March 8th, 2010


The nation's first "Youtube Music Day" live concert

We invite you to the "Youtube Music Day" concert where the best musicians of our nation will be performing.

The nation's first Youtube live concert, "Youtube Music Day" will be on March 20th (Sat) at 7 PM at AX-Korea. Nam Goong Yeon will be running the show, and 2AM, Clazziquai, Epik High, Leessang, Guckkasten, and other musicians will be performing. The "Youtube Music Day" concert will be shown live in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan the day of the concert.

source: YouTubeMusic

source: Google Korea Blog
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[Star Diary] Sandara Park (3) "In the Philippines, mouse‧lizard dishes..."

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Sandara Park during her activities in the Philippines

Sandara Park, who has first started her entertainment activities in the Philippines is a leading figure in the ‘Reverse-Hallyu’ Wave.

Starting from the time her face was known the the public of the Philippines in 2003, Sandara Park has held incredible popularity to the moment she returned to Korea. It was so incredible that it was said that one was not a citizen of the Philippines if they did not know Sandara Park.

With the popularity in the Philippines as a base, when Sandara Park returned to Korea, the fans in Korea gave her the nickname ‘BoA of the Philippines.’

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Source: AsiaE
Translated by Orangie @ ygsecret21
[marvel] tony stark blue

ZE:A comeback - false rumor

Rumors regarding 9-member boy group ZE:A and promotional activities for a follow-up song after Mazeltov have been circulating as of late.

The boys debuted on January 7th and just finished promotions for Mazeltov on February 27th on Music Core. Since then, fansites, blogs and even their fan cafe have claimed, “Their new album is coming out on the 14th,” “Their next concept is going for buzz cuts,” and “Their new song will be a sad song.”

ZE:A’s company Star Empire Entertainment said, “All the rumors are kind of new to us. We’ve never said anything to provoke those rumors to surface and circulate. Also, about their new song will reveal information on the 9th.”

/unnecessary comment omitted

Credits: allkp, Star Empire Daum Cafe (for original Star Empire statement)

Saw that yesterday. I don't know what to think. @.@
Baby G

Brown Eyed Girls Become Fairytale Characters

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We reported previously about Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha uploading a surprising picture of herself as a creepy version of the classic Snow White.

We were then further teased by Jea and her selca photos from the same photoshoot that Narsha had been involved in.

And now the full set of photos have finally been released.

Each member takes upon the role of a classic fairy tale princess: Narsha as Snow White, Ga-In as Cinderella, Jea as Elisa and Miryo as Rapunzel.

Each member shows off a very new powerful, dark and sexy side of them as the charisma just overflows out of their very raunchy and chic fashion.

The girls take classic fictional princesses from our childhood and give them a whole new makeover with the “Dark Princess” concept. It’s hard to determine whether or not your whole adolescent life has been ruined because the girls look far too good.

The fashion of this photoshoot was very unique. The girls look devastatingly pale with smoky mascara and special black lipstick. This new transformation has got fans talking as they say “They’re charismatic and bold“, “They’re pretty like dolls” and “It’s such a wonderful and perfect photoshoot“.

This particular photoshoot and truthful interview can be seen on CJ Premium TV Magazine Hello TV later this month.

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Source: AKP

Miryo looks like that girl from The Ring... Not sure if want.
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Cho PD disses G-Dragon yet again

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After two long years, hip-hop artist Cho PD has once again dissed Big Bang leader G-Dragon in one of his tracks titled I Want Korean Hip Hop/한국힙합에 바란다 (feat. 블록버스터/Blockbuster) of newly released album titled Victory.

The song itself is mainly about the realities of hip-hop, but what really got the attention of many was the fact that Cho PD directly mentions G-Dragon in his lyrics.

The lyrics in question go,

“Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one cuz i got the slow flow and fast flow all in one package.”
( Original: “Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one Cuz i got 느린 플로우 빠른 플로우 자유론 풀 패키지” )

In March 2008, Cho PD released an album titled PDIS which contained a track with former YG trainee May Doni titled Drag. The lyrics directly states being “bigger than Big Bang.”

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sources: star news allkpop

Moon Geun Young has Hepatitis A

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It has been revealed that actress Moon Geun Young has contracted Hepatitis A.

The actress was taken to the hospital on the 8th where she was diagnosed and treated for her illness.

Moon Geun Young had been working on her new drama “Cindrella’s Sister” and her illness had already caused filming to be delayed for the past two days. The symptoms of the illness are fatigue, vomiting and nausea.

It was revealed that Moon Geun Young is recovering well and she should be able to return to filming shortly.

An official has stated that filming will continue with the rest of the cast and that there should be not a problem with the drama debuting on schedule on March 31st.

We all wish her the best!

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sources: wikipedia allkpop

CNBlue's messages after their final goodbye stage

20100307 Hello, this is Lee Jonghyun.

Hello, this is Jonghyun.

I had many thoughts over our first promotional activities, it was really a precious period of time.
I am very thankful to everyone who have helped us and the fans.
Though it was our last broadcast today, we will work even harder to let everyone listen to better music.

We promise to show you great development the next time you see us.
In the future too, we will be CNBLUE who works hard and grow assiduously.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

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Big Bang's TaeYang to do opening act for Brian McKnight’s concert in Korea

Big Bang TaeYang will do the opening performance for Brian McKnight’s concert performance in Korea.

