February 24th, 2010


Kara and Rainbow support SS501 for their encore concert.

Kara and Rainbow stand together on the concert stage of SS501.

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Credit: 이언혁 leeuh@newsen.com
English Translation: May+wingwing@SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Knowing DSP, they'll probably make a comeback in the summer. Of next year.

Goodbye to the fiercness known as the Persona concert.

Wonder Girls Launches House Brand Cosmetics

The Wonder Girls are set to launch their own line of cosmetics “WG by Wonder Girls” on the 24th this month. With the addition of new member, Hye Lim, a series of photoshoot for her has to be conducted despite the removal of member Mimi, & was completed on the 18th this month, in the studio located at Seoul.

According to a representative, to commemorate the launch of this house brand cosmetics, part of sales’ proceeds will be donated to charitable organisations such as UNICEF. There were also plans to market the newly branded cosmetic line into China, South East Asia & US this coming may.

The photoshoot were taken last year’s December where members (Sun, Yenny, Yubin, Mimi & Sohee) headed back to Korea for CF activities, taking a break from their US activities.

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Source: Wonderfuls World 1, 2 + iLOVEyoobin2
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JunHo, “I was hurt by mean comments saying that I went under the knife to look like Rain”

2PM JunHo talks about an incident related to mean comments fired at him on KBS ‘Win-Win’ aired on 23rd February.

On the show, MC Kim SeungWoo asked JunHo about any grievances he faced during his trainee days, “For my case, because I came in #1 for ‘SuperStar Survival’, I was under much pressure.”

It was known that JunHo had participated in SBS ‘Superstar Survival’ when he was 17 and won #1 beating the other 6500 competitors, and after which he entered as trainee in JYP Entertainment.

Even amongst the trainees, there were much attention placed on him. JunHo was the subject of jealousy by others, “Everyone would only call me ‘that kid’ and not know my name.”

And there was an incident where there were discussions by netizens on the internet commenting ‘Did he undergo plastic surgery to look at like Rain?’,  causing misunderstanding about his resemblance to singer Rain. JunHo revealed, “I had received much hurt even before debut.”

But after debut, JunHo had learnt to just laugh those mean comments against him off, “I’m fine now. It is even fun to read the mean comments.” TaecYeon added, “We will laugh and talk the mean comments off.”

S: TV Report, K Bites

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Whatever idols sing becomes a hit

Idol groups, for the most part, possess absolute sovereignty over the Korean music industry. This has been proven by the rate at which songs by idol groups often reach #1 only hours (even minutes) after release, and by the duration at which these songs remain at the top, impervious to outside competitors who attempt to thwart their position.

However, what is more remarkable is that idol groups not only influence the pop market with their own music, but the international songs that they introduce to the public through TV programs or radio shows.

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S: Newsen, AKP

Sweet potato couple's date at Insadong

New make-believe couple on MBC We Got Married Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun were spotted in Insadong on 23rd February for their date.

And with the couple showing up at Insadong, the streets were packed with curious onlookers.

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Source: Kbites

Yonghwa looked sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
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Yoo Seung Jun talks about Jaebeom

Yoo Seung Jun (Steve Yoo) recently filmed a movie for a Jackie Chan movie titled “Little Big Soldier (aka Junior Soldiers)”, he spent some time off from his busy schedule in Hong Kong for a brief sit down interview.

Not many of you may be familiar with this man and only know him through our articles so here’s just a memory refresher: Yoo Seung Jun grew up in Los Angeles as a teenager and came to Korea in his late teens to become a singer. He was one of the top K-Pop singers in the 90’s and hit his peak in the late 90s with hits like Passion, Scissors, NaNaNa, I Will Be Back and more.

Things were going good until he hit the mandatory military controversy. Yoo Seung Jun was exiled from Korea when he acquired an American citizenship to avoid doing his mandatory military service. Previous to getting his American Citizenship, Yoo Seung Jun stated many times that he would fulfill his obligation and duty to serve as a Korean male in the military. There was much backlash after this and he was kicked out of the country as this move was seen as a betrayal and he was viewed as unpatriotic. There’s been much controversy about whether he was in the right or wrong and if he even deserved the punishment he got. Recently, people have been comparing this controversy to 2PM’s Jaebeom, but in the latter scenario he left on his own whim instead of being forced out.

Yoo Seung Jun got emotional when he talked about his deportation. He stated that he never really had time to properly explain himself. He hopes that one day Korea can forgive him but for the time being he isn’t expecting forgiveness.

Yoo Seung Jun also shared his thoughts on the Jaebeom situation stating, “My heart goes out to him. I wondered how he could continue on after such an incident. As a young man he made a mistake but if people make mistakes, if given the opportunity of a second chance, don’t you think he could grow and blossom into something much larger?”

If anyone knows how Jaebeom feels, it should be this guy. Hopefully it’s a better outcome for Jaebeom though, Yoo Seung Jun is a touchy subject but I wish him the best of luck and hopefully things will work out for him.

S: Newsen, AKP


Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Wednesday FFA will be posted at around 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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This FFA is brought to you by:


& People who take "risky" or un-idol-like pictures before they become famous then try to remove them all from the internet after.

You know who u-are.

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Lee Hyori and Rain to comeback and promote in the same time period after 7 years

It will be the first time in 7 years that the male and female representative sexy stars Rain and Lee Hyori perform on stage in the same time period.

It is planned that Lee Hyori will be releasing her 4th album late-March and Rain will also be releasing his special album early-April. With news that the 2 mega stars will be releasing new albums 1~2 weeks apart, fans are unable to contain their excitement.

Rain also talked about it when he met up with reporters at an event he was attending on 22nd February, “I heard that I would be promoting in the same time period as Lee Hyori. It has been 7 years since it last happened. I’m excited too. As much as time has flown, each of us will be back with great performances.”

