March 6th, 2010

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Internet addict parents starve child to death

A married couple was recently apprehended by the police for causing the death of their baby daughter from negligence due to an Internet game addiction. They had been on the run since their baby died from starvation five months ago in their hometown of Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.

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The police found that the addicts spent their time at the PC room engaging in a role-playing game where they get to raise a female character. Players can buy clothes and accessories for the girl and keep parenting journals on blogs.

Psychology experts are calling for proper measures to help first-time parents in dealing with the stress from child-rearing.

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According to a report by
The Sun, they were playing the newly released MMORPG PRIUS. But FMD - where are your priorities people!!

Eunhyuk recovered from swine flu and will continue his activities since China concert

[idaily SPN]: Super Junior member Eunhyuk recovered from swine flu.

5th or March SM Ent. announced that 4th of March in the evening Eunhyuk went to the hospital and it was confirmed that he is fully recovered from flu. 25th of February Eunhyuk had cold symptoms and went to hospital. 26th of February it was confirmed that he had swine flu. This made fans worry about him.

After recovering from swine flu Eunhyuk will start his activities at Shanghai SSII concert at 6th of March. Also he will continue being DJ at KBS FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio and guesting SBS Strong Heart as soon as they will come back.

While Eunhyuk was ill, he was replaced at SuKiRa by Sungmin and Ryeowook *.

Note: *
and Kyuhyun as well. There were previously one message from WannaBe site, that Hyukjae will come back at Thursday on SuKiRa, but he was replaced with Kyuhyun, and will actually start his activities at China concert~
Thanks to Himawari22 @ for pointing this^^

Original source: idaily SPN
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Daesung, "I got so stressed cos I could never say 'no'."

Previous part here.

Daesung (22, Real name: Kang Daesung) was hard on himself, thinking that he wasn’t as good as the others when it came to preparation for their debut. But the result of his hard effort and training was the formation of ‘vocal cord nodules’, which announced the possible end of his singing career.

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March Comeback Announced for Lee Jung Hyun

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Last summer, singer Lee Jung Hyun led promotions with her mini-album and title track Vogue It Girl. Now over half a year later, it’s been revealed that she’ll be making a comeback this month with her 7th album.

If you recall, Lee also recently appeared on the late night talk show Asia Uncut and was even compared to world famous American artist Lady Gaga.

Last time around, this singer gained quite a lot of attention for her unique fashion sense and music, so many eyes are on this upcoming comeback. It’s been revealed that some of Korea’s top composers are currently working on the album.

The album will have a unique style and have a fun new dance. But she’ll also be changing things up a bit as she’ll also feature a ballad track. The main concept will be something different but bold as ideas are being brainstormed.

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Source(s): AKP 1 + 2

I dunno 'bout chu but I am very excited for her comeback. I've been all about her lately, my favorite album has to be I ♥ Natural.
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Narsha News

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Could it be that another member from 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls are hooking up on We Got Married?

On the recently aired episode of We Got Married, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha was invited to Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s (otherwise known as the Adam couple’s) house.

During her stay, Narsha met Changmin and also got to try the Adam couple’s food of acorn jelly and meat which didn’t fail her taste buds.

Narsha then asked Changmin, “Are you good at housekeeping?…Are you only good at cooking? Cooking is the one thing that I’m bad at.” And to everyone’s surprise, she asked, “Do you want to hook up with me?”

Well, well, well. Narsha sure does know how to catch someone’s attention!
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Source(s): AKP 1 + 2 and Narsha's CyWorld

Hope you enjoyed your recommended dose of Narsha News on this fine Caturday morning.
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100306 Music Core

Comeback Stage - Beast, Outsider
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Special stage - SNSD
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Hot stage - Kara, T-ara, U-Kiss
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sound-holic - CN Blue, 2AM,
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To. LOVE - Kim Jong Kook, Untouchable, Miji, JD, WooJoo
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Raise! Bring Go! - Three Musakteers, Aurora
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New Song - Brian Joo, D-Na, One Way
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MC Cuts
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Sources: dkpopnewstv, BigBangSHINeeWorld

I listed out everything that's on today but some are not up on youtube. Most of the ones that we all want to watch are in here sans 2AM and U-Kiss oops
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U-Kiss,"Our increase of popularity? Thanks to Dongho!"

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Entering the 'Idol Craze' last year, U-Kiss comes back with their first full length album and their new title song 'Bingeul Bingeul'. Alexander (22), Kevin (19), Eli (19), Kibum (20), Soohyun (21), Dongho (16), and Kiseop (19) come back, but this time with a stronger and deeper image. Even with their packed schedule, U-Kiss came with a smile on their faces and anxiously waiting for the interview to begin.

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Dongho continues to be a knitting pimp
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Oh and just to let y'all know. There is a shower scene in Vampire ep 7 with a certain knitting pimp and his pigeon~

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gymnopediste  is a god, that is all

4minute wows the crowd in Japan

After the success of KARA’s Japanese showcase, I knew 4minute would do well. The girls headed over to Japan to hold a showcase and finished up on the night of March 5th.

The showcase took place in Tokyo and the fans who were present were able to make it after fighting for tickets. Out of every ten people, only one person got a ticket to see these girls live.

They had a famous Japanese MC/DJ host the event but what got the showcase pumping was the girls’ opening songs, For Muzik and Muzik.

2,500 fans attended the performance and even though they were Japanese, they chanted the Korean cheers for the song.

4minute met with the fans afterwards and even shook their hands. There were fans whose ages ranged from the teen years to 40-year-olds.

One associate said,

“4minute puts on the most powerful performances out of all girl groups. That is hard to find in Japan. It’s very possible that they would succeed in Japan.”

For the past 50 days, the 4minute girls took a tour around Asia which is definitely a benefit they’ve earned from Universal.

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everyone looks great! i'm so proud of them! but korean comeback, please!!! sohyun~♥

allkpop & 4minute thread on soompi: 1, 2.

Yoon Si Yoon and T-ara partner up for KTF Ever phone CF

Aside from the $1 million endorsement deal with a Japanese food chain they recently snagged, 6-member T-ara partnered up with MBC ‘High Kick Through the Roof‘ actor Yoon Si Yoon as the new models for the KTF Ever phone.

On the 6th, KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Tonight‘ joined them on set during the CF filming.

In particular, leader Eunjung lost her composure while filming a hugging scene with Yoon Si Yoon. When asked, “How do you feel about hugging in a long time?”, she replied, “To be honest… I’m shaking.” It’s funny how Eunjung was so flustered and shy around a guy because she exudes such a powerful and charismatic presence on stage. I guess we are all prone to weakness in front of the opposite sex.

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allkpop & unknowncarrot100.