February 15th, 2010

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SEGYE News interviews BEG's Ga-in

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This interview was done on 6 November 2009 but only recently got translated. She answers questions about being an idol, being an actor, her personality, her aspirations, and her ideal guy. Mentions We Got Married, Jo Kwon, UEE, Seungyeon, Hyuna, 2PM, Big Bang and Wonder Girls.

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YUYA @ BEG Chinese Forum
LuvGa-in @ BEG International Forum

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T-ara selected as models for Hangame's Z9 Star game

NHN and Hangame, some of the largest companies who have made the casual RPG game Z9 Stars' have chosen their official top model's as T-ara, and to commemorate this, fans get a glimpse into the unique characters that look like T-ara in the game's events.

Hangame prepared a special page for T-ara, and it shows the youthful image of T-ara. Causing a lot of interest was Jiyeon who currently gets ther spotlight, because she has became a character in the game as the NPC for the "OX Quiz Master", sporting her cute and smart image from her God of Study drama.

Hangame announced up until April 1st, they will reveal all of T-ara's characters in the game. Eunjung is a manly miner, Hyomin's a farm owner, jolly woodsman Boram, cute animal farm owner Qri and sexy huntress Soyeon. Sequentially all the members will be revealed in different places, gamers will be asked to perform a task from each of T-ara's NPCs and will be given a prize.

NHN's business manager stated, "T-ara has portrayed that they are not only singers, but actresses, too. They perform in many various fields showing they're quite versatile and have much talent, and that's why they were selected to be the models for the new Z9 Stars' game." He continued, "In the future, T-ara will showcase even more user-friendly game content."

Meanwhile, the "T-ara Campaign" will continue until April 14th.

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ZE:A DongJoon transforms into Han GaIn!

9-member group ZE:A youngest member Kim DongJoon transforms as actress Ha GaIn.

ZE:A had their first variety show appearance since their debut on SBS lunar new year special ‘YongGooRiHwan’s Big Match’ aired on 14th February.

On the program, 20 celebrities and 20 reporters come together for a showdown, and ZE:A members transform as celebrities like Micky YooChun, Han GaIn, Han SeokKyu, Kim GooRa etc in a funny corner on the show.

All this while known as the ‘male Han GaIn’, DongJoon appeared with the same features as Han GaIn in one of her photos, much to the surprise of many.

Even though dressed up as a female, DongJoon showed the manly side of him by doing tumbling and showing off his chocolate abs on the show.

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Credits: sookyeong, EmpireChildren, NineEmpire@YT
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seohyun's confession: lyrics to 'oh!' make her cringe

SNSD's Seohyun confessed about the new song 'Oh!' in the recent recorded episode.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Kang Shim Jang,' Seohyun confessed, "I had a very difficult time recording the part that says 'Oppa Saranghae [Oppa, I love you]'. Although I practised several times beforehand, I just couldn't get myself to sing that part when we went in the recording room." After letting out a huge sigh, Seohyun continued, "I couldn't do it because the lyrics were just too much!"

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translated by Glucose @ SSF

Excited to hear Sooyoung's over-exaggerated version. Seobaby, ilu, but this is getting kind of ridiculous.

Monkey Dolls perform Big Bang’s Gara Gara Go

From their creative renditions of G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker album cover to a fan-constructed rendition of GD’s mini-concert stage, Big Bang fans have proven themselves to be quite the artists. Recently, one Gara Gara Go! parody has been gaining attention in particular due to its interesting cast of… UGIU monkey dolls!

Dubbed “UGIU BANG / UGI-BANG,” a few monkey dolls were dressed up as Big Bang members, complete with the members’ iconic bandannas, funky shades and even Taeyang’s crooked flat bill hat. Through stop motion animation, these plush anthropoids matched their human counterparts perfectly, even performing the choreography to create a pretty accurate remake.

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the high cost of living

Korean music columnist Kim Bong-hyeon's shares his thoughts on SNSD's sexual appeal

Is it a Sin to Like Girls’ Generation Because They’re Sexy? (or The Confession of an Average Korean Man)
Kim Bong-hyeon, 4th February 2010

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At the moment, I have a nephew entering high school. He’s a fan of Girls’ Generation. Of course, he has already reserved a ticket for their concert this month. His favorite member is Seo-hyeon, and while he will happily exchange picture cards of other members with his classmates and friends, he won’t trade any of her. Clearly he is a man of his own ideas, and is destined for great things!

Knowing that I was a writer, my nephew asked what I thought of their new album. It has good and bad points, but guessing that he wouldn’t have listened to the latter, I just talked about the good things. But actually there was something I wanted to ask him (although I didn’t), which was:

What is the real reason that you like Girls’ Generation?

The reason I wanted to ask this was simple. I knew why I liked them – and all men like them – but I wanted to confirm that he would give the same answer: that it’s because they’re sexy. Of course, they do also have a cute charm about them, but they’re at least as sexy.

What foolish talk is this you ask? But no, asking this does not mean I am not a pervert, nor that I’m a mental patient having excessive sexual fantasies about Girls’ Generation. Rather let me say this: of course, Girls’ Generation are sexy. Or to be more accurate, they are sexy while pretending not to be.

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Source: www.pressian.com
Translation: James Turnbull @ The Grand Narrative
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seohyun + yonghwa for wgm

Two of the top celebrities have come together to be the next couple featured in the TV show, "We Got Married."

CN Blues' leader Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD's youngest member Seohyun have been announced as a new couple in the, "We Got Married" TV show.

The Jung Yong Hwa the leader of CN Blues who've been gathering popularity with their song, "Loner" and the already popular with their new album, "Oh" SNSD's, Seohyun will meet as a imaginary couples in the show, "We Got Married." Due to both star's incredible popularity, this imaginary marriage is attracting a lot of attention.

