February 26th, 2010

Gloves n___n

Figure skating: Kim wins Olympic women's title

Mao Asada (SILVER), Kim Yuna (GOLD), Joannie Rochette (BRONZE)

Vancouver (AFP) - Favourite Kim Yu-Na lived up to her star billing as she gave South Korea their first ever Olympic figure skating title with a stunning performance here on Thursday.

The reigning world champion wiped the tears from her eyes after her spellbinding free skate at the Pacific Coliseum which gave her gold by a massive 23-point margin on her nearest challenger Mao Asada of Japan.

Canada's Joannie Rochette claimed bronze as she bravely competed just four days after the death of her mother Therese from a heart attack in Vancouver.

"I can't believe this day has finally come for me," said Kim.

"I still can't believe the score that I received, I'm really surprised. It's almost as close as the men's score."

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vancouver 2010
Key Blah.

70 fans outside JYPE building in protest

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This recent Jaebeom controversy seems to be keeping everyone on their toes, Hottest or not!

Within less than 24 hours, 2PM has lost thousands of fans, JYPE has been mobbed with angry Hottests, and 2PM members are even being blamed for Jaebeom’s withdrawal.

It has just been reported that seventy Hottests are protesting in front of the JYPE building. However, rather than raiding the building, these fans have quietly been gathered around the building entrance, watching JYPE’s moves.

One fan stated, “We are not standing here to ask JYP for his position. I just came here because I felt like I had to do something after hearing the news.”

On the 25th, 100 Hottests have been gathered around the JYPE building after hearing the news of the official termination of Jaebeom’s contract. Today, the 26th, fans have started to gather around the premises early in the morning, bringing the count to 70 fans as of now.

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Siwon is casted for the new movie "Quiz King"

Actor Kim Sooro & Han Jaesuk and Super Junior Siwon have been casted for the new comic movie called "Quiz King" of the director Jang Jin. A person in charge of the movie said "Director Jang Jin and the actors are reading the script and they plan to film the movie soon".

"Quiz King" is a movie about 6 blockheaded guys that get together by a traffic acident, they all want to have as much money as a lotto's prize so they participate in a quiz show, all of them know the answer for the last question by chance and the movie is about their individual struggle to guess the right answer for the previous questions.

"Quiz King" is planned to start filming in March

original source is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

So proud of you, BB.
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[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

Big Bang’s Seungri and SNSD’s Yuri attend Chung-Ang University entrance ceremony

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We reported in October 2009 that Big Bang’s Seungri and SNSD’s Yuri had been accepted to Chung-Ang University for 2010 as freshmen and the day has finally arrived.
Despite their busy schedules, both managed to find some time to attend their college entrance ceremony on February 26th. They will be majoring in theatre and acting for which they had qualified amidst tough competition, at a ratio of 23 to 1. We wish them all the best in their studies.

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source: allkpop

Both of them looking hot, seriously.
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Sandara Park wishes CL a Happy Birthday

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2NE1’s Sandara Park (Dara) was one of the first Korean celebrities to embrace social media by posting various updates through her me2day. Earlier today she updated her me2day by wishing 2NE1 Leader CL (Lee Chae Rin) a Happy Birthday, she wrote:
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Source: allkpop

PS I need to get my hands on Dara's hat~

Now here's a gif to get this party started:
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MC Mong injures his face

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On the 26th, MC Mong was set to perform at the Baekseok Culture University, but instead of performing, he ended up taking a trip to the hospital.

On this day, MC Mong injured his face with a 2~3 cm deep cut from a nail that was sticking out on the stage. He injured his face before he got up on the stage, but despite the facial injury, he still tried to perform.

A representative revealed, “When MC Mong first got injured, he wasn’t able to feel any pain so he just went up on stage. However, he was dripping so much blood that the audience got surprised. Despite his injury though, he was smiling and assuring the audience that he was okay.”

“He is currently receiving 5 stitches on his face,” the representative added. “After the emergency surgery, we are planning to visit the orthopedics to make sure there aren’t any problems with his bone.”


I hope that MC Mong heals well. And I'm proud of him trying to perform even when he was injured.

Wonder Girls Aids EXR Sales Figures

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The Wonder Girls’ effect has definitely kicked-in after being the spokesperson for EXR’s new school term products.

