February 19th, 2010

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction

T-ara will be doing a complete 180 degree transformation, dropping their cute little kitten paws and turning into mature, evil and seductive little devils.

They stated, “Are they really T-ara? That’s the type of reaction we want from fans, so we will be working extremely hard until the day of our comeback performance.”

T-ara will be returning shortly with their repackaged album and new title track, “I go crazy because of you.” In addition, just finished the recording of the music video on the 19th and a teaser video will be released on the 23rd at around 11:30am.

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T-ara’s Jiyeon injures her knee

On the 18th and the 19th (KST), girl group T-ara was filming the music video for their upcoming repackaged album’s title track I go crazy because of you and in the process, member Jiyeon injured her knee.

During the filming, Jiyeon fell on the cement floor after getting caught up with the member in front of her. She seemed fine but couldn’t move and was taken to the hospital afterwords for an x-ray.

Jiyeon wasn’t injured too badly but the hospital said that she’ll need at least 3~4 days of full rest. But because of her obligations to her drama God of Study, she received an anesthetic and quickly wrapped up the music video shoot and proceeded to the drama’s film set.

Meanwhile, the group finished filming the music video without Jiyeon on the 19th at 10PM. The repackaged album is set to release on the 26th and hopefully Jiyeon will recover in time.


Poor Jiyon! She won't get to film her parts until tomorrow!
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2NE1, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee and more to bring the Fire on Music Core!

2NE1 is going to bring back their debut days for Show! Music Core.

On the February 20th broadcast of MBC’s Show! Music Core, 2NE1 will be having a special stage for Music Core’s 200th episode. This special episode of Music Core will also include SNSD / Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE, 2PM, Kara, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, Baek Ji Young, After School, and Lee Eun Mi.

The 200th episode will include a special stage for all the idol groups, with each group performing their debut songs.

2NE1 will be performing Fire, SNSD will sing Into the New World, 2PM will rock out 10 out of 10 and SHINee will make noonas go crazy with Noona is so pretty (Replay).

For this momentous occasion, regular MC’s Tiffany and Yuri of SNSD have called in a little backup from CNBLUE.

2PM and SHINee will also have a special dance battle stage titled ‘Dance History.’

In addition, SNSD, Kara and After School will have a joint special stage performing Lee Hyori’s You Go Girl, Boa’s My Name and Son Dambi’s Crazy.

This jam packed episode will be broadcast on February 20th.


Rain's Going to Release a Special Album


Actor singer Rain will be releasing a special album coming April. This is revealed by JTunes Entertainment on 19th February.

According to JTunes representative, Rain wll be releasing a minialbum with 4~5 songs coming April, and after the release of this special album he will released a full length album in October.

This will be his new single album released 1 year and 6 months after his 5th album ‘Rainisim’ released in May 2008. And for last year, Rain was caught up with the filming and promotions of his Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ and did not release any new album.


The rep added, “Currently the recording for some of the songs are completed. We have been receiving better songs from the composers. Of the songs to be included, there will be ballad songs. But as for what genre the title song will be, it is still unconfirmed as of now.” 

It was known that Rain released his 1st album in spring and for this upcoming album to be released in April, Rain is working  it with the feelings as when he first debuted.

Rain’s Asian concert tour ended in January, and he has been doing encore performances overseas. He is also studying up on the scenario for his drama appearance for the first half of this year.


wouldn't it be interesting if him and se7en both had comebacks at the same time? hmmmmm. -mods changed the pic hope you don't mind. =)

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DBSK's old comment to BSB Comment + random chart

Five members of TVXQ who are active in Japan shared the episode of meeting a world famous pop group Backstreet Boys at a global episode program recording of Japanese broadcasting station. TVXQ recently exchanged a talk with the Backstreet Boys at Music Fair 21’s recording performance at Japanese Fuji TV. (Omitted a few)

After the programming, Micky Yuchun shared an episode of their talk with Backstreet boys. He said “Backstreet Boys asked us ‘How many years did you perform so far?’ and we said ‘About six years.’ then they asked us, ‘Are you going to perform together for a longer period of time?’, and we answered them, ‘We want to continue to perform together eternally and that is the part which we are concentrating in our best effort right now.’”