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Star News
translated by djaddick @ ssf

I wonder what kind of couple they'll be. I foresee much awkwardness.
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taeyeon tops a poll and does a drum performance

Taeyeon voted most likely to wait for her military boyfriend

Taeyeon was voted first place as the SNSD member who is most likely to continue waiting for their boyfriend who entered the military until the end.

In relation to the newly released movie "Dear John," cinema-special online site, Cine 21, conducted a survey "Which SNSD member do you think will wait for their boyfriend who entered the military?"

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translated by typicalharu @ ssf

Taeyeon does a surprise drum performance

SNSD's Taeyeon performed a surprise drum performance on Chong-ro street.

Taeyeon displayed a drum performance on the 11th at Jong-Kak of Chong-ro 2nd st, Seoul. This day's event was during the shooting of KBS 2TV "Win Win" where Taeyeon is a MC.

When Taeyeon unexpectedly appeared in the streets, the surrounding areas became crowded with the people who wanted to see her. Approximately 300 citizens crowded the set to see Taeyeon of the national girl group SNSD. Moreover, Taeyeon received lots of cheers from the surrounding citizens when she preformed her drum performance in spite of the cold weather and the heavy snow fall.

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translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

Ya'll asked for a battle...Jay delivered.

 Jay and Heip at a battle in Seattle Sunday night/Valentines Day/Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year

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Unf. Baby boy keeps on improving.
I demand a Jay/Junho freestyle ass battle. JYPE, make it happen.

Tis my first entry. Plz tell me if I fucked it up *prays the cut worked*

Credits: The Yayoiza www.youtube.com/watch who took it from sevenstories www.youtube.com/watch
Suphatboz www.youtube.com/watch


2NE1’s first appearance on MBC Music Core confirmed!

4-member girlgroup 2NE1’s first appearance on MBC Music Core in 9 months since their debut has been confirmed.

Coming 20th February, MBC Music Core will be having their 200th episode special. For that, a variety of performances have been prepared for the show. And amongst them is 2NE1’s first performance on the show.

The truth is that Music Core’s officials have been liasing with 2NE1′ side recently, and on 15th February the girls’ appearance on the show has been confirmed from 2NE1’s side. And it has been said that there is high possibility that the girls will be performing their recent hit ‘Try To Be Like Me‘ on the show.

Meanwhile, formal MCs on the show Big Bang DaeSung and SeungRi will also be appearing on the show. They have been MCs on the show for a long time since last March, even when there was rumoured discord between YG and MBC.

And 2NE1’s appearance on MBC ‘DanBi’ last December was said to be a sign that YG and MBC are reconciling, while YG has insisted that there was no discord between the 2 at all, and they will let their artistes on MBC shows as long as the concept fits its singers.

Source: Sookyeong
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Alexander U-kiss is a Happy Tweeter

U-kiss' multi-cultural baby-faced resident Alexander or Xander to most fans has been a very busy tweeter on the 14th and the 15th of February. On the 14th of February, an interesting trending pattern took place on the Twitter-sphere where 5 out of 10 trends consisted of Kpop related topics. These include: #withUkiss, #YouSHINeeMyDay, #TVXQwithallmyheart, #HappyJaebumtinesDay and #BBisTheSmex. As ardent Kpoppers tweet their Kpop loves onto the trending board they gleefully post replies to Alexander informing him of their latest achievement of making #withUKiss a trend. On an unrelated note, these trends thankfully knocked #TheWorldLovesMiley off the TT board.

Screenshots of trending 100214: 
Here (with Miley)
Here (w/o Miley)

The 15th of February, approximately 9pm to 11pm Seoul time, saw more tweeting action from Alexander as he supports a new trending topic: #Love. However, the first few minutes of trying to trend "#Love" were immediately wasted as Twitter did not recognize such a common keyword. Fans once again steered Alexander towards a new topic: #LoveisUnity. Alexander's constant feedback delighted fans thereby creating an increase of fan activity from other fandoms to support #LoveisUnity. It reached no.2 and later dropped to no.3 on the board. The word "U-kiss" also made it to no.5 on the TT board.

Alexander also made shout-outs to international fans by calling out countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, USA and Norway. He also made short references and dedicated entries to Australia, Japan, Portugal, Mexico, Finland, Brunei (which in his words "reminds me of WuChun of Fahrenheit), Sweden, India, France, London (UK), Turkey, Brazil, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy, Macau, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Florida (US), and Belgium.

His tweets also revealed that he didn't know that fellow member Eli's twitter account was indeed Eli's and not some impostor's. Alexander mentioned that the members of U-kiss only lived together during the filming of U-kiss Vampire. He also told fans that he has called Kevin and asked him to be his housemate. Throughout his twitter happy session, he replies to Kevin such as this one "@Kevinwoo91 Well.. I'm really glad to have Kevin as my member to spread love wit me~ #LoveisUnity God sent him~ He's our angel!! <3 LOL!" Kevin also joins Alexander by tweeting #LoveisUnity from his own account.

It's certainly fascinating to have a genuine Kpop artist actively take an interest in the international fans not to mention participate in their trending sessions. Hopefully more Korean idols will discover the connectivity that Twitter has to offer the international fandom and most of all, stay active.

Screenshot of trending 100215:
Here (at no.2)
Here (at no.3 + U-Kiss at no.5)

Screenshot of Alexander's twitter page:

Source: Alexander's Twitter account + personal real time fan experience & interpretation.                               
Credit: hergracious@livejournal. Written for Omonatheydidnt@livejournal

Yup, I wrote this because I felt that he deserved a mention. Especially so when the Kpop artist directly responds to international fans.
And yes, I did spam him like crazy. LOL XD