March 15th, 2010

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After a shot of fame, Zhang Liyin gets frozen for 3 years

At 13-years-old, she entered a newcomer singing competition, where she was discovered by Korean company SM Entertainment, becoming an artist under the same label as major acts like TVXQ, Super Junior, Kangta and Girls Generation. When she was 17-years-old, she released her first single, "Timeless," and in the same year, received the award for Best Newcomer in Korea. But to pursue greater success, she was secretly trained for three years before being allowed a re-debut in 2010.

With a near-perfect voice accompanying the new trend of R&B, she has quickly won the hearts of many fans. Being the first Chinese female soloist born out of the Hallyu Wave, she was given the nickname of the "Chinese BoA". Currently in Korea, but born in Chengdu, Sichuan, her name is Zhang Liyin. Yesterday, Zhang Liyin did an exclusive interview with the paper, telling the story of her journey into the South Korean market.

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Source: Sina
Translation: Wendy @ Chocolyn
Credit: day_dreamer @ Chocolyn - Zhang Li Yin International

One girl's long journey to become a singer. ♥

[Star Diary] Sandara Park (6) “I secretly ate chocolate in the bathrooms, I have a greedy apetite"

 Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

”I’m going to see if you have the potential to be a singer for the last time. Show me your results in a month.”

It was like a ray of light for Sandara who was having a hard time overcoming the sadness of her situation. For the first and last time, President Yang had given her a chance.

”I practised SO hard for a month. CL, Park Bom and Gong Minzy gave me a lot of help as they watched me practise. I made a planning chart and practised until dawn.”

Park Bom taught her things on breathing, pronunciation and where to accent in songs. CL helped with selecting outfits, and Minzy with making choreography.

”At the time, the members pretty much made me up from head to toe. I think it was in spring of 2008, I tried really hard with the thought that it was the last opportunity I’d get.”

President Yang said ”For the first time, I see potential. Practise with the rest” and allowed Sandara to become a singer trainee.

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Source: AsianE
Translated by: sjay.x @
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D-NA Interview with Star Today

The newest 5 member idol group "Daeguknama" has come in to the celebrity world with a ticket of victory. The average age of 17.4 they have become to be a new idol group in Korea. The youngest member, Jay, has the same age as the U-kiss' member Dongho.

"It might be that they look at us with a cute concept because we are young. And we're also acting as the age we have because we think it is better than acting as we're older than now. We also think that our charms may be being pure and fresh. (Daeguknama)"

The name of the group "Daeguknama" is also "The Boss", that stands for "The Boys of Super Space". If we take a more meanful explication for the name, it means that they've the best influence on being the best artist.

The past 3rd they made their firts showcase on the Yoondang Art Hall, making their first and unique debut on three music programs making them a successful performances.

"At first, we were very nervous and we knew what kind of mistakes we were going to make, now we think that we've got self-confidence and we feel comfortable with all. The thing people say to us after watching us on stage was that our personalities changed a lot up there." Collapse )

source: Star Today | reposted on. Official Fancafe by 꿀딴지
trans: kr-en - ms. ela@eDNA, edited by Jaybee @ eDNA

Kind of a long article but really worth the read.

Rain reveals April comeback details of himself and MBLAQ!

Singer Rain has certainly done well for himself since his debut. He started his own company at J.Tune Entertainment, landed a major Hollywood blockbuster role in Ninja Assassin and created popular boy band MBLAQ. Now, the singer takes a more personal approach and reveals upcoming plans for himself and MBLAQ.

Via his website, Rain uploaded the photo above and wrote a personal and official announcement for his fans saying,

“Due to less work in dramas and movies, it seems like I have free time to promote an album. This upcoming special album is dedicated to fans for waiting so patiently and as long as it’s taken to come; it’ll be just as good. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to engage in 2 months of promoting by performing in the media and when the special album is released on March 1st and my live promotions end, I plan to go on tour. And because this tour will be related to the album, I feel like I’ll be able to put on a new kind of performance during my tour. Also, I feel like my recent drama and movie roles showed me as a very serious person so I plan to act in more relaxed dramas and movies to show my true light side. Also, MBLAQ’s 2nd single will be released soon and promotions will go from April through May, so let’s enjoy these two months together!“

Well, there’s your special forecast; starting from March 1st, there’s going to be 2 long months of Rain and lots of more terrible puns!

source: allkpop

Jo Kwon to sing a duet with Wax

In Wax’s new upcoming mini album, she will be singing a duet with 2AM’s mascot, Jo Kwon!

Wax’s mini album (sideA) Unplugged will be released on March 16th. The mini album will feature remakes of various hit songs of kpop history, but sprinkled with Wax’s own unique color.

The album will feature many professional sessions, making the overall quality that much more impressive. Some of the notable names are pianist Na Won Joo and acoustic guitarist Lee Sung Ryul.

Wax also remade a song that recently became popular through a commercial called All Girls who Smile are Pretty. Her rendition of the song would be titled All People Who Smile Are Pretty.

And this is what all you guys were waiting for. She will be singing a duet of Lee Moon Sae’s Farewell Story with no one other than 2AM’s cutie, Jo Kwon!

Some other songs she included in the album are, Yang Soo Kyung’s Love is Like the Rain Outside the Window, Tak Jae Hoon’s That’s a Good Thing, Kim Hyun Chul’s Train Going to Choonchun, Kim Gwang Min’s Letter and more!

While the sideA mini album Unplugged will be released on the 16th, sideB will be released some time in May.

Source: akp

Akp, why are you like this? Her new single is really cute, I can't wait for the full album! 8D (And Farewell Story is beautiful, for those of you that like ballad.)

Black SNSD is....

SNSD has comeback, and this time it's black. Since March 11th, the new SNSD pictures has
been released for 4 days showing a completely new concept. Unlike their usual colorful costumes, this concept focuses on black and glamorous theme for the girls. Their expressions also changed dramatically. Pride, strength and high class expressions replaced their usual smiles and
cute image.

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Source: Sports Seoul
Translated by:

Just read the bolded parts or;
tl;dr version --

SNSD is going to come back with a new, confident concept [not ~dark~ lmao] which they've been planning since they wrapped up Genie; and they will be geared more towards female fans and have lyrics to connect to women more. And also, they most likely won't promote Show! Show! Show! but a new song on the repackage album. Say goodbye to the cute SNSD [for now]~
M u k u r o

Big Bang’s Taeyang spotted in NYC Times Square?

Big Bang’s very own Taeyang was spotted in New York’s Times Square recently but it’s probably not how you think. His popular Wedding Dress MV was seen playing on a video screen at the Mcdonald’s in Times Square.

The Times Square Mcdonald’s is one of the most busiest and famous Mcdonald’s in the world, so it’s pretty cool that Taeyang’s video was played there! If anyone is in the area, check it out and maybe you’ll get a chance to see it as well. Thanks to Kikki for the tip and Hirokimi at landoforenji @ blogspot for sharing the information and photo.

source: allkpop

If only this had been a real US promotion for him \o/ even if it's McDonald's

North Korean man executed for calling a friend in South Korea on mobile phone

A North Korean man has been executed by firing squad for calling a friend in South Korea on his mobile phone.

The brutal communist regime, which is technically at war with South Korea, has warned its 24 million population that any contact with the nation south of its borders is a crime punishable by life in prison or death.

News of those who have been caught and punished for making contact with the south rarely leaks out - because anyone disclosing information about punishment also risks imprisonment.

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Mankae and former mankae
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T-ara launches officially!

T-ara launches officially!

Following the news that girlgroup T-ara will play the role of entrepeurs and start up their own business on via a reality show, the website has been officially launched on 16th March.

The girls will sell various fashion items on the site where they did their own modelling of the products.


ETA: Things don't go on sale until the 17th, that's why it says everything is out.

SNSD girls look good in jeans for SPAO

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As many of you patiently wait for the release of the SNSD / Girls’ Generation Black Soshi (Dark) concept, the good folks at SPAO have released promotional photos of the girls in jeans.

The photos are of Soo Young, Tiffany, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona, and Hyoyeon. The six girls show off their nice curves and beautiful bodies wearing SPAO’s new line of casual jeans.

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source: allkpop
Penelope is pretty.
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Wonder Girls gear up for U.S. debut album release in April

Korean pop group Wonder Girls returned to the United States over the weekend to prepare for their debut album due out in the country in April, according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

An official at JYPE told Asia Economic Daily over a phone call yesterday that "Wonder Girls members left for the U.S. on March 13," adding that they will "focus on the release of their studio album which has been delayed."

"For the time being, they have no other work scheduled and are planning to concentrate on the album to release it by April or May at the latest," the official was quoted as saying.

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Airing date for Han Geng SOHU Interview confirmed!


The caption basically says: Han Geng at “解结门” interview discussed his current situation and his personal plans for the future. During the interview, Han Geng said: “I am currently still waiting for the results. I’ve left everything up to my lawyer, if there is a result, we will let everyone know immediately.”

