February 20th, 2010


2PM’s ‘Star Dance Battle’ rehearsal

Nearly a week ago, beastly idol group 2PM (minus Nichkhun and Jaebeom) duked it out with Super Junior on MBC’s ‘Star Dance Battle.’ Now I don’t know about the rest of you girls but I nearly fainted from their more-than-awesome performance (and don’t lie, I know you drooled over their body waves and pelvic thrusts).

Well lucky for you girls, a rehearsal video has recently been released of 2PM dancing to Chris Brown’s ‘Take You Down.’ Check it out!


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2PM on Win Win (SSJG)

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-SeungWoo's grudge against Wooyoung XD Their dynamic is hilarious.
-Khun and Taec's English ♥
-Junho gets screentime! Finally! \0/
-Junsu's story about how their own dorm's security guard didn't recognize him and wouldn't let him in. Poor, bb.
-Stories about their auditions. Oh my god, Taec... XD;;
-Talking about "Only You"- this song gave them so much grief, my goodness, especially Wooyoung. :(
-Celebrating Chansunf's birthday! Happy birthday, bb~ ♥
-We finally meet the man behind their choreography. The story of how the cheer pyramid dance move was born is revealed~

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"This Is It" Concert: The Reason Why U-Know Yunho was Chosen as Final Cast + Ticket Information

S2 Entertainment Mr. Kim on the 19th said, “Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It The Movie (Band From ‘THIS IS IT’ The Movie’)’ was originally planned as a joint project from two countries, and it’s finally confirmed that TVXQ Yunho from South Korea will be the performer to appear in the show.”

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Henry Reassures Fans and Reveals There's a BIG SURPRISE Planned

Henry visited his baidu today (or tomorrow, depending) and revealed a bit of info about the Super Show and SJ/M's future for the fans to mull over... Gづinsanity from baidu was kind enough to translate Henry's adorable pinyin to simplified Chinese, so I was able to re-translate it to English with the help of doraichan. ♥

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HELLO!!! @ Henry's Baidu
Pinyin to Chinese by Gづinsanity

* Henry made a typo here. Instead of JING XI he wrote JIN XI / thanks to doraichan for catching my mistake and explaining about the typo ♥

I need a Henry (and a Zhou Mi) tag... ):

Why was 2PM’s Junsu absent on Music Core?

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Although many fans were sorely missing a certain leader during 2PM’s performance on the 200th episode special of Music Core this evening, he wasn’t the only one missing from the stage – heartthrob Junsu was nowhere to be seen, much to the confusion of many viewers.
In a phone interview with Star News, JYPE Entertainment revealed that Junsu was absent from the stage because he was in the middle of a surgery for rhinitis, aka internal inflammation of the nose. Although the idea of having a runny nose seems pretty trivial, symptoms can get pretty serious, as was the case for Junsu. Last August, there were rumors floating around that Junsu had already gotten a surgery, but it looks like those rumors were false, or that the August surgery wasn’t enough.
During the phone interview, the JYPE rep said,
“Junsu received surgery on February 16 for rhinitis. He is recovering and is currently in stable condition. He received surgery because album promotions were over. However, since 2PM was scheduled to perform the 200th episode special for Music Core, 2PM had to perform with only five members.”
Good to see that Junsu’s recovering well and will be able to return to the stage soon; now let’s hope that another 2PM member can do the same soon as well.

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Hyo Smile
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SNSD, 'U-Go-Girl' Innocent-like Performance "Fluttered Men's Hearts"

SNSD, 'U-Go-Girl' Innocent-like Performance "Fluttered Men's Hearts"

[NewsEn Reporter: Chayeon]

SNSD's innocent-like performance of Lee Hyori's 'U-Go-Girl' brought many male fans to great enthusiasm.

In celebration of the 200th episode of MBC 'Music Core' which aired on February 20th, SNSD chose Lee Hyori's 'U-Go-Girl' for their diva-special act.

Through their innocent-like charms, SNSD brought fresh atmosphere to the stage as they performed Lee Hyori's sexy and youthful song 'U-Go-Girl'. SNSD's cute and adorable dance moves brought Lee Hyori's sexy dancing to a new level.

Meanwhile, KARA's performance of BOA's 'My Name' and After School's performance of Son Dambi's 'Crazy' attracted many viewers.

Later in the 200th special episode of 'Music Core', 2PM and SHINee collaborated and performed various hit songs including Rain and Seo Taiji & Boys to celebrate the dance music history of Korea.


Source: NewsEn
Translation: minsuk@soshified.com/forums
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4minute in Hong Kong

The girls have already went to Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand for their Asia Tour. This time, they are here in Hong Kong for a 5D4N trip to promote their mini album, 'For Muzik'. As HyunAh has to attend Music Bank on the 19th, only 4 members arrived in the Hong Kong airport. The flight was about half an hour late (they reached at 12:40AM), but that did not affect the fans who came very early in the morning to the airport to secure a good spot. The girls wore shorts and thin shirts, as if telling everyone they are fearless of the cold weather. 4 bodyguards were present to ensure the safety of the girls.

