February 28th, 2010


Album jacket photos of three BEAST members revealed

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After releasing their second mini-album titled ‘SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA‘ on the 27th, boy band BEAST revealed the jacket photos of three members that flaunted their new look.

Transforming from the soft charisma of their debut days, BEAST assumed the image of a ’strong man’ in their album jacket photos.

First, lead vocal Yang Yoseob’s transformation was exceptional. Along with his golden hair that was dyed to a dirty blonde color, Yoseob exchanged his adorable aegyo for a more mature and manly image. For the sake of the album jacket photos, he exercised rigorously to build muscle and a strong figure.

Jang Hyun Seung has been receiving much interest for his close-up shot as well. He must have learned a thing or two from Tyra Banks as his piercing stare into the camera has driven the ladies wild. Fans are anticipating how he will be able to replicate his glaring look in the picture on stage while performing.

Similarly, maknae Son Dong Woon’s close-up shot revealed a side of him that took many by surprise–in a good way, of course. In his solo picture, Dong Woon’s facial features became more prominent and defined. In addition, his tall height gives him the appearance of a model.

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Since the 23rd when talks of their comeback began, BEAST has consistently remained a hot topic on various portal sites. Could the explosive response that they have already been receiving foreshadow a potential success on the charts?


so excited for their comeback :D
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Dangerously sultry on stage, BEG says theyre sweetie pies IRL

Seated on a plush sofa in a nail salon in Dempsey Road, the four members of Korean girl band The Brown Eyed Girls take a short break from cheering fans and the rigours of polishing the dance moves that made them popular. 

Jea: The 'hot, modern and sexy' image was for the third album, just part of the concept. On the stage, we will express our best, but in normal life we are warm hearted and kind girls." 

Rapper Miryo: When doing rap, I have to be very powerful. But in normal time, I am very lady like." 

The real "kid" in the group is Ga-in, 23, introduced unanimously by the others as the "baby": It surprises me that on stage I am the one with a very sexy image.. Now, I want to be very cute. One or two years later, when I'm older, I can't keep on being called cute." 

The girls also say they have no significant others at the moment, a state of affairs Miryo comically illustrates by saying: "On Valentine's day, we gave chocolates to our manager." She also mentions that "we hardly get our own private time to meet close friends". 

Narsha, 28, is more practical: "Of course, when getting busy like crazy, you miss the free time, but we appreciate all the love and support from our fans. We are trying to enjoy the moment." 

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Sources: ST Lifestyle on 27th Feb & the writer

Mods- i typed the important parts of the article out, youve to pay to read whats in the print source above so I included the writer's email instead. :) 
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Japanese TV Celebrity Weathers Dokdo Storm

The issue of Japanese claims to Korea's Dokdo Islets is especially sensitive to Koreans, and Rie Akiba, a Japanese panelist on KBS' "Global Talk Show: Talk with Beauties," has found herself in hot water when she claimed that while Koreans "discovered" the islets, it was the Japanese who named it. "I can't really say which country Dokdo belongs to," she told the DongA Weekly earlier this month.

As a result, last month was the most difficult time of her three years in Korea, and she has naturally learned to watch her mouth. "I was asked about the Dokdo issue, and I just said what I'd been told in Japan,
" she says now. "Because I'm not an expert, I said I didn't really know much about it. I certainly didn't mean any offense, so I was really puzzled after the interview. In fact, there aren't that many young Japanese people who are interested in the issue."

Akiba got a flood of complaints on her blog, including some history lessons "from which I learned a lot." "I'm sorry for causing all this trouble," she adds.

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo
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100227 - snsd 1st concert encore - fan account


It took me a while to get to the Olympic Park station, because I got lost and was running a bit behind on schedule due to my meeting with my faculty manager. Whatever, I still made it there with plenty of time to spare.

Thea (jaded_skys) and her friend Eliza (ashiya?) met me and we walked together to the Olympic Park. I bought an unofficial lightstick for 3,000 won at the subway station - the official ones were being sold for 5,000 won nearer to the park, but we didn't want any of those.

