March 5th, 2010

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Lee Hyori models for GUESS

Sewon ITC revealed to the media, “Lee Hyori became the model for a new line of Guess eyewear planning to be launched in Korea this March. Last February, a commercial was filmed at a studio in Kangnam, Seoul.”

As we all know, Hyori has a fantastic body and a chic charisma that is shown through her poses as a veteran model. Additionally, this diva singer has perfectly fit the image of a trendy spring look design characteristic of Guess wear.

Hyori’s 2010 Guess eyewear commercial can be checked out nationwide at select malls and shopping areas.

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Source: akp
Teyla World Takeover

2AM to be exposed through a reality program!

Like 2PM and the wildly successful Wild Bunny, 2AM will be getting their own show on Mnet!

The program, which is not named yet, will premiere on March 10th and will monitor the daily lives of the 2AM members.

Kwon Young Chan PD who organized the program stated, “We looked at camcorders which the members carried throughout their daily lives. We looked at the recording and thought it would make up a great reality program. This program will contain real footages of their daily lives. [...] We kept bothering 2AM’s side to get their consent to broadcast this program. [...] We will add as least subtitles and quality fixes as needed. The recordings will be broadcasted as is, so we can say that 2AM was actually in charge of the whole filming.”

A representative of 2AM stated, “Although we sent our consent after endless requests from the PD, we are still a bit worried. I think we will be able to reveal the true selves of the 2AM members. I think it will be a great present to the fans.”

Unlike the “fake reality programs” we see nowadays with CCTVs and self-cameras, which are all planned before broadcast, these footages of 2AM are actually real. They are all taken throughout the daily lives of each member, just like how some of you guys record things on your camcorder / mobile phone.

Their program will include never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes of MV filming, plus lots more. Stay tuned to their 100% reality program on March 10th!

Source: AllKPop

It's about damn time, I mean, REALLY! 2AM News is amazing and everything, BUT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH. brb, shaking and crying with JOY!

2AM to go through radical transformation for comeback

Earlier we reported photo stills of male group 2AM on set of their latest music video shoot. Now via their homepage, another official photo of the group has been released along with more information on the music video!

The music video won’t be a regular one and will instead be a 10 minute music drama so fans are in for a special treat. A bit more information on the music video has been released and it seems like there’s going to be quite an interesting storyline.

Each member will reprise different roles as one will be a club DJ, another an ice hockey star, a tough biker and a basketball star. Judging by the photos released, fans can somewhat guess who will be assigned which role.

The track is scheduled to be release on March 16th.

Source: akp

And we're back to using "comeback" when the artist hasn't even stopped promoting yet... But new song, people! 8D
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The match of 2: F.Cuz intense guys vs ZE:A melancholy guys

Last January two rookie groups, F.Cuz and ZE:A debuted in the same time, entering a friendly competition. Now, after two months, they'll meet again when they release their new albums.

F.Cuz's agency CAN&J Ent. representative said on the 4th: "For the last two days F.Cuz has been recording the new music video for the upcoming album "NO ONE".It will be released on the 11th."

They added: "F.Cuz's "NO ONE" will show a 180 degree change from their debut song "Jiggy" through intense and manly looks and vocals. "Jiggy" performances were full of youthfulness meanwhile the new track is supposed to be more mature."

While F.Cuz is preparing for their complete transformation, ZE:A is planning to charm everyone with their calm, strong vocals.

ZE:A showed their charms through their debut song "Mazeltov" with strong electronic sound and matching masculinity. But in their new song they're going to show the wounds that a heartbroken man carries.

In the last interview with Star News ZE:A's leader leader Moon Junyoung said: "We'll show what we couldn't show during our debut activities. We'll sing a song about painful separation, trying to show the mood on stage."

He also added: "We haven't performed the song yet but we saw the lyrics, and we'll try our best to understand the main hero's feelings."

source: Naver
translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren forums

Choi Siwon + Yoona = SPAO Couple?

SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Yoona was coupled up with 2PM’s Taecyeon at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was coupled up with f(x)’s Sulli for the Andre Kim Fashion show. Now, Yoona and Choi Siwon have coupled up to become the SPAO Couple.

Back in November, apparel brand SPAO recruited both Super Junior and SNSD to promote their clothing. You had some mix and match between the various group members in the advertising but this is the first time where one from each group were paired together to be labeled as the SPAO Couple. I think they look good together, thanks to maria for the tip and yoonyul for sharing the photo.

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siwon is everywhere nowadays. i like it. :D
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Park Shin Hye & Song Joong Ki to promote Jeonju film fest

Young actors Song Joong Ki and Park Shin Hye have been selected as the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) ambassadors. According to JIFF representative on Wednesday, they picked these two young actors because these young and promising actors are the future of the movie industry. And plus, they fit the image and the spirit of this event.

