February 23rd, 2010


Yonghwa and Seohyun's Couple Rings

Jung YongHwa, “Yes, It is a couple ring”.

Currently the hot issue in the Kpop circle will have to be C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun.

The 2 were recently chosen to be make-believe couple on MBC variety show We Got Married. And the similar rings worn by the 2 speculated to be couple rings have been of heated interests amongst netizens.

Speculations of couple rings by fans of the started with the airing of KBS Music Bank on 19th February. And after the airing of the show, there were many screen caps of the 2 during their performances showing and comparing the ring they worn.

With that, Jung Yong Hwa and SeoHyun confirmed, “Yes it is couple ring. This is one of the mission during ‘We Got Married’. And we have to wear the ring on other programmes other than ‘We Got Married’.”

The episode featuring this new ‘couple’ will air on 27th February. And Jung YongHwa also commented on his make-believe wife SeoHyun as “really cute”.

Source: Kbites
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Kangta promises to accept all online friend requests

Korean pop singer Kangta has surprised his fans by saying that he will accept everyone's online buddy request on Korea's social networking site Cyworld.

The singer, who was discharged from the Korean military on Friday, made the remark at his fan meeting which was held at Seoul's Sookmyung Art Center the following day.

"I made a simple mini-hompy [personal homepages on Cyworld] where I will befriend whoever requests for it," the 30-year-old promised his fans.

Befriending someone on popular website Cyworld will allow fans to view all the contents -- including photographs and messages -- posted by the Hallyu star. Most Korean celebrities have a Cyworld account but only a handful of them allow fans or stranger to become their online friends to protect their privacy.

Kangta's fans appear to be happy with the singer's remark; one fan wrote on the fan club board, "This is a groundbreaking occurence for someone like me who has been his long-time fan" while another fan thanked the military for "allowing this change in Kangta."

Kangta, whose real name is Ahn Chil-hyun, debuted in 1996 as the lead singer of the now-disbanded idol group H.O.T. The five-member boy band was one of the most popular K-pop acts in Korea and throughout Asia during the late 1990s to early 2000s.

He went on to release several solo albums after the group disbanded and has collaborated with other singers including a pop duo act with popular Taiwanese singer Vanessa Wu in 2006.

The singer, who is reportedly planning to release a solo album and hold a solo concert, is scheduled to meet with Asian fans at his upcoming fan events in Beijing and Tokyo.

Reporter : Lim Hye-seon lhsro@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr
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The holy grail:

He's already started to upload selcas and pictures of his dog. :')
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Korea Launches First Official Music Charts, Gaon

Popular K-pop songs will now be listed on a local music chart resembling the United States' Billboard Charts, enabling both fans and artists to further enjoy, protect and spread K-pop music.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Music Content Industry Association launched the "Gaon" Charts at a hotel in Seoul, Tuesday, with hopes that it will create a more systemized and reliable music industry.

The word "gaon" means "middle" or "center" in Korean, and it was chosen to represent fairness and reliability.
Compared to U.S.'s Billboard Charts, which was launched in 1940, and Japan's 42-year Oricon, the local chart may be a bit late on the international music scene, but experts are expecting it will work as a well-balanced and an upgraded version of music charts.

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Source: The Korea Times
HaeWook → I want you more than they do

MBLAQ’s Mir and Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon declared as a couple!

MBLAQ’s Mir and Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon have been declared a couple! Fan girls hold onto your seats, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

During filming of an upcoming episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Army season 5, Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon came onto the show as a guest and that’s when all of the magic happened.

Basically, Mir wrote down that his ideal woman was Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon, the MC of the show Shin Bong Sun, discovered this and worked together with the other MBLAQ members to help Mir out. Anyway, Mir who is 5 years younger than Ha Joo Yeon, made his moves and judging by the smile on her, she didn’t seem to dislike it.

This is when Jewelry’s other member Kim Eun Jung declared, “Starting from today, the two of you are a couple.” Shin Bong Sun then added, “Today is Mir and Joo Yeon’s first day as a couple.”

During this situation, it is said that Mir had a huge, yet somewhat embarrassed smile on his face. This love story between the two idols will air later tonight in Korea (24th).

Source: Allkpop

I swear Mir changes his ideal type more than anyone.

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2AM, “It is sad to be compared with 2PM when we first debuted”

Idol ballad group 2AM reveals that the sorrow of not being able to get as much limelight as group 2PM when they first debuted.