It's going to be streamed on on March 16 @ 9:00 am - in other words, in about 10 minutes from now! Calling all the omona Chinese speakers!

Credit: FUCK YEAH! HAN GENG, Han Geng's baidu

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Omona watch party anyone?
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Lee Min-ho warns fans about fake Twitter account

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has warned fans of a fake Twitter account opened up under his name, according to his agency Starhaus Entertainment.

"What people currently know as Lee Min-ho's Twitter is a fake account,"
said an official at Starhaus on Friday, adding that they are preparing countermeasures to protect the actor's fans.

Lee currently has about 70,000 followers under his account -- more than any other Korean celebrity in the country.

An account can be opened with just an email address and ID on Twitter, a popular U.S.-based online social networking and microblogging service.

Many other overseas and Korean stars including pop groups Girls' Generation and singer Son Dambi have reportedly been taken advantage of by people who opened up accounts in their names.

Lee, 22, shot to stardom throughout Asia after starring in the smash hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers" last year alongside actress Koo Hye-sun and idol group member Kim Hyun-joong of SS501.

He is scheduled to appear in upcoming MBC TV series "Personal Taste", which premieres on March 31, opposite actress Son Ye-jin.


LMAO 70,000 followers? Must be one hell of RPer.
Oh pain!
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Some Netizens Open 'Cafes' for Kim Kil-tae

Internet communities are sprouting up in support of Kim Kil-tae, the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of a 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Police are investigating some Internet users for their support of Kim Kil-tae, the chief suspect in the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl.

Some of them have established Internet communities on portal site Naver, describing themselves as fans of Kim.

One of them, introducing itself as his largest fan site has already drawn nearly 2,000 registered members. The sites carry postings lauding the victim's murder, police said.

An online campaign for his release has launched, proclaiming: "Kim is innocent."

The Korea Communications Standard Commission, which oversees portal services, issued an urgent order for the shutdown of such communities Sunday night and the portal immediately acted accordingly.

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Source: The Korea Times

I wonder if they still keep on making these communities as the guy has now confessed the crime.

Han Geng SOHU Interview

Part 1:

Translator's Note: My Mandarin isn't that great and sometimes it was hard to make out what they were saying.

MC: *intros*

HG: Hello I am Han Geng! *greets everyone*

MC: what did you do in 2 months?

HG: Now during this time because of all the events going on I wanted rest, exercised, performance, and studied english?

MC: English? Why did you want to learn english?

HG: I think english is very important so I want to improve ("deepen") my knowledge.

MC: But your english is pretty good!

HG: Nooo.

MC: (comment: couldn't make out) can understand

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Credits: epoxide + rainydayphotos @ omonatheydidnt for translation &TheTwelfs @ youtube for videos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I compiled everything into a single thread to make it less confusing. :)
まゆゆ → AKB48 • Hi
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BEG’s Jea has a friendly nose competition with Kara’s Goo Hara

Brown Eyed Girls member Jea recently uploaded three photos onto her minihompy that have been gathering a lot of attention from fans. What’s so special about these photos? Why, it’s because Jea is posing with Kara’s Goo Hara!
If you recall, both the Brown Eyed Girls and Kara shared a stage at last year’s MAMA as they put on a joint performance that was just too hot for words.
Since then, fans have been begging for another BEG-Kara crossover and it looks like their prayers have been answered!
Jea uploaded these photos and captioned it as “a nose competition.”

She also revealed that the two had met in the preparation room on a show and immediately began striking funny faces for the camera to see who could make the weirdest expression with their nose. Jea also revealed that she and Goo Hara are actually pretty good friends outside the idol world.

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Source: Allkpop

Future Simon #1

[UPDATED] Teaser + behind-the-scenes + new set photos from Cinderella’s Sister (신데렐라 언니)

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The 20-episode drama, Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니) also stars Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo and Chun Jung Myung. It is due to air on KBS2 on 31 March 2010.

source; naver
Pochipotato @ YT
iamkimsora8 @ YT

Hrm.. this looks promising. Methinks WANT.
☆ baekhyun; composition

Thousands of fans brave the rain for SHINee

Despite the heavy rain, thousands of fans still managed to overcome it just for their idols, SHINee!

Invited as performing guests and prize receipient for the 2010 Singapore Entertainment Awards, SHINee had a special [2009, Year Of Us] showcase yesterday at IMM’s Rooftop Garden. Meeting with their fans, this also happens to be one of the activities held in conjuction with the SEA.

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Source: omy, theretroradio @ youtube
Translated by: hypothermal

Precious things

EDIT: Changed the video links to Youtube ones since they wouldn't stop autoplaying.