March 16th, 2010

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Fan clubs lead charity movement

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Every day for the past month, Jeon Eun-joo, a 40-year-old housewife living in Ilsan, has sat in front of her computer after sending her child off to prep school.

With just a few clicks, she would log into a bank website to check how much money had been deposited into a fund-raising account opened by the "Miclub Jihoo-Hyunjoong-ari," one of many fan clubs dedicated to pop star Kim Hyun-joong.

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source: The Korea Herald

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S.E.S Eugene and Bada joining Shoo’s wedding pictures

Eugene and Bada are joining their lovely Shoo for a bridal pictorial. Shoo, whose real name was Yoo Soo Yeong, is getting married to Im Hyo Sung, a basketball player on April 11th. These pre-wed pictures of the three best friends come as a big surprise to their fans, especially S.E.S fans.

Shoo has released another happy news, beside the wedding, that she is indeed 10 weeks pregnant. “Shoo’s OB/GYN doctor has recently confirmed that she is indeed, pregnant.”

According to Eugene, the couple has been going out since November last year. Shoo said, her groom is “the one she can’t live without.”

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Bae Yong Joon Visits Fans in Hospitals

Bae Yong Joon visited hospitals to see his fans injured from an accident on the set of the drama "Winter Sonata."

The Hallyu star went to the hospitals to visit 30 fans who had been hospitalized. They had been injured from a sudden gust of wind while they visited the film set of the animated version of “Winter Sonata” in Jeongdongjin, Gangneung in Gangwondo province on March 12.

A spokesperson from Bae Yong Joon’s agency, BOF, said, “Bae Yong Joon visited four hospitals in the Gangneung area, where the wounded fans are hospitalized, and expressed his sincere regret.” He added, “Bae Yong Joon met all the injured fans one by one in person and consoled them, wishing their quick recovery while he offered an apology for the accident.”

The number of injured fans who were hurt by broken set equipment (caused by the sudden gust of wind at around 3 pm on March 12) is 32, including 28 Japanese tourists. They had come to the filming location to watch the filming of the last episode of the animated version of “Winter Sonata,” in which Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo appear.

BOF described the accident by saying, “Bae Yong Joon was taking a commemorative photograph with fans. In the middle of the photo shoot, there were suddenly strong winds that were powerful enough to make people lose their balance. So they stopped taking pictures and moved to the inside of the resort. At that moment, the rostrum, which was set up to take pictures, and a post set up to guide the filming fell down, and some of the onlookers were injured.”

BOF added, “The company will provide its utmost efforts to take care of the fans injured by this accident to aid their recovery.”

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Kim Beom-soo under fire for shock-jock comment

Singer and MC Kim Bum-soo will be placed at the mercy of the Korea Communications Commission for controversial comments he made over the air on Monday.

The 32-year old singer is under fire for saying that when he was younger he used to terrorize women at night by walking close behind as if giving them an impression that they were being followed.

Soon after, disgruntled female listeners filed complaints with the station and left critical messages on the radio show's online message board, some demanding an apology and some the removal of Kim from the airwaves.

One female listener wrote: "I was so disgusted with his story that as a woman, I felt the need to report him to the Ministry of Gender Equality."

Another listener has even gone as far as starting a petition online saying she is urging "netizens" to support the sacking of Kim from his hosting duties for his radio show.

His remarks have sparked an uproar among women as it comes at a time when the nation has been currently riveted by the case of Kim Gil-tae, who on Monday admitted to raping and murdering a teenage girl in Busan.

"The country has turned upside down over this Kim Gil-tae case and for someone to talk about something like that as if it's all a joke is disgusting," another poster wrote, adding that "he must be removed from the show."

The on-air controversial remark is a staple of the radio business.

Hosts often times ad-lib by instinct and end up saying things they later regret.

In the past, comedienne Jung Sun-hee was kicked off her radio show for making fun of candle-lit vigil protesters and singer Yoon Jong-shin met the same fate when he compared women to fish and sashimi.

As for Kim, his management company has been reluctant to comment on the issue and have quickly issued an apology stating: "He was overly eager on-air seeing as how it's only been five months since he made his hosting debut.

