February 21st, 2010

"Model idols" F.Cuz are now truly models.

F.Cuz has been called "model idols" from their debut as their average height is past 180 cm and they flaunt good looks. Now their attempt at modeling is attracting attention.

The group got the modeling job from Jinon's and T-ara's Eunjung, who have been friends before debut. Eunjung asked him to model for T-Ara's online shop "T-ara.com."

F.Cuz's rep spoke with T-News and said, "Eunjung asked us to do it and we accepted her offer. Since all of the members are tall, we figured it'd be fine."

F.Cuz will photograph for T-ara.com on the 20th and then go on MBC FM4U's "Taeyeon's Chin Chin", and then will go back to the practice room.

Source: sports chosun
Translated by filmsession @ omona_prection!

I'm glad she's helping out her friend, she's the sweetest idol!


Fans delay SNSD fan signing?

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Popular girl group SNSD held a fan signing event for their second album Oh! on the evening of the 21st. The event was held at the Time Square in the Yeongdungpo district, Seoul.
Almost 1000 fans showed up for the event which was organized by Gyobok Library Hot Tracks, but the mob of fanboys couldn’t be controlled! There was lots of pushing and shoving with the fans up front screaming. The situation was so dangerous that the girls couldn’t even enter the building!
The event was delayed for 30 minutes while the commotion was put down, but eventually everyone got their albums signed peacefully although it wouldn’t be a complete set. Only 5 out of the nine members were present, with Taeyeon, Yuri, Seohyun and Sooyoung at another fan signing.
At this rate, the girls might have blood at their hands at one point! The power of beauty is astounding isn’t it?

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source: allkpop

2NE1’s CL talks about her controversial SBS Gayo Daejun outfit

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Leader of 2NE1, CL is infamous for her outlandish clothes and style. Some would even say she’s the Korean version of Lady Gaga, that is, in terms of style. On a recently aired episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, this princess of hip hop revealed her thoughts on her past outfits and costumes, including the controversy behind the black spandex outfit she wore at the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun that revealed both her stomach and the tops of her bra.
On the show, CL commented, “The outfit was not that revealing. However, it was a bit unconventional and rebellious. I like clothes that are unconventional rather than those that expose a lot.” Although this statement will certainly raise eyebrows, CL has finally given her side on this controversy.
In addition to CL’s comment, fellow member Dara stated, “With the new year, I become one more year older and more tired.” Dara, you never fail to make the atmosphere more lighthearted.

source: allkpop
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Doojoon's warm heart revealed, Minihompy pictures from 'Danbi'

Leader Yoon Doonjoon of the 6 member idol group BEAST, uploaded new photos of himself through his Minihompy.

On the 20th (yesterday) at 1:27AM on his Minihompy, he revealed a few photos that he took of actual locations from MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' of the segment 'Danbi'. Whenever the Danbi crew visited places that needed an outstretched hand like Africa, Cambodia, etc., they put each of the children's images into the camera, valued water, and while taking the mental note of saving [the water], they received the compliments of the netizens like "As warm as their appearances are, their hearts are warm too."

Next, one of the photos that were updated was a *down hairstyle that was different than usual, receiving positive compliments from fans. The fans who saw this new hairstyle showed tremendous reactions by saying, "No matter what he does, it's stylish", "He's a male God", "It's different." etc.

In the mean time, Yoon Doojoon is currently appearing as a guest star in MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' of the segment 'Danbi', and near the end of February to the beginning of March, the group BEAST in which he is part of will speed up their album preparations with a scheduled comeback.

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S: The Star, kiwiannabear @ B2ST Rising

Kangta's website updated - Photos, video and message to fans

SME have wasted no time with the return of one of their biggest artists; Kangta only came back from the military on Friday, but his official website has already been updated with a new photoshoot and a recorded message to his fans! As well as this, they also uploaded a Kangta video to their official Youtube and he already has a few fanmeets set up, the first of which was yesterday in Korea, the next to be in March in Japan.

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"I will find a good look once again to come back." Omg yes please.

Credit to:
Fan message translation: mjboa @ Soompi,
Photos: SM Town
Video: SM Ent. @ Youtube

Umm I wasn't sure how to tag this... can we have a Kangta tag, please...? :D
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U-Kiss Alexander raps in Cantonese on KJE's Chocolate

U-Kiss member Alexander created a comic atmosphere by rapping in Chinese.

