March 3rd, 2010

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After School to participate in the 2010 World Cup album!

After School will be participating in the 2010 World Cup album.

After School will be the first girl group to ever participate in this album and they will be singing the official World Cup song.

It is reported that this album will also consist of an indie band and a hip hop artist.

The Red Devils chose After School because they thought the group’s powerful charisma was perfect for the World Cup’s cheering image.

A representative of After School stated, “We are planning to participate in the album with supportive hearts for the Korean players. We will not think of this album as an After School abum, but rather an album for us all, and we will try our best when singing.

On another note, After School will be making their comeback this month!

Source: Allkpop

Excited for After School, but omg 2010 World Cup + K-Pop!! ♥
the boss ☇ love bingo!

D-NA the Youngest Group to Debut

The youngest idol group D-NA sets to debut.

Ahead of their official debut, they had their debut showcase on 3rd March in Seoul ShinSaDong YoonDang Art Hall. These singers had spent the past 3 years in preparation for their debut. And they picked group Dong Bang Shin Ki as their role model, determined to be the 2nd Dong Bang Shin Ki.
The group consists of 5 members HyunMin, In Joon, GaRam, Jay and Mika. They are known for their good vocal capabilities and harmony as well as their dance capabilities.

Their group name (대국남아, D-NA) also mean ‘the boss’ or ‘the boys of super space’ showing their aim to be the most influential artist. Their average age is 17 years old, which is the youngest amongst all idol groups in Korea.

Even though they had not officially debut, their homepage had already over 40K members, showing the amount of interests they had garnered.
Meanwhile, the group released the MV teaser to their debut song ‘Tokyo Boy’ on 28th February.
Meanwhile, the full song to ‘Tokyo Boy’ will be released on 4th mMarch and they will be performing on all weekly music shows.

source: kbites + kingdomprince

lol I wonder what the writer of this article would say if they knew Jihwan (the youngest) just graduated middle school and has technically debuted twice before.

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New Single from Brian!

I'm sure you guys have been really excited about Brian's comeback, right? Yeah, me too! Anyway! I was just searching for a link of the original song for a friend and I came across this.

It's so good, guys. I can't wait for the M.Net Countdown.

Also, just so that everyone knows, he clearly had stated on his facebook:

Will be performing my new single, Jason Derulo's "In My Head" (Korean Version) tomorrow for the first time LIVE on's M.countdown... please be sure to watch if you can...

So it's simply a genuine cover instead of anything else.

source: jenp00able
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Super Junior’s Siwon lost 17 lbs for his drama

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The idol turned actor Super Junior’s Choi Siwon reportedly lost around 17 pounds for his new drama Oh! My Lady on SBS.

He plays the main guy character, Sung Min Woo. The character is a cold and cocky top star, which doesn’t really fit Siwon’s gentleman personality.

Sung Min Woo is also a hottie with a body in the drama so Siwon had to work out an excessive amount to fit in the character’s shoes. The ridiculous thing is that Siwon is known for already having an amazing body with a six pack. In just three weeks, he lost 17 pounds. He not only became slimmer but also gained more of a toned body.

This is the first time Siwon gets to play the main role so I’m sure he’s putting a lot of effort into it. It’s been three years since he’s acted in a project but he is returning with an anticipated role. The pressure is on but just from this, we can tell that he will do well.

Source: akp

"hottie with a body" LOL. Siwon's just.. UNF

'Abortion Republic' no more

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South Korea's birth rate was 1.15 last year, among the lowest in the world. The government is cracking down on illegal abortions to help boost the birth rate. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

SEOUL: So many abortions are carried out in South Korea every year that it has been nicknamed “Abortion Republic”. But that label may soon come unstuck, as the health authorities seek to enforce a long-ignored ban on abortions.

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Source: The Straits Times

Teukkigayo, Sungmin and Bracademy Cut on Strong Heart

Teukigayo Cut - Apparently Teuk can fit through a tennis racket. O__O

Source: 6minniemink @

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UPDATE: English subs for both cuts can be found here (embedding is disabled):

Full Show can be found in 6minniemink's channel on Youtube, without subs though.

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Go YeongWook exposes Secret Han SeonHwa on having undergone plastic surgery

Singer Go YeongWook reveals an incident where he had scouted Secret member Han SeonHwa. And in the midst of relaying the story, he puts Han SeonHwa in a flustered situation exposing her for having undergone plastic surgery.

Han SeonHwa was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd March when she said, “The stars whom Go YeongWook scouted like Jung RyeoWon, Kim MinHee and Lee MinJung had all grown to become the best stars. And I was scouted by him when I was a trainee, now I’m the making of a star.”

