALL browsers: Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome etc

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Members may leave suggestions to what the new layout should look like and/or questions regarding this exciting event. Contestants may look into the comments and see what the general feel and consensus of the comm are.

Please submit a screencap of your layout & links to a test journal (if there is one) to omonamods@gmail.com with your username included by 24 March 2010.

The mods will review all submission and pick their top 5 to be voted on by the members.
Winners will be chosen by a poll.

Psst: OFC there is a prize. ~TYFYT~
It's magic Bitch

MBC Star Dance Battle - Lunar New Year 2010 Info

MBC Lunar New Year special series "Star Dance Battle", SNSD, 2pm, Super Junior and various Kpop artists will have their stage showdown.

MBC Lunar New Year special series will be broadcast on 14th Feb,and is a 80 minutes show.
Oh Sang Jin announcer, Hwang JungEum, Kim Shin Young and Shin Bong Sun will be the MC for the day during the "Star Dance Battle", with the combination of the Republic of Korea music and arts, the dance battle will start!

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Translation: FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation
Korean Source: Newsen

Edit: changed it from Chinese New Year to Lunar New year. It's more pc that way I guess.
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10Asia Interviews 2AM

“Jo Kwon is the "It boy"!” This is how Jo Kwon described himself during the "Radio Star" segment on MBC variety show "Golden Fishery". That is very true. Jo Kwon and his group 2AM are the "It boys" of the moment. Their new single instantly shot to No. 1 on digital sound source chart and they are all over the television.

But come to think of it, they were quite a strange bunch. In 2008, they debuted with a charismatic image yet presented themselves as idols who are starting from rock bottom, singing that "the only thing to give you is this song." And rather than becoming talk of the town right away, they looked like a group of hard-working singers.

Two years later, they have finally started to establish an identity. They are one of the most sought-after guests on variety shows and their most recent single "I Can't Let You Go" topped online sound source charts immediately after its release. 10Asia talked to the group who is steadily rising to top.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1 & 2
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FO2 praises idol trio: Yoona, Taecyeon, Jokwon

Kwak SY PD of "Family Outing season 2" (FO2) spoke highly of idol triple SNSD's Yoona, Taecyeon of 2PM and Jokwon of 2AM.

SBS's Lovely Sunday Family Outing 2, which will air on Feb 21st, has been receiving media attention since the beginning of casting stage.

Such attention is from the fact that Yoona, Taecyeon and JoKwon, who are not only popular in the music world but also the entertainment world, will all gather on the same show. The FO2 production team, having completed the first recording and currently under editing, expressed their satisfaction with the activities of the threesome.

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translation by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

Go get 'em, kids! :D I'm glad they're such professionals. Whut, Jokwon still doesn't have a tag? 8D I am surprised.
Penelope is pretty.
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Anti-US Beef Actress Prevails in Court

Actress Kim Min-sun was one of many entertainers who protested against the government’s decision to allow back U.S. beef into Korean markets.

Actress Kim Min-sun won a legal battle Tuesday, started by an American beef importer for an article she wrote two years ago on her private blog that allegedly exaggerated the risk of mad cow disease associated with U.S. beef.

In May 2008, when the country was trapped in heated debate over the resumption of U.S. beef imports and its association with mad cow disease, the actress said in the article, "I would gulp a cup of potassium cyanide rather than eat a piece of American beef infected with the disease."

As the comment drew media attention, an American beef importer in Seoul, A-Meat, filed a suit against the actress and five staff members of an investigative TV journal, PD Notebook, for interrupting its business by spreading what it called "groundless" information about the imported beef. The importer also claimed its bottom line was hit hard by her defamatory article.

But the Seoul Southern District Court Tuesday ruled the actress and the TV program were not liable for any damages to the importer.

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Source: The Korea Times
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'why did i love you?' and 'stand by u' win an award

Mr. Shinjiro Inoue who composed both, "Why Did I Like You?" and "Stand by U" in 2008 and 2009 respectively, has won the "best composition" award in the Japan Record Award (Taisho) for two years consecutively due to these 2 songs. Mr. Shinjiro Inoue, however, thanked Tohoshinki and confessed about being a fan of Tohoshinki.

