February 17th, 2010

2PM - Jay - conspiracy!

2PM on KBS ‘Win Win’, “Sorry but we don’t take questions on JaeBum”

2PM members were on new variety show ‘Win-Win’ and they apologised for not taking any questions regarding JaeBum.

On KBS 2TV ‘WinWin’ the 2PM members revealed the behind-the-scene stories of the group. And the group garners attention by saying beforehand that they will not be taking any questions about JaeBum, who left the group last September after his MySpace controversies.

Because the format of the talkshow is such that it will also involve the viewers, and hence ignoring questions on JaeBum may anger viewers. Hence at the start of the program, an apology notice was put up that the show will not be taking any questions about JaeBum.

MC Kim SeungWoo revealed the stand of the company and the 2PM members, “We will apologise beforehand that we will not be taking questions on JaeBum. We don’t have a stand about JaeBum yet. So we hope that everyone will wait before that.”

Source: Sookyeong

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f(x) k-swiss photos revealed

While f(x) is working as models for the sports brand K-Swiss, they have revealed an ad for their new f(x) line.

We were able to see f(x) maturing while seeing them have the photo shoot for f(x) line. Last month on KBS2TV's 'Yoyo Manxman', we were able to see Sulli’s long hair at the behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. Her long hair has stirred up a lot of interests in portal sites which made her search ranking go up rapidly.

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The Star
translated by Sugar Cookie @ afx
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long line for toho's first best album

On the 16th, the first best album of Korean popular dance group Tohoshinki, "BEST SELECTION 2010", arrived at the stores of HMV Japan; and in front of HMV leading store in Shibuya, there was a long line of approximately 100 fans who were waiting for the album to be on sale.

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Source: Excite News
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

It's almost hard to believe that they're at the point where they're putting out a "Best of" album.
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Wedding Bells for Eun Jiwon

Former Sechskies singer Eun Jiwon is to be married!

It has recently been announced that former Sechskies singer and leader, Eun Jiwon, will be married to longtime girlfriend known as Miss Lee.

On February 17, Eun Jiwon’s spokespeople confirmed to Newsen, “It’s true that Eun Jiwon has decided to get married and that he is currently in the midst of preparing for his wedding.”

Eun Jiwon first met his fiancée, Miss Lee, in 1994 while he was studying abroad in Hawaii. The two rekindled their old flame when they reunited by chance in March of 2009. Miss Lee, who is two years older than Eun Jiwon and a former Miss Hawaii, is the sister-in-law of soccer star Lee Donggook, meaning Eun Jiwon and Lee Dongkook will now become in-laws.

Although plans are still underway, both sides of the family have already come together to discuss the marriage, and it wedding bells seem to be a sure thing in Eun Jiwon’s future.

S: Newsen, Kpoplive
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Lee Hyori and Lee Byunghun received the First Annual Seoul Culture and Arts Daesang.

Seoul's culture and arts committee awarded this title to artists who influence the public culture. On the 16th, they revealed the first 12 recipients of this awards. They were all chosen by 327 professors and critics of art.

In music, there's Lee Hyori; in producing music, there's Park Jinyoung; in broadcasting arts, there's Lee Kyunggyu; in the musicals category, there's Ok Juhyun; and in the acting category, there's Lee Byunghun and Son Yejin.

The ceremony will take place February 23rd. T-ara, SG Wannabe, and U-Kiss are among some of the star studded guest list.

S: Newsen, forgotten620 @ Hyoleesubs
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Jang Dong-gun to marry Ko So-young in May 2010

The lovebirds reportedly informed their loved ones about their wedding date, which will be in May.

The official announcement is expected to be on March 6, when Dong-gun sshi holds his fan meeting at the COEX auditorium in Samsung-dong, Seoul. A rep of the actor’s said that it is highly probable that the 38-year-old announces his marriage plans during the fan gathering.

Rumour also has it that the hotel reservation for Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young’s big day is already booked and that the soon-to-be Mrs. was spotted shopping for her wedding dress at a bridal shop in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Source: newsen
Via: kpopped

T-ara HyoMin transforms as ‘Hyo-na Lisa’

T-ara HyoMin reveals a set of funny and cute selca.

She posted up new selca photos in a post titled ‘Hyo-na Lisa’ on her minihompy on 17th February. In the photos, Hyomin had tapes posted over eyebrows, doing a parody of the famour Mona Lisa.

She wrote, “D-9 to ‘Crazy Because Of You’ and we are working overnight again. I see that we are going crazy too. But still, we will work hard unconditionally. Aja aja! Please show us loads of love

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Hyo-na Lisa is so cute”, “Funny”, “Hyo-na Lisa is pretty too”, “You guys went through much hard work, of course we will show our support”, “The selca queen after all” etc.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be coming back with their 1st repackaged album on 26th February.

