March 22nd, 2010

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Comedian Kwak Caught Stealing Car Again

Comedian Kwak Han-goo was caught stealing a car for the second time in eight months
, police said Saturday.

The 28-year-old faces imprisonment since he committed the crime while his jail term for the previous case is being suspended, police said.

According to the Ansan Police Agency, Kwak stole a car on display at a used-car dealership in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province.

Police said he snuck into the shop in Ansan at around 5 a.m. Friday and drove out a Hummer H3 valued at $23,000.

The shop's owner used CCTV footage to pick Kwak out as the primary suspect and the suspect was nabbed at a police checkpoint in the city at 9:40 p.m. the same day
, police said.

"He confessed to stealing the car," said a police officer. "I just wanted to sit behind the wheel of the car," the officer quoted Kwak as saying.

The officer said an arrest warrant is being sought, adding: "The comedian will face tougher punishment than those involved in similar cases since the crime took place during the suspended jail term."

A court will soon question Kwak to decide whether to issue the warrant.

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Source: The Korea Times

Sandara Park 12 Part 'Star Diary' Part 8- “I wanna live the university life”

Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Until the stage becomes a playground.

Though she had been looking forward to it for so long, Sandara says she was transfixed with the pressure and anxiety on her first performance.
Because she’d never even considered becoming anything other than a singer, Sandara felt so much pressure thinking it was her one chance to make a good first impression on the public, and show how much effort she’d put in.

”Our first performance was on SBS ‘Inkigayo’. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was so nervous, you see. We were getting ready until 3 in the morning at the hair salon and we didn’t get any sleep. I think it was too much. Over a thousand fans came too.”

Sandara was so nervous during her first performance that she made a mistake. She could have let it go since she’s a rookie and all, but she and the other 2NE1 members were very disappointed at their own performance.

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Source: AsianE
Translated by: sjay.x @

We skipped part 8 so here it is and part 9 is here.
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snippets about hello baby episode 10! [shinee dorm-life!]

This week we'll see SHINee members spending time with their 'son' Yoogeun at a pension house near Seoul for a spring outing. After being so busy with overseas promotions, they were excited for this kind of outing that they haven't had in a while.

They also had a good time revealing some hidden truths while preparing for dinner. They talked about how it was Key all along that picked Taemin as 'worst dad,' and Onew was vindicated after it was revealed during the broadcast that Jonghyun was his partner-in-crime in vandalizing the members' faces on the folding screen.

They also revealed what their private dorm-lives are like for the first time!


um, so that last line is a lie because we have seen some of it during yunhanam, but wutevs, EXCITED ANYWAY

source: newsen
found through: shakizi
translated by: okdubu @ omona_prection

Here comes f(x) interview @ MIDEM

Korean music artists f(x) and Epik High were invited to MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, this past January to show their colors of Korean music. Some fancams of their performances have already circulated. KoME, a database and information website about Korean music, has now uploaded their interview with f(x) at MIDEM on their Youtube channel, "komechannel".

Check out the 13-part interview (they're short clips):
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Upload source: komechannel

As always, f(x) stuff come right when I want to sleep... So I wrote this quickly!
So we've learned that Luna loves CREPES! hahaha
She's so talkative here I love it ^_^ And Sulli is so quiet here lol T~T
☆★☆ i like you

100320 Super Junior Super Show in Malaysia

Super Junior Wows Fans

KUALA LUMPUR: South Korean boyband Super Junior wowed 15,000 fans in an electrifying performance at their sell-out concert at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium.
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Super Junior puts on a Super Show in Malaysia

Super Junior has finally performed in Malaysia.

On the 20th, Super Junior held their 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 in Malaysia. The concert came up to around three hours in total and was attended by nearly 15,000 fans.

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Sources: Seto Kit Yan @ The Star Online & AllKpop

jtyy239 and I will be doing our fan accounts of the concert and the post will be updated later with the links to our fan accounts and PICTURES.

MBLAQ’s Thunder is next on MNET Scandal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just like M! Countdown which disappeared from our screens last year without a word and got resurrected last month, MNET has bought back the controversial program, MNET Scandal which fangirls especially have a love-hate relationship (for various reasons) with it for the second season.

