February 18th, 2010


Kim So Eun and Kim Bum have an awkward relationship

Actress Kim So Eun has come out and explained why her relationship with Kim Bum has become awkward now.

Kim So Eun will be appearing on the February 18th episode of Happy Together Season 3 to promote her new drama, A Good Day For The Wind To Blow where she was asked about her relationship with Kim Bum. If you didn’t know, Kim So Eun and Kim Bum were a couple in Boys Before Flowers and were coined as the SoEul couple by fans.

Before Boys Before Flowers, they were actually on really good terms with each other as they were both majoring in film studies at Chung-Ang University. As a result, they got along really well with each other during filming and their chemistry showed.

They maintained contact with each other even after filming ended and also collaborated together on several CFs.

Kim So Eun expressed, “After the drama ended, our relationship became kind of awkward because of all the scandals. Although we still have a good relationship like in the past, we couldn’t contact each other in the aftermath of all the scandals. Even when we meet at the tv station, it becomes very awkward between us.”

source: allkpop

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Taiwanese group Da Mouth hangs out with Korean group 4Minute

Several weeks ago, popular K-pop group 4Minute swung by Taiwan during their Asian concert tour and visited chart-topping Mandopop group and Universal Music labelmates Da Mouth 大嘴巴. The meeting between both popular musical outfits was highly publicized, and you can check out our post about it during that time here.

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Source: CpopAccess & CpopAccess Youtube

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Oh Soohyun/Sasuke! You'll be Number 1 one day, T_T

This is Soohyun's cyworld entry from 2-17-2010:


휴 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Sigh ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

빙글빙글 노래 별룬가요???
Is Bingeul Bingeul not a good song???
오ㅐ케 음원 순위가 안올름??ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Why are our rankings on the music charts not rising?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

난 빙글빙글 노래 진짜좋은데 ㅠㅠ 히유 ㅠ
I really like Bingeul Bingeul ㅠㅠ Sigh ㅠ
도와주세요 팬여러분들...ㅠ ㅠ
Our fans, help us...ㅠ ㅠ

그리고! 사랑하는거알죠???
And! You know I love you right???

For my homie, Lalalalarita!  (There aren't too many La's, right? Lol) 

This makes me seriously wish I could do more for the boys!  They really aren't getting the recognition they deserve!  I really thought they had a chance with Beast/Mblaq/Shinee/2pm done with promotions. U-kiss, Hwaiting!  T_T

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Jea sings for Chuno OST

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea sang an OST for the new KBS hit drama, Chuno.

Jea’s OST track, Me-ah (미아), came on during a scene of the main characters Daegil (Jang Hyuk) and Hyewon (Lee Da Hae).

It has been reported that Jea is a huge fan of Chuno and was very excited when she was given the opportunity to sing an OST for the drama.

Jea’s OST for Chuno will be available on online music portal sites starting from the 23rd, so stay tuned!

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t/n: it was announced earlier that MJ's posthumous concert "This Is It" will be held in South Korea on 27 & 28 March 2010.

Posted Image

U-know Yunho joins Michael Jackson's posthumous concert to further improve on music and dance.

To become a part of the concert, U-know Yunho will be leaving for the United States.

Recently, U-know Yunho signed the contract to be part of Michael Jackson's posthumous concert "This Is It", and he is set to head for Los Angeles, United States in early March. He is expected to learn from the "This Is It" team and learn Michael Jackson's songs and dances.

A representative of the concert expressed, "For this concert, all the members of the <2010 This Is It World Tour>, launched on 7 July last year in London and held for 50 days straight, will be participating. There are plans for Korean singer U-know Yunho to take the stage and present to everyone a Michael Jackson performance."

After U-know Yunho's training ends, he will be performing on 27 and 28 March at the War Memorial of Korea, Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

For this concert, other artists attending are Bashiri Johnson, Maurice Pledger and Judith Hill. As Korea's representative, U-know Yunho will be working closely with them.

