March 4th, 2010

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Park Chan-ho has first day as a Yankee

Park Chan-ho took part in his first pitching practice in the pinstripes of the New York Yankees on Tuesday (Korean time), a day after he arrived at the club's spring training base in Tampa, Florida. The 37-year-old pitcher got to wear his number 61, which he has been wearing since his Major League Baseball debut.

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my friends got to meet him and get his autograph once ;__;

‘Ms Lupin’ KARA are the cover girls for SBS Inkigayo ‘Take 7′ magazine March issue

Girlgroup KARA is up as the cover girls for SBS Inkigayo magazine ‘Take 7′ March issue.

The girls talked about their excitement with their 3rd minialbum ‘Lupin’ for the latest issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine ‘Take7′. The girls turned up in their black costumes and said, “We worked hard so as to show a different and stronger image of us.”

The girls added, “We want to show through this album that we have grown and improved through the last 3 years since our debut – Han SeungYeon. This is the first album which I think suits me – Park GyuRi. Even though there was the pressure with all the anticipation that fans had for the album, we still wished everyday that we can perform on stage in front of everyone faster.”

The girls also showed the choreography of the song ‘Lupin’. The concept for ‘Lupin’ is the concept of overflowing confidence and mystery.

Also featured in this month’s issue of SBS Inkigayo magazine ‘Take 7′ is the coverage of Big Bang ‘Big Show’ concert in January, the behind-the-scene to CN Blue winning Mutizena award with their debut song ‘Loner’, backstage to So Nyeo Shi Dae’s comeback stage on 31st January,as well as 2AM members’ showing their various charms through a photoshoot.

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i never noticed their maknae before, but she's really pretty and talented!

4Minute flies to Japan for their Japanese promotions

Group 4Minute who is causing up a fever in countries in Asia will start their promotions in Japan.

It is revealed that 4Minute has left Korea on 4th March to Japan for their 1st promotions there for 4 days 3 nights.

They recently had their promotions in Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong etc in January-Februayr and will start on their Japanese promotions even though they did not release any albums in these cities. Cube Entertainment, “As newcomers, the girls are feeling a little shy promoting on TV, radio shows, and music stores.”

4Minute recently joined under Universal Music Japan for their promotions in Asia. They were also mentioned on Billboard online in January as “a group with the ability to be a huge success in the global market.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute will have their first showcase in Japan on 5th March.

excited to hear more news about this!
『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

Oguri Shun likes Korean movies, and cozies up to Koo Hye-seon

Koo Hye-seon attends the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival (February 25 to March 1) held in Hokkaido, Japan, with her directorial debut, "Delightful Assistant".

Japanese Actor Oguri Shun (28) said, "Korean movies have their own uniqueness. I would like to make films as good as Korean movies". Korean actress Koo Hye-seon (26) said, "I feel a sense of kinship with him because he is also an actor-turned-director. I enjoyed watching his debut film as a director".

The entry list of the 20th Yubari International Film Festival features films by a noted director from S. Korea and a good-looking actor/director from Japan: S. Korean actress Koo Hye-seon and Japanese actor Oguri Shun. As a handsome hero, Oguri has been gaining popularity with the film "Crows Zero" and the TV drama "Gokusen".

Oguri and Koo played the main characters in the Japanese version and Korean version of the drama, "Boys over Flowers", respectively.

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SME Vs Mnet, The Accumulated Age-Old Conflict Spills Over... Why?

The sixteen-month-long conflict between SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s biggest entertainment agencies, and Mnet Media, K-pop’s leading company, has finally revealed itself to the public.

On the 2nd, SM Entertainment, that has produced popular singers such as Girls Generation, f(x), SHINee, Super Junior, BoA, Kangta, TVXQ and Trax, announced on its official website that it would no longer be providing Mnet Media with the possession to music files by SM Entertainment.

Following this, netizens could no longer listen to Girls Generation’s ‘Oh!’ on, a famous domestic music portal site run by Mnet Media.

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Source: [star money today+Yuaerubi]
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Nam Ji Hyeon and Song Joong Ki pair up for a date in Ceci Magazine

The two young actors are pairing up for a sweet date in the female clothing brand, PLASTIC ISLAND as models for the photoshoot in CeCi fashion magazine. Nam Ji Hyeon (from Will it snow for Christmas?) is the cute and lovable ‘dongsaeng’ (younger sister) image in the photoshoot. While Song Joong Ki (who currently played as the 2nd year resident in “OB/GYN Doctors”) seems very casual and natural in his look as a couple.

Not only it has sexy and glamorous look, the clothing brand PLASTIC ISLAND is sporty and edgy. What a cute pairing for cute images!

This brand is apparently not a local brand, as they’re available also in New York, LA, and Tokyo Japan.

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One Way- One Way Street Mini Album

Magic Remix Ver.