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More Ok News: He hates ripping off his shirt but secretly likes It

According to Taecyeon of 2PM, he doesn’t enjoy ripping his shirt off and showing off his fit and muscular chest.

But according to the 2PM Head Choreographer, Park Nam Yong, that isn’t the case.

On the February 16th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win‘, JYP Entertainment’s Head Choreographer made a surprise appearance, and had everyone laughing as he shared the reason why Taecyeon kept ripping his shirt off, even though he CLAIMS he doesn’t like to.

Park Nam Yong revealed:

“The 2PM members disliked the choreography at first. So even before any work for the album began, much time was spent having to convince them. The shirt-ripping performance was decided on only after immense persuasion, but after seeing the positive response it gained, Taecyeon kept ripping off his shirt even when he wasn’t told to do so. A few days before, I received a text message stating ‘Hyung, I’m sorry. I got caught up in the moment so I ripped off my shirt again.’ ”

When he was later asked about whether or not 2PM members have rivalries between each other, Park Nam Yong replied: “Before the year-end awards, one member asked me “Can’t I be the one to rip off my shirt at the year-end award show that’s coming up soon?” to which the entire studio laughed at the sight of Junho’s face immediately turning bright red.

S: An Mi Sung @ Newsway, janeberryblue @ Kpoplive
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yonghwa/seohyun's first date, seohyun tops a poll

The newly appointed couple, Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun who has been attracting a lot of attention as new members of, "We Got Married" had their first date in a book store.

On Feb. 17th, Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa enjoyed their date on Gwang Hwa Moon Book Store. Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun were seen as close friends who looked around the bookstore and ate slices of cake in a nearby cafe. Then the couple, after enjoying their date in the bookstore, moved to Lotte World where they enjoyed riding various rides throughout the park. Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun's relationship is still a bit awkward and there's a rumour that both Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa couldn't hide their shyness throughout the entire filming process.

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HanGyun.com bnt News reporter Kim Min Gyu minkyu@bntnews.co.kr
Photos Kim Ji Hyun reporter, bnt News DB

BNT News
translation by djaddick @ ssf

Seohyun tops a poll

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SNSD's maknae Seohyun was picked as "singer that I would want at my graduation".

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translation by seohyun_is_best @ ssf
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FT Island take showers together and Hongki has "girlfriends"

FT Island had their first visit to Hong Kong on the 16th. Hundreds of fans have even waited the night before at the airport, eager to catch a glimpse their idols. The five boys’ arrival caused great uproar and excitement, but the boys exhibited their friendliness and manners by waving to the fans before exiting the airport.

FT Island held a fan meeting and over 200 fans gathered at the scene. They held a draw and the lucky winners were allowed to ask them questions. One fan shyly asked if she could hug them, and she successfully hugged Lee JaeJin.

Afterwards, another fan asked if they ever tried showering together, they replied, “Sometimes. We have clips of that on our cell phones… you guys are so disturbing!” When HongKi was asked if he had a girlfriend or not, HongKi laughed and exclaimed, “You girls are all my girlfriends!”

S: on.cc, Kpoplive
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Narsha said that CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa talks like an aunt

On the Star Golden Bell which was aired on 13th, Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls who had been voted as the most hypocritical one on variety shows exposed that Jung Yong Hwa from CN Blue talks like an aunt. She said when she was in the same styling salon as Yong Hwa, and she asked the stylist if he's usually a calm, steady person but the answer turned out to be "He's totally an aunt."

Yong Hwa had some problem explaining that :"I don't want people to feel uncomfortable so I try hard to get close to them."

MBLAQ's Lee Joon said :"Although he looks steady, but he's actually worst than our MIR."

Jung Yong Hwa defended himself by saying that :"Everytime Lee Joon bumps into his old school friends, he tends to run away." and made everyone laugh.

S: Newsen, BEG International Forum
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Lee DaHae Headed to Hollywood?

Apparently so. According to her agency, currently playing the role of EonNyun on KBS2’s drama “Chuno,” actress Lee DaHae has left for the states after being invited by the American film company Warner Bros to an exclusive party.

The attendees of this star-studded event include: Senior VP Maryellen Zarakas, “Gossip Girl”s Jessica Szohr, “Bourne Identity”s Julia Stiles, and Jennifer Lopez, besides other famous Hollywood celebs. Lee DaHae was the only Asian celebrity to have been invited to the party.

Lee Da Hae’s agency also shared that during Warner Bros visit to Korea this year, they seemed to be very interested in Lee Da Hae, not only because of her acting abilities, but because of her fluency in English & Chinese also. The agency also hinted: “After meeting with Lee DaHae at this event, it is likely that discussions for future plans will take place with Warner Bros.”

Which, of course, makes us think: “Is Lee Da Hae headed for Hollywood?”