The previous time the 2 stars promoted together in the same time period was in the earlier half of 2003. Lee Hyori was promoting the 2nd song from her 1st album and Rain was promoting ‘How to avoid the sun’ from his 2nd album.

With the 2 mega stars promoting in the same time period, the synergy effect was just amazing. One of the more impressionable scene will be their special stage at one of the movie award ceremonies. The 2 had put up a tango performance together. They also met again on SBS Family Outing in October 2008.

Much anticipation as to whether the king or the queen will reign the Kpop circle.

S: Sports Hankook, K Bites

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YouTube to promote communication between Asian stars and fans

Only two years after launching, YouTube has become the leading video-sharing site among Korean netizens.

"Over the past two years, we've grown significantly, becoming a recognized media platform here with diverse localization strategies. YouTube now accounts for more than 31 percent of the total market share," said Lee Won-jin, YouTube Managing Director, JAPAC Global Accounts/Agency Development & Korea Sales and Operations, at a press conference in Seoul yesterday.

The ease in using the website has been a primary factor in its popularity. YouTube enables users to upload and view diverse types of videos online without having to go through much of a personal identification process or install additional programs like its local competitors Padora TV or MGOON do.

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Source: The Korea Herald
Penelope is pretty.
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Clazziquai Project working on their new album in the studio and connecting with international fans

They are also waiting for participation (by leaving a comment for their youtube video) from fans all over the world as they want suggestions of original Clazziquai songs that are suitable for acoustic remake. (Turn on cc to see English/Chinese/Japanese subs of the video)

Source: fluxus

ETA: Note that you need to make your suggestions at youtube if you want Clazziquai Project to see them. They aren't reading the comment section of this lj entry.

Learn Chinese with Super Junior-M + Henry's & Donghae's birthdays celebration

+ newly released footage of Han Geng and his Buzz Lightyear backpack at the airport. Face actually visible this time!

From the Super Girl Japanese version DVD:

credit: k34won

HG: Hello everyone, we are Super Junior-M!
DW: Hello, I’m Donghae. It’s been a long time~
KH: Hello, I’m Kyuhyun.
SW: Hello, I’m Siwon.
HG: Hello everyone, I’m the Chinese member, Han Geng.
RW: Hello, I’m Ryeowook.
ZM: Hello everyone, I’m Super Junior-M’s new Chinese member, Zhou Mi.
HR: Hi, I’m Super Junior-M’s new Chinese member, Henry.
Everyone: Itadakimasu~ (sort of like… “Thank you for this food”)
HR: This is a Chinese dish, suān là tāng. It’s, uh… “sweet and sour” soup. How do you say sweet and sour soup in Korean? Sweet… sweet and sour. *adorable* (note: "suan la tang" is actually hot and sour soup, not sweet and sour. Silly Henry~ :P Thanks to kyube!)
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Credits: onewhomust for traslations, xelfishx for the Chinese/pinyin, kyube and sketchglitch for corrections; k34won for DVD videos, & beehoney88 for fancam

I miss them and their silliness.
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WG Spectacle Sun Mi Project

I'm not sure if this is exactly newsworthy, but I thought it was a very sweet gesture that I'm sure Sun Mi greatly appreciated. WG Spectacle (an International Wonder Girls Forum) left 150 purple, heart-shaped balloons in front of JYP's NY HQ in support of Sun Mi's decision to leave the group. Attached to each balloon were fan-written notes from both International, and Korean Wonderfuls alike. Below is video footage of the recent event.

Source: WGWorldSpecTV

I hope Sun Mi read every single one of them. :)

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2PM for Happy Energy

2PM is participating in a donation program called Naver Happy Bean : Happy Energy! which is organized by Naver.com. They took a promotion video and pictures (drawing with their autograph) for the program.

People who use Naver service will receive "beans" which they can use them to donate in any saving boxes of renowned charity organization for example Unicef and so on.

2PM chooses to represent in the Child Care Program called Busrugy as their saving box. The total amount of beans from this box will be used to buy backpacks full with school supplies for poor children. (It needs around 100,000 won/bag)

It is reported that 2PM fans have been donating under the name of Jaebeom for 6 months.
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DL: mediafire
source:sanakujira6th @ YT, 2PM ALWAYS & 2PM ALWAYS GALLERY
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Dongho likes Sulli!

It’s true. U-Kiss maknae Dongho has expressed an interest in f(x)’s Sulli!

U-Kiss members Dongho and Soohyun were on MBC’s Shik Shin Expedition on the 26th where during the episode, Kim Shin Young asked the two which group they had interest in and Soohyun answered f(x).

When asked if a certain member caught their eyes, the two raised their hands together and said, “Sulli.” Dongho said, “Sulli and I are of the same age… do you think it’ll be ok?”

Kim Shin Young teased the two and asked if they wanted her to get her on air, getting Dongho all excited.

When Kim Shin Young asked, “Do you talk to her on the phone?” Dongho didn’t say a word and just smiled, nodding his head bashfully.

What a player… although this shouldn’t come as a complete surprise.

On the February 7th episode of Inkigayo, Sulli had interviewed Dongho when Wooyoung and Taecyeon told them to shake hands.

Dongho was so nervous that he couldn’t even speak properly!

The episode will be broadcast on the 26th.

Source: akp, dkpopnews11@yt

T-ara's 'Breaking Heart' album jacket revealed!

T-ara's album jacket for their first album, titled 'Breaking Heart', has been revealed. T-ara will make a comeback on the 26th of February with 'Crazy Because of You'!
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source: sookyeong

why do they all look so different?! The individual shots are pretty hot, not too sure about the neon yellow and fat stripes though...