And Yunho added by saying, “They said, ‘It is mysterious, you really remind us of our old days.’ And, ‘Your singing voices are very good!’ and they praised us.”

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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If anyone is interested, Yoochun talks about Nick Carter on Yokohama FM here

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Source: SYC

As you can see, Jaejoong is not on this chart sans that one selca picture. Jaejoong is not bad, neother is he good. HE IS PERFECT lmao.
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Lee Jun-ki signs with a new agency

Hallyu star Lee Jun-ki has signed with JG Company INC., a newly-established independent talenthouse which will solely manage Lee's career.

"His contract with Mentor Entertainment ended late January and has now decided to join our company," stated a representative from JG on Friday.

JG will follow Hollywood's one-man management system where an agency focuses its efforts on a single celebrity -- from tending to his schedule to his promotional work to his legal issues.

Lee, 27, has been one of the most popular stars in the Asian region since starring in the 2005 hit film "The King and the Clown."

He has also appeared in several dramas including "Iljimae" and the recent MBC TV series "Hero" where he played the role of a passionate magazine reporter. He won the People's Choice Popularity award at MBC's acting awards last year.

Source: asiae.co.kr

Well, I hope this goes smoothly for him and we don't have to read on next week how his old agency sues him over contract violation or something.
Penelope is pretty.
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Son Ye-jin hops aboard Kang Je-gyu's Hollywood debut movie

Actress Son Ye-jin has joined the cast of top South Korean director Kang Je-gyu's Hollywood debut pic, according to the film's producer on Thursday.

The critically acclaimed actress will play the main female role opposite Hallyu star Jang Dong-gun in the film tentatively titled "My Way," based on the Invasion of Normandy during World War II.

Son will play the role of a woman who agonizes over her love for a Korean man and a Japanese man who both fight in the war.

Sources close to the director had last said producers are in talks with Japanese Takuya Kimura for the war epic, although no additional details have been announced.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Super Junior fans burst of conflict in Taiwan

Korea's popular idol group, Super Junior's charm actually led to having nearing 1500 fans crowding at 2 of the terminals at Taoyuan Airport, making the airport the liveliest and craziest location in Taiwan out of the 9 days of the Lunar New Year holiday.
Because of the concert at Taipei arena on the weekends, Super Junior arrived in Taiwan on the afternoon of the19th in 2 different flights. Due to the fact that the flights arrive at Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 consecutively, the organizers hired over 50 guards and self-supporting students* to guard. Some of the fans stayed over at the airport the night before to book their spaces to see their beloved idols, causing the halls of both terminals to be flooded with fans.

Although it was separated into 2 groups and 2 different flights, the blockade that was originally in place became useless once the fans sees Super Junior. Besides the intense pushing and attracting the other tourists' criticisms, they even banged hard on the glass and climbed to high places. The whole situation was nearing impossible to control. Despite so, the airport police still tells the fans to move back with a tone of displeasure.

In this trip, SJM's Zhoumi and Henry followed along and because of his schedule, Siwon will only arrive just before the concert. Both groups of members headed towards Sherwood Hotel after leaving the airport to prepare for rehearsals at the Taipei arena in the night.

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Thanks to chunny for the heads-up!
Credit:tw news yahoo.com
Translated by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET.
Epik High
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Epik High to Return Next Month with a New Album

Video source: mapthesoul

Hip-hop group Epik High is releasing a new album next month ― this time as a duo.

The return to the music scene comes four months after the group quit promotional activities for its sixth album, "[e]," following the conscription of its member DJ Tukutz in October.

The group, composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, will resume its activities as a two-member group without Tukutz, its agency said. Tukutz got married on Oct. 13, and entered military service on Oct. 15.