We never know what could happen. With many Asian stars making their debut in American media and movies, Lee Da Hae could definitely become well-known and popular in America as well, right?

Lee DaHae will return to continue filming “Chuno” after attending this event.

S: Star News, janeberryblue @ Kpoplive
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Mini-album Lupin attracts controversies even before its release

Internet shopping mall 'A' encountered problems with KARA fans when they announced on its site that the only album sales that will be included in the Hanteo Chart are those sales made from February 17, when the mini-album Lupin will be released, till February 22, 2010.
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source: dcnews
translation: coffeebeanie@KARAholic

Sorry to say but butthurt SNSD fan's maybe?
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Ready for more badass dancing from Jaybomb?

Check out his latest hardcore all out poppin' and bboying battle.

Be prepared for some BADass dancing from Jay. Seriously. DAEBAK. He should've been in the Star Dance Battle. Would've ripped the floor fosho.

Btw, he did the ISF floor phumping move which 2pm recently used in their dance battle. I wonder if they plotted this out before hand. Lol.

Source and credits: Vid 1
Vid 2
Vid 3

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yoona and taecyeon clear up couple ring scandal

[Newen Reporter Lee Min Hye]

2PM Taecyeon and SNSD's Yoona enjoyed an early morning drive to Misari

Yoon and Taecyeon, in SBS' "Sunday is Good" First episode of, "Family Outing" which will broadcast its first episode on Feb. 21, took a early morning drive to Misari. In order to get to the shooting site, Yoona and Taecyeon took the same car.

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translation by djaddick @ ssf


Welcome members and Mr. Drunken Tiger (maker of awesome music & shout outs that blow your Omona-Zen mind) to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Wednesday FFA will be posted at around 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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HK fans mistaken Shaolin monks for FT Island

More Korean stars arrived in Hong Kong as FT Island touched down at the HK International Airport yesterday. Over a hundred screaming fans with signs and banners welcomed the boy band's arrival. When a group of Shaolin monks arrived shortly before FT Island, fans mistaken them for their idols and started screaming like crazy. After the real FT Island arrived, the group members greeted fans with a friendly wave.

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Source: CpopAccess
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[FINAL PART] G-Dragon, "I'm close with the DBSK sunbaes."

Previous part: Here.

”Recently, I’ve been resting a lot since my solo concert. A lot of the restrictions I had like no clubbing, no alcohol and no girlfriends were abolished. I’ve been meeting friends and going clubbing, and going shopping in DongDaeMoon in the early morning too. There was a photo of me by an outfit so I asked ‘What are these clothes?’ and the person said ‘They’re G-Dragon style’, not recognising me. (laughs)”

2009 was a significant year for G-Dragon (Real name: Kwon Jiyong, 23). It was a meaningful year where he showed his own album and concert to the world. He also knows best how to relax at the end of a significant workload now that already it's been 5 years since his debut.

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Next interview series will be Daesung's and subsequently Dara's.

Original article.
Translation by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net.
Big Bang <3
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An idol’s life: sweat and sleepless nights

Trainees spend years practicing all day, with no guarantee they’ll ever debut as performers.

In the foreground, from left to right, Lee Gi-kwang, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-hyung and Son Dong-woon are four of the six members of the boy band Beast.

One frigid day late last month, a group of teenage girls began to gather in front of a building in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, apparently waiting for someone, or something. After a while, a well-dressed boy wearing makeup and surrounded by bodyguards appeared at the entrance, and the girls erupted in excitement.

They’d been waiting to catch a glimpse of or maybe even chat with the up-and-coming boy band Beast. It’s a relatively common sight in the neighborhood, which is full of practice rooms and boarding houses for Korea’s pop idol groups.

“There are many girls coming every day and waiting to see the boys,” said Park Yong-bok, manager of the boy band, giving the regulars a nod as he passed.

The word “idol” first meant an inanimate object of worship, but it’s evolved to include modern celebrities. On the Korean pop music scene, “idol groups” are bands consisting of boys or girls in their teenage years or early 20s. And in recent years they’ve dominated the industry.

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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Banned singer makes an appearance in Korea... on silver screen

Jackie Chan’s new movie “Little Big Soldier,” set during China’s Warring States Period, is set to premiere in Korea on March 11.

Locals are taking note because of the
appearance in the film of Steve Seungjun Yoo, a hugely popular K-pop singer in the late 1990s and early 2000s who was banned from entering the country when he obtained U.S. citizenship to avoid conscription in the Korean army.

In a phone call with Newsen on Tuesday, a local public relations representative for the film said, “Yoo’s entry into Korea is impossible, and there isn’t confirmation of visits by other actors such as Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom either.” The representative quickly added, “Yoo’s contribution to the movie is big, so there won’t be any cuts to the parts in which he appears.”

The singer joined Jackie Chan’s company, JC Group International, in 2006 and has since worked in China.

