March 20th, 2010

SNSD - sunny is adorable

Han Geng VCR for Migu Star College


Han Geng will be on Migu next week on Friday, the 26th. It starts at 7:30 pm China time and will be broadcast on East TV. Migu is a show for new artist who haven't debuted yet and next week's the finale. There's a big chance Han Geng will be performing with someone and Jay Chou is also rumoured to be there.

Credit: gengfans@youtube, for summary

Most of the rumours point to Han Geng performing with MIC, but nothing is confirmed. Also, he filmed the VCR in the US, so it's likely that he's still there~

Yoona 'Still Pretty Dressed As A Guy'

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SNSD's Yoona made an attempt to dress up as a guy. She transformed into a boy in black suit in SBS's Family Outing Season 2 (FO2).

The episode took place at Jun-nam Kwang-yang Sum-Jin Village, with a request to advertise the 'Plum Festival'. 'Mr. & Ms. Plum Contest' was held, female members becoming Mr. Plum, while male members became Ms. Plum to show off their individual talents.

Yoona performed Shinhwa's 'Wild Eyes' by transforming from a cute and pretty girl into a handsome boy. She reenacted the chair dance perfectly and made everyone laugh by saying that she was 'a guy looking for employment who hasn't even gone to military yet'.

Handsome boy Yoona and the best 'Mr. & Ms. Plum' chosen by village representatives will be revealed on March 21 on FO2.

don't like the new FO but i love this dork~♥
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ZE:A's Dongjoon gets injured while filming for new MV

Rookie boy band ZE:A has recently been filming a music video for their upcoming single, but it’s been reported that an injury occurred on the set!

The rookie group went to Busan to film on March 13, leaving four days later on the 17th. The music video is about the friendship of high school students, and is set to have many action scenes. In one of the highlights, member Dongjoon had to jump; unfortunately, he injured his ankle during the process. Despite the pain, Dongjoon carried on with the filming till it was over.

The members of the group and company staff was worried about this incident because Dongjoon had previously injured his ankle and arm during ZE:A’s Mazeltov promotions.

Star Empire stated, “When the injury happened, we were going to go right to the hospital, but Dongjoon insisted on finishing filming, so we went to the hopsital as soon as everything was finished. Fortunately, his injuries were minor.”

The second single will be released on 25th.

Credits: allkp, Newsen (original article)

Why is it always the magnae? ;________;

Rain on the Discovery Channel!

K-pop sensation Rain is on the Discovery Channel!

The Discovery Channel filmed a documentary called Hip Korea. The documentary is part of a series that will feature Korea and its culture. The first episode shows Rain going about his everyday routine. To capture this footage, the filming crew followed him around Korea for 6 months. Rain discusses his life before debut as a singer, his struggles, his insecurities, and his mother. The documentary aired on the discovery channel on January 31, 2009 in Australia and New Zealand, and on February 23, 2009 throughout the rest of Asia and Europe.

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Sources: ioconion3 , asianbite

Amerie is coming and 4minute is guesting

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Lately, popstar Amerie's Korean venue on March 22nd and her collaboration with 4minute became hot topics.

Starting from the 22, Amerie will stay for 4 nights and 5 days to promote her latest album 'In Love & War'. Her schedule includes appearances on broadcast channels and fanmeetings.
On the 25th, the MBC radio show Bae Cheolsu's Music Camp will cover her mini-concert and her fanmeeting held in Mnet Sangamdong Studio.
Last February, the singer released an exclusive collaboration with 4minute.

Amerie talked about her close relationship to the group's members in a recent interview stating : "4minute are really talented friends. 'Heard'Em All' showcases a balance between women's strong and sweet sides. The 5 [4minute] members just balanced it well (laughters)." The idol girlgroup will indeed guest 2 of her fanmeetings : the Kia Motor Show planned on the 23rd and the mini-concert on the 25th. It is left to know if there will be an actual performance of Heard'Em All.

Debuted in 2002, the singer and songwriter Amerie reached the 1st spot on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B chart and was nominated twice for the Grammy Awards. In particular, she caught the attention of the Korean audience, being half Korean and half Afro-American. In her MV for 'Why R U', she eventually showed her affection towards Korea by using name in hangeul '에무리' (Amuri).

can't wait for more coverage on this! i really love the song now
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The delicate balance between school and career for young idol singers

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As idols debut sooner and sooner, there in an increase in the interchange between their school life and celebrity activities. 
After stars born from the 90’s began emerging, there were many cases where these idols attended college or high school while simultaneously filming television broadcasts but now it is not uncommon for trainees in elementary school to debut during their junior high school years. This can be seen with recently pointed out stars such as Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, f(x)’s Sulli, Krystal, and 4minute’s Kwon Sohyun to create the “girl group ‘94 line.”

Managers who are in charge of these idol singers with middle school and high school identities tend to visit the idol’s teacher rather than the singer’s parents or the singer themselves. This is due to the fact that a student can graduate only if they fulfill certain attendance requirements. Although this differs from school to school, because the number of attendance required must be fulfilled, young idols tend to use various methods to fulfill requirements such as coming to class partially for the day.
T-ara’s Jiyeon is in her second year of high school where she told a reporter, “At school, I want to meet friends and study. But when you start planning out the schedule, it becomes difficult since there’s simply not much time left.”

