March 23rd, 2010

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Jaebeom participating in America’s Best Dance Crew?

We’ve been notified at 2PM’s fan conference that Jaebeom might be entering America’s Best Dance Crew.

The rumor could definitely turn into reality, as it is one step closer than before.

Jaebeom’s b-boy group, Art of Movement (AOM), has shown their talent in dancing through videos on Youtube. They have been ranked 4th in the local b-boy competition in Seattle, and is definitely one of the spotlight groups around the area. It is expected that the group will audition for the Seattle area for ABDC.

Jaebeom has been using his American name, Jay, after breaking up from 2PM. There is a possibility that he would be using his Korean name, in honor of the fans that helped him through his troubles.

Nickhun also said on his twitter, “Cheer Jaebeom on in ABDC!”.

It is not official as of yet, but I doubt that the group would back up on this opportunity. Stay tuned on allkpop as we will be on top of this matter.

cred: allkpop

rumor has it...but whatever I'M SO EXCITED XD XD XD
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First Member of SISTAR unveiled

After stealing the spotlight by first featuring in a fashion pictorial on Céci and scheduled for an April debut, the girl group SISTAR has unveiled a solo picture of one of their members. Her name is SoYu (소유), and is currently aged 19.

According to SISTAR’s label, Starship Entertainment, this rookie has been dubbed “Little Lee Mi Yeon” due to their strikingly similar appearances. SoYu was recognized for her versatility in music ever since she was young.

Keep a look out for the three other members--Hyojung (leader), Dasom, and Borah

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SNSD Jessica to become Elle Woods again in Daegu

The musical, Legally Blonde, held its final curtain call around a week ago, but it seems like its not over yet!

The musicals held in Seoul may have ended, but they will now go on stage in another big city, Daegu.

The musical will be held from May 1st to 9th.

However, SNSD’s Jessica will not be performing for all of these dates. She will only participate for the four shows held on May 2nd and 4th.

The shows where Jessica is performing is expected to sell out quickly once it goes on sale on March 24th.

Credit: Allkpop

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Lee Soo-man Tops Entertainment Rich List

Lee Soo-man, the former singer and currently the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment, is the richest entertainment celebrity in terms of stockholdings.

According to analysis by last Friday, 10 celebrities in the entertainment business had stock valued at W100 million (US$1=W1,137) or more as of Thursday last week. Lee, who holds 28.25 percent in SM Entertainment, had the highest valued stocks at W26.2 billion.

Next was Korean wave megastar and entrepreneur Bae Yong-joon, the largest shareholder in Kosdaq-listed KeyEast with 34.6 percent worth W10.93 billion. He was at the top of the list until mid-2009.

Former singer Yang Soo-kyung, the wife of Yedang Entertainment Company CEO Byun Du-seop, was in third with shares in Yedang valued at W3.06 billion. K-pop superstar Rain, the largest shareholder in J.Tune Entertainment, ranked fourth with W2.01 billion. Actress Kyun Mi-ri was at fifth with stock holdings in FCBTwelve of W1.87 billion.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
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BEAST’s Gi Kwang finally got a new hairdo!
During his sitcom, Highkick Through The Roof, Gi Kwang had to have a clean, black hairstyle due to his highschool student character. However, with the ending of the hit family sitcom, Gi Kwang revealed his newly styled, brown hair.
In response to his new hairstyle, fans positively commented, “His looks got brighter,” and “He has an unrealistic visual, like a cartoon character.
On the 21st, Gi Kwang also revealed his inner thoughts about his sitcom that had just ended. On his cyworld minihompy, he wrote, “I am very thankful because I feel that I, Gi Kwang, was able to become more mature through Highkick Through The Roof. I, as BEAST’s Gi Kwang, promise that my guys and I will show better performances on stage.”

BEAST is currently promoting Shock!