The new album "Epilogue" comes out seven months after the group released their last album in September.

On the group's Web site, Tablo posted a note saying: "The recording of 'Epilogue' album is finished. Mixing will start soon and jacket design work is underway."

Agency officials said about 90 percent of work on the album has been completed.

The trio burst onto the Korean music scene six years ago with the album "Map of the Human Soul" and rose to stardom with consecutive hit songs, armed with catchy hip-hop tunes and socially relevant lyrics with a positive message.

Source: The Korea Times


Kangta discharged from military, thanks SNSD

Kangta is a former member of H.O.T., which was one of the most popular idol groups of all time. Back in April of 2008 he entered the military, which is mandatory for all Korean males. After serving for nearly two years, he’s finally being discharged. After being formally discharged from the military he thanked SNSD / Girls’ Generation.
On the 19th, Kangta met with reporters and had a nice relaxed interview in which he talked about his life in the army. Of course, after two years of service in the military, having the paparazzi in your face again would be somewhat of an annoyance, but Kangta rolled with the punches and responded very kindly to the reporters.
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Credit: AllKPop
Extra Images: Daum
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Tiger JK & Jang Dong Gun are chosen to model for Giordano

Hip-hop icon Tiger JK and A-list actor Jang Dong Gun are now ‘rubbing shoulders’ as Giordano fashion models. Tiger JK has recently selected as Giordano fashion brand model along with the handsome actor who is rumored to get married this coming May.

According to Giordano side, they pick Tiger JK as their new model because of his challenging spirit and creative minds, and along with positive vibe he brought throughout the music industry. Along with Jang Dong Gun, these two models are expected to branch out positive synergy and new outlook to the brand advertising.

Giordano currently conducted the new Spring/Summer collections and has scheduled shooting with both of them. Jang Dong Gun and Tiger JK will both bring a fresh image to the already famous fashion brand that Giordano has earned throughout the years.

Career-wise, hip-hop icon Tiger JK has released his latest album in 2009, and won several music awards. He is now working as the co-producer for his wife, Yoon Mirae’s (T), newest album. Their son, Jordan is reported to have shown interest in hip-hop music in such a young age.

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Source: jazzholic & soheelover

More Mistakes on Music Bank, Yuri uses a trophy for…

Earlier today, we wrote about the various mistakes on KBS2 Music Bank. Well here’s another to add to the list, Girls’ Generation / SNSD member Yuri mistakenly uses the winning trophy as a microphone.

Thanks to Amina for the tip, check out the hilarious clip below edited by the talented CodeMonMon:

source: allkpop and monmonshowHD
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2NE1 gets praised during broadcast of the Olympics

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you’re following the Vancouver Olympics 2010 (something you should be doing), you may have noticed that South Korea’s Mo Tae Bum recently won a gold & silver, respectively, in 500m & 1000m speed skating. And thanks to him, 2NE1 got a slice of attention at the Olympics. No, Mo Tae Bum didn’t give a particular shout-out to this iconic quartet, but the Korean announcer for the live broadcast of SBS Speed Skating did – quite literally.

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source: allkpop

What TVXQ Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan

By music writer Itou Hironobu

Tohoshinki just released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" in 2/17. On this occasion, I have recollected and compiled all the interviews and information I made about them up until now. Moreover, in the photo gallery, there is a collection of photos from their 2007-2008-2009 live tours, as well as photos from their various release events and jacket photos from the singles whose songs are included in this album.

What TVXQ Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan

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Source: Yahoo! Music Japan
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Seohyun Chosen As "Girl Group Member That Will Be A Good Wife and A Wise Mother"

Girl Group SNSD's Seohyun won first place for a member that is most likely to become a good wife and a wise mother.

Marriage information company Wedian and the couple managers used a marriage quotient program with the idol girl group members and revealed the results of marriage quotient analysis.

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Credit: Naver
Translation: typicalharu@soshified.com/forums

Mods, is it time for a Seohyun tag?