Oh this is interesting. SS501 was having a concert at the same time, just across the way. So the area was crowded with fanboys and fangirls alikeMost of the fanboys belonged to SoShi, though, of course.

Got into the stadium and found our seats. I was actually in the wrong one, but wasn't informed of that until someone came over wondering why I was in his seat. Haha. Fail. Anyway, before that, I went to the bathroom to change clothes. I was still dressed pretty professionally from my meeting, so I put on a new skirt and hoodie.

As we were waiting, they were posting up people's UFO messages via text. At some point, Eliza turned and happened to see, in English, "9 Cameltoes. Whoo!" Or something like that. We died laughing.

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In short, I left with a Yoona wall scroll.


This post is kind of Yoona biased, for obvious reason. And I'm tired, so I'm probably forgetting some details, but I tried to capture the highlights from my notes.
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Yesung does his musical, remains a dork while doing so.

Went to see 홍길동 (Hong Gildong) today, which was a one of the days Yesung was performing the lead role.

Unfortunately, fangirls were the majority of the audience, so when the curtain dropped, hardly anyone clapped because they all had their camera's ready. You know the lead'll do their bows last, clap for all the people who spent the last two hours working to entertain everyone, jeeze. Then you can grab your camera and take pictures/videos. But, Yesung egged the crowd on to clap for everyone, and decided to pop up with some adorable.

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Outsider's new song "주변인" ("Acquaintance" ) leaked + MV teaser

Finally! A song, "Acquaintance", from Outsider's upcoming comeback mini-album has been leaked along with the teaser for the MV. And they are both amazing.

It feels like "Loner" ~Part 2~ to me. 10 bucks on MC Sniper being the composer/arranger again because this has Sniper feel all over it. ♥

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SOURCES: XDDDD30 @ YT (song) + typicalpocky7 @ YT (MV teaser)

Schedule breakdown of March debuts & comebacks!

2010 is already shaping up to be quite the year – February is only wrapping up and we’ve already enjoyed the debuts of many rookie groups and returns of major idols as well. With all of the big comebacks coming up in March, we’ve been receiving many requests for a while now to compile a line-up list so that the schedule is easier to track. We’ve wrapped up a breakdown of eleven up & coming appearances this month; do tell us if we’ve missed anyone. Enjoy!

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[Fan account] B.E.G. live in ZOUK! Singapore

It was a pretty short concert, the only reason why it felt really long was because most of the time was spent waiting to be allowed in etc. The concert was great overall though despite my disappointment that they performed most of their better-known songs. I had expected them to perform at least a few songs from their Sound G album. No matter, I had fun still even though waiting was pure torture.

EDIT: Added How Come and Sign fancams.

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Hottests reveal incriminating photos of 2PM members

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And you thought it couldn’t get any worse – photos of 2PM have been pulled out by Hottests, revealing unexpected sides of the 2PM members that we didn’t know of beforehand.

As fans and readers know, 2PM’s Junsu made headlines last year when Thai performer Waii claimed to have been in a relationship then with the hottie, then broken up with him because of the public. This rumor was unofficially denied by a JYPE rep via Twitter (with hints of a lawsuit), but unearthed photos linking Waii to megastar Rain (an ex-JYPE artist) and CUBE Entertainment have cast a shadow of doubt on the whole matter. Junsu himself denied even knowing Waii, but this recently unveiled photo indicates otherwise:

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source: allkpop
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"Black Soshi" for the unnies

So Nyeo Shi Dae reveals a little secret about their follow-hit with the concept of ‘Black SoShi’.

THe girls held their 1st Asian Concert Tour encore performance in Seoul Olympic Park on 28th February and during the interview before the concert they revealed, “This is a detailed secret. We will be showing the strong woman feel that we have not been able to show all this while.”