The 2AM members were the surprise guests for 2PM on KBS ‘Win-Win’ show aired on 23rd February, showing their brotherly-love. And MC Kim SeungWoo asked, “When you first debuted, actually you were not being able to get as much limelight as 2PM. Even though you guys are all a family (in the same company), don’t you feel hurt?”.

And Jo Kwon said, “Actually 2AM even debuted 2 months faster. And at first because our group names are similar, there were a lot of comparison. This is to the extend that even JiYoungie hyung will only consider 2PM’s name for award ceremonies. Honestly, we had wanted to congratulate them a lot for getting much popularity as they are friends who are like our brothers, but it is just human to feel hurt.”

With that, other 2AM membera said, “But then again, the people who had comforted us the most at that time is also none other than 2PM. And because of times like those, we are able to build good friendships until today.”

S: Osen , K Bites

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So Nyeo Shi Dae and Super Junior awarded #1 for digital music and album category for GaOn charts

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So Nyeo Shi Dae and Super Junior are awarded #1 for the digital and album category for GaOn Chart establishment celebration event.

The event was held on 23rd February at 11am at Seoul Western JoSeon Hotel and the 2 singer groups were awarded #1 for the 2009 digital music and album category. A rep from GaOn chart reveals, “For the digital category (online+mobile) for last year, So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ was chosen for #1. And for offline album category, Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ was chosen as #1.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and 2AM Jo Kwon’s duet ‘We Fell In Love’ is #1 for the ringer tone and streaming for the 1st and 2nd week of 2010. Jo Kwon was not able to attend the event as he has to do filming for SBS Family Outing.

source: sookyeong

Hyoyeon has good outfit/hair. o__o

Kpop artists fight against Jmusic artists in french Jmusic polls.

...or should i say Boa-DBSK-Big Bang are universals?

The French J-Music Awards survey was held for the 5th year in a row a few weeks ago. Formerly attached to the websites v-stuff.net then mimu-net.net, this large survey became fully independent with this 2009 edition.

Okay so you're now wondering what Jmusic and frenchies are doing here. Because Korean artists were nominated (in fact the three-top Boa-DBSK-Big bang). Okay french polls aren't as powerful as korean or japanese, neither taiwanese, or indonesians ones etc... But korean artists/boysbands succeed to be on the top of some polls! Big Bang seems to be a great revelation of the year for jmusic listeners.
This can also give you a view of "korean scene" here, knowing that people who voted were mainly young girls listening to jpop.
Will jpop fans turn into kpop fans in few months? ...

Best female solo single of the year 2009
01- YUI - again (15.94%)
02- Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule / Sparkle (13.76%)
03- OLIVIA - Sailing free (11.62%)
04- Namie Amuro - WILD / Dr. (8.08%)
05- BoA - Mamoritai ~White wishes~ (8.02%)

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Source: French J-Music (in english).


As a french myself i'm not that surprised that these three were nominated 'cause most of people listen to both japanese and korean stuff. The thing is that 90% and more were jmusic fans (i discovered this poll via a jmusic related website so i doubt many "only kpop" fans voted) and in France (Europe actually) you have a big visual kei fanbase (in my opinion).
I believe that this will keep growing, seeing how the number of students in Korean Language and Culture in my university increased in a year (+50% i guess).
PS: it's fixed mods, thank you ^^

C.N Blue MinHyuk - “It really hurts to be misunderstood as a fake band’

Flower boy band C.N Blue drummer Kang MinHyuk talks about the hardship he had gone through to go come thus far.

During Mnet ‘CN BlueTory’ aired on 24th February, Kang MinHyuk spoke up about his anger of their musical capabilities of their idol band.

He said, “There was posts written on the internet about how C.N Blue did not plug in their instruments during their performance. We practise for so many years just to be able to perform in front of everyone, we came prepared and yet when I saw posts like that I feel very hurt. Like dance singers or all singers, band singers like us also went through a long period of training. We look at the popular musicians during their public performances and really practise very hard.” with tears flowing.

He added, “There is this bias about the band singers in our country and it becomes the walls of development and growth. And because of that, I am hurt and I want to break through this. So I tell myself that I have to work harder in the future.”

Other than that, leader member Jung YongHwa was also featured saying, “Even though we are receiving much love from fans these days, there are also those who go ‘Those kids are fake band’, and it is very sad to hear them. Hearing those words is just unfair and hard for us. But we will work hard to improve so as to be acknowledged as true musicians.”

source: newsen
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Penelope is pretty.
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T-ara set to make Japanese debut

Six-member girl group T-ara will be making their Japanese debut in March, according to their agency Core Contents Media on Tuesday.