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Source: [barks] + [heyjj]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

I hope this news is okay. We've posted DBSK's Japanese MVs here before and he talks about being a fan, so...

Anyway, congratulations to him! Those songs are two of my favorites. ^^ His message was so cute.
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Top Female Singer Booked for Selling Bogus Luxury Clothing

Three entertainers have been booked for selling bogus designer goods through online shopping sites.

A Seoul police office said Tuesday a total of 210 companies selling fake designer clothes, along with the three stars, had been booked without detention.

One of the entertainers, a top female singer, is suspected of having reaped in some 2 million won after selling 135 items of clothes and accessories that falsely carried the names of renowned foreign brands between August and November of last year.

Two actresses are also under investigation for making 1.5 million won and 500,000 won respectively by selling bogus products online.

They had allegedly bought the fakes from Dongdaemun Market and sold them through their online stores.

The investigators said the entertainers stopped selling the goods when authorities started to look into their online stores.

The police also caught eight other such sites for using the names of famous entertainers to sell fake goods under false pretenses and are investigating whether they had conspired with the stars.

The police started to investigate the cases from last November and have caught a large number of people involved, including the entertainers.

Source: The Korea Times

Yikes. :-\

ETA: I think (if google translate is to be trusted) these (article 1 and article 2) Korean articles have a bit more info, if someone cares to translate. Still no names though.

HyunA and T-MAX team up for the Love Parade

It looks like February is truly the time for romance as artists continue to collaborate for love songs. The latest release is 4minute’s HyunA and T-MAX’s Park Yun Hwa collaboration track titled Love Parade.

The song feels a bit nostalgic but it’s still a feel good song featuring Yun Hwa’s velvety soft vocals and HyunA’s rapping that portrays a mixed emotion of happiness and sadness. This has got to be one of the best love song collaborations this month, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Take a listen for yourself and go on a love parade!

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source: allkpop XDDDD30
Jake Gyllenhaal
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Lee Byung-hun Offered U.S. Drama Role

Korean heartthrob Lee Byung-hun has been offered a role in an American TV series, officials from his agency said.

The hallyu star of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" recently traveled to Los Angeles. He flew to the U.S. directly from Tokyo right after he took part in a jewelry fair awards ceremony along with Japan's first lady Miyuki Hatoyama. He returned home on Jan. 3.

The purpose of his trip to the U.S. was to meet with officials from American agency CAA about his possible appearance in a TV drama.

"We went there to consider a drama proposal. It's not fixed yet. But there have been some agencies making proposals following his appearance in 'G.I. Joe'," representatives from his agency said.

It is said that Lee is considering diverse activities in the U.S., including filming some commercials.

Lee has already been cast in the "G.I. Joe" sequel, with his role in the film expected to be bigger than in the first one.

Source: The Korea Times
B2ST: Our little secret.
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F.cuz leader Jinon to feature on Gavy NJ’s performance

Following BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and MBLAQ’s Mir, F.cuz leader Jinon will be the next to feature on Gavy NJ’s performance.

On the 11th, Jinon will attend the SBS Inkigayo studios to record both performances of Jiggy and Gavy NJ’s latest track, Sunflower. Jinon will also rap for Gavy NJ on this weeks live episode of KBS Music Bank.

Jinon stated, “This is the first time I’m participating in another singers song and I’m very happy that it is with the Gavy NJ seniors, who I have always liked. I will prepare hard so that I can put on a good performance.”

Jinon has been receiving lots of attention lately, not only because of his groups’ debut, but also because he looks a lot like actor Kwon Sang Woo.

Source: allkpop

I can't wait! :D Finally we'll get to see him rap for real.
Fierce Taec

KARA’s album jacket revealed!

After releasing two teaser pictures, we reported that KARA’s new concept is called Stealer. As their comeback date slowly approaches the girls tease us yet again, this time with the release of their album jacket.

With the unveiling of their album jacket, it’s now been revealed that their title track will be called Lupin (루팡). Now the clues are finally starting to make sense as Lupin is most likely referring to the fictional French gentleman thief Arsène Lupin.

Will KARA be able to steal the spotlight? Stay tuned to allkpop for the Lupin teaser on the 12th and the album release on the 17th!

