February 14th, 2010


Mir, "I sold a cow to pay for dates"

Opposed to Sunny, who has been picked by experts as the best child amongst idols, MBLAQ's Mir has been chosen as the worst child.

Sunny and Mir appeared on SBS' 'Quiz! Sixth Sense', which will be aired on 15th.

On this day, experts judged who looked like they would have been a good child merely by looking at their image. Sunny was the only idol who made it near to the top.

Also, MBLAQ's Mir confessed that he sold one of the cows on his farm in order to get money for a date with his girlfriend. With this, the studio burst into laughter.

This show will be aired on 15 Feb, 10:40AM.

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Gloves n___n

Lee Jung-su Wins Gold in 1,500m Short Track

Lee Jung-su of South Korea won the men's 1,500-meter short-track final at the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Saturday, bringing South Korea its first gold medal.

Two other South Korean medal favorites _ Sung Si-bak and Lee Ho-suk _ crashed into each other in their final stretch toward the finish. The incident allowed Apolo Anton Ohno and J.R. Celski of the United States to emerge from behind and claim the silver and bronze medals, respectively, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Lee lunged ahead of Ohno with four laps remaining and kept his lead until clocking a finish time of 2:17.611. Ohno, who has become the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian, finished in 2:17.976 while Celski posted 2:18.053.

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Korea Times
Gloves n___n

Ohno's " Comment " Upsets South Koreans (GET OVER IT)

For South Koreans, the name Apolo Anton Ohno doesn’t ring the most pleasant memories. And Ohno made a comment that made South Koreans bristle.

Ohno won a silver medal at the men's 1,500-meter short-track final at the Winter Olympics on Saturday in local time in Vancouver as two South Korean gold favorites -- Sung Si-bak and Lee Ho-suk -- crashed into each other in their final stretch toward the finish.

The incident made Ohno, who was trailing behind them, grab the silver medal.

Ohno’s rough manner of playing the match, pointed out by South Korean short track skater Lee Jung-soo, who won the gold in the same event, incensed Koreans.

But what earned him notoriety was a comment he made after the game.

Exhilarated Ohno revealed in an interview after the awarding ceremony that he was actually hoping that there was disqualification of the other athletes who were racing ahead of him, all three South Korean athletes, according to Yonhap News Agency, which cited the interview transcripts posted on “INFO 2010,” a web site managed by the winter sports organizing committee.

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Korea Times

TBH I remember the announcers on the tv saying the Koreans were shoving not Ohno. So I'm a bit confused.

What Omona Netizen's are saying
meccamputech:lmao it's not his fault the other two koreans tanned it
tofucakes:I LOVE that freaking soul patch of his.
umbrella_smile:Only here for the shirtless pic of Apollo.
Over 9000 Omona Netizens: "I thought it was Arashi LOL"

Update--Direct quote/video of him hoping for disqualification of the Korean team or it didn't happen.

Hanchul on YG Magazine Special Valentine

It's not an interview, just a overview by one of the editors about their couple, for the valentines theme. And HanChul is up

Hangeng : "if i can, i would want to become Heechul. He got a great personality...."
Hangeng : "...the one who understands me the most is you...."
Heechul : "...the one who support me the best is you too..."

they're just so sweet. i do miss HANCHUL :'(

Source: Y.G Magazine, Feb 2010
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Taec marshmallow

So Ji Sub for Sieg Fahrenheit 2010 S/S Collection

so ji sub sieg fahrenheit

Famous Korean actor So Ji Sub recently modeled for Sieg Fahrenheit's 2010 S/S (Spring / Summer) Collection Catalog. This collection shows off both casual and formal wear. The theme for this collection is Natural Chic with a flare of urban sophistication and modern sensibility.

The clothing looks pretty chic and the photos came out well. Thanks to LaurenL for the tip and check out all the photos below.

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Le sigh.. he's so LOVELY 8]

T-ara spends the lunar new year in the practice room

Earlier this month T-ara's management company Core Contents Media recently announced that due to the success in sales of T-ara's first full album "Absolute First Album", they'll be releasing a repackaged album with bonus tracks.

T-ara has been on the practicing room non-stop, perfecting every single detail for their upcoming track "Go Crazy Because of You". Even during the Lunar New Year, they plan to keep practicing.

Leader of the pack Eunjung said, "Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year(14) and I think instead of going out, we will just bring the celebration in the practice room. We will prepare traditional Lunar New Year foods and eat it inside the room."

