March 9th, 2010

uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

100309 Message from YG

* YG contacted Flo Rida and Flo Rida is featuring in G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker' (i.e. he laid down a rap for a new version of the song). This featured version of the song will be released somewhere around the end of March in G-Dragon's concert live album. Also, the money will be donated to charity.
* G-Dragon's concert 'SHINE A LIGHT' DVD will be released in April in two versions. No-edit version and the 19 and younger version.
* In the first half of the year Se7en, Taeyang, Gummy and 2NE1 are planning to release albums and in the last half Big Bang, 2NE1, TOP, Daesung and Seungri will be active. Perry's back from the States. They have also recruited five more producers.
* Yang Hyun Suk is marrying Lee Eun Joo (from Moogadang/Swi.T) after dating her for nine years! (They are 12 years apart).

source: YG Family | translations by Beau at bbvipz

She translated the important parts; that's pretty much the gist of the letter.
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Black SNSD-planned to be revealed in mid March, "Can SNSD's the new concept work?"

The new Black SNSD concept which was hidden behind the veil, has finally began to unravel. SNSD will be back into action in mid March and fans are thrilled to see the new SNSD concept revealed in their "Oh" music video which was released in January. Unlike SNSD's original cute and energetic concept the fan are expecting more of a charismatic and powerful image from the girls.

The SNSD's new "Black SNSD"concept was never been released and was planned before their new album release. They've already finished filming the first stage of this new concept before "Oh" was released and on Feb.18th additional filming was completed.

Of course, other girl groups such as Kara and T-ara made their comeback with concepts such as "Lupin", "Sexy" and "Black". However, SNSD's associate workers are not worried due to the fact that SNSD's concept is totally different from these girl groups and black SNSD concept has been released long before Kara or T-ara made their comeback.

One associate working with SNSD said that, "You will soon be able to see SNSD's new concept. The feeling you will get will be completely different from "Oh"."

On the other hand, SNSD's "Oh" was awarded first place on many music charts and on SBS's "Popular Music" 3 weeks straight. KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" awarded SNSD's "Oh" 1st place 5 weeks straight making SNSD the top singer.

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Lee Hyori confirms her title track, and plans to come back in April

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Lee Hyori’s upcoming return to the music stage will undoubtedly mark history in the K-pop industry. It now seems like the wait won’t be too long, and this time it’s for real!

We have recently reported on her complete status in regards to recording of the songs, and today, it’s been revealed that Lee Hyori has chosen her official title track. Currently, the production team is preparing for the music video and will begin shooting as soon as the concept is finalized. “The choreography and the style of the performance for the mystery title track have already been decided,” a representative revealed.

The actual date of her comeback has been altered constantly for the past several months, but it now seems like they have set it firm in April. This has been confirmed by Lee Hyori’s agency, however, reminded that the actual date may get slightly delayed if the ongoing progress gets hindered for any reason.

So, are you ready for the queen of diva’s return?

source: akp
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Daesung, "I know the reason Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk are the best of the best."

Previous part here.

The first major opportunity Daesung was given to approach the public was SBS’s variety programme ‘Family Outing’ (F.O.). As the maknae of the F.O. cast, he cooperated with Yoo Jae Suk to create their ‘Dumb & Dumber’ brothers image and was able to gain many fans from various age groups. But it meant more to Daesung personally than professionally.

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Jaejoong's drama confirmed by Fuji TV

It is confirmed that Jaejoong from TVXQ (24) will debut at Fuji TV’s drama “Sunaoni Narenakute”
(April start, Thursdays, 10.00 PM) for the first time on the 8th.

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2AM's Changmin was an "adorably chubby child"

2AM's Changmin has revealed that he was chubbier when he was younger.