Ever since Wonder Girls started promoting EXR products, the sales have been pretty impressive. As of February 2010, sales have increased a total of 120% compared to last year’s new school term merchandise. Thus, breaking the biggest sales record that the company has ever achieved.

The theme of Wonder Girls’ “Wonderful Pack & Sneakers” combined with clever use of vibrant colors, various materials and stylish design has expanded the range of the target audience’s choices.

The bag that has a Wonder Girls “WG” logo printed on which uses a variety of neon purple colors & black, had achieved total of 75% of sales. Also, the “FOX” series has been doing pretty well, achieving a total of 80%.

With busy schedules in the States, Wonder Girls hasn’t been able to be active in Korea, but with the release of Wonder Girls’ “Wonder Style Book” by EXR they have aroused much interest from the public. The girls showcased themselves through different styles, including “Doll-like” look and casual styles.

A representative from EXR said:

“Even though many other companies are coming up with different merchandise for the coming school term, and using idol stars as part of a marketing strategy, with such results we were very pleased. In future, we hope to be able to create a product which relates to the style of the Wonder Girls.”

source: bnt news|wonderfuls world

After School’s Nana, Bekah & Jung Ah go back to black


When After School unleashed their smash hit Because of You back in November, fans noticed that three particular members of the group had succumbed to the blond trend that swept the kpop scene.

However, a recent photo of the group has surfaced on the web, revealing that members Nana, Bekah and Jung Ah have reverted to their beautiful black locks.

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source: allkpop
B2ST: Our little secret.
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One Way releases Magic MV

Earlier in the month we introduced you to a new Hip Hop / R&B group named One Way. The group consists of members Chance, Peter, and Young Sky. The trio are all fluent in English… and most importantly, in making good music.

The two tracks of One Way and U-Drag featured in the previous article were outstanding tracks. Both tracks were very catchy with a great musical sound and now they’ve released a music video for their new official single titled Magic.

These guys continue to impress, gotta love the lack of autotune in the music. I think these guys are going one way and that direction is up… sky’s the limit. With the right promotion they can definitely be a big hit.

One Way’s new mini album is scheduled to be released online and in stores on March 4, 2010. They’re also scheduled to make their debut performance on March 6th’s MBC Music Core and I can’t wait. Thanks to Caz for the tip!

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Source: Allkpop, onewayonesound@YT

Neighbourhood Cat Lady Updates

Heechul’s Cyworld Video Entry 2010.02.26 20:55
In the ‘希’ folder from Video Album

뱅 신 이 는 새 끼 야 / Baengsin Is A Kid

The cold-hearted Baengsin is crying~♬*

Our Baengsin who listens to my words well
If I say go to sleep he will pretend to sleep^-^**

Why I woke him up while he was sleeping to film him (-┏)

* he changed the lyric "The cold-hearted man is crying" into "The cold-hearted Baengsin is crying"
** what Heechul said to Baengsin in the end of the clip is "Sleep"

source: Heechul’s Cyworld
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
video clip reuploaded by aquariusgwen@yt
the high cost of living

TOP is getting married...?

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The media reported TOP’s marriage exclusively today, however they were referring to lead guitarist TOP of band Seo Taiji who has the same name as Big Bang’s member T.O.P. and caused disturbance and confusion amongst fans.

Fans reactions were:
  • “I thought it was an accident”
  • “Big Bang’s TOP my heart dropped, you know?”
  • “I was really surprised…”

Source: tvreport.co.kr
Translation: alee @ iBigbang

Not Big Bang's TOP, thankfully. Anybody had a near heart attack reading the title?
xxxholic / Moonlight

Im Joo-hwan’s Marriage War

If you’ll recall, there’s a short (two-episode) special drama starring Im Joo-hwan that is set to air soon, which will precede his full-length drama role in the upcoming What’s Up. It had previously been titled Hyunhaetan Marriage War, where “Hyunhaetan” refers to the strait between Korea and Japan and is a metaphor for the plot that has a Korean man (Im) marrying a Japanese woman (Rie). The drama is set to air over the weekend, but now has a new name: Marriage War of Doenjang-kun and Natto-chan. Doenjang is the Korean word for fermented bean paste, while natto is a similar Japanese type of bean paste (they’re not exactly the same food, but the analogy is clear).