The girls will fly into Japan on Sunday for a five-day stay during which they are scheduled to hold a press conference regarding their single album as well as shoot a commercial with boy band Supernova.

Both K-pop idols were cast for the commercial by a company in the restaurant business, said to be highly popular amongst youngsters, which holds numerous chains throughout Japan.

Core Contents Media said the singing groups will each receive a minimum guarantee of one billion won, equivalent to about 87 thousand dollars.

T-ara made their debut last year with a song for the soundtrack of MBC drama "Cinderella Man." The girls then released their debut single "Lies."

The girls and boy band Supernova had collaborated on the digital single "TTL (Time to Love)" and "TTL Listen 2" which topped music charts during the latter half of last year.

T-ara took their first solo win with "Bo Peep Bo Peep" from their first full-length album early this year, taking the top awards on music programs by Korea's major broadcasters.

Source: asiae.co.kr

Kim Yuna Figure Skating Short Programme Viewing/Discussion Post

Kim Yuna and skating rival Mao Asada. Omona will hold your ear-rangs, ladies

It's gonna be a what? GIRL FIGHT!

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Group 5
21. Lepisto FIN
22. Asada JPN
23. Kim KOR
24. Suzuki JPN
25. Leonova RUS
Full List of Skaters

Will Korea's ice princess Yuna beat out Asada or will she crumble under the pressure? 1st we have to get through the short programme.

(If you know of additional feeds please post them in the comments)


This could be a disastuh

This post brought to you by the Vancouver 2010 Mascots

UPDATE: Top 3 results of the short programme


See you on Thursday for an even more intense viewing post.
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ZE:A ends "Mazeltov" promotions, comeback in March!

Children of Empire (ZE:A) ended their debut song's "Mazeltov" promotions on the music programs last weekend and they're currently working on the new song.

ZE:A's agency representative said: "New songs are being recorded now. For the time being we're concentrating on recording and in March new song and concept will be introduced ."

ZE:A debuted in 2010, although the group was supposed to debut in 2009 together with BEAST and MBLAQ . However, they were already known from Mnet's "Children of Empire" reality show. They also performed 50 guerilla concerts, during which they improved their skills on stage.

In addition, as soon as they debuted they appeared in mobile phone CF, gaining a lot of popularity.

With ZE:A's new song, BEAST's announced comeback and MBLAQ's new album in April, we can expect a fierce male idol group battle in the upcoming two months.

Source: mk news
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

Bring it ooooooooon~~
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Secret Love unveils provocative poster and release date

Yoo Ji-tae’s new movie Secret Love (finally!) has a premiere date: It’ll hit movie theaters on March 25. The film has also released a rather eye-catching new poster featuring Yoo with his co-star, Yoon Jin-seo.

I think this round of promotional images captures the theme of “cruel and secret love” a lot more vividly than the previous round, where the couple was shown in a rather innocent light. (Another example: the initial wedding photos released last summer.) This dualism fits with the movie’s plot, which casts Yoo Ji-tae in two roles; he portrays brothers with vastly disparate personalities who fall for the same woman.

The promo copy reads, “The moment I thought I was at an end, he helped me breathe.” In somewhat contradicting copy underneath, there’s also the tagline that says, “A destructive love.”

The film had first been announced last year and was said to be looking at a release last fall, but since that obviously didn’t happen, the film must have hit delays. This is Yoo’s first time playing two roles in one project, but not his first time with actress Yoon; their first meeting was in Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy seven years ago. He follows Secret Love with a villainous turn in the thriller Late Night FM, in which he stars opposite Su Ae as a psycho killer.

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Source: Break News
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Meet GoGo Star

GoGo Star is a three man group that popped up in the summer of 2008. To get an idea of what they're about, here's how the group described their first album:
Clocking in at just shy 20 minutes, the album's fusion of electronica and indie rock is brimming with crossover potential that should equally appeal to both discerning underground hipsters and those with more commercial, pop driven tastes.

The group is made up of Lee Tae Sun (vocals and keyboard), Kim Sun-A (bass and back vocal) and Lee Yeon Seok (FX).

And now they've returned with a third MV and second single, Angry Puppet Show. Which, like their previous work, will give you a headache or seizure and the affect of a mild hallucinogenic.

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source: gogostar.co.kr, official myspace, youtube (koreanpride2, orienkorean, saturnringsnet)