Source: allkpop
uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

Key graduates, "I'll be that much more responsible as an adult"

SHINee's Key graduated from high school on the 10th.

Key participated in the Daegu Youngshin High school graduation that started at 10 AM. He got his diploma as well as an award of merit for bringing publicity to the high school through his activities.

Key said, "I'm happy that everyone is congratulating me and caring about my graduation. I thank everyone who's helped me get through completeing school, and I'll be that much more responsible as an adult and work hard through SHINee."

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source: asiae | translated by filmsession @ omona_prection
Julianne Moore
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Korea Times and Korea Herald Interview J.ae on Her New Album

Singer J.ae is back with a new mini album titled "Sentimental." It features eight R&B tracks and is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to music charts dominated by trendy idol bands.

Singer J.ae Back, 'Sentimental' as Ever

Music these days is like the genre of thriller novels: the songs stick in your memory for a while, but never really leave a lasting impression. For idol bands, this method is an effective way to show off their talent in the fast-paced music industry, while listeners get a chance to hear the next "bestseller." But for singers like J.ae, who debuted in the late 1990s, music is more than just consumable material ― it provides an original soundtrack to life.

The 32-year-old singer is back with a "special" album titled "Sentimental," and although she admitted that she was so tired she couldn't feel her tongue, she looked enthusiastic and thrilled to meet her fans.

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J.ae gets 'Sentimental' with new album

When J.ae arrived for her afternoon interview, she didn't appear primped up with a face full of teeth grinning from ear to ear as most starlets and young boy band members do when they make the media rounds.

Instead, she showed up wearing the kind of low-key under-the-radar type clothes real people wear - jeans, jumper and a warm jacket with comfortable shoes.

And why should she doll herself up when she's been around the music game for well over a decade?

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Sources: The Korea Times & The Korea Herald
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Fans cry, SJ to arrive in Taiwan on 19th

For Super Junior's first concert in Taipei, Super Show 2, at the Taipei Arena, the organizers, Super Dome, has confirmed with the Korean side and made an official announcement that only 10 members will be going. Hangeng, Kangin, and Kibum are confirmed to be absent. As soon as the news was released yesterday, fans on PPT's website flocked together howling in grief and wanting to cry. They were heart-broken as Hangeng will not be able to realize his agreement to come to Taiwan to celebrate his birthday.

With the February 20th and 21st performance by SJ, at the Taipei Arena, on the horizon, Super Dome confirmed the performing members with South Korea and made an official announcement about the reply on their website. Even though he participated in the original tour and had fans strongly hoping for his appearance, Hangeng is determined* not to go to Taiwan. Though the three members did not attend the previous Beijing concert, thus preparing the fans, they were still extremely sad as when Hangeng visited last year, he had promised to go to Taiwan in February to celebrate together with the fans. It was unexpected that the promise will be unable to be fulfilled leading to fans "crying" and "collapsing."

Fans excited about SJ's visit have even stated that after receiving their New Year's money (Chinese New Year) they will head straight for the airport. Taking fan's security into considering, Super Dome is keeping the flight information of SJ to Taiwan a secret. Right now, they have only revealed that they will be arriving on the 19th and the exact flight will be announced closer to the date.

Source: CpopAccess, UDN

The article doesn't mention Zhou Mi or Henry (which is very strange imo) but I'm assuming they'll show up as well....I hope so anyway.

*Translation error! It should say it's been confirmed that Hangeng will not go, not that he is determined not to go. Thanks for the correction veiledstar. :)
B2ST: Our little secret.
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F.cuz and Sul Woon Do to take the stage together!

Music Bank is planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special performance by F.cuz and Sul Woon Do!

On February 12th, F.cuz (Jinon, LeeU, Kan, Yejun) will appear on KBS 2TV Music Bank with famous Korean trot singer and also LeeU’s father, Sul Woon Do. This will be the first time since their debut that Sul Woon Do and LeeU, father and son, stand on stage together.

“A father to all our members. To stand on stage with such a respected sunbae is an honor. In spirit of the Lunar New Year holiday, we wish that you and your family will watch with a joyful heart,” F.cuz expressed.