In the MV of ‘Oh!’ off the group’s new album released late January, at the end of the video was the concept for the girls’ follow-up song’s concept. And fans had called the concept ‘Black SoShi’.

So Nyeo Shi Dae, “In ‘Oh!’ we were calling out to the oppas, but for ‘Black SoShi’, we will be standing on the side of the unnies and singing. Currently we have finished the filming of the MV. Please look forward to it.”

And about the competition of the strong concepts used amongst the girlgroups like KARA and T-ara, the girls said, “It is exciting that the girlgroups get to show off their cool performances. Just thinking about promoting together, we are already looking forward to it.”

S: Newsen
accessed through: sookyeong

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100228 Inkigayo

Comeback - Kara, T-ara, OneTwo
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Take 7 - CN Blue, 2AM, UKiss, Kim Jong Kook, 4Men
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Hot Music - Hyuna, Trax, Ahn Jin Kyung
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Fresh Music - Three Muskateers, Lydia, SunMin, Aurora
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Others - Winner, Kara & T-ara interview, MC Cuts
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Last time SNSD is winning, so all you haters can relax.
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Brian to make a comeback on M! Countdown

The last we’ve heard about Brian on the music scene was when he was promoting his song My Girl several months back. Well, it looks like he’s coming back with a fresh new track sooner than we thought!

Recently, singer Brian Joo updated his Twitter, telling fans that he would be performing his newest single this week on Mnet M! Countdown. His message reads, “will be performing my new single this week on M.countdown… let’s hope for success^^“ Let’s hope for success indeed!

In addition, the music video filming for this digital single has just finished. So be sure to buy the song and catch him on M! Countdown this Thursday!

Source: Allkpop


6 < 7 > 8 = 50% of Album is Complete!

Murmurs of Se7en’s Kpop comeback have been floating since G-Dragon’s mega concert and now there’s some solid confirmation of a new album.

A YG Entertainment spokesperson has stated that Se7en is currently in the studio working with elite producers to start promoting the album in May

The rep said,

“The actual date of comeback will be decided upon after we consider the format of the album and its musical quality. We are expecting a comeback around May or June. So far, only 50% of the album has been recorded; however, it won’t take much longer.”


hmmm I wonder if his comeback song will be able to top this:


The cast of 1 Night 2 Days becomes 2NE1

The Family Outing cast from the first season made viewers laugh when they parodied 2NE1’s Fire, and now 1 Night 2 Days has done the same.

The special episode in which Kang Ho Dong became Taecyeon to perform My Ear’s Pig last week continued on to this week. The cast of the show was doing their second viewer tour where they performed in front of their viewers to get closer to them.

MC Mong became CL, Lee Soo Geun became Park Bom, Kim Jong Min became Minzy and Kim C became Sandara Park. The audience of the show had a quite shocking response but then again, who wouldn’t?

Check out this entertaining and hilarious performance:

sources: allkpop haylin4780@youtube
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Kang Dong-won joins the 10 million club

Seems like the all-time box office rankings are being topped and shuffled around every other day, doesn’t it? Kang Dong-won is the newest actor to join the 10 million club — i.e., actors whose movies have sold 10 million tickets — although with the small caveat that this distinction comes from two films, not a single one. His action-fantasy film Jeon Woo Chil, which released just before Christmas 2009, has surpassed the 6,000,000 mark, while his more recent release of Secret Reunion (Korean title Sworn Brothers) was released on February 4 and has now surpassed 4,000,000 viewers.

In the former, Kang plays an errant Taoist wizard who is released into modern-day Korea after being trapped for 500 years in an enchanted scroll. In the latter, he shows a completely different side to himself as a former North Korean spy who acts alongside Song Kang-ho as his South Korean counterpart.

This is a great way for the actor to go out before his mandatory military service. He is planning to act in one last project before he goes, and is reportedly deciding between two possibilities: Busan Project and Supernatural Powers. Both are films, but Kang has not yet made his final decision.

Source: Osen
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