Im Joo-hwan said, “It’s a great honor to participate in a drama with such meaning, with which I can greet both Korean and Japanese fans at the same time.” He plays a bright and cheerful character, in contrast to the curt Park Kyu of his breakout role, last year’s Tamra the Island. He also had to speak in the saturi dialect (his character is from Busan, in the south), which he found awkward at first but was helped along by the director and older actors on set.

The drama is a romantic comedy that is described as a sweet love story that is both “warm and enjoyable,” and will air on February 27 and 28 on MBC. What’s Up, meanwhile, will air later this summer.

Source(s): Dramabeans, Asia Economy

Love love LOVE him! Can't wait to see him playing a cuter/softer role. ♥ Isn't Daesung part of the main cast for What's Up, or did he drop out?
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Representative Chang “will bring Uknow Yunho, SJM and F(x) to display image”

The Shanghai world expo is an opportunity for both Korea and China to know more about each other.

Being the representative for the Korea’s booth in the world expo, Representative Chang Joon-sang stated on the 22nd at the media conference for the world expo that, “China is now Korea’s number 1 country. In the long run, it will become a greater and more important country.”

Representative Chang also stated that the EXPO not only affect the participating countries’ strength, but the most important reason is that this event may affect the economy of the country, just like how the Olympics can held affect the country’s economy.
In this exhibition, Korea will be represented through its products, image, as well as culture.

Korea’s booth will be all about image, and they have invited DBSK’s Uknow Yunho, Super Junior M and F(x) to participate in the events.

Source: Here
SJ-World link: Here
Translated by: Iunny-@sj-world.net

1N2D to head to North Korea! + Antarctica trip update

The 1N2D crew is getting ready for another special trip after their visit to Antarctica. They will be going to their neighboring country, North Korea!

The PD of Happy Sunday was interviewed by EDailySPN recently where he expressed, “In 2008, we were planning to film 1N2D at the city of Gaesung in North Korea. We had a good chance of going, but because of the shooting incident at Geum Gang San, it was cancelled. This year, we have decided that we will make a trip to North Korea after our Antartica special.”

The PD then said, “If you think about it, it is harder to go to North Korea than Antarctica, which is farther away. We were sad that we had to go to Baek-du San through China. This trip to the communist country will be the longest we ever had.”

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sources: akp + 1n2d fansubs

Second article is pretty much tl;dr. The point is that the trip to test out the itinerary failed, but they will still be proceeding with the actual trip. I wonder what their back-up plans are, should they be unable to land on Antarctica...

Sweet Potato Couple brings a new image to We Got Married

“A character that we haven’t seen before, now on We Got Married.”

That’s how Jung Yoon Jung, the PD of We Got Married described the new Jung Yonghwa – Seohyun couple.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD gal Seohyun’s first episode will be broadcast on the 27th. At 20 years old and 18 years old, the two make the youngest couple in We Got Married history.

PD Jung said, “Although they are a young couple, when they met, I saw a man and a woman. The two of them really bring a character that really hasn’t been seen in ‘We Got Married’ before.”

Regarding Seohyun, Jung said, “Lots of people were curious as to what Seohyun’s image would be. Because Seohyun is at the young age of 18, she can show the audience a fresh image that wasn’t there before.

PD Jung expressed his opinion on Yonghwa, saying, “He’s a cool and charming guy. As expected, although he is young, he plays the role of oppa to Seohyun and plays it well.

PD Jung wants to make this couple successful going into the future. “The two of them are the ones making the relationship. Our job will be to create missions that aren’t too extravagant as to not irk the viewers.

Source: Allkpop

At first, I kind of rejected this couple... but then I've been increasingly intrigued with them :D

C.N.BLUE to perform in a street concert

Plagued by controversy one after another ever since their debut, rookie group CNBLUE will take to the streets once again to prove that their success was no fluke.

CNBLUE will be performing on February 28th at COEX Fountain Square at 7pm in a street concert.

CNBLUE who rose to prominence with their debut single, I’m A Loner are determined to put on a thrilling show for their fans through this street concert and stamp home the point that they are no fake band riding on controversy to get famous. The members were directly involved from planning to execution of the street concert and it will be a live performance.

A representative expressed, “CNBLUE has been besieged by plagiarism allegations regarding their debut hit song but they are determined to win the respect and acknowledgement from everyone by performing on the streets.”

We wish them success and hope that they will still have enough in the tank after Inkigayo on the same day.


I obviously fail at highlighting the main points. D: