March 10th, 2010


BEAST/B2ST is back for Season 2!

BEAST’s journey to debut was revealed in their documentary series, MTV B2ST. It exposed the boys’ rigorous training, bittersweet moments, honest personalities, and wacky adventures. For those who enjoyed watching the program, good news, they will be back with a second season!

MTV is currently in the process of writing a script for the continuation of BEAST’s mini-series renamed, MTV B2ST Almighty. This new show will be slightly different from their previous one because this time, the concept of the program is to listen and carry out the requests of fans and viewers. A show featuring BEAST that emphasizes fans? This already sounds fantastic.

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Catering to the fans' requests? NGL, am ~excite~ for this. About time Beast gets another show.

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Eeteuk, There is a “special” reason why he is receiving attention as the next generation MC

Super Junior's Eeteuk is gaining popularity as a new generation MC following after Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Seok. Recently, In SBS 'Strong Heart' as well as 'Star King' he is showing outstanding wit and an eloquent display. In 'Strong Heart', he is in charge of 'Teuk Academy' which has become a corner that not only the viewers anticipate but the guest stars as well. As of now, Eeteuk is still only a side MC but with his ability to control the guests, he is standing out as having a possibility of being a new generation MC star.

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My respect and love for him is like a roller coaster. It goes up and down all the damn time. PS: The link was busted in the SJ World post.
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D-NA's Mika: "2PM Junsu is our hyung"

2PM JunSu and D-NA Mika have been known to be 6Cheon brothers.

It was known that JunSu’s father and Mika’s mother are like brothers and sisters in 6Cheon village. The 2 of them had dreamt to be a singer together in their hometown DaeGoo.

Mika said in a recent interview, “I’m actually very excited to see JunSu hyung as a singer at the broadcast companies. He gave me many advices when I was preparing. I want to repay hyung’s help by presenting my good features.”

Both of them have outstanding appearances as well as great vocal capabilities. They had attended the same academy back in DaeGoo and dreamt to be entertainers. Even after JunSu debuted as part of 2PM, when they met, JunSu will give advices to Mika on singing. And when things get tough during his training days, JunSu also told Mika not to give up.

Mika said, “I was unfamiliar with the Seoul lifestyle. And as the training period got longer I thought of giving up. But looking at JunSu hyung promoting as part of 2PM, I did not lose hope. Through JunSu hyung, I held on to the hopes to become a singer.”

Meanwhile, D-NA is promoting their debut song ‘Admiring Boy’.

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Officially the biggest mindfuck of my life. Suhoon has never really mentioned this before so it was surprising. :O
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Baek Ji Young collab with Mighty Mouth

Veteran ballad singer Baek Ji Young teams up with hip-hop/rap duo Mighty Mouth to create Baek Ji Young's latest single "Will Love Come" and the song and MV do not disappoint!

"Will Love Come" is somewhere in between "My Ear's Candy" and "Don't Forget", two of Baek Ji Young's most popular songs of 2009. "Will Love Come" contains the elements of a power ballad but also contains a faster beat than most ballads.

Although Baek Ji Young does not make an appearance in the MV, Mighty Mouth makes up for the lack of the diva as well as the actors acting out the dramatic love story that the song depicts.

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2AM's New Music Video Cost Big Bucks!

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2AM spends big bucks to produce their new MV, a music drama!

Who knew making a music video could be so expensive? Apparently, 2AM, and they spent almost $200,00 in USD in production costs. And in concurrence with ‘2AM Day’, their new music drama MV will have its first screening on March 15th at 8 PM at the Apkujeong CGV.

Now, why exactly did 2AM decide on such a big budget to spend and use in order to film and produce this music drama?

To ensure that it’s high quality, of course! This music drama will be edited to fit the shorter running time, so that it can also act as a music video for the new track. But just so that they could tell the entire story completely, a full-length music drama was made.

JoKwon, ChangMin, SeulOng, and JinWoon really got into their characters and roles of club DJ, ice hockey player, tough biker, and basketball star, respectively; just as if they were really cast in a movie.

Following the March 15th screening, 2AM’s new song will be released online on March 16th.

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Brian to Duet with Jason Derulo

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Last week, former Fly To The Sky member Brian Joo released his new digital single In My Head. With a music video just about to be released, it’s now been revealed that he will be performing with Jason Derulo, the original artist of the song!

Jason Derulo is an American R&B artist most famous for his 2009 hit Whatcha Say. Derulo originally created In My Head but Brian borrowed Derulo’s track and covered the song with a little k-pop twist. Both songs were released around the same time and have been getting a lot of attention in their respective countries.

Derulo was planning a tour and received requests to appear in Korea. His decision to go was assured when he watched the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and saw Kim Yuna perform. The performance was so fantastic that he agreed to seek out the country that she was from.

On the 17th and 18th, Derulo will be holding a special showcase at Club Heaven in Seoul. On the 19th, Derulo will go on air with Brian to put on a duet performance.


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DBSK's Best Selection 2010" 503,761 Pieces Sold!

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okay, so some of you say this is false because Oricon says they sold 480k+ but that doesn't mean that it counts for ALL sales, like in stores etc. ? Please enlighten me I feel dumb now =P   
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Korean Music Awards to Honor Quality

The Korean Music Awards (KMA) will be held March 30 this year, and the organizers have promised another year of fairness and diversity.

"The Korean Music Awards has gone through a rough time for the past couple of years after the government decided to stop supporting it. But thanks to fans and firms that noticed the importance of such an event, the KMA is now back on track," Kim Chang-nam, the KMA committee head and head of the jury, said during a press conference at cultural space Platoon Kunstehalle, southern Seoul, Tuesday.

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Source: the Korea Times

4Minute's debut in Japan and Hong Kong concert

After a round of promotions in Asia, it seems like 4Minute will revisit some places.

The girls will go to Japan again for their debut and Japanese single promotion in May. During a radio show in Japan, it was announced that 4Minute will have their official debut there on the 1st of May. As you all probably know, there will be 4 different versions of Muzik single scheduled to be released on the 5th of the same month. However, details of which will be kept secret for the time being.

It was also reported that the girls were invited by a big company in Hong Kong for a concert this year. Maybe they will really hold a concert there.

they weren't kidding about this asian domination! work it girls~♥
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U-Kiss Enters the Japanese Market

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7 member group, U-Kiss, will enter the Japan market.

U-Kiss' company, NH Media has signed a contract with Japan's largest portal site, Yahoo and a local management company.

U-Kiss will hold a press conference at Seoul Westin Chosun hotel at 2pm on the 10th of March to reveal their plans for entering the Japan market.

The press conference will have about 50 Japanese reporters present, attracting attention.

U-Kiss is in the midst of promoting their title song 'Bingeul Bingeul' from their first full album, 'U-Kiss' First Only One'.

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Good luck to them
SNSD - Yuri

Yuri's 'Black Soshi' Concept Photo Revealed

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There has been lots of anticipation about SNSD’s Black Soshi concept ever since a tease at the end of their MV for their recent hit single, Oh! but the wait is about to be over!

Starting from March 11th, concept photos of each SNSD member will be unveiled sequentially until the 15th, with Yuri being the first. The Black Soshi concept will be for a new song that’s not included in their Oh! album.

And besides seeing Yuri’s photo getting released first, fans will also be delighted to know that she has recovered from swine flu. SM Entertainment announced on the 11th that Yuri will resume her activities from today onwards and return to hosting Music Core.

But SNSD will be taking a week’s break from performing to prepare for their new track so they will not be appearing from any music shows.

Source: Allkpop

Brb. Pretty sure this just killed me. And kshdfiosjdf YAY she's over the flu~

Time for FFXIII! I mean, FFA.

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FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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A long struggle for multicultural stars

At 20 years old, Kim In-soon had a beautiful voice, but she eked out a living singing at pubs. Then one night, a producer heard her perform, and her life in show business began. She debuted as a member of the female trio the Hee Sisters, and became part of Korea’s first archetypical “girl group.”

In spangle-studded dresses and form-fitting spandex, the trio stole the hearts of many male fans, but Kim was forced to put on an extra piece of clothing every time she appeared with the group: a hat or handkerchief to hide her hair.

Kim, who goes by her stage name Insooni, is the daughter of a Korean mother and an African-American soldier, and her mixed heritage gave her darker skin, a face that stood out and intensely curly hair. Because of her appearance she was often banned from appearing on TV shows, and she was denied the chance to participate in an international singing competition as a representative of Korea. Yet, today, she is still one of the country’s most influential musicians.

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By Sung So-young []

Cr: Article + Photos Inside Joongang Daily

{TRANSCRIPT} Siwon Interview in High Cut

▶Always hard working, but a ‘Cool Guy’ who doesn’t drag on.

It’s his first drama for 3 years ever since ‘the Legend of HyangDan’. He will be acting as ‘picky top star’ Sung MinWoo along with Chaerim, ‘ajumma manager’. He was easily seen on TV as Super Junior’s SiWon for many years, but he couldn’t resist his want to act. In fact, he debuted as an actor before his debut as Super Junior. I told him his filmography is not very much known (even though he acted in ‘18 vs 29’, ‘My Precious Family’, and ‘Drama City – charnel house boy’), he takes it without offense, answering coolly.

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Original article : Sports Chosun
English translation: kc_PSB @

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ZE:A will make a cameo appearance on Prosecutor Princess

The Children of Empire, otherwise known as ZE:A, has just finished* their filming session for a cameo appearance in SBS Prosecutor Princess. They will play a group of hot men chillin’ at dance club, seducing “Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl” and the main character, Ma Hye Ri, played by Kim So Yeon.

In the episode, which will be broadcasted on April 1st, Ma Hye Ri gets scolded by the chief prosecutor and visits a club to relieve her stress. She meets and joins a group of guys, who are played by none other than the members of ZE:A themselves. It has been told that only two members have been asked for the appearance; however, the other seven decided to join the fun by getting minor roles that require no speaking.

Co-producer Park Sun Ho revealed, “The viewers will be able to find a hidden side of Kim So Yeon through this clubbing scene. The scene was filmed smoothly in a fun ambiance with the help of the Children of Empire.”

The series will launch off its very first episode on the 31st.

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Credits: allkpop, TV Daily (original article)

*the original article said they filmed that scene on Feb 28th, so not so "just". Also the two members are of course Junyoung and Dongjoon. :D

BEG + CyWorld = BFF 4EVAR!

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The Brown Eyed Girls have been uploading tons of photos to their CyWorld accounts lately, Miryo and JeA in particular. Most of them are from their recent trip to Singapore. Warning, this post is the definition of image-heavy, but we can never have enough photos of BEG, amirite? Right. Okay let's go!

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Source(s): Miryo, JeA, and Narsha's CyWorlds

Narsha is satisfied with this post...
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U-KISS, Crowned as The Entertainment Program's Blue-Chip!

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U-KISS is the new 'Yeneung-Dol (Variety Program's Idol)' blue-chip of the entertainment variety program.

U-KISS is currently active in promoting 'Bingeul Bingeul' after their massive popularity with 'Man Man Ha Ni'. Prior to this, U-KISS has been invited on various entertainment variety programs.

Recently, Dongho and Eli were confirmed for a new idol-training program called "Raising Idols". Soon after that, Kiseob and Kibum were selected as fixed members of MBC Every1 "Lee Gyeong Gyu's Bokbulbok Show (이경규의 복불복 쇼)’.

More, Alexander and Kevin will also make a weekly appearance on SBS Star King while Soohyun has been casted for KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell for a long-term appearance.

One's broadcasting company’s official stated "U-KISS members' passion for entertainment variety programs are beyond my expectations. Before this, they only managed to play a small role in entertainment variety programs. We're now will be able to see them more (in the entertainment variety programs) in the future."

Meanwhile, U-KISS has recently signed a management contract with Yahoo Japan for their advancement in Japanese market.

Credits: Newsen (Source) + contiukiss (translation) + ROCKETBOXX.NET

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The most wanted idol member for White Day is…

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Netizens chose SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon as their number 1 White Day date.

For those of you who don’t know, Koreans celebrate two love holidays every year. They celebrate Valentine’s Day, where traditionally a girl gives a gift to their main squeeze, like everyone else, but they also celebrate a holiday called White Day on March 14th, where men give gifts to women (all gifts are usually white in color).

From February 26th to March 10th, votes were cast for the poll “Which idol member do you want to spend your White Day with?”

Taeyeon came in first place with 26% of the votes while Kara’s Han Seung Yeon came in second with 20% of the votes.

SNSD’s Yuri came in third with 12% of the votes and Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls came in fourth with 7%.

As for the boy idol group members who girls wanted to spend their White Day with, the results were:

1. 2AM’s Jo Kwon

2. SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong

3. 2PM’s Wooyoung

source: allkpop

Music Bank PD, “Onew’s fainting incident was the most nerve wrecking incident”

KBS2 Music Bank PD Lee JaeWoo picks SHINee Onew’s fainting incident on the show as the most nerve-wrecking memory on the show for the past 1 year.

The PD was interviewed on 10th March and he was asked which was the most difficult/tiring thing that happened in the past 1 year and he answered, “It was Onew fainting and then sent to the hospital.”

Last June, Onew had fainted on the show after getting a shock from the falling of the lighting structure on the show, and with the help of the other members and their manager, he was sent to emergency at the hospital.

Even though the health examinations showed that Onew did not suffer from any major injuries, it was a nerve-wrecking incident. The PD recalls that fans had though that it was a serious accident causing Onew to have even fainted.

The PD said, “At that time, all the singers were coming together to do the closing for the show. And then the lighting structure was a little tilted and there was also sparks, Onew who had seen that received shocked and fainted.”

“I was so worried but it was fortunate that he did not suffer from any injuries” and he joked “From then on, I hated Onew”.

The PD continued, “The use of ‘broadcast accident’ has been over-used these days. The ‘mistakes’ that singers made during live broadcast like forgetting their lyrics have been called ‘broadcast accidents’. The real ‘broadcast accidents’ are those which had the production flustered and shocked.”

Meanwhile, on 12th March some of the special appearance on the show includes Epik High and F.cuz.