February 25th, 2010

Doojoon: your crinkly eye-smiles
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RyeoWook cries while talking to parents

Ryeowook Fancafe Entry

10.02.23 14:38
Title : First entry in the new year ^^

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source : Fill me in Ryeowook fancafe
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
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Mods, I hope this is alright? 

Not exactly news nor is it funny but I just find this really sweet/moving and I like that he's honest about his feelings. I feel like giving him a great big hug and tell him he's doing good enough. 

And I'm finally convinced that the 4jib is happening.
hah! phoey!

What do the Kara girls want to steal?

People in their late 10's and early 20's start to want a lot of things. It is the same for the members of girl group KARA who are all within this age range. Although they have already stolen the hearts of fans - from those who call them 'Nuna' to fans old enough to be their uncles, we asked them what they wanted to steal.

Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara - Driver's License.
Getting a driver's license is one of the musts upon reaching the age of majority. Han Seungyeon related 'Although I want to receive lessons and get exams, its hard because of the tight schedules we have as a group.' While Goo Hara said 'I'm more worried about being able to change lanes properly if ever I am able to get my license.'

Nicole - Personal Practice Room
Among the KARA members, Nicole has the biggest wish. She said "I want my own personal practice room". It looks like she really spent a lot of time thinking about it because she explained how it should look like - one wall would be covered with mirrors, and at least 4 big speakers. Also, there must be a water purifier in the practice room. Lastly she added "There must also be a big sofa so that I can sit there for a while and think about different things."

Gyuri - Keyboards
Just like a true leader, Gyuri's wish was exemplary. Like a true singer, she said "I want a musical instrument, like keyboards". She added "I always wanted one, but our dorm is so small. But since we'll be moving soon, I'm thinking of getting one in my room."

Jiyoung - Vacation
Maknae Jiyoung, who is currently in middle school told us, looking like she wanted to cry, "Its almost school season". She said "Our group activities always seems to coincide with going back to school season. But since I already experienced this last year, I think I'll be able to handle it better this time. With new song Lupin, its new school season this February. And so, she chose vacation as the thing she wanted the most.

tip-off: anne@KARAholic
translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

They're moving to a new dorm?!?! Economy idols no more! 8D Anyway, poor Jiyoung :( I hope she manages her time well!
Gloves n___n

China wins relay in world record time (Thanks to S.Korea)

Vancouver (AFP) - China smashed South Korea's winning streak in the Olympic women's short-track 3,000-metre relaywith a world record time at the Vancouver Games on Wednesday.

South Korea finished first in the final but were then disqualified after referees ruled that Kim Min-Jung impeded Sun Linlin's path after a handover with six laps to go.

Canada took the silver and the bronze went to the United States.

Led by newly-crowned Olympic champions Wang Meng (500m) and Zhou Yang (1,500m), China clocked 4min 06.61sec, breaking their own world record of 4:07.179 set in Salt Lake City in October 2008.

Sun explained: "She (Kim) was trying to overtake me and she couldn't get through so I guess that's how the collision happened.

"I think the referee's decision is fair."

South Korea, the most medaled nation in the Olympic short-track competition since the sport's debut in 1992, had reigned supreme in the event since a young squad dethroned Canada in 1994.

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Korean coach fumes over snatched away gold

Choi Kwang-bok losing his shit

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - South Korea coach Choi Kwang-bok banged his fists in anger, glared at officials and argued with Australian referee James Hewish but nothing could change the fact his women's relay team had been disqualified in an Olympic short track 3,000 meters final.

Cho Ha-ri, Kim Min-jung, Lee Eun-byul and Park Seung-hi had already done several victory laps around the rink waving flags to the cheering throng of Korean fans when the dreaded letters "DQ" flashed up on the scoreboard, handing China victory.

Kim had apparently impeded Chinese skater Sun Lunlin.

While his skaters dissolved into tears, Choi was incandescent with rage at what he thought was an unfair decision.

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Poll #1530339 Short track Relay

Do you think it was right that S.Korea got DQ?

Don't care

Korea did you think no one was looking?
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CSJH’s Dana updates minihompy with vacation photos

It’s been a while since fans have heard from CSJH, and Dana had caught the attention of many with recently update on her minihompy featuring pictures from her vacation on Jeju Island.