Members of the media and press were impressed because 4Minute did not put on airs as the hottest Hallyu stars, but instead, allowed everyone and anyone to take photos of them. Other than greeting the fans, accepting their gifts and giving out autographs, the girls called out "I love you!" when fans screamed "Saranghaeyo!" Even after they have boarded the shuttle bus, they did not show any sign of impatience at the fans chasing after them, and even smiled and waved. For more pics of the girls at the airport, click here.

On the same day, the girls were interviewed by various media groups in Hong Kong, then proceeded to have a Japanese style dinner with their manager in the evening. HyunAh joined them later in the day.

Today, 20th of February, 4Minute attended 'EMax X 4Minute fan-signing' with fellow Universal Music label-mates (seniors), Mr. , and exchanged autographed albums. Check out some videos below.

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4-minute forums & hkentertainmentxpress YT.

i love these outfits! sohyun's shoes are so freaking hot
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100220 music core

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DIVA LEGEND - After School, Kara, SNSD

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Sound-holic - BEG, After School, CN Blue
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DUETS - GaKwon, Kim Jong Kook & Taec,
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still missing the park hyun bin, baek ji young and lee eunmi performances. other than that, enjoy. ♥
SJ/kyusung: pretty

Wonder Girls comeback in korea in April!

WonderGirls who have been away from the Kpop scene for some time to promote in the States will be back on the Korean performing stage this year.
Coming April, WonderGirls will be releasing their first full-length album in the States, and will be doing a ‘Korea-America-Asian’ promotions for it.
A representative revealed on the 19th, “Currently the girls are working on the new album, and it will include their hit songs like ‘Nobody’ as well as 4~5 new song. In addition, the girls will be recording a Korean version to the title song for fans in Korea.”

And about whether the girls will be promoting the Korean version of the title song, the rep said, “Korea is included in part of the promotions for their new album. And we are seeing that they will be promoting in Korea for a longer time than in other countries for the song.”
Currently the WonderGirls are promoting their hit song ‘Nobody’ in the States, as well as in China.
Meanwhile, member SunMi will be leaving the team and heading back to Korea to prepare for her college life in March, while JYP trainee HyeRim will be joining as new member.

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bigbang+wonder girls in 2010, wonderbang this year? :D

Kara’s Lupin dance will beat the Mister butt dance?

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Last summer, we were introduced to the hit song Mister and its tantalizing booty dance that took the kpop scene by storm. Girl group Kara had showed (quite literally) a whole new side to their fans and earned much praise for their hit booty shaking track.

This month, Kara has garnered much attention with the release of their dark and sexy concept and their 3rd mini album. Since the release of their title track Lupin, these girls have been topping charts left and right. With Kara’s new look and new sound, fans are getting very anxious as the comeback dates draw near. Many are also curious to see the choreography for Lupin after Gyuri and Jiyoung’s tease on yesterday’s Sukira Radio.

A representative from DSP Entertainment stated, “Lupin’s dance choreography has more charm and is much more powerful than Mister’s. We expect hot reactions from fans after their comeback performances. Kara is feeling great pressure at this time, but along with their fans, the girls have high expectations for their comeback. They are currently practicing very hard and hope to bring fans the perfect performance.”

Though the girls are set to begin their string of comebacks on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 25th, fans can look forward to a sneak peak of the choreography through the release of the MV for Lupin on GomTV on the 22nd! The wait has definitely been getting to me these past few days, so I’m looking forward to this week! Who else is excited for this?

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Super Generation, Oh! Style

Yesterday, Shindong tweeted pictures of him dressed in the white and pink themed cheerleader outfit from SNSD's latest music video, Oh!. At first, he tweeted the picture along with a tweet regarding Super Junior's Super Show 2 concert in Taipei, Taiwan (20th and 21st), but there was no Oh! performance during their concert. It seems like it was only for the Teukigayo segment of SBS's Strong Heart.


Video: 4minniemink
Pictures: Shindong's Twitter

Nice camel toe, Shindong
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Narsha Looks Like Bae YongJoon?

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha was a guest in the recent episode of SBS Intimate Note in where she revealed that she is known as Bae YongJoon in high school.

Who would have thought that BEG’s very own seductress was a tomboy in high school? However, her boyish appeal was what made her popular in high school, and apparently also Bae YongJoon’s look-a-like. How about you see it for yourself.

Narsha stated, “My nickname was Bae Yong Joon because of my short-cut hair and horn-rimmed glasses.” Bae YongJoon is famous for his drama Winter Sonata and Hotelier and had captured many female hearts. You can guess that a YongJoon look-a-like would attract many female students and of course, Narsha received fan mails from them.

Narsha added “I got letters on my desks form girls. It’d read ‘I want to be close friends with you, so if you like my letter, reply and put it on my desk.’”

Many probably wants to be in Narsha’s shoes now–popular with both the males and females.

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