Source: JoongAng Daily

So if his role had been small it had been cut out? Way to keep grudges Korea.
HaeWook → I want you more than they do

Se7en is coming back!

It looks like the long wait will finally pay off soon – Korea’s original superstar, Se7en will be returning with his new album this spring after undergoing a four-year-long hiatus from the k-pop scene!

Se7en’s return has been highly anticipated since last year, when the news regarding his comeback preparation began to circulate around the web. However, no set dates had been confirmed by the YG Entertainment until now. It has just been reported that Se7en is still in the progress of recording with various well-known producers, and will finally be finished around May.

A representative of YG Entertainment revealed,

The actual date of comeback will be decided upon after we consider the format of the album and its musical quality. We are expecting a comeback around May or June. So far, only 50% of the album has been recorded; however, it won’t take much longer.”

Source: allkpop


Also, this is my first post ^^


2PM’s Taecyeon is banned from taking acting lessons

Looks like Taecyeon of 2PM will be beastly as usual in his debut drama – he is now banned from having any acting lessons that might change his angry persona, even a bit.

After news was revealed regarding Taecyeon’s participation in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, Cinderella’s Sister, many fans were worried about Taecyeon’s performance, considering the fact that he has no acting experience. Taecyeon is undoubtedly a fresh rookie in the acting industry, especially when compared to his co-stars, including veteran Moon Geung Young.

Well, worry no more! It turns out the production team of the drama actually wanted Taecyeon to be himself and nothing more! “We want Taecyeon to show his stage image directly in front of camera,” the director said.

In response, JYPE revealed, “We were deeply concerned about Taecyeon’s new challenge on his new acting role at first, since he had never taken any proper acting lessons. However, we have decided to accept the production team’s request.”

Taecyeon will officially begin his filming session at the end of this month. His first appearance will be broadcast on April 14th, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop
lmfao, i can't even begin to imagine.
Him yelling and shit in the drama.

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BSB.... knows.... DBSK

The Backstreet Boys know Korean group TVXQ.

The Backstreet Boys said, “We met a Korean group called TVXQ in Japan some time ago,” and “They looked and dressed differently, but other than the fact that they color coordinate their clothes and are of a different race, it was like looking in the mirror for us.” They continued to say, “I remember thinking that TVXQ reminds us of our former selves.”

source: [nate news+Yuaerubi]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

lol this is tmth for me
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yunho to guest star in an mv

TVXQ's U-know Yunho will be guest starring in Hae-Kang's MV, opposite female actress Park Soo Jin. Male singer Kim Hae-Kang graduated from the same high school as Yunho.

Park Soo Jin used to be in the girl group SUGAR, and is the female actress who played the role of Yi Jung's (Kim Bum) first love in the 2009 popular drama "Boys Before Flowers". Yunho is said to be close to all the SUGAR members as well.

Kim Hae-Kang
Date of birth: 26 November 1985
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Group: Step by Step
Debut: 2005, with "Inside my heart"
Education: Kwang-Il High School

Source: [filmkorea + baidutvxq]
Credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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taekwoon on and on

South Korea is The 15th Laziest Country

With the word’s best athletes competing in Vancouver, The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to determine the most slothful nations on the planet. Welcome to the Couch Potato Olympics.

While a few hundred athletes skate, ski and prance over the ice and slush of Vancouver each Olympic day, a few hundred million people sit on their duffs, with beer and whatever the local version of Cheetos is and take it all in on television or online.

Which gave us an idea. Rather than give all the glory to the countries with the fittest and fastest, why not an Olympic style competition to determine the laziest country in the world?
For the Couch Potato Olympics, we stuck with 24 countries in the developed world, as determined by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development-member countries that had extensive data available. The large majority of this list is Western—a byproduct of only ranking countries with accurate, reliable, and consistent data. (There was no Russian judge in this competition.)

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Source: The Daily Beast l Image: Paul Souders / Getty Images
Video: absolutelymblaq


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Woodong-like CL. Muscular Sandara Ok.

2PM for Cola-Cola presents: Lessons in Ssanti & more

Some cute videos of 2PM on the set of their Coca-Cola commercial: showing off their talents + short interviews.

Wooyoung's Ssanti Dance Lessons & Nichkhun's Thai Boxing

English Translation: "Step 1: Jump a bit and work on your footwork.
Step 2: Just vent your inner energy out. Keep your facial expression and your action parallel. (He keeps on emphasizing, vent it out…vent it out)
Step 3: Move a little to the left and to the right (seems indecisive whether to move to either side.)
Step 4: Step back and prepare to run but then hesitate. (Should I run or Should I not??)
Step 5: Ends with poising your feet like this. Perfect Ssanti dance completed!"

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SOURCES: Kor-Thai by Wawa @2pmalways.com
Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.@2pmalways.com
WAWAcozymilkiss @ YouTube