In response to her pictures, fans commented, “Why aren’t you active these days? When are you going to make your comeback? I miss you,” “You got prettier while resting. Miss you,” “I live in Jeju…ㅠㅠ,” “Your regular pictures look like photoshoot pictures.”

On another note, fellow CSJH member Lina has been busy with her shopping mall, and Stephanie has been busy as a dance major student at the Korean National University of Arts.

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So pretty. She looks happy and relaxed too.
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S.E.S Shoo’s Wedding Photos

Former girl group S.E.S member Shoo released her wedding photos. She also has a bun in the oven.

In Korea, wedding (engagement) photos are an excuse to do magazine-like photo spreads of you and your future spouse in a variety of wedding outfits. Sounds like fun, right?

Shoo will be marrying Korean professional basketball player Lim Hyo-sung. The S.E.S cutie dated the basketball pro for 2 years and they will be tying the knot on April 11th. Shoo is also currently pregnant.

After a long hiatus, Shoo released a mini-album in January of this year called, “Devote One’s Love” with the title single, “Only You.”

Congrats to the happy couple and future parents!

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Source: popseoul

omg congrats :3 they look good
the boss ☇ love bingo!

D-NA to release digital single on March 4th

Mika (20), Garam (19), Hyunmin (19), Injoon (18), Jay (16) these five member's average age is 18.4 years. [Korean ages]

These members that have preparing for their debut for Open World that belonged to Shinhwa's original member Junjin will debut their Digital Single "Tokyo Boy" on the 4th day of the next month. Using a white concept as their debut song, they chose a medium tempo dance ballad song with a pure feeling.

"Instead of the melodies that are popular these days, we gave the melodies a little bit more strength."

credits: Metro newspaper + enchanteDNA.com (+)

"Medium tempo dance ballad" sounds like one big oxymoron but ok. D-NA is having their showcase on the 3rd. Then they will be appearing on Mnet Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo all next week~
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TVXQ’s Japanese new single in March, Will TVXQ have new activities in Japan again?

According to the latest news on Japanese official website, TVXQ will releasese their new single including “Ceasing the time” and “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2″

The new single which is for the advertisement of a Japan cosmetic brand MENARD is being highly focused. Yunho”s solo “Checkmate” would be also concluded.

“BEST VIDEO CLIP” and “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME”’s Blue light DVD version will be released on 17th March.

TVXQ’s “Best Selection 2010″ reached the No.1 with a sale of 228,542 on the first day.Since, TVXQ’s first hit to Japanese market in 2006, it is the first time to have such a record which is much more than their 1st, 2nd and 3rd formal album’s week sale figures.

Also, released on 27th Jan. “Break Out” set a sale record that 250,000 sold within one week.

In addition,part of the members actually don’t have officially activities at this special time during their contract with their agency. It can’t be predicted about their plans in Japan and Korea at present.

Therefore, fans are guessing whether they would see new activities in Japan because of this new single in March.

source:Newsen & tvxqfamily.com
translation: zoe91 @OneTVXQ

윤아 ■ agent yoong

Lee Soo Man resigns from SM Entertainment, Avex sells shares

Edaily SPN reported that Lee Soo Man will resign from SM Entertainment and that Avex Entertainment has sold off all shares of SM Entertainment.

Apparently, SM is stating that Lee Soo Man is resigning so that SM can focus on investments and business development overseas, however I don’t see the correlation between the two events. Regardless, Lee Soo Man will no longer be engaged in business activities, however he will still remain the major stakeholder, acquiring another 1.5% of shares from Avex, making his total share of SM Entertainment, 28.3%.

In addition, the relationship between SM Entertainment and Avex Entertainment seems to be over, as Avex sold all 15.4% of their shares, with Neowizbugs acquiring the majority of it.

Avex Entertainment used to assist in promotions of SM Entertainment artists within the Japanese market, including TVXQ.

SM Entertainment was founded by Lee Soo Man on February 14, 1995.

So what does this mean for TVXQ? We’re not sure, but seeing that Avex Entertainment has sold all of SM Entertainment’s shares, it doesn’t look like good news.

Source: Edaily SPN (article)
Via: DBSK LJ Community
[Thanks to Cyn City cynth84 for the tip]
from: allkpop


at first i was like OMG! then i was like THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT?
all the love inside ceases to exist
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[TRANS] 100225 Japanese Idol NEWS “Scared Of TVXQ”


Johnny’s Entertainment idol group NEWS has decided to postpone the release of their new single ‘さくらガール(Sakura Girl)’, which was scheduled to be out on March 24th, by one week.