On a side note, F.Cuz will perform their debut track Jiggy then follow with a performance of Love’s Twist together with Sul Woon Do. Their special stage performance will kick off around 6:30pm (Korea time) on the 12th!

Source: allkpop

Sexy T-ara Interview

T-ara spent 8 hours in the studio for their brand new CF shoot. Sports Chosen caught up with their while their shoot was in progress for a quick interview.

With SoYeon surviving the swine flu and Jiyeon's KBS 2TV drama "God Of Study" shooting, it's rare to see all 6 members together, but today all members gathered. They arrived at 8:30 AM in the study, quickly getting on smokey makeup and the youthful sporty appearel, which is a lot different from their stage costumes. T-ara make a total of 10 costume changes in the shoot, but the atmosphere remained good thanks to T-ara's bright personalities.

▶ Soyeon's Swine Flu Outbreak

Recently, SoYeon was one of the victims of the swine flu outbreak, she was taken good care of today during the photoshoot. Soyeon said, "Thanks to the many people worrying about my health, I'm happy I have healed," she said smiling brightly. "8 days of sickness, at 5 AM I would wake up so sick and dizzy. It's lucky I recovered so quickly and I'm very thankful for the great conclusion."

▶ What were the products you were ask to endorse?

 Nene Chicken, cosmentics and clothing ads. New Year's Day brought the announcement of 3 simultaneous CF contracts and T-ara gaining a whopping 900,000,000 KRW. We asked T-ara what kind of ads they wanted most, and they all responded with "mobile phones."

"I wish I saw those Bling Bling T-ara phones" said Soyeon.

Qri also said, "I want to advertise on cell phones," she continued, "The ones I like most though are the ads where we get to eat good food."

While still studying for today's driver's license test, leader Eunjung picked a little different. Eunjung stated, "Cosmetic ads and car ads I want more than anything.

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Source: sports chosun
Written by: Baek Jieun
Translated by: Elly@diadem & nathaniel@diadem
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2AM’s Jo Kwon speaks up about homosexuality rumors

’s Jo Kwon is undoubtedly the diva of divas – from his ssanti performances to his hilarious parodies, this idol definitely knows how to show off his outrageous side. During the filming for the Lunar New Year’s special episode of SBS Yong Gura Hwa’s Big Match (set to air on February 14), Jo Kwon reportedly spoke up about rumors that have been floating about regarding his sexual orientation.

For those of you that don’t know, this show, which is hosted by Kim Yong Man, Kim Gura and Shin Jung Hwan, allows guests to explain various incidents, mishaps or accidents that they have been made that have been dug up by reporters in the past. On this episode, Jo Kwon spoke up about rumors that have been circulating regarding his close friendship with U-Kiss member Sooyun. “There are many misunderstandings that have come up regarding my close friendship with Soohyun,” Jo Kwon expressed, “it’s ridiculous.

However, U-Kiss member Dongho, who was also part of the broadcast, responded, “A misunderstanding is a misunderstanding. However, something must have happened [that we don't know about] that led to this event growing into such a big deal.

Meanwhile, other artists that appeared on this episode discussed the burdens they had due to embarrassing, selective and alarming articles that the press has written about them in the past, expressing uneasiness about reporters that “expose” false facts about them.

Although many fangirls are probably relieved that this diva has cleared these things up to a degree, I don’t think sexuality should change how much we love artists; after all, we’d love Jo Kwon gay or straight, right?
This episode will (appropriately) air on Valentine’s Day at 11PM. Stay tuned for more!

Newsen + AKPTV Daily

Here's the post again, guyz. All's fine, have fun.

There was an article about them on
TV Daily in January, it's related to what's being talked about here. Pics under the cut.

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Isak tweets about 2PM...and TVXQ?!

Isak, formerly of SM duo Isak n Jiyeon recently tweeted about two idol groups who are in a state of crisis.

Her first tweet (the one on the bottom) links to a recent video which features Jaebom of 2pm at a recent BBoy Battle : Here
The OMNTD article featuring this video

Her second tweet links to TVXQ's music video for Tonight (And not even the official one from sment's page)

source: Isak's Twitter

Is this news? I don't know, but I thought the non-twitter using folks might like to know. It was a sweet thing for her to do, but I wonder if she could get in trouble.