And if you didn’t know, MNET Scandal pairs up a celebrity and a lucky girl where they will act like a real dating couple.

The first guest shown last week was actor, Choi Phillip which no one seemed to care about. But the upcoming guest is sure to rile some feathers.

He is none other than MBLAQ’s Thunder who will be the first idol star on this season and joins an illustrious list of idol group members who have been on the show last season. From the pictures below, we can concur that they went to an amusement park and there was not shortage of skinship between them.

Check out the pictures ahead of the broadcast on March 24th.

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source: allkpop

Sandara Park 12 Part 'Star Diary' Part 9- “What the 2NE1 members do while at their apartment..”

Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

2NE1's mix and matched framework is not much different from on stage. What kind of image do these girls have outside of their dazzling performances?

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Original article:
Translated by GEE @
Do not change these lines if taking out

i demand the return of 2ne1TV!
included link to part8 ~ sorry for not realizing that part wasn't up yet :(
Penelope is pretty.
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Big Mama Vol. 5 - 5

Big Mama is back with the group's first album in almost three years! For their fifth album, they take on a diverse range of music styles that highlight their powerful voices.

Big Mama's first plug "Going Crazy Waiting" is a wistful ballad that expresses feelings and frustrations about a departed lover. The song also marks the return of Vibe's Ryu Jae Hyun, who just recently completed his military service and wrote the song as his first comeback piece.

The 15-track album also includes the funky number "Rainbow Dream" featuring MJ of hip-hop duo Sunny Side, pop ballad "Only One Day", Latin-style dance tune "Daylight", solo tracks from each member, and the acoustic version of their first album hit "Monologue".

Going Crazy Waiting MV:

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Sources: YesAsia, AsianMusicVideoHD, MelonSKT, KaboomzaOne

Amerie & 4Minute Joint Performance on Music Bank

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News has come out that 4minute, who collaborated with Amerie on the Korean release of "Heard 'Em All" for her album "Love & War", will be performing with Amerie on the 26 March episode of KBS Music Bank. More information has not yet been released about the joint stage.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! and i love the girls' new outfits from the lotte concert!
wintersun @ soompi &
the high cost of living

Flo-Rida to hold two-night concert in Seoul

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Flo-Rida will hold a concert at the Yonsei University auditorium on May 21 and 22. The organizers of the concerts, Moon Stone Korea, have hinted at a possible “surprise guest performer” during the show.

Korean media are claiming that Flo-Rida’s surge in popularity is due to the allegations of plagiarism over G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker.

hankooki article
innolife article


20.03.10 Super Junior's 2nd Asia Tour: Super Show 2 Malaysia fancams

I know most of you would have probably seen fancams of the concert EVERYWHERE (esp since they started touring long ago) but well, I thought some of you might want to see more, so these are some of mine and a fellow friend's (unless stated otherwise). Would love to see other videos from those who went too! ^^

I was sitting pretty far from the stage (upper tier) though and my camera ain't high-tech or anything so I wouldn't say these are of HQ. Also, because I'm suffering from terrible Internet connection (nothing new here...LOL) so I've only uploaded cuts of their performances, mostly which were sung live and not their SMPs (except for a short part of Sorry, Sorry). I've also included some of my friend's, yanyee whose seat was somewhere diagonally opposite mine. LOL. Quite a huge number of fanboys were present. In fact, I was with my fellow cousin brother. :D

This was recorded right at the start of the concert, a sea of Sapphire Blue. ♥ Beautiful sight.

People were screaming every single time they were lighting changes and when there were slight movements backstage. LOL.

Videos are not in order. ^^
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Another friend (Sharon)'s photos over @ her FB page. She has 3 parts uploaded so far! 1 2 3

Source: Mostly me & yanyee89. If you are interested, more photos can be viewed over here @ Amily's FB page! :D

T-ara fans extort Kara fans’ albums?

A war has been declared by T-ara and Kara fans recently and it’s getting kind of scary serious.

