February 13th, 2010


ShinHwa Andy at army training revealed!

Photos of ShinHwa member Andy receiving his military training in the army has been revealed.

On MBC LIFE to be aired on 15th February, fans will get to see Andy at his military training. On the show, Andy is seen with short hair, and his face painted with mud. He has appeared not as ShinHwa member Andy but as Lee SeonHo.

He previously gave up his PR in the States in 2003, and return to Korea for his entertainer career. He recently reported for his military services on 11th January. Andy said on the show, “Even though at the beginning it was tough, but I slowly adapted since I’m enjoying my army days with fellow comrades.”

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Source: Sookyeong

I miss all of the Shinhwa boys ;_;
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Wonder Girls Hit Charts with 'Nobody' in Chinese-speaking World

Korea's leading girl group the Wonder Girls recently released their single "Nobody" in the Chinese-speaking world.

The song ranked at the top of the J-Pop/K-Pop chart at music website KKBOX, a leading music portal for the greater Chinese market. It also topped Taiwan's mobile music charts including those of three major Taiwanese mobile operators -- Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and FETnet.

Even before the group made its debut there, Chinese media created much hype, reporting that it would release a Chinese version of "Nobody" as well. In fact, the group had planned to release the version in February but postponed the plan indefinitely because of the departure of member Sunmi.

The Wonder Girls last week visited China to promote a Chinese commercial that they will appear in, and are scheduled to perform at the opening of Justin Bieber's concert at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Saturday. They are also planning to work on an album for the U.S. market.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

2PM Lunar New Year Greeting

Hello, we're 2PM
Wooyoung: Over the past year, because of fans, we and JYPE have improved tremendously.
Taec: Thank you very much
Wooyoung: We sincerely thank you all very much
Taec: We've been loved by so many people for over the past year, because of you all.
Junho: Because of your helps, we couldn't come this far by ourselves.
Wooyoung: With your support, in this year of 2010 we will work hardest to let you all see how cool 2pm is.
Taec: For you all, Happy New Year
All: We're 2PM, Thank you.

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Jang Na-ra to Finally Graduate from University

Singer and actress Jang Na-ra will graduate from ChungAng University with a major in acting this month some 10 years after first entering the school.

Her career in Korea and China delayed her studies.

At the graduation ceremony on Feb. 19, Jang will be given an alumni association award in recognition of her contributions to the school, including actively participating in events to promote it and donating some of her earnings for its development.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

T-ara’s Eunjung old graduation photos released

Graduation photos of T-ara’s leader Eunjung have been released and they’re gathering quite a lot of attention.

The first is a picture of the leader’s elementary graduation photo. Fans are admiring how cute she was with her crooked teeth and sunny disposition. The remaining photos are of Eunjung’s middle and high school graduation photos. In both she is wearing her school’s standard uniform with well kept regulation hair.

Netizens have complimented, “A perfect picture of the past,” “She looks so pretty and pure” and “Her laughing expression is really pretty“.

Idol group members are without a question beautiful people, but many look entirely different in their pre-debut pictures. It’s good to see that many stars have natural beauty even before their idol days.

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Collaborations Rule in Film

Korean actor So Ji-seob, left, and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi star in “Sophie’s Revenge,” which was co-produced by companies from Korea and China and released last August.

The activity in the nation’s film industry in the first half of the year might best be summed up by the word “collaboration.” And with so many filmmakers, producers, actors and actresses from diverse countries teaming up to make films these days, the divisions between them are being blurred on screen and off.

Take for example a new film that will tentatively be titled “Late Autum.” Its leading actors are South Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin and Chinese actress Tang Wei.

The actors are Korean and Chinese, the director is Kim Tae-yong, a Korean, the film is being co-produced by Korean and American production companies and it is being shot in the United States. It is the most recent example of the kinds of cross-cultural collaborations in the film industry today.

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Source: Joong Ang Daily

T-ara's Boram to appear in a New Year's special with younger sibling

T-ara's Boram who is jokingly teased by fans and non-fans as the smallest idol will guest on a New Year's special by SBS. Boram guested on the show with her younger sibling!

Boram explains, "Even if our parents are not small, me and my sister lack in height. I have been jokingly called as the "mini-idol" by fans and I'm not hurt by it."

Her closeness to her sister is also revealed in the upcoming special. Her sister says, "Me and Boram has always been close to each other. Due to her dreams, we are often apart from each other. Since she's my only sister, when she moves away I feel lonely since she is my sister and also my bestfriend. Before debuting in T-ara, amidst her solo album, we would always do each other's make-up and take pictures of each other." She continues by saying something nice to Boram, "my sister has always been the prettier one, but due to our closeness I don't feel jealous at all."

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Yesung's and Sungmin's New Year Message

Musical 'Hong Gil Dong' of a national hero back over 500 years ago a group will be portrait by Super Junior members Yesung and Sungmin from the Republic of Korea on 2010 New Year's first. "Right, I don't want to lose this opportunity." They said.

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Source: 경제투데이
English Translation by Diana Timbol@sj-world.net
Sj-world: here
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F.cuz signs with major Taiwanese record label

New boy band F.cuz have signed with a major record company in Taiwan, according to their agency on Thursday.

Can&J's Entertainment announced that the boys signed a contract with Taiwan's Seed Music last Friday, making them the first Korean group to have signed with a Taiwanese record company.

Seed will be in charge of F.cuz's singing career in the Greater China region, including managing and promoting the group, as well as handling their album license.

The company carries out various businesses regarding the entertainment industry such as promotion, concert management and mobile ringtone sales. They also manage some of China's most famous stars including F4's Vanness Wu, Leon Lai and Yao-Yao.

F.cuz's first digital single album, titled "JIGGY," was released early last month in Korea and is awaiting distribution in Taiwan on March 8.

The band is composed of Kan, Yejun, Jinon and LeeU. LeeU's father is famed veteran crooner Sul Woon-do.

source: asiae

Do they think they have more to offer then Fahrenheit and Lollipop

2/13/10 Wonder Girl at H Mart Again! endless line of fans...

This is the one that happened today @ LYNNWOOD's H Mart, not to confuse it with the one from new jersey! :)

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There was a HUMONGO group of people who came out to meet the girls today, definitely over 200+ and counting :D

When I went there at 3pm (which was the starting time for the fanmeet)... there was already a sea of people and an endless line that extended all the way to the outside of the mall... :O waiting outside in the rain + cold weather for hours was tough...but FUN

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my first ever fanmeet with korean celebs!! I SHOOK SOHEE'S HAND (actually I grabbed her hand before she moved onto the next person...her hand was pretty cold :o all the girls looked tired and expressionless (except Yoo Bin ahaha she looked super hyper and welcoming!^^)


Interview with Xiah: "There is no Kim Junsu, there is Mozart."

2010.02.12 16:17:52
Central Daily News: Joins.com

After the performance, I waited for Junsu in a waiting room. I heard a story that Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu, age 24) always sings songs wherever he is. When I heard someone singing a song from outside of the entrance door, Xiah Junsu entered the room. He is the hot topic in the performance world these days.

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