A representative of the Japanese Records Association analyzed the situation and said in an interview with ‘Saijo Woman’ that “Korea’s top idol group TVXQ is releasing a new single ‘時ヲ止メテ(Please Stop Time)’ on the same day,” And “It can be analyzed that NEWS moved their release date because they are afraid to meet TVXQ on the charts.”

He also said, “NEWS holds the record of 11 consecutive albums ranking first on the Oricon Charts ever since their debut. It can be seen that they fear this record might be broken if they release their single the same day TVXQ does,” and “If it had been Arashi, who ranks first in overall annual sales, or KAT-TUN, who sold 350,000 copies of their single ‘Love yourself〜君が嫌いな君が好き〜’ that was used as the main theme song of drama “Sassy girl Snako”, they would have gone up against TVXQ but this decision was a wise one.”


But despite their soaring popularity, they seem to be showing a weak side in front of ‘TVXQ’ and fans felt upset at this saying things such as, “This makes me feel complicated.” and “Why are they pushing back their release date?”

On the other hand, NEWS’ ‘恋のABO’ that was released last year has sold an accumulative 234,000 copies. ‘Saijo Woman’ says “These sales may reflect the best of NEWS’ capabilities.”

Source: [NewDaily+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

credits: tohosomnia

Just one thing to say: has this been posted at Arama yet? ;)
the high cost of living

Big Bang wins Best New Artist at 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big Bang wins the Rookie Award at the “Gold Disk Awards” in Japan.

On February 24th according to the Recording Industry Association Big Bang was nominated under the “Best 5 New Artists” category. Gold Disk awards were based on the sales of albums from last year.

Big Bang who debuted last year in Japan with their single “My Heaven“, after that “GARA GARA GO!” and lastly ”Koe Wo Kikasete“, rose to fame when all of their singles entered the top 5 spots on the Oricon album chart. After having such an impact in Japan and good reaction from the public, they have won the rookie award.

Source: spn.edaily.co.kr
Translation: alee @ iBigbang

This is their third Best New Artist award from Japan. The other two are from 42nd Japan Cable Awards and 51st Japan Record Awards. So proud!  ♥
[SPN // DeanWinchester]

Kim Jong Kook chooses between Lee Hyori and Yoon Eun Hye

For those of you who have watched the hit variety show X-Man back in the day, you should remember the scandal between singer Kim Jong Kook and singer/actress Yoon Eun Hye. And for those of you who have been following Family Outing Season 1 should definitely remember Kim Jong Kook’s awkward yet cute relationship with singer Lee Hyori. Well, it’s finally come down to this!

On yesterday’s broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fishery Radio Star, Kim Jong Kook was finally asked to choose between the sexy diva Lee Hyori and the well-rounded entertainer Yoon Eun Hye. But before they got down to the juicy details, MC Shin Jung Hwan probed, “What are your true feelings for Lee Hyori?” To this, Kim Jong Kook responded, “She’s not bad. She’s pretty, economical, she can cook well, and she has a good personality.”

However, that answer did not seem to satisfy the MCs’ needs as MC Kim Gook Jin asked the long-awaited question, “If there were only two women in the world and they were Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Hyori, who would you choose?” Sorry to disappoint you Lee Hyori and Pet Kook Jong fans but Kim Jong Kook simply responded, “Yoon Eun Hye.”

After hearing Kim Jong Kook’s response, MC Kim Gura asked Kim Gook Jin the same question, to which he answered, “I would choose Lee Hyori.” However, Kim Jong Kook left the audience in laughter when he replied, “Really? Have you ever filmed a show with her before?”

source: allkpop.com
Gloves n___n

Kim vs. Asada for the big prize: Winner likely to get Olympic figure skating gold medal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Kim Yu-na circled the ice in one direction, Mao Asada the other.

Their paths are almost sure to converge at the Vancouver Olympics medals podium Thursday night, with one wearing the gold medal.

It always seems to be these two trading titles and records in figure skating's version of leapfrog. Kim took away the world title from Asada last year. Asada scored the highest marks ever, only to have Kim surpass them. When Asada nails a triple axel, Kim tops her with showmanship worthy of a Tony.