"The production team feel it is too early to think about replacing him."

source: koreaherald


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*I'm pretty sure the long sentences in Korean says something along the lines of:

"I want to get better at english, I have to learn more, kkk twitter is fun =3"

Do correct me if I'm wrong, my korean is very limited.


Today is seriously one of the best days ever in fandom.
I'm hoping everyone will follow this twitter trend.

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~Godly~ Nichkhun Leaves Cast of Shining Diploma. World Mourns

Last November, we announced that 2PM’s Thai Prince Nichkhun would be starring in an upcoming film titled Shining Diploma. However, possibly due to the recent turn of events that 2PM has been facing, it seems like Nichkhun’s role in the movie is no more.

Earlier today, Producer Lee Jung Ryong commented,

“Truthfully, we were going to crank in the production of the movie late last year, but because of investment problems, we didn’t even get to start … Lee Misook, the female lead in the movie, also has to fulfill filming for two different dramas so we will push back our production 2-3 months … We have received a termination notice from Nichkhun’s side. Right now, having Nichkhun star in the film would be a negative situation.”

Additionally, a JYP Entertainment official stated,

“We’ve decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea for Nichkhun to star in the movie. Originally, the movie was supposed to be filmed late last year and finish filming early this year, but the the filming was constantly delayed. From a certain point forward, Nichkhun’s participation in the movie would have been difficult because of his schedules with 2PM.

It’s really too bad, especially since this was supposed to be Nichkhun’s debut on the big screen. I’m sure many fans were looking forward to his first movie. What are your thoughts?


I doubt any of this is due to to all the 2PM dramz. It just seems like the producers couldn't get their money right in time and Buck don't play that. Still though..."

Han Geng Update: rumor debunked + SOHU interview cuts subbed + another public appearance!

The rumor about Han Geng stating that “Han Geng signed with eeMedia before Chinese New Year’s. The company will spend millions to create a special group called SD5 for him. The new group will be revealed in April. Han Geng, SD5 and Li Yuchun’s film contracts will all be under Long Danni’s Shenshi Film (Shine Show)” is NOT true, according to Da Peng's microblog (twitter).

Da Peng is the MC that conducted Han Geng's Sohu interview. Speaking of which, the subbed cuts have been released:

Part 1:

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Yet Another update!

Update 2: For the first time after his lawsuit, Han Geng will go on a TV show on the 26th. He will be attending Migu Celeb School, a show that showcases up and coming artists, the most popular of which is Taihe Rye’s MIC boyband. Meanwhile, he says he has been taking business, English and acting classes to better prepare himself for the future.

Migu is a collaboration between Shanghai’s Dragon TV and China Mobile. Previously, stars who have went on migu include SHE, Jane Zhang, Wilber Pan, Kimi Qiao Renliang, He Jie and BOBO.

Included in the sina article are rumors that perhaps it is instead Taihe Rye that Han Geng will join so that he can lead MIC, though that seems unlikely since Han Geng said he wanted to go into acting, and Taihe Rye is a record company. An interview with Li Yuchun, who is in both eeMedia and Taihe Rye, had Li Yuchun saying that she has yet to hear of any new of him signing with eeMedia. She said that she is good friends with Han Geng and that his dancing is excellent.

And interview with Taihe Rye’s Song Ke said that he could not comment on Han Geng’s contract lawsuit. He said that he has met Han Geng before and thought him very polite and talented. He said that “Contracts are dead, but people are alive,” said Song Ke, who then added that artists and their company need good communication.

Furthermore, another article says that the reporter has phoned Han Geng, who is currently in the US. The article said that Han Geng denied signing with eemedia, but said he’ll have to see what might happen with Taihe Rye.

Credit: cfensi & Da Peng's microblog, Sina 1, Sina 2
Subbed videos: ys1106ys for part 1, 2, 3, and 5 of the interview & OnlyHeartsYou for part 4

Some backlash was starting to build up due to the rumor, so I feel it's important that it's cleared up before he gets any further flack for something that it's false.

For the record, Sina didn't make up any of these rumors. They just reported what they find from various different sources, and did state in their article which of the sources are legit and which ones are rumors.