The representative also said, "It is well known that Yunho is personally a huge fan of Michael Jackson and when he passed away, he even wrote on his blog that Michael Jackson was his sole inspiration. U-know Yunho is a big star that swept across Asia and he's also a Michael Jackson fan, so we are even more sure that he will bring to everyone a fantastic stage."

Also, tickets will be available for purchase on the online site 'yes24', on 2 March.

(t/n: it has never been proven that Yunho really blogged about it / owns the blog)

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the boss ☇ love bingo!

BEAST's Yoseob stole his cute image from U-Kiss' Dongho?

Dongho has made a surprising confession “Beast’s Yang Yooseob, you stole that cute image from me!”

U-KISS’s Dongho expressed his frustration towards Beast’s Yang Yoseob and showing his overflow wits through his words on the recent filming of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell.

On that recording day, Dongho confessed “I knew their age when Beast first debuted..their average age is about 20 years old. So I thought that no one will steal (or levels) the cute image from me.”

Dongho continued “But then, the 22 year old Yoseob hyung took over my spot for being cute” which made the other guests burst into laughter.

In addition, Dongho and Yoseob were having a cute image battle on this episode.

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be aired on February 20th at 5:15 pm.

Credits: so beast + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (English trans)

lol idk how someone could steal an image but... I think Dongho is cuter?
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s surprise appearance on Oricon Charts

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Group So Nyeo Shi Dae makes a surprising appearance on Japanese Oricon album charts.

According to Oricon chart on 15th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s 2nd album ‘Oh!’ has entered the chart at #54 spot for the 2nd week of February. This is eye catching since there was no promotions done at all for the release of the album in Japan and their entrance on the chart is already in the top 100. Moreover, So Nyeo Shi Dae also did not get any official licensing for their album in Japan. 
A SM Ent rep also revealed on 18th February that So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh’ album is not only doing well in Korea but also in China, Japan and other Asian countries.
The rep said, “We are also shocked that So Nyeo Shi Dae has gone up the Oricon chart even without promotions. According to SM Japan, the girls’ albums are on sales in local mega stores.”
And about the possibility that girls will promote in Japan, “There are no confirmed solid plans about that.”

source: sookyeong

tl;dr: SNSD on Oricon Top 100 without promotions or official sales.
Siwon - Laugh

Super Junior will make a cameo appearance in "Oh! My lady" and possible delay

Super Junior will make a cameo appearance in "Oh! My lady". A person from SBS drama said "Super Junior has become a strong support team since member Choi Siwon was chosen for the main role in the drama. Super Junior members are doing many things for Choi Siwon and the drama".

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At this rate all of SM Town will cameo in Oh! My lady. The possible delay makes me rage.
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YG being tight with w-inds.

BIGBANG's first tour since their Major Debut titled [BIGBANG ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR] started on February 10th at Yokohama Arena. In a while it had been their first one man live, which caused a great amount of excitement!

Moreover, with this live, there came a surprise! All of a sudden the three members of w-inds. joined the band on stage, which was a great thrill for the BIGBANG fans as well. The packed hall of Yokohama Arena was getting a full performance of w-inds. AND G-DRAGON!!

After their part of the show w-inds. commented [It was really a lot of fun! It seemed like the we could really do this as one unit through the dance music.]

Moreover, w-inds. new Album will be released of March 10th! There will be a collaboration with G-DRAGON, as well as the production with R&B star Ne-Yo and R&B producer Imai Ryosuke, a song of BACHLOGIC and a song produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT, all adding up to a fully packed Dance Music Album!

On the CD+DVD version of the Album there will be a total of 6 songs plus the live pictures of [Rain Is Fallin' FCLT2009ver.].

For fans of the band as well as of great dance music, this is certainly a must buy item. With contents featuring BIGBANG, Ne-Yo and the Black Eyed Peas, this is without question a CD with great contents.


Fancam from Yokohama Arena:

Video source: gobanggo

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was originally made for male idol singers’ use?

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was made for male singers?