It happened that way again Tuesday night in the short program, with Kim setting a world best with 78.5 points to take a nearly five-point edge over her main rival.

"We have a little bit of a cushion," said Brian Orser, Kim's coach. "But Yu-na will put the short program aside and focus on the free skate. This is no time to hold back."

Kim never does — not that her South Korean countrymen would give her a chance to relax.

South Korea is still looking for its first Winter Olympics medal in a sport other than speedskating or short track, and fans there are expecting — demanding — Kim to deliver.

Anything but gold is unthinkable to them. Finishing behind Japan's Asada would be devastating to a nation that already has nicknamed Kim "Queen Yu-na."

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LA Times, csmonitor

Bonus: Up Close International - Kim Yu-Na
The video might only work if you're in Canada...
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[Omona History Class] Why it's important to Koreans they defeat Japan at the Olympics

Korean Olympic Hero Championed Liberty

Sohn Kee-chung, center, bowed his head in protest after winning the Olympic marathon in 1936.

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — She is only 19, and like most teenagers, Kim Yu-na probably has a greater sense of immortality than of history.

At the Vancouver Games in February, she is heavily favored to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating, something no Korean woman has done. A victory would make Kim perhaps the most visible Korean Olympic champion since the bittersweet success of Sohn Kee-chung in the marathon at the 1936 Berlin Games.

Those were the Games of Hitler and Jesse Owens and of a Korean peninsula occupied by Japan. In becoming the first Korean to win a gold medal, Sohn set an Olympic record of 2 hours 29 minutes 19.2 seconds. But he was forced to compete for Japan, to adopt the Japanese name Kitei Son and to stand on the medal podium while the Japanese flag was raised and the Japanese anthem was played.

Later, Sohn became a heroic symbol of nationalism and patriotism in South Korea. When it competed for the first time as an independent nation at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, Sohn carried the South Korean flag in the opening ceremony. He is buried in the National Cemetery in Daejeon, and his story is taught to children in history classes.

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NY Times

If Kim Yuna wins a medal in figure skating it will be the first Winter Olympic medal to be won by a Korean outside of speedskating and short track

Epilogue Tracklist Revealed!

A short while ago mapthesoul.com revealed the tracklist for epilogue - Epik Highs 7th studio album. Even though this album is without DJ Tukutz we're sure he's still rooting for his bandmates while being in the army. These teasers and new information is just flying in from everywhere - stay tuned because we'll update as soon as there's more.

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It's a Free Skate SKATE OFF ! ! Live Viewing Post

Japanese rival Mao Asada & Omona's HBIC (on the ice) "Queen" Kim Yuna

It's gonna be a what? GIRL FIGHT!

The top 3 skaters will appear in this order...

Full List of Skaters

(If you know of additional feeds please post them in the comments)


Poll #1530710 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Can Kim Yuna bring home the gold for S. Korea?

Not sure

Once again this post brought to you by the Vancouver 2010 Mascots
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SHINee in Cambodia donating to orphanage

outh Korean boy band Shinee performed a concert at Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh on Tuesday, wrapping up a six-day visit that included a donation of US$10,000 to the Cambodia Children’s Fund.

The band – formed in 2008 and consisting of members Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho and Lee Taemin – has become popular among Cambodian teens through its music videos, particularly for the song “Ring Ding Dong”.

Shinee’s visit to the country was arranged by the Cambodia Television Network (CTN) and its sister network MYTV.

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Source: Phnompenhpost

brought to you by sleeveless metrosexual jonghyun

SuJu's Eunhyuk diagnosed with swine flu

SM Entertainment has revealed that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has been diagnosed with swine flu.

On the night of February 25th, Eunhyuk had symptoms of a cold so he went to the hospital to get a check up. The results weren’t good as he was confirmed with swine flu the following day and is currently resting at home.

All of Eunhyuk’s activities will be canceled, including KBS FM Kiss The Radio. He will also not be able to attend SNSD’s encore concert this weekend so fellow Super Junior members, Leeteuk and Heechul will fill in instead.


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Jaebeom is not returning to 2PM

2PM’s leader Park Jaebeom has quit for good, after it was announced on JYPE’s website in the evening of February 25th, shocking Hottests in Korea and the world.

JYP Entertainment expressed in an online letter,

“On December 22nd, 2009, Jaebeom had confessed to Jung Wook representative over the phone that he had done something wrong during Again and Again promotions. It was apparently more serious than his MySpace controversy of last summer.

The six other members were not notified then as they were busy with year-end activities. On January 3rd, 2010, everyone of us (along with the members) sat down for a discussion and later came to an agreement 3 days later that it was no longer possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2PM.”

JYP stated that Jaebeom’s social impulses were a private matter and will not be revealed. They expressed that it was difficult to reveal the details of Park Jaebeom’s offenders who had intruded into his privacy and posted the comments. They also indicated that they had originally planned for Jaebeom to make a return in April.

We can only hope that the JYP conference planned for the 27th along with the 2PM fan communities will proceed smoothly. 100 Hottests have now gathered at the JYPE building in Seoul to protest at the point of writing.

Source: allkpop

If you are doubting this piece of news, Nate and Newsen have articles on it. Bossa747 has tweeted about it. It may not be the most reliable (seeing how Newsen has reported false news before too), but it's something.

But wtf is this shit anyway. Don't make me kill someone omg.
F.T Island:Lee Hong Ki & Jolie

SHINee’s Onew rocks out musical ticket sales

SHINee’s leader Onew showed off the true power of musical ticket sales.

Remember when we received news that this smart idol will be debuting as an actor through the musical Brothers Were Brave? Well, when tickets for this highly anticipated musical went on sale later this afternoon, all three dates, which totaled to 2,400 seats/tickets, were sold out in about 2 minutes.

After Onew was casted in this musical, SHINee fans passionately visited various online blogs that analyzed which seats in the Coex theatre would be best to enjoy the musical. In addition, there have been many talks about a kissing scene in the play, which have made this musical a hot issue.

Meanwhile, Onew plans to concentrate on SHINee’s Asia promotions; in early March, he will then begin practicing for the musical.

I’m so excited that our very own Onew will be in a musical! Are you?

Source: allkpop

2 minutes?


U-Kiss’ Dongho to cruise to high school on full scholarship

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Earlier this month, there has been much buzz over U-Kiss’ Dongho’s middle school graduation picture. Now, Dongho will officially become a high school student!

On the 25th, a representative from U-Kiss’ entertainment company revealed, “Dongho has been chosen to receive a full scholarship at his high school.”

Dongho will be starting his high school career on March 2nd at Hanlim Multi Art High School. However, it is still undetermined whether Dongho will be attending the welcoming ceremony at his new school, because ceremony will conflict with the filming of KBS’ Invincible Baseball.


Hope he has fun in high school! :)

The aftermath of Jaebeom’s contract termination

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Following JYP Entertainment’s official statement on the 25th that 2PM’s Jaebeom would, in fact, not be returning his rightful position as the leader of the 7-member group, an ominous cloud was cast over the nation.

In September 2009, Jaebeom stepped down from his position as 2PM’s leader after his “offensive” MySpace comments about Korea were publicized. Due to the sensitive issue of Jaebeom’s departure, all 2PM activities were suspended temporarily. After the brief hiatus, 2PM returned to the music scene with their first full-length album, without their leader. Since then, the beastly idols reaped various year-end music awards–including “Song of the Year” for Again and Again–and enjoyed skyrocketing growth in new endorsement deals.

The small hope, which Hottests have been desperately clinging onto, that Jaebeom would one day unite with 2PM once again, vanished as quickly as his departure to Seattle. Needless to say, Korean and international fans from all over the world have not taken the recent news lightly. In fact, the overall reaction to Jaebeom’s contract termination are already taking its crumpling effect on JYP Entertainment.

After the company’s announcement on their official website, 2PM’s fancafes and fansites have been in complete disarray. In just five hours, 2PM’s official fan cafe on Daum lost 46,000 members (and counting) from the original 329,000, a good 14% chunk of the community.

Taecyeon shut down his Cyworld while Junsu closed his photo and comment section off from the public.

It has been reported that there are even body guards stationed at the JYP building in Cheongdam at the moment. Perhaps it is to ensure the safety of 2PM and the staff members, but to my recollection, the managers themselves are the ones to be watching out for.

Despite JYP Entertainment’s lengthy letter posted online, Hottests speculate that they are lying and are currently in the process of collecting evidence to thwart their false statements.


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source: allkpopallkpop2