The film festival will be held on April 29 to May 7, and will showcase alternative and independent films in the city of Jeonju. The festival will also feature short films and various cultural events will be held.

Park Shin Hye was quoted saying, “I will watch as many films as possible during my time at the film festival so that I may become a better actress.” While Song Joong Ki said, “I am very happy to have been asked to be the publicity ambassador for this popular film event. I will try my best to fulfil my duties even though I have a busy schedule.”

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Nice to see them getting more publicity :)
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Choi Ji Woo and Seon Woo Seon doing charity work in Swaziland and Haiti

Korean actress Choi Ji-woo will be visiting the Kingdom of Swaziland in South Africa to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

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Source: Asiae
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Seon Woo Seon’s Haiti Outreach pictures released

Actress Seon Woo Seon volunteered and travelled to Haiti to help the victim of Haiti earthquake. With her visit, she brought some gifts for these poor children, shown in these pictures. Haiti Outreach published her pictures on their official website, along with Haitian children, hoping that with these foundation, they can gather more people to help these innocent children.

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K.Will "Gift" teaser clip

K.Will's newest single, "Gift" featuring Haeri (played by child actress Jin Ji Hee), child actor Speedy Scandal Wang Seok Hyeon, MBLAQs member Cheon Dung 천둥, U-KISS member Dong Ho 동호, and BEASTs member Lee Ki Gwang 이기광. Full version to be released on March 10 '2010.

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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter compliments Big Bang

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Korean online mag MK25 recently conducted an interview with the Backstreet Boys. During the interview one of the topics were, “How much do you know about Korea. An artist that has caught your attention.”

Nick Carter answered:

“Ah, out of Korean artists, I know a group called Big Bang. Whether it’s their music or fashion style, all of it seems very cool and charismatic. Especially, leader G-Dragon’s fashion sense and style, I think it’s sensational.”

From TVXQ to Big Bang, the Backstreet Boys are slowly but surely catching onto k-pop.

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Sandara Park Star Diary 2 - “Back when I was a mute...”

[ part 1 ]

Sandara. A Korean name meaning ‘wise and intelligent’.
Originates from General Kim Yoo Shin’s childhood name. A singer, and part of 2NE1.

Since she was little, Sandara Park (26) particularly liked cassette players and microphones. The field she was most interested in was ‘fashion’. She liked dressing up as a child and often wore flared pants as was the trend, and finished off the look with a fashionable hat. It may have been that she was subconsciously preparing to become an artist in the future.

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Trans Credits: sjay.x @ YGL, Korean source

Added the pictures from the Korean site 8D

3 Chongsa's Eat Eat is a Digital Single :(

3 Chongsa's Eat Eat was finally released on March 3rd, almost a week after the group started promoting it. The digital single contains tracks from 3 Chongsa's previous single, 가자! The only new track is Eat Eat, sadly enough. :( However, there are some new images from 3 Chongsa's Daum Cafe, even if the company still hasn't updated their website. They also performed on this week's Music Bank, but I haven't seen a link for it anywhere.

I'm posting the old songs as well, just in case this is your first encounter with 3 Chongsa. I particularly recommend 바보 같은 내사랑. It's a lovely ballad.

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sources: iHoneyJooYT, Daum Cafe, Mnet, iHoneyJoo

...I hope I did everything right this time. I had to redo this 3 times because of various problems, so my strength is low right now. D:
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Super Junior’s Heechul is the most wanted college student

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For Korean students, the school year starts in March. If you were to pick a celebrity you’d like to start college with, who would it be?

On Bugs music site, they held a poll titled, “What male singer would brighten up the welcome party for the freshmen?” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul won with 29.88% votes.

I can’t help but agree since this boy is quite crazy which makes him one of the most hilarious members of Super Junior. Netizens commented, “I think Heechul will be the funnest. He would make us play random games.”

Big Bang’s Daesung came in second. He’s definitely showed the nation the funny side of him on Family Outing and other shows. Netizens said, Daesung would be so entertaining. He has a lot of talent and he’s funny,” and “Look at Me Gwisoon is already a regular at a welcome party.”

Of course our new variety show idol is included as well. Jo Kwon of 2AM took third place. Netizens wrote, “Jo Kwon means good mood. Good mood means Jo Kwon. Kkab Kwon is the best~!”

Source: Allkpop
Mankae and former mankae
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T-ara's concept pictures for "I'm Really Hurt"

T-ara's concept pictures for I'm Really Hurt havebeen released! They will be promoting I'm Really Hurt alongside Crazy Because of You, the MV will release on the 15th and the first performance will be on MCountdown on the 11th.

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Loving this! I was waiting for this song, it reminds me of Sheryl Crow and Hyomin kinda looks like country superstar Jewel ♥