Making the many Korean males’ hearts flutter with their butt dance and the hit song ‘Mister’, the secret to the song has also been revealed recently. The song which has showcased the KARA members’ cuteness and youthful charms was initially made for the use by male idol singers. With the truth behind the song revealed, many were shocked.

An official said, “The song ‘Mister’ was actually made for male code. We didn’t know that the song will go well with KARA.”

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Source: Newsen + KBites

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SNSD’s Seohyun is receiving lots of love calls

We all know Seohyun’s been receiving love calls from her new husband Jung Yonghwa, but that’s not all. Ever since SNSD returned with Oh!, the youngest member of the group has been completely stealing the spotlight and it’s about time.

Seohyun who was always quiet and overshadowed is now quite the popular one, she’s been receiving love calls from various drama producers. A representative stated, “she has received offers for many different projects.”

The rep also stated, “Different from the other SNSD members who are well known to the public, it’s actually an advantage that Seohyun is low key. She’s still young and we know she has enormous room to grow, therefore the broadcast studios have been highly anticipating what she has to offer.”

Seohyun’s quiet personality and pure innocent looks are finally being recognized by fans as well as the industry. Jung Yonghwa is a lucky man, or is it the other way around…

source: allkpop

Seohyun's quiet personality and pure and innocent looks ....lmfaooooo....

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The Influence’s teaser poster and preview

The official poster has been released for “mystery digital blockbuster” The Influence, and my main question is: Considering that it stars one of Korea’s top A-listers (Lee Byung-heon) and the nation’s “Barbie doll” (Han Chae-young), that’s the best they could do? (It looks so cheesy!)

The preview is also out (watch below) for the thriller, which seems to thrive on cryptic plotlines: Lee plays “W,” who can travel through time over 100 years, while Han is “J,” his love interest who is locked in a tank called “Jubilee.” The movie is about a promise that doesn’t change and which must be kept through the years. A shadowy group called the “DJC” figures heavily in the mystery.

The full movie will be released online in early March.

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Source: break news
Via: dramabeans

lole wat. In any case, I spot Lee Byung Hun with a moustache and mmmm yes I approve.

Nichkhun and Song Jihyo will visit Philippines to do charity work

Nichkhun & Song Ji Hyo will be heading over to the Philippines, to do some charity work.

On 21st 2PM’s Nichkhun and Actress Song Ji Hyo flying away to Philippines.
They will guest appearances on MBC’s Dan Bi. One may remember Song Ji Hyo
from her supporting role in ‘Goong’/'Princess Hours‘ as the aspiring top ballerina, Min Hyo-rin.


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{exo; chen} ☆ stealing my heart

According to SooHyun, Dongho has changed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

U-KISS’ lead vocal Soohyun talked about how U-KISS’s maknae Dongho has changed.

On the recent filming of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, Soohyun voted for Dongho on the image votes question “The person that seems to be on rage if you get on their nerves?”. Soohyun revealed “Dongho is so cute when I first met him, but since his popularity is on the rise nowadays, he seems to care more for his reputation”, which makes Dongho panics at the revelation.

Soohyun jokingly added “Back then, Dongho would smile and told us nicely to stop if we were fooling around with him. But now, he will frown while telling us to stop” which making Dongho baffled.

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be broadcasted on February 23rd.
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Oh Dongho
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'Irresponsible' TV Shows Face Crackdown

President Lee Myung-bak has expressed deep concerns over some "irresponsible" television programs and entertainers that fan violent and antisocial behavior among adolescents, a presidential spokesman said Thursday.

Lee was referring to a controversy over a series of reports on violent graduation rituals by some middle and high school students.

"While talking with presidential staff, the President pointed out that some TV programs targeting teenagers are negatively affecting their culture," spokesman Park Sun-kyoo said.

"Lee was worried about the possibility that sexually explicit expressions and violent acts shown in the programs could do harm to students and lead to an increase in juvenile crime."

The remarks indicate that there could be a crackdown in the future on TV shows and some entertainers who have gained popularity for slanderous remarks.

The Korea Communications Commission and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are responsible for supervising mass media and the entertainment industry.

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Source: The Korea Times

Fuck this.