A month ago we introduced you to a new Hip Hop / R&B group named One Way consisting of members Chance, Peter, and Young Sky. The group has been making quite the impression with the recent release of their Magic MV and an awesome cover of Big Bang Taeyang’s Only Look at Me.

Today is March 4th and the boys have released their new mini album titled Oneway Street. The mini album consists of three tracks: Magic, Magic Remix, and 없는 번호 / Wrong Number. The boys continue to impress and they have a very bright future, they’re scheduled to make their debut performance on March 6th’s MBC Music Core so keep an eye out for that. Thanks to jenpooable for the tip and check out the tracks below.

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credits: bugs music charts, XDDDD30 @ YT, akp 

no words

YG, “Se7en will be coming back with new music”

What kind of music will singer Se7en comeback with this earlier half of the year?

This will be Se7en’s comeback after being away from the Kpop scene for a long time when he started preparations for his American debut in 2006, and his comeback album will be released in around May-June.

YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok has also gave the promise, “He will not be doing the usual style but will be back showing a new image and with new music.”

A YG rep said on 4th March, “In order to present good music, we are currently working on the recordings works after receiving many songs from many composers.”


Of course when asked about the musicians who will participate in this new album, the rep did not reveal much for now. But it was stated, “We are anticipating the album because Se7en will be coming back with new music in this earlier half of the year where other singers like Lee Hyori and Son DamBi are also having their comeback.”

Cr: StarNews, KBites

Sorta new information stuck in day-old news. But it's Se7en so it's worth a spazz anyway.
And again, YG needs to get to gettin'. We be waitin' so long for everybody from his company now. He's such a tease.


Daesung Interview Pt. 2: “G-Dragon hyung didn’t like me”

Part 1 can be found here.

Things worked out surprisingly well for Daesung (22, Real name: Kang Daesung), who walked the road to becoming a singer despite his father’s disapproval. Contrary to his father’s expectations that he would give up after experiencing the hard times countless singer wannabes have to endure, Daesung was noticed by YG Entertainment representatives who had come to the academy to take auditions.

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Kim Nam-gil to appear in "Bad Guy" even after joining army in June

Korean actor Kim Nam-gil will be appearing in TV series "Bad Guy" until August although he is expected to enter the Korean military in June, according to his agency Star J Entertainment on Thursday.

Star J explained in a press release that the actor will wrap up shooting for "Guy" before joining the army sometime after late June where he will start undergoing training as a public service worker to fulfill Korea's mandatory military service.

"Guy", a 20-episode SBS drama which will premiere on May 26, is set to air until the first week of August.

The actor, who will play the lead role in the Wednesday and Thursday series, recently returned to Korea after finishing shooting on location in Japan last month and is set to start filming again after mid-March.

Kim, 28, became a household name last year playing the role of Bidam in MBC's historical drama "Queen Seon-deok".

He is scheduled to hold a fan meeting at Seoul's Olympic Park Olympic Hall on March 7, which will be attended by some 4,000 fans.

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Kim Yu-na to promote Seoul in documentary

Kim Yu-na, who won the country's first Olympic figure skating gold in Vancouver last week with a near-perfect record-setting performance, will appear in a documentary to promote Seoul around the world.

Seoul Metropolitan Government said yesterday that the 60-minute documentary, titled "Seoul Spirit," will be aired by the Discovery Channel in about 20 Southeast Asian countries on March 19.

Using Seoul as a backdrop, the documentary will show how the 19-year-old Kim grew up to reach the top of figure skating. It will also showcase a variety of tourist attractions in Seoul
, including the Han River and Gwanghwamun Square.

The documentary, which the city spent a year planning and producing, will also highlight "woman power" in Korea, featuring interviews with Korea's first astronaut Yi So-yeon and popular girl group 2NE1.

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Source: The Korea Herald

Video source: TheIhee
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

After School, Zhang Li Yin, f(x) and Wheesung to perform in Thailand!

After School, Zhang Li Yin, f(x) and Wheesung to perform in Thailand!

f(x), After School, Zhang Li Yin and Wheesung will be performing at Thailand's Pattaya International Music Festival 2010 on Friday, March 19th, 2010.

Pattaya City's International Music Festival features food and floral floats, beauty contests, stalls selling local delicacies and a spectacular fireworks display on the beach. The free concerts are put on by a wide range of local and international talent.

This is the same festival SNSD went to last March.

Pattaya International Music Festival 2010 in Thailand will be held on 19th- 21st March 2010
That has invited some foreign artists such as Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian and Laos.

1. f(x) from South Korea
2. After School from South Korea
3. Whee Sung from South Korea
4. Zhang Li Yin from China
5. Christian Bautista from Philippines
6. Thomas & Jack from Malaysia
7. Leprozy from Laos

If there will be more informations, GMMInter will notice soon.

Source: Pingbook, What's On When, GMMInter
Translations: XIUlAN @ Chocolyn

So surprised to see SM getting Zhang Liyin out there to Thailand. I would have expected SHINee to get invited or something. Major props, SM, for stepping your game up for Liyin lately. ♥

SNSD’s Yuri diagnosed with swine flu

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes, just when we thought Super Junior’s Eunhyuk would be the last person to be diagnosed with swine flu (H1N1), we’ve got more! This time, it’s SNSD’s Yuri!

On the night of March 4th, Yuri showed symptoms of cold so she went to the hospital to get a check up. The next day, the results were out and it was confirmed that she has been diagnosed with swine flu. She is currently resting in her house, and all her schedules will be canceled until she recovers, including her performances of Oh! on this week’s music programs.

It’s very unfortunate that the swine flu is still crawling around in 2010. Let’s hope Yuri has a quick recovery!

♡ (beast) window

Davichi to make a comeback soon!

It seems to be the time of the year of Korean artists to make their comeback. Yes, female duo Davichi will finally return to the music scene in quite a long time! It’s been over one year since they released their hit album Davichi In Wonderland back in February 2009. They are already well known for their numerous hit tracks in the past, including 8282, Hot Stuff, Love and War, My Man and I Hate You Because I Love You.

According to Davichi’s agency, their new mini album is 80% complete. They will release their mini-album in mid-March, at the earliest. Composers who have contributed to their upcoming album include Park Geun Tae, Jo Young Soo, Park Hae Woon and Bang Shi Hyuk.

Davichi’s agency stated, “Because a lot of famous composers have taken part in this album, we will be able to get popularity and quality at the same time.”

Son Dam Bi, Lee Hyori, and now Davichi will join the competition. Are you guys excited?


sobs, i'm so excited ;__; wonderwoman doesn't do enough for me.

T-ara wins over their anti-fans

Girl group T-ara made a comeback as sexy idols this time around with I Go Crazy Because of You. The image took a 180 degree turn from Bo Peep Bo Peep to I Go Crazy Because of You. In a recent interview, they talked about their sexy concept, anti-fans and being friends with SNSD and KARA.

It was a good turn because they have been getting praised for their new concept. Their newest music video has had over one million hits. It’s also been doing shockingly well on music charts even though it’s competing up against KARA’s Lupin and SNSD’s Oh!

They said that the pressure was on for this new song. After winning a #1 on a music program, they felt they needed to comeback with something strong. Eunjung said, “If I were to say there was no pressure, I’d be lying. Also, Bo Peep Bo Peep was very cutesy and this new song is completely different. We were worried our fans were going to be turned off by that. But we wanted to show them a new side of us.”

On promoting at the same time as SNSD and KARA, they expressed, “It’s actually nicer to promote around the same time.”

Hyomin added, “We’re not trying to speak formally but we are really close with SNSD and KARA. Especially KARA, because we have the same practice room. We knew each other’s songs before they even got released, so we would sing along and stuff. We also complimented each other.”

They’ve come a far way since their debut. Eunjung finished off the interview by saying, “Honestly, we had a lot of anti-fans when we first debuted. But since we have made different types of music, fans were able to get their hopes up about us. I think they opened up their hearts after seeing our effort on stage. We’re happy about that. We have more responsibility after Bo Peep Bo Peep.”

i'm glad people can see these girls' fiercenesses now!

Mankae and former mankae
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Yoon Si Yoon and T-ara are the new promoters of KT Tech

'High Kick Through the Roof' star Yoon Si Yoon, along with the popular girl group T-ara, were picked as the new models of the KT Tech cellphone.

Yoon Si Yoon and T-ara shot the ad in Nonhyun on the 24th of February and already have finished the studio advertisement.

KT Tech stated, "We chose Yoon Si Yoon from the MBC sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof' because Yoon Si Yoon features exciting and bouncing charm," and "After T-ara showcased the changes they could make from "Bo Peep Bo Peep" to "I Go Crazy Because of You" we decided we would chose T-ara because of their variety and their colorful and unique charms. We think T-ara will blend in with the concept of KT Tech phones."

"High Kick Through the Roof" has captivated hearts of viewers, while T-ara has captured the hearts of Korea.

CREDIT: Diadem and TV Daily

get it girlz!

PS: Sorry mods if I already submitted this! my internet connection is going bonkers, I don't know if it went through!
choshinsung ;; geonil ;; lick lick

8eight's Baekchan teaser released

Following 8Eight's comeback teaser of their female member Joo Hee, they have now released another teaser and this time it’s for Baek Chan!

He is seen almost half nude with a barcode tattoo drawn under his left eye. With his charismatic image, he singed a part of their upcoming single, Term of Validity / Availability Period (유효기간).

Their latest single will have a electronic sound along with the perfect harmonies of three powerful singers flowing. Term of Validity is set to release on March 8th, ahead of their mini album The Bridge’s release on March 30th.

Stay tuned for Lee Hyun’s teaser which should be released within this week.

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sobs. baekchan. stay perfect.