It all started when both groups made a comeback around the same time. The competition between the two groups wasn’t really getting fierce at that point though because it’s been revealed that the gals are all close friends in real life. On the 19th however, there was a mistake on Music Bank: the results indicated that T-ara won, but the scores had been mixed up and it was really Kara who came out on top. Then on the 21st, T-ara took the Mutizen award.


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Source: allkpop SportsChosun
TV: Glee - Heather Morris

Who is the cutie in the care bear costume??

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The photo above was recently uploaded online and has been gathering quite the laugh among netizens. But who is this person under the hood? Why, it’s none other than 2NE1’s fierce rapping leader CL!

2NE1’s residential dork Sandara Park is known for her funny antics and cute pictures as she keeps fans up to date via her me2DAY account. She uploaded this particular photo of her leader in a pink Care Bear costume saying, “If she needs to ‘up’ her mood, CL puts on her favorite pajamas and rolls around with her best friend.

2NE1 is currently working on their first full album.

cr: allkpop

uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

Super Junior's Kim Heechul and SNSD's Taeyeon will soon fight for listeners on the radio

Kim Heechul announced on the 22nd at a press conference in the SBS office that he will return as a radio DJ for the first time in four years. He talked about his thoughts on returning as a radio DJ and about his rivalry with Taeyeon.

Heechul said, "When I did 'Young Street' in 2006 it was soon after I debuted so I was lacking in a lot of ways. Now I will do it properly." When asked about the future rivalry with Taeyeon, he said "We all have to take care of ourselves. I will use my own individuality to get listeners."

When asked what guests he would invite, he answered "I will publicize f(x)'s Sulli, SHINee's Taemin, SNSD's Jessica, and other people in SM that are part of the 'Hee Line.'"

Kim Heechul's show called "Kim Heechul's Young Street" will start on the 29th.

source: sportskhan | translated by filmsession @ omona_prection
Baby G

Brown Eyed Girls for Nine West

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The saucy hip dancers are back with their sexiness!

In a recent photoshoot for Nine West, the members of Brown Eyed Girls did what they do best.

Although hanging out with the 2AM boys on We Got Married showed off the funny and cute side of the girls, the Abracadabra theme seems to be back.

Each member picked a style that they felt suited them. Leader Narsha went with a casual look while Jea went with a double image look, showing off her natural look as well as her powerful side.
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Source: AKP

I've been feeling so BEG-deprived... At last, something fresh to post.
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the high cost of living

Big Bang's Gara Gara Go!! wins Best Choreography Video at Space Shower Music Video Awards!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Message translation:

"We're so happy that 「ガラガラ GO!!」 is selected as the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY VIDEO.It was shot in summer 2009 while we were having the activities both in Korea and Japan.The MV was shot for two days nonstop with no sleeping.It's great to know that you guys like the choreography.We thank you all and looking for your support in the future."

The other nominees are Ikimono Gakari's Joyful, BoA's BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo), Daichi Miura's Who's The Man and RIP SLYME's Good Day.

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GDyuppi @ youtube
YGEntertainment @ youtube

Congratulations to the boys, their choreographer Shaun Evaristo (quick, somebody tweet him!) and their MV director Hyun-Seung Seo!

Now on to the celebratory gif spam! ^^
Super Junior: Yesung

Han Geng denies joining EE-Media, will make the first public appearance on 26th

[10.03.17] Han Geng denies joining EE-Media, will make the first public appearance on 26th

Recently, Han Geng did an interview on <Star Online>.
After that, different news of him signing contract with other companies broke out.

Han Geng who have not escaped from the news of contract termination, now found himself in different rumours of him joining different companies. Someone divulges that Han Geng was persuaded to join ‘EE-Media’, there are also online forums saying that Han Geng will join ‘Taihe Rye Music Co. Ltd’.
Other than the rumours of contracts signing, there are also rumours of him joining other groups.
He was ‘match-made’ with 'SD5' and 'MIC Boy Band' by netizens from his desire to break away from Super Junior.
Han Geng, who is in United States at the moment, denied joining ‘EE-Media’.
Sohu Entertainment exclusively contacted Mr Sun, Han Geng’s assistant who is currently also in United States.Mr Sun also denied the rumours of Han Geng joining other China groups.

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Source: Sohu Entertainment
Translated by: