March 1st, 2010


More BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ jacket photos revealed!

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With the reveal of their comeback album on 1st March and all songs occupying the top 5 rankings on various real time music charts, the 2nd batch of teaser jacket photos for BEAST’s ‘Shock Of The New Era’ has been revealed.
This time the jacket photos feature members Yoon DooJoon and Lee GiGwang, garnering much heat interests from fans and netizens.

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'Between a girl and a lady' - f(x)'s Innocence

The set was filled with the girls’ chatters and laughter’s. By the f(x) members' lively and youthful look, the studio felt as if spring had already come. The five members who have been endorsing winter clothes as a CF model for a foreign casual brand last November, came together again last month for the spring CF photo shoot at a studio in Kang Nam.

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Source: Sports Seoul
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BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album leaked out, “This is definitely not noise marketing on our side”

BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online.

According to Cube Entertainment on 28th February, the full title song ‘Shock’ to the group’s upcoming 2nd album ‘Shock of the new era’ has been leaked online.

The company rep said, “We heard about the news of the leakout on Youtube, we are currently doing our best to track the source of leakout. Appropriate actions will be act accordingly on the one who is found to have leaked out the song.”

The album was initially set to be released on 2nd March. With this incident, the rep said, “We can only do an online reveal on 1st March. This leakage is definitely not noise marketing on our side. We are hurt that the album cannot be released as planned.”

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[HQ pictures of entire photoshoot] Brown Eyed Girls for Get Used S/S 2010

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Brown Eyed Girls models for Get Used Spring/Summer 2010 collection with Bling Jeans. Narsha, Miryo, Je-A, and Ga-In look smoking hot in these Get Used pieces, showing off their S-line and seductive looks and poses in the photo shoot.

And what is denim without sexy, fierce heels to go with. Those gladiator heels, multi-buckled maryjanes, ankle boots and platform heels, that the girls are spotted wearing with their skin-tight denims, are totally to-die-for.

Favorite pieces out of all these denims got to be those grey and blue tie-dye jeans, which are still very hot this season!


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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way

Family Outing 2 ratings plummet

Family Outing 2 had a great start, but things are not looking so good at the moment.

On the latest episode of the show, the ratings plummeted to 10.9%. Last week’s episode was 16.5%, and the ratings went down 5.6% today. Rival show, KBS Happy Together, had a rating of 24.3%, which had approximately 10% more viewers than the idol-packed show.

I assume that this is all due to 2PM’s current status. 2010 seems like a bad year in the Korean entertainment industry s0 far… will things get better?

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CNBLUE teases with “Arigatou” preview

For those of you that don’t know, CNBLUE dropping their very first full album ThankU on March 20 in Japan, and it looks like they’re gearing up already; a preview of Arigatou (Thank You), a solo original song by member Jonghyun, has surfaced the internet and it’s definitely making me excited for this album!

Arigatou was reportedly once performed live, but this will be the first studio version to be officially released.

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Who is that mystery lady in BEAST ‘Shock’ MV?

Who is that mystery lady who appeared in BEAST new MV ‘Shock’ released on 1st March?

A Cube Entertainment rep revealed, “The lady is a Cube Entertainment trainee. She is of the same age as 4Minute Kwon SoHyun, and is 170cm tall. She is currently preparing for her solo debut. We will be able to meet her as a singer soon.”

With the release of the MV, there were much curiosity amongst netizens with regard to this mystery lady. She has already earned herself the nickname of a ‘female Mulan’ with her charming single eyelids, huge eyes and chubby face. Some of netizens’ comments were “It is good that we will get to see her soon even though we didn’t learn of her upcoming debut.”

Meanwhile, BEAST is back with their 2nd album released on 1st March and will start promotions on the title song ‘Shock’ soon.

Source: Newsen + K-Bites

lol is Gina Choi ever going to debut?  She was supposed to debut soon, but suddenly this girl comes.
F.Cuz: 예준 - calm
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F.cuz, ‘We cast off the burden of being 2nd generation idols’

Garnering interest even before their debut, idol group F.cuz (Jinon, Lee U, Kan, Yejun) has officially debuted and is taking a stab at the music industry.

They can’t look any happier than when they sing their fresh youthful debut-song ‘Jiggy.’ On the day of the interview, despite the fact that Kan had injured his leg and was wearing a cast, he smiled saying, “I’m so happy to release and promote this album.”

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Korean Source: OSEN
Translated by: okdubu @ omona_prection

Sungmin, Ryeowook to replace Eunhyuk as DJ

Super Junior members to replace Eunhyuk, who has been diagnosed with H1N1, as radio show host.

After Eunhyuk was diagnosed with H1N1 on 26 February, his job as DJ on KBS FM 'Kiss the Radio' was inevitably left vacant.

According to an official from SM Entertainment on 28 Feb, it was fellow group member Sungmin who replaced Eunhyuk as DJ on 26 and 27 February. Ryeowook will join Leeteuk to host the radio show on 28 February and 1 March. If Eunhyuk's condition does not improve by 2 March, Kyuhyun will help take over as host of the programme.

It is also said that Eunhyuk is now resting at home and that he will continue to host the radio show after he fully recovers.

Due to Eunhyuk's diagnosis, he was also unable to participate in the Girls' Generation Encore Concert Guest performance held on 27 and 28 February.

Source: spn.edaily
Credit: 小程 @ SJ公会
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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...That's a very... unfortunate picture for Ryeowook... ㅋㅋㅋ
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TVXQ's Fan Club's Surprise Flash Mob In The Center Of MyungDong

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Five member group TVXQ's (U-Know Yunho, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin) fanclub Cassiopeia performed a surprise flash mob in front of Woori Bank in MyungDong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 27th.

The flash mob, that was performed at 12:26 pm on the 27th, happened nationwide in places such as Gwangju, Pusan, Myungdong and Chungjoo, and was to show that the fans were united in their support for TVXQ and that they would believe in and wait for the five members.

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BoA for Korean comeback coming 25th August in lieu of 10th debut anniversary

BoA for Korean comeback coming 25th August in lieu of 10th debut anniversary

With her 10th debut anniversary coming up, singer BoA will be back in Korea releasing a new album.

Coming 25th August, BoA will release a full-length album in Korea and start promotional activities. This will be her comeback in Korea 5 years since her last album ‘Girls On Top’ released in 2005. And in lieu of her 10th debut anniversary, she wishes to have grand comeback in Korea. Currently, BoA is doing her Japanese concert tour after the release of her 7th Japanese album ‘Identity’ released in February. After the concert tour, she will start preparations for her domestic comeback.

SM Entertainment revealed on 1st March, “2010 is the 10th debut anniversary for BoA. She will release a new album and meet with fans after 5 years since her ‘Girls On Top’ album. The comeback date will be symbolic 25th August.”

For her recent Japanese album, BoA participated as a producer for the first, to better show her own colours and charms in the album. And as for her comeback album, the SM rep said, “There is possibility for BoA to participate as producer for this new album to better showcase her own unique music style. It will be decided through our discussions for the album.”

And as for her American promotions, BoA debuted with the song ‘Eat You Up’ in 2009 and for 2010, the SM rep revealed, “She will continue with her American activities. Even now, Lee SooMan producer is seeing to BoA’s promotions in the States.”

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FUCK YEAH. move over, bitches. the queen is back.
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Japanese fanmeeting “With YOO”

Over the weekend, actor Gong Yoo held his first fanmeeting in Japan in three years; it follows his recent Seoul event in January which was his first fan event following his army discharge in December. There were actually two events, one in Kobe on the 26th and another in Yokohama on the 28th. The affair was titled “Gong Yoo Fanmeeting 2010 — With YOO.”

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H&M opening of flagship store in South Korea, Seoul, Myeong-dong

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High-street brand H&M (Hennes & Mauritz Ltd.), finally stepped foot in South Korea, Seoul, and open its first flagship store in Myeong-dong's Noon Square where many similar popular high-street stores, such as SPAO, Zara, Forever 21, Mango and Uniqlo, are already established in the same area. H&M operates more than 2,000 stores in some 35 countries, with their more than 100 designers providing fresh designs everyday.

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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way, Eiffelinseoul, Koreaherald, H&Mkr

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There is about half an hour left on the West Coast to the end of our birthday.