And after which, Go YeongWook had made a surprise appearance on the show, talking about how he had met Han SeonHwa while she was still a trainee. He joked “Actually I’m not so sure the making of a star at first.” and continued, “That was before she underwent plastic surgery. She was chubbier and cuter as compared to now.” leaving Han SeonHwa flustered.

This being the first time revealed on broadcast shows about her undergoing plastic surgery, Han SeonHwa voiced her unhappiness, “How can you talk about this there?” putting up an unfriendly expression.

That had Go YeongWook flustered and he said, “No, what I meant was you danced well and had much talents back then. I’m no better myself.”

Source: Asiae
Via: sookyeong

I cannot tell from the article if he's being a douche on purpose or if he was joking. But if it wasn't scripted and she didn't know about it then omg :(
xiaogui hot

2pM Fans are Forced to Take Sides

The choice of the fans have never been more important than this moment as the 2PM fans “Hottest” are forced to choose the new “6PM” and JYP Entertainment or Jae Bum.

Starting with the offical fan club “Hottest” (which already had approximately 55,000 fans leave), the fans have been arguing night and day as to what their next move should be. Bombarded by stories from so called “Sae-Seng” fans (who basically follow around the celebrity 24/7), many were enraged and turned into anti-2PM and have sent threatening messages by uncovering the past of 2PM members. But some fans are pleading to give the remaining members some time and let the situation settle down a bit before making any rash decisions. Unfortunate news for JYP Entertainment and “6PM” is that substantial damage has been done and image of 2PM may take years to heal.

The Next biggest fan club, “Hwan-sang,” was initially in the direction of supporting the original 2PM with 7 members. With continuous outrage and pressure, however, the fan club has recently turned into a 2PM boycott club, and the editors of the club has kicked out many members who have spoken against this sudden twist in decision.

On March 1st, 2PM fan club “underground” (which only consists of fans older than 20), has turned its direction to supporting Jae Bum only, and the editors of the fan club will be initiating a “sweep” throughout the cafe to unite the club under one banner. DCinside 2PM Gallery has also split into two parts as there were those who argue that there has to be at least a span of a month before making any decisions to support/deny the “new” 2PM.

These are just the main clubs, and there are numerous other small fan pages that are going through the same dilemma as to which side will they stand on. Even with this commotion, 2PM members still press on with their schedule, and their future remains yet to be unfolded.

Original Source: Lee Su Hyun, Daum/Moneytoday, 03/02/2010

Translated By: Etpfest2008/

Source: KPOPLIve.
(A less biased and more neutral site for KPop news compared to AKP. I recommend this site.)

I know which side most of Omona is on. Whichever that flashes more abs and skin. Right? ;D
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

WonderGirls does ‘WG By WonderGirls’ with new member HyeRim!

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Photos of girlgroup WonderGirls featuring its new member HyeRim have been revealed!

HyeRim had recently joined the group after member SunMi takes a temporarily leave to focus on her studies. And the photos taken on set to their cosmetics endorsement for ‘WG By WonderGirls’ have been revealed!
These photos will be good gifts for fans who have been able to see catch a glimpse of the WonderGirls who are busy promoting overseas.

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source: sookyeong
bom sweet smile

InStyle Korea chooses Ha Ji Won's Best 10 outfits ever!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Style icon, Ha Ji Won, is featured in the March issue of InStyle Korea. Always introducing new trends and exceeding expectations in her dressing styles, and being one of the trend-setters in the Korean entertainment industry, InStyle chose Ha Ji Won's best 10 outfits ever.


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Credits: Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way, InStyle

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IRIS 2 unveils its leads

Well well, now. Producers have announced the two lead stars of its anticipated IRIS 2: Hallyu star Jung Woo-sung and rising actor Cha Seung-won. The drama which will be produced under the title Athena, which is an international terrorist organization that provides the conflict in the sequel.

Jung plays the good guy, while Cha is the bad. Jung’s character is an agent with the national intelligence agency, named “Lee Jung-yuk”; like Lee Byung-heon’s character, he’s the top spy at the agency. Cha, on the other hand, is “Sohn Hyuk,” the “absolute leader” of Athena who trains his agents as human weapons.

Producers at Taewon Entertainment promise that they’ll be casting sufficiently noteworthy female stars and supporting actors, whom they will unveil in due time. Athena will begin filming in June in either Italy or Switzerland, two of a total of six overseas shoots that include Singapore and New Zealand. It plans for a premiere later this year.

When the rumors floated about Kwon Sang-woo’s interest in this drama, discussion pointed out that in order to live up to its predecessor, the drama would really have to go big in the casting, and it has done that with Jung Woo-sung. This is Jung’s first drama role in fifteen years; his last was 1995’s 1.5 with Shim Eun-ha.

Cha Seung-won is another great pick; he’s had a number of film roles but didn’t really break out until City Hall, where he showed both intense charisma and an ability to portray some bad-guy behavior in a compelling way. If the female leads are as strong (at least stronger than Kim Tae-hee, although it’ll be hard to top Kim So-yeon), perhaps Athena will hold its own as a worthy sequel.

Source: DongA, My Daily
Via: dramabeans

Read more about Jun Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won . Jung Woo Sung was in The Good, The Bad and the Weird opposite Son Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun and in Daisy opposite Song Hye Go.

[100303] Sandara Park 12 Part ‘Star Diary’ Part 1- “Did I do something wrong?”

[Asia E Reporter Lim Hye Seon] It’s hard being an idol living in the ‘World of Variety’. This is because it’s hard to gain popularity just by being a good singer. To survive in the monstrous entertainment industry, one must be equally good at singing and dancing, AND be witty. They have to show laser-like charisma on stage, and are also expected to approach the viewers on variety shows by being frivolous and funny.

I realised something one day while watching TV. On some variety show’s ‘Girl Group Special’, all the famous female idol groups like Girls’ Generation, Kara and Brown Eyed Girls were there but 2NE1 was nowhere to be seen. Then I looked back and realised I’d never seen 2NE1 on any broadcasts except music shows.

It made me curious. What could their secret be? How does 2NE1, a girl group that doesn’t do ‘variety’, manage to walk their own path and still stand strong against all their competition?

So we open the diary of 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the self proclaimed ‘publicity gainer’ for the group. The single most famous example of a Korean artist debuting in Korea after being active in a foreign country’s entertainment industry, Sandara Park made her TV debut through “Human Theatre”, neither a music nor variety show. 4 years and 5 months after that, Sandara and her fellow 2NE1 members took the Korean music industry by storm.

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translations by sjay.x @ YGL

Lee Hyori finishes recording album

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After repeatedly pushing her comeback date over and over again, Korea’s sex icon Lee Hyori shines a light on the fans as she reveals that her album recording has finished.

On a fan cafe, Lee Hyori reported that recording for her 4th album had finally finished as she revealed, “Everyone~~Finally after 8 months, recording has finished…’s time for me to start again. Practice, music video and first live performance…I’ll have to work hard ^^”

A representative confirmed this saying, “We kept pushing the comeback date so we can continue recording. The results are here and we finished recording on the 1st.”

This comeback has been long anticipated for nearly half a year as fans have been waiting since October. And although recording has finished, there’s still a lot of work to be done. It’s been revealed that the title track has not yet been chosen and when it is that they have to choose a style and film the music video.

The rep promised, “Despite the long wait, we promise to do everything to deliver what the fans have been anticipating for.“

Source: akp

do I even have to ask who's excited? haha.
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Oh Hey, it's the FFA

Welcome members new and old to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a weekly post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community, as well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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Today's FFA is brought to you by the impending release of Final Fantasy XIII next Tuesday and the ApocalyPS3
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FT Island is most afraid of stylish girls?

Korean flower-boy band FT Island raised a wave of extreme popularity on their first visit to Taiwan, and their images during the six-day trip was also constantly changing. Offstage, lead singer Lee Hongki has the most perception of fashion and constantly plays stylist in their dormitory, often helping his members put outfits together.

During their concert, the five-member band put on a good show, emphasizing on FT Island’s real talent, and that they were not just any “idol boyband”. But when it comes to their title of “flower-boys”, all of them had positive reactions to that, stating that it was a compliment of their looks, and there are lots of goodies from being a flower-boy.

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Source: UDN
Translated by: hypothermal

I thought this interview was pretty cute
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Korean hip-hop artists to hold concert in Japan

Top Korean hip-hop artists including Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi-rae, and LeeSSang will hold a live concert in Japan this month, according to their agency Jungle Entertainment on Wednesday.

The artists at Jungle will be coming together for the first time at an overseas venue for the concert titled "Crazy Night" set to take place for two days at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo starting March 26.

"The performance will introduce Korean hip-hop to the Japanese residents who are interested in the Korean music scene in Japan as well as quench the thirst of our nationals living in the country,"
explained an associate from Jungle.

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BEAST’s Doo Joon reveals his new hairstyle

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BEAST’s leader Doo Joon, who is preparing for his comeback with Shock, revealed his new hairstyle through his Cyworld minihompy on March 4th. With the pictures, he added the comment, “First time dyeing my hair…Kekeke does it look good?”

In the first picture, you can also see Joonhyung, who shaved his hair as seen in Shock MV. As seen in the picture, he is assumed to be covering his new hairstyle by wearing a hat.

Fans who have seen these pictures commented, “It’s cute,” “Your statue-like face line is shining,” “It fits you well,” “It’s a big hit” and “Show us more.”

What do you guys think of their new hairstyles? Stay tuned to BEAST’s comeback performance on this week’s Music Bank!


he looks so good :D