New high schooler U-Kiss’ Dongho also revealed, “I rarely have time to go to school. Next Monday, it was decided I would attend school. I’m already excited.”

In order to appear on a music program, you need to start preparing your hair, makeup and other things early on in the morning so the day becomes short. These music programs are centered on airing during weekends so technically you can say that weekdays are more of the “free days” for singers. However, during these “free days,” stars have to appear on radio programs, film, or prepare for their next stage so even if they make time to attend school, they often just end up showing their face.

Source: allkpop

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Alleged blackmailer of actor indicted

The baseball player-turned-TV personality Kang Byung-kyu was indicted without physical detention yesterday on blackmailing and defamation charges.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said yesterday Kang had demanded cash from star actor Lee Byung-hun, threatening to reveal details about Lee’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kwon Mi-yeon, a former gymnast in Canada.

According to prosecutors, Kang and Kwon colluded to blackmail Lee for large sums of money on Nov. 5 and Nov. 14, 2009.

When Lee refused to pay
, prosecutors said, Kang apparently urged Kwon to file a lawsuit against Lee in December and published a press release detailing the suit. Kang was charged with defamation for issuing the release.

According to the release, Kwon argued in the lawsuit that she suffered mental and physical damage after her relationship with Lee and that Lee had engaged in sexual intercourse with her after fraudulently promising to marry her, which is against Korean law. Kwon has asked for 100 million won ($88,400) in compensation.

Soon afterward, Lee sued Kwon for defamation and extortion.

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Source: JoongAng Daily

Hyuna shows her cute porcelain skin

4minute’s Hyuna has uploaded a fresh selca of herself.
On the 17th, the picture was uploaded on her minihompy, along with a message stating, “I tried being very cute.”
As always, she showed another cute pose,  bringing many positive comments such as, “It’s Hyuna’s generation”, “Her skin really shines”, and “Shes not acting cute. She is cute.” The title of the picture was named “At Japan”, so it seems like this picture was taken when the group visited Japan for their Asia promotions.

The skin that celebrities have are just amazing; I need the number of Hyuna’s dermatologist right now…

Source: allkpop

Lee Seung Gi main actor of 'My Girlfriend is the Nine-Tailed Fox', Main actress is Shin Sae Kyung?

Lee Seung Gi main actor of 'My Girlfriend is the Nine-Tailed Fox', Main actress is Shin Sae Kyung? Broadcasted by KBS?

The contours of the drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ which has gained much attention as actor Lee Seung Gi’s newest work is beginning to show.

As screenwriter of the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ Hong Sisters (Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran)’s newest work, the much anticipated ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox' has casted Lee Seung Gi as the main actor.

It was said that the drama had been contemplating between Shin Sae Kyung and the group 2NE1’s Dara (real name Sandara Park) as the main actress role of the nine-tailed fox. The staff’s opinions lean more towards Shin Sae Kyung, who they think fits more into the main role. About this, Shin Sae Kyung’s company says “She needs to focus at the moment more on ‘Highkick Through the Roof’ so we have not settled on a following work yet,” and “For now, we are thinking about working on the scheduled commercial shoots and photoshoots that were postponed.”

The drama’s airing station is also being determined. It is in the process of arranging a decision between airing in SBS and KBS. In the case of SBS, it will be aired after their Wed/Thurs. drama ‘Prosecuter Princess’, and in the case of KBS, it will be aired after ‘Cinderella's Sister.’

On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi, his newest work confirmed, has released an image from a photoshoot with Samsung Gipelle with a charismatic and sexy image. This photoshoot has gained much interest because Lee Seung Gi does not show any of the nice and clumsy image he has had in KBS2’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and instead shows a haughty but elegant image.

Source: Sports Khan
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Artists that have confirmed comeback in April!

Came across a list which shows the artists that will make their comeback in 2010,please take a look!

In March,we have After School , Lee Jung Hyun & 8eight who are yet to make their comeback.

In April,
MBLAQ - Single
Davichi - Mini Album
Uhm Jung Hwa
Lee Hyori - 4th Album
Son Dambi - 2nd Album
Rain - Mini Album
Baek Ji Young - Single
Wonder Girls - First US Album
Rainbow - 1st Album
2PM - Single
SHINee - 2nd Album

cr: dkpopnews
SHINee & 2PM comebacks!! can't wait!!

After School unveils new concept photo teaser

After bringing the netizens a surprise of a new eighth member now officially named Lizzy, Pledis Entertainment announced After School’s comeback to take place this month with a track titled Bang!. The girls’ new concept is known to be ‘marching band students’, perhaps just perfect for ‘after school’. Today, a new photo was unveiled of eight girls (excluding Lizzy) donned in yet another full marching band uniform, raising the anticipation even further.

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ngl, am excited for MV teaser on Monday & their comeback on MB!
lol srsly

Goo Hara wants to be a licensed farm vehicle driver

Girl group Kara’s Goo Hara is working hard to obtain her license to drive farming vehicles.

As an active G7 member of KBS Invincible Youth, Hara is challenging herself to become a licensed farming vehicle operator through this program.

According to related sources, despite her busy schedule, Hara has been studying agriculture during her spare time for this upcoming exam. With this, it is planned that this idol will practice driving the farm vehicles during the beginning of April.

Best of luck on passing the test, but she’ll most likely do well with her determination, which was why she got the nod over the other G7 members.

source: akp