It has been a year OMNTD has started and we would like to thank everyone for all your contribution: the posts, the gifs, the comments, the support, the understanding and your love.

When the comm first started, the mods struggled to keep the comm alive by posting kpop news and stuff by themselves. We ranged between 15-25 posts a day when we just started and now after a year and an LJ spotlight, we've seen some busy days, hitting 47 posts. This is all possible and due to everyone who posts, comments and lurks. We sincerely thank you for that.

OMNTD has exceeded our expectations and we now have over 9000 charms~. K-pop may have been upsetting, tumultuous and a hard time for some so far. We may argue, be rude sometimes, have different groups that we support and hate but ultimately, this is an interest that we commonly share. We are calm, cool and composed (sometimes) and we try to be rational ok. :D

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So, share! When and why did you join OMNTD? What charm caught your eye?

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Rules for an FFA still count. Please don't spam mad gifs (3 max!!!!!!), instead, if you want, take this time to have a fun chat with everyone. Mingle, tinkle some champagne glasses, interact, tell some jokes, whatever. :)


2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards

The 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards was held on March 1st to recognize and acknowledge singers, etc, whose songs were frequently used as the background music or played on Cyworld minihompies last year.

The awards ceremony was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park and was hosted by Clazziquai’s vocalist, Horan.

2009 Best Artist – 2NE1
2009 Best Song – 2NE1 for I Don’t Care
Best Rookie Group – 2NE1
2009 Ting’s Choice Award – G-Dragon
Best Male Rookie – Seo In Gook for Calling You
Best Female Rookie – Ali for 365 days
Best Composer – Jo Young Su
Tam Eun Mania Award – Jang Giha and Faces for The Moon is Waxing, Let’s Go
2009 Collaboration Award – Jung In for LeeSsang in The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave
2009 OST – SS501 for Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers)
2009 Hall of Fame – Park Hyo Shin for Snow Flower
2009 Distribution Company Award – Mnet Media (Korea), Universal Music Korea (overseas)

2009 Best 10: Davichi for 8282, LeeSsang for The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave, Brown Eyed Girls for Abracadabra, Big Bang for Hallelujah, SNSD for GEE, G-Dragon for Heartbreaker, MC Mong for Indian Boy, 2NE1 for I don’t care, 2PM for Heartbeat, 8eight for Without a Heart.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when Chansung and Junho, representing 2PM came out on stage to receive their Bonsang award. Fans started yelling Jaebeom’s name, making the situation ultra awkward. The backlash continues. **

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** edit
Someone messaged me and asked me to inform you guys, it was the VIPs & Blackjacks, not the Hottests, who shouted for Jaebum.

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SS501 Comeback in May

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Quintet male group SS501 will be coming back to their fans on 01-May.

It will be 7 months after they release their mini album ‘REBIRTH’ in October last year. The time for SS501’s comeback has been confirmed on ‘501 day’ which is similar to their group name and they are currently in the midst of making the album.

It has not been decided if this album will be an official album or a mini album. However, regardless of what type of album to be released on 01-May, they will return with a whole new image.

Company representative said “They had very short window of activities for their ‘REBIRTH’ album which lasted about a month, in respect to perform locally after a while, they have a lot to show to the audience. They will have a longer period of activities and to be together with their fans.”

These days, SS501 members are engaged in their solo activities as actors, acting in musical plays and etc, as well as concentrating on their Asia Tour Concert in 6 countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, etc.

SS501 greeted their fans during their Asia Tour Encore Concert held on 27-Feb at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium, saying “We have prepared a lot in order to repay to our fans who have waited for us for a long time. Just wait awhile more and you will be able to see a changed SS501 image.

Source: Quainte

Yoon Jong Shin wants to work with f(x)’s Sulli

Yoon Jong Shin was a guest on the MBC Come to Play alongside Yoo Young Suk, Kim Hyun Chul, and Joo Young Hoon. When he chose three people he wanted to work with, Korea’s ice-queen, Kim Yuna was first, Go Hyun Jung was second and f(x)’s Sulli was third.
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Source: allkpop

lol @ Yoo Jae Suk being an f(x) fanboy XD
but you guys have better watch out cuz
I'm watching you very closely =_= Do not mess w/ Sulli. lol /puts away fanboy mode.