According to the non-scripted reality show "2AM Day," Changmin's childhood pictures were brought to attention. Through the 10 days of the shows filming, Changmin showed a rare video of himself in a singing competition. This picture shows Changmin as a 4th grade elementary student singing solo at an open performance in Canada, which is quite different from his present image. The physique he has now as a 2AM member could be seen as laughably incongruent with the soulful vocals he has had since his childhood.

Along with Changmin's childhood, the show will also reveal behind the scenes of their MV, the truth about life living in the 2AM dorms, ect, and capture the attention of the fans.

"Watching the footage, you can easily tell none these cameras were staged," the head PD said. "The comfortable way the members interact, it will be clear to everyone that this isn't another scripted reality show!"

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Source: Nate News
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Oh Changmin bb, you are adorbs no matter what ♥ Flipping waiting for this show to air!

The Wonder Girls at the Sony Ericsson Press launch in Signapore

"We will be using digital brand ambassadors and are working on several campaigns with them and today we are announcing one of them - digital dance contest. So users can simply video shoot themselves dancing, upload and the videos would be judged by public and digital brand ambassadors. We would like to introduce our digital brand ambassadors...the popular Korean girl group, The Wonder Girls!"(via vr-zone)

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U-Kiss in Manila Mall Show Schedule!!

It's more than official now! The South Korean boyband of awesome U-Kiss will be visiting the Philippines from March 26-27. It was announced on Manila Bulletin, a leading Philippine newspaper (previous Omona post HERE).


Mall Show Schedule:
March 26, 2010:     SM Megamall 5:00 PM
March 27, 2010:     SM Clark, Pampanga 6:00 PM
March 28, 2010:     SM North Edsa Annex 5:00 PM

The Mall Tour will also include a CD signing event, much like what happened with 4 Minute. So better be early to get the goods!! PEP Inc are working on arranging a fan meet too, but this is still uncertain. There will hopefully be a concert in June as well.

Source: ME. lol (I'm sorry. There is really no other source. I contacted Premiere Entertainment Philippines and they gave me this information.)

Considering how new a fan I am, I am so kdjhfsdjkhf excited. I love my country right now. Anyone else who is coming??? Roll call!! :D:D

ETA: I'm really sorry about there being no other source. Chances are they are still working out the promotional materials, so the information hasn't been officially released on media outlets. I should have asked this too. But if anyone wants to confirm, they can totally just call the promoter office. They'll give you the info and even get your name and number. :)
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T-ara, "competition with Kara? Of course not!"

With Kara's comeback coinciding with T-ara's repackaged album promotions, people have pitted both groups against each other for having a similar concept to one another. After T-ara's song "Go Crazy Because of You" entered the charts last week, it successfully kicked Kara's "Lupin" out of the number 1 spot.

But despite what people are saying, these two groups are far from competitors or enemies. In-fact these two groups have grown close to each other for sharing the same practice room in music shows and for variety shows that they participate in.

T-ara's Hyomin says, "Ive grown close to Hara from Kara because of 'Invincible Youth'. She's really playful like I am and sometimes it seems she's the bigger sister (unnie)."

In another transition soon, T-ara will remove their gothic clothes and put on their charms as they will promote their 2nd bonus single "Im Really Hurt".


Epik High's Epilogue is #1 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Albums Chart!

Epik High's Epilogue album is #1 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Albums Chart! As I'm writing this it's at #105 for all albums.

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source: iTunes, blobyblo

I investigated it and it seems like there's a glitch or something on the iTunes website, because it's only showing albums that aren't Explicit or Clean there. And obviously rap artists don't normally release music that isn't explicit, which is why the only other albums showing up are old. So  in actuality they are #10 and have never been #1 unless you're just counting albums that aren't explicit or clean. #10 is still really good though, considering this is an international chart.

T-ara’s Eunjung becomes the next target for her “belly fat”

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Recently, idol stars have been targeted by Korean netizens for their weight.

In one particular case, girl group HAM wore clothes on stage that revealed their abs. One of their dance moves included a belly-shaking segment, where a photo of it was captured and placed online with the search term “HAM belly fat degradation.”