On the latest episode of SBS’s Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, Alexander caught many people’s attention as he showed off his skill of rapping in Chinese. With a father from Hong Kong and a Korean mother, this idol spent most of his life growing up in Macao. Alexander can speak Chinese relatively well, and he showed this through rapping when senior singer Im Chang Jung requested it during the show.

In addition, Alexander and Im Chang Jung held a humorous Chinese acting battle, causing much laughter among the audience.

Be sure to watch U-Kiss as a guest on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate!

Here's his rap(after Dongho):

Rough Translation:
"I don't know what I can say, but I don't know- [insert gibberish and sounds of frustration here]" then he starts again with "Today I came to Chocolate, I don't know what to say, because I don't know what (the hell/on earth) they want me to say. Save/help me! what can I say?"

Source: allkpop
Youtube: iamkimsora6

Aww poor Xander with his unexpected performance D8... but it was pretty cute and funny xD I love when he speaks cantonese <33 (even though I practically fail at the language really)
This is my first post ever on lj, so if I've done anything wrong/this post is absolute fail, feel free to beat me senseless with a stick and eat all my slices of Xandercake >A<;

Band Mate surpasses idol singers to win the newcomer award for ‘Yoo HeeYeol Radio’ music award

Modern rock band Mate surpasses idol singers to win the newcomer award on KBS Cool FM ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s Radio’ music awards.

The 1st ‘RaCheon Music Awards’ was held on 10th February, and Mate surpasses other stars like 2NE1 and IU to win the newcomer award, garnering much attention for that.

‘Yoo HeeYeol Radio Heaven’ has been known to be a program which covers a variety of genres of music reviews including pop, gayo and also indie music. And winner of the newcomer award on the show, Mate is a band which released their first full length album last April with the title song ‘Longing’.

This singer songwriter band consists of Im HeonIl (vocal, guitar), Jung JoonIl (vocal, keyboard) and Lee HyunJae (drum), and is known for their great musical capabilities. They also won the male newcomer award at 2010 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards.

Coming 26th and 27th February, the band will also be performing the title song of their minialbum ‘with mate’ during a public performance which will also be the congratulatory performance for winning the award on RaCheon Music Awards.

Source: Newsen + K-Bites
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100221 inkigayo

Take 7 - SNSD, CN Blue, 2AM, U-Kiss, Kim Jong Kook, Min Kyung Hoon, Gavy NJ
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Hot Music - SNSD, TRAX, Untouchable, ZE:A, Park Hyun Bin, Lim Chang Jung
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Fresh Music - Ahn Jin Kyung, Jo Hye Ryung
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Pwer Rookie - Shaun L
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Other Cuts - Winner, Kara's Comeback, MC Cuts
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Sources: monmonsnowhd, dkpopnews11, bmow4
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Epik High interviewed on CNN Talk Asia

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Hip hop group, Epik High, recently appeared on CNN’s talk show Talk Asia.

The talk show has interviewed many famous people in the past, including a few Korean stars such as Park Ji Sung, Rain and Lee Byung Hyun. Epik High was the first Korean hip hop group to be on the show.

Member Tablo said, “We were happy because CNN showed great interest in Korean music. We were also happy because this was a chance to show our music to the world. The feeling was so great and we are honored.”

The group also mentioned that they were sad due to the abscence of Tukutz.

The interview will air on April 21st. Stay tuned!

Source: Allkpop
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SJ crossdresses – yes it’s Super Show

After bagging a daesang at last year’s Golden Disk Awards, Korea’s top boyband Super Junior finally had their very first Super Show concert in Taipei on their fourth visit to the island country.

Although three out of thirteen members were missing (Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum), but the boyband had a new surprise for their Taiwanese fans: cross-dressing as their juniors, f(x).

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Sources: UDN / Sina
Translated by: hypothermal
B2ST: Our little secret.
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F.cuz coming back with a new song in March!

F.cuz is coming back with a new song in March!

F.cuz is a four member group that debuted with the song Jiggy in January. These guys first debuted with a cute and cheerful feeling. But F.cuz will be coming back in March with a completely different image.

Jiggy is an electronic-sound based song that gives off a trendy feeling. The song that F.cuz will be announcing in March, will be more sophisticated and with an addition of some intense feelings.