With the release of their first album last year, on november 27, it has brought them a mountain of success. With "Bo Peep Bo Peep" topping various online and offline charts, it has become a nation's song with everyone repeatting the hook. With this repackaged album, T-ara hopes this gift to the fans will make them happy. Prior to this T-ara cut early their promotions for follow-up single "Like the First Time" because of member Soyeon catching the swine flu. Well now that Soyeon is well, and member Jiyeon wrapping up filming, fans will once again see the solid 6-member girl group consisting of Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, Qri, Boram and Jiyeon.

Their bonus track is described to be a powerful image drifting away from their previous images once again. The stage performances will be full of energy with 12 back-up dancers included in their performances.

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BIGBANG "Family Tree" bring the lolz

A fanmade family tree of each of the Big Bang members revealed have caught the attention of many netizens.

The family tree pictures an imaginary family for each of the Big Bang members with hilarious description of each family member attached.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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It was hard picking a favourite cos everything was too lulzy.


Preview video for season 2 reveals a different Family Outing!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The preview to ‘Family Outing 2′ has been revealed.

The first episode of Family Outing 2 will be aired on 21st February. And on the last episode of Family Outing 1 aired on 14th February, the preview was released on the show.

From the video, it can be seen that the atmosphere for the new Family Outing is different as a strong feel of competition can be felt from the members. And Yoon SangHyun was even featured saying “This is really miserable”.

What is special for this new Family Outing show is the appearance of idol stars like So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon and 2AM Jo Kwon. Even ‘Kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon was featured in the teaser saying, “This is the first time I face with such a situation” showing his surprise on how the show turned out for him.

Meanwhile, the show will start airing from 21st February on every Sunday at 5.20pm.

sookyeong & natminkhun

NEGL~ I'm so excite!!!

4minute in Thailand

On February 12, 2010, 11AM at Doositanee Hotel in Bangkok, 4Minute and Universal Music Thailand held a press conference with the press and media for the first time release of the album "For Muzik" in Thailand. 4Minute greeted Thai Fans with a smile, saying "We're 4Minute. Sawadee ka!"

This press conference shows the relationship between Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, the current entertainment labels of 4Minute and BEAST, which are collaborating to open a new Asian music market in both countries.

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4-minute Forums, PlayPark2U, wintersun, wintersun again~

wtf, i'm actually starting to like these girls! first BEAST and now them~ =O

CNBLUE’s manager assaults fans

New boy band CNBLUE is in the middle of yet another controversy as their manager is being accused of physically assaulting fans who were gathered around the group’s vehicle.

It all began when a video surfaced on the Korean web a few days ago. The video contained footage of a man, apparently CNBLUE’s manager, wielding his hand into a throng of fans and clearly slapping a girl’s head twice as the group members exited from a parked van. Jong Hyun, who was the first to exit the van, made an awkward smile as he looked into the crowd.

As this footage became popular among Korean netizens, CNBLUE’s management company FCN Music quickly responded with a statement.

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Original Source: TVDaily
Source: Allkpop
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"I Don't Feel the Pain Any More": Vancouver's First Korean Medalist Says

“With this medal, my pain of feeling uncertainty from last year all disappeared,” said Lee Seung-hoon, who delivered the nation's first medal at the Vancouver Winter Games on Saturday, in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

The 22-year old from Korea National Sport University took silver in the 5,000-meter speed skating event on Saturday, less than a year after failing to make the nation's short track Olympic squad.

Lee also became Asia's first-ever Olympic medalist in a long-distance skating category.

Yonhap News Agency said Lee silenced critics who derided his decision to switch from the short track event to the speed skating event after delivering the nation's first medal at the Vancouver Winter Games.

His achievement also came less than a year after failing to make the nation's short track Olympic squad.

“It was very difficult to withstand the skeptical glances questioning how I would change by converting to a different event," said Lee, in an interview with Yonhap.

Lee, who was first began skating as a hobby when he was 8 years old, had in fact been a rising star in the field of short track, most recently becoming a three-time champion at last year's Winter Universiade.

His dream of competing in the Olympics was put on hold in April of last year, however, after failing to enter the national team amid stiff competition from senior athletes.

Lee decided shortly thereafter to convert to the speed skating event. Having been brought up as a short track competitor, he had to learn from scratch.

The determined Lee overcame his novice handicap by winning in a national speed skating competition and being picked up by the national speed skating squad.

A quick learner, Lee went on to break the country's speed skating records at an International Skating Union World Cup competition.

The silver medal, Lee said, "single-handedly blew away" all the anguish and uncertainty that had haunted him since last year's conversion from short track to speed skating, Yonhap said.

Source: koreantimes

Congrats you deserved it. Now let's hope Kyu Hyuk Lee, Kang Seok Lee & Mo Tae-bum will sweep up some medals at the 500 and 1000m