Goo Hara, famous for her ant waist, was also the subject of attention when she showed “belly fat” during her music video for Kara’s new song Lupin.

Likewise, T-ara’s Eunjung, who is currently promoting activities with her group’s new song I Go Crazy Because Of You, has become the next target. Through a careful observation of Korean netizens, she was caught revealing “belly fat” while wearing tight leather pants and a matching belly top.

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sources: allkpop BigBangSHINeeWorld3
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[Star Diary] Sandara Park (4) “The truth about the sexy photoshoot controversy..."

part one part two part three

After initially becoming famous with ‘Star Circle Quest’, Sandara Park began to speed through the highway that was the Filipino entertainment industry. She was even confirmed to appear on 4 programs a week! And as the number of her TV appearances increased, she gained more and more popularity. But some of the unique customs of Filipino broadcasts were difficult to understand for Koreans.

"In order to be a TV star in the Philippines, you had to be active as a couple with a star of the opposite sex who was chosen for you by the broadcast companies. And most Filipino celebrities considered hiatuses deadly to a star’s career."

Like you have to follow Roman rules when visiting Rome, Sandara faithfully followed the rules of the Filipino celebrity industry.

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Source: AsianE
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Yoona's weight revealed!

SNSD's Yoona's weight was revealed for the first time.

In SBS's Family Outing Season 2 (aka FO2) which aired March 7th, the family struggled in the mud to earn the title of honorary citizen. After being covered with mud, the seven members showered chaotically.

When Yoona visited the women's bath and went on a scale, Shin Bongsun quickly shouted "48.5 kg (approx. 106.52 lbs)!" Kim Wonhee joined along and embarrassed Yoona by saying, "If you take out the weight of the wet clothes, she'll be around 47 kg (approx 103.62 lbs)."

Shin Bongsun mentioned, "Yoona, you're so thin. I'm not going to weigh myself. Thanks for letting us see your weight," and was not able to hold in her astonishment. Kim Wonhee also weighed herself, but managed to be quick and hid her weight before the camera had the chance to film.

Yoona whined, "What is this~" and Shin Bongsun scolded, "What do you mean? You're the one who went up there (on the scale)."

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Last message from YG

Is everyone well? This is Yang Hyun Seok. *bows*~

I think this is the first time I’ve greeted you since the new year. I wonder when it was that I started posting ‘FROM YG’? I think it’s been so long that I can’t remember no matter how hard I try. Anyway, the reason I’m trying to remember the beginning is that I think today’s message will be the last page of the large booklet of ‘FROM YG’s. Though I did release a solo album in 1998 since retiring from Seo Taiji & Boys in 1996, because I have a silly personality and don’t like standing out too much I’ve restricted the number of my appearances on television broadcasts and interviews as much as possible, and don’t think I’ve ever done any of the lectures, speeches or announcements requested by acquaintances as favours.

This made FROM YG, which I visited every two or three months become the place I was most comfortable to be myself in as well as the only window for me to communicate with my fans. The reason I’m now closing the door to such a place, is that the place I’ve always thought as comforting has suddenly become an uncomfortable space where I am expected to give my official stance to occurring situations. It seems like my clumsy expressions and insufficient confessions are at a limit. With the hope that I’ll be able to meet you all again in another place, I start my sad, last FROM YG.

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Source: YG Family
Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP

I ♥ this guy.

Sean of Jinusean in Christian Documentary

1040 is an upcoming documentary/film set to premiere in LA on March 12th. It explores the current Christian movement in Asia, and features many top Asian celebrities, such as Sean of Jinusean, Vanness Wu, rapper Jin, as well as MC Hammer. 

Credit. 1040Movie

I am both fascinated and slightly perturbed. Something about Christianity in Asia screams cultural hegemony to me. I dunno. This reminds me a little of "Jesus Camp". I feel Shiwon should be part of this.