Source: Sports Chosun, MiMi @ FCuzed International Forum

Countdown to the showdown of ‘Black SoShi’ and ‘Lupin KARA’

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Amidst the girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae’s domination in the Kpop circle, the comeback of group KARA will spark off some competition between the girlgroups once more.

On SBS Inkigayo aired on 21st February, the So Nyeo Shi Dae girls showed a 180 degrees transformation for their ‘Show Show Show’ performance. They had performed the song before their performance of title song ‘Oh!’ on the show that day.

As can be seen in the ‘Oh!’ MV, there was the appearance of the sexy ‘Black SoShi’ at the end of the MV. According to So Nyeo Shi Dae’s company, they will be ending their ‘Oh!’ promotions in early March, and move on with the concept of ‘Black SoShi’.

And it has been known that the MV filming for their followup hit song has completed on 18th February.

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sources: kbites XDDDD30@youtube snsdOh@youtube
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Jo Kwon denies rivalry with Yoon Sang Hyun

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The first episode of Family Outing Season 2 aired only recently, yet the negative reviews from netizens have been running rampant on various online noticeboards. In particular, idol singer Jo Kwon faced criticism for his snide remark towards actor Yoon Sang Hyun about his “trivial” role in the show.

In his defense, Jo Kwon updated his me2day on the 21st with a picture of himself and the new variety member. He also wrote, “I am really shocked… I’m not that kind of person. Especially when we’re so close…like this ㅠㅠ”

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My message to Netizens:
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Onew to be in the musical, "The Brothers Were Brave"

SHINee’s Onew is stepping up to the challenge of a musical.

Onew was cast in a lead role as Joobong in the musical “The Brothers Were Brave” which will run from this coming April 1st until June 20th at the Coexartium. “The Brothers Were Brave” is a musical that was first brought to the stage in 2008, and became a hit with its strong plot and composition. It is about two brothers with a querulous relationship named Sukbong and Joobong who travel down to their hometown after receiving their father’s obituary. While trying to find the inheritance that was left to them, the brothers begin to understand each other and mend their relationship. Onew’s character Joobong, who always felt that he was less favored as the second son and has a hot temper, attends Seoul University and is an ex-convict.

There is much interest being garnered because this is Onew’s first time participating in a musical, and it has become known that there will be a kiss scene involved.

The production company told T-News through a phone call, “This is Onew’s first time participating in a musical. However, “Legally Blonde” was also Jessica’s first musical and she was able to do well. These days idol group members are skilled in both singing and dancing, and on top of that they work very hard, so we think that Onew will certainly do well and we aren’t worried.”

Onew’s agency SM Entertainment met with T-News and stated that “After being cast in “The Brothers Were Brave,” Onew has begun practicing singing, dancing, and acting. He will work hard to put forward a good image.”

Because Onew has already shown outstanding singing and dancing skills during SHINee promotions, his musical debut is becoming the center of interest.

source: sports chosun
translation credit: live laugh love @ soompi
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[PICS] 2010 02 21 Nichkhun + DooJoon at Ninoy Aquino Int. Airport in Manila

Went to the airport with two friends today! Here are some Nichkhun and DooJoon photos:

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The coasters and bus left at around 1:07PM. No one's really sure where they're going~ But Filipino hottests be on the look-out^^ He's heree! Haha ^^

*note: my friends and i took more pictures, but since i need to go soon, these are the only ones i can post for now ^^;;

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Friend's (happy/spazzy xD) fan account -- FARK IN THE WORLD I CAN NOW DIE HAPPILY (lol, ily, peasy)

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Japanese DBSK Fans Listen To Their Music Up To 3 Hours Daily

About half of the Japanese fans of the famous music group Donbangsinki/TVXQ reportedly listen to their music for two or three hours every day.
Japan’s major music web store HMV surveyed 3,846 users before releasing Dongbangsinki’s first best-of album ‘Best Selection 2010′ and found that forty-nine percent of the people surveyed spend two to three hours listening to their music every single day.

The enthusiasts, who listen to their music for over 10 hours per day, consisted of five percent of those surveyed. Seventy-two percent of the respondents said that they have never visited S. Korea since becoming fans of Dongbangsinki. Meanwhile, twenty-two percent of those surveyed said they visited S. Korea one to three times, and one enthusiastic fan of Dongbangsinki has visited S. Korea forty times now.

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credit: jpopasia+onetvxq.com
shared by: sharingyoochun.net, edited to make a couple parts easier to read.

tl;dr Japan loves Tohoshinki.