Coming 1st April, Brian McKnight will hold a concert after 8 years in Korea titled ‘Mcknight at night’ and TaeYang will be doing the opening show for it.

It has been known that as soon as Brian McKnight saw a video of TaeYang singing he had decided that he wanted TaeYang to perform with him. TaeYang has been recognised as the trendy R&B singer in Korea committed to black music.

Meanwhile, Brian McKnight’s children Brian Jr (21) and Niko (18) will also be performing for his concert in Korea.

Source: sookyeong
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Park Shin Hye to cameo on “High Kick”

And she’s associated with… the main character.

MBC sitcom, “High Kick Through The Roof” has done it again. They selected Park Shin Hye to be on the show as a cameo appearance.

According to officials, Park Shin Hye has recently finished filming her cameo episode secretly. So far, besides Park Shin Hye, they have Jeong Seok Won, Tiger JK and Lee Na Young as cameos. Now, viewers are curious whether or not Park Shin Hye’s appearance has anything to do with the ending, since the show is almost near its finale.

But according to the show’s official, Park Shin Hye will appear as cameo but she will be associated with the main character. This is the one cameo that viewers don’t want to miss. Let’s wait and see how the show ends!

Source: jazzholic

Super Show 2: Malaysia promo vid

Pretty similar to the one recorded for Manila's show, except that they also talked a little bit about filming "Dancing Out" MV in Kuala Lumpur back in 2006.

source: NatashaIman @ youtube

lmao Teuk's "HI, APA KAPPA?" and Kyu's "Bukit Jalil". Also, Kyu's reaction at 0:14.... just lol.

photoshoot fresh lookin like wealth

jjang geunseok to be in a movie!

Only one news outlet is reporting this, but Jang Geun-seok has reportedly been finalized as the lead in the Korean movie version of You’re My Pet, a remake of Japanese drama Kimi wa petto. The movie had gone through an earlier casting round and selected Kim Hyun-joong as the cute “pet” to a fashion-editor careerwoman, a role that was once rumored to be Su Ae’s.

According to Star News, Jang has decided on the role and is currently finalizing the details. An A-list actress (yet-unnamed) is the top contender for the female lead, and once the rest of the casting is made official, the movie will begin filming.

This ought to be interesting — back when Kim Hyun-joong was supposedly headlining, I had been turned off because his acting is SO inadequate that it even got in the way of my finding him physically attractive; in Boys Before Flowers, my annoyance with the acting spilled over into annoyance with the character. But Jang Geun-seok is not only pretty, he’s got comic chops as well as dramatic ones. Plus, there’s the fun trivia tidbit of Jang taking over this role from Kim considering that he had initially wanted to play the Ji-hoo role in Boys Before Flowers (which, of course, eventually went to Kim).

(The source article says Jang’s casting is a done deal, but until I see other outlets reporting this news, I’m not fully convinced this is final. For what it’s worth.)

Source: Star News
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Hangeng is alive, accepts interview

Han Geng Accepted An Interview

When I saw Han Geng, both of us embraced in a big hug, during this sensitive time when his contract lawsuit has still not been settled, we both were appreciative of each other’s understanding. We also reminisced about the scene four years ago when I interviewed him when he had just returned to China, it was the same as it was today as well with him facing the questions by himself, even though the circumstances now are very different, but he is still that Han Geng who is hardworking and always improving himself, while I am still that Sohu Dapeng who abandons all resistance before him. This part will probably make him fairly embarrassed, my so-called “abandoning all resistance”, is firmly rejecting any assistance from the stylist, because no matter how they make me handsome, before Han Geng it will be comparatively very ugly, so doing his interview really is a difficult matter, but when I see him sitting across from me with confidence in me and unguarded like that, in my heart it is very warm and there is a big sense of accomplishment.

This time the interview was conducted in secret, not only did fans not know, the staff members were all informed only when it occurred, this was for this intense time, to give Han Geng a relatively relaxed interview environment, as to when the content of this interview will be broadcast on Sohu, I don’t know either, only by coincidence this week from Beijing, by coincidence receiving a good friend’s telephone call hoping that I would host this “very meaningful” interview. That’s right, the content of our conversation was roughly about his recent situation, how he spent the New Year, what he’s doing every day, what his individual plans are for the future, also, what he wants to say to the fans the most...

Okay, seeing you still able to smile happily and relaxed that way, we are satisfied. Best wishes Han Geng!

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Source: Sohu, Third Chapter

update: Geng interview w/ subs.

source: KPOParty

sorry, I don't have the Sohu original article link, but the OP at thirdchapter didn't link her source and I couldn't find it on Sohu.

JoKwon reveals, “After getting first place, car, dorm room, and meals changed”

JoKwon from the group 2AM revealed all the changes he encountered after placing first place with the song ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ recently on a music program.

On the episode of the KBS ‘Sweet Night’ broadcasted on the 7th said, “After we got first place, we got a new car and we even moved to a better dorm room. Before they just usually gave us kimbab, but now they buy us better things for our meals.”

He added, “We moved our dorm room and we even get to eat a 10 dollar meal,” showing off with his proud smile. Then he showed off his Kkap dance along with the statement that “the members use a room to themselves based on experience,” leading the crowd into a wave of laughter.

Meanwhile, on the program he got to meet his first love from grade school whom he proposed to with a flower, after 14 years.

Source: Newsen + KBites