Source: akp

Hmmm I prefer his black hair...reminds me a bit of RAIN THOUGH ;A; a tiny bit...
I shall wait for more pictures/stage performance : DDD TEEEHEEEE


Two more articles on SS2 Live in Malaysia + two fan accounts

Super Junior’s Super Show 2 press conference in Malaysia
Words by Liz
Photos by Orchid

South Korea’s Super Junior – the largest boyband in the world – appeared to the Malaysian press briefly for a "chat session" at 4pm on March 20.

In Malaysia: Finally, Super Junior comes to Malaysia for a concert

The 10 members who were present (yes, 3 boys did not come to Malaysia for the show for various reasons) greeted the press at the VIP Lounge, Putra Indoor Stadium at Bukit Jalil.

Emceed by Liew Li Li, 8TV’s Mandarin News presenter, the session was conducted at lightning speed. The interpreter was OK, but a little too fast at times.

The press were not invited to ask questions as MC Liew was already given a set of questions by the organizers, Marctensia.

The boys trooped into the VIP Lounge at about 4:35pm, took a bunch of publicity shots, “talked” to the press for about 7 minutes, then took some more pictures with the organizers and sponsors. They were then quickly ushered out.

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sources:, mmail



Don't forget to check out kuronology's fan account too. It is really amazing! TYVM~
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One in two Korean children wants to become a star

The Tough Life of Wannabes at Korean Star Factories

One in two Korean children wants to become a star, according to a survey by Internet portal Daum of 10,478 people, and due to the explosive popularity of manufactured bands, there has been a marked increase in the number of young Koreans entering entertainment "academies" that groom them. But many of the more than 1,000 young Koreans believed to be enrolled suffer physical and psychological abuse by entertainment agencies.

The Chosun Ilbo recently interviewed 15 of these kids and learned that many of their human rights are being ignored. They have to follow an extremely rigorous schedule, with some quitting school to concentrate on their training. Those that are still at school are forced to spend their vacations at training camps where they practice their various skills from 9 to 10 a.m. until 2 or 3 a.m. the next day and only have two or three hours off before or after meals.

Participants are on stage during a televised audition for singers by cable music station last year.

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Young Koreans' Obsession with Stardom Is a Deep Concern

In 1983, a popular children's magazine conducted a survey of 6,595 schoolchildren asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their top choice was scientist with 23.3 percent, followed by teacher (14.1 percent), judge (11.5 percent), doctor (11 percent) and artist (7.8 percent). When asked what would bring them happiness, 63 percent of them said living a worthwhile life. When those children entered university, the Physics Department at Seoul National University was the preferred choice among applicants that drew the brightest minds from across the country.

Twenty years later,, a popular Internet portal for children, surveyed 10,478 kids about their preferred profession as adults and found that 41.6 percent or 4,364 of them wanted to be singers. When combined with the 892 (8.5 percent) who chose actor, 50.1 percent of the children surveyed wanted to be entertainers. Only 110 respondents said they wanted to be scientists, ranking 19th out of the favored professions.

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo - 1 & 2
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Daesung, "I'm adding a modifier to the word 'dream'."

Last part in the series.
Previous part here.

”I think I’m going to be able to show a lot of variety in my solo album, from R&B ballads to happy jazzy songs like Cotton Candy. It’s been so much fun for me but I wonder if everyone else will love it as much as I do?”

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▶Thank you to the readers who have enjoyed Daesung's Star Diary up to now. We’ll return again soon with the Star Diary of TOP, yet another member of Big Bang.

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Jay Park to return with new record?!

First a Youtube cover and now an official musical return? It looks like Jaebeom / Jay Park’s return to the limelight (not that he was ever out of it, truthfully) is picking up momentum!

Recently, music producer & songwriter Einztein posted a few messages on his Twitter that’ll get fans anywhere & everywhere curious…

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Credit: Allkpop, EINZTEINZLABORATORY @ Youtube

lol idk about this one, guise.

4minute performs with Amerie at Kia Motors Auto Show

A little over a month ago, Half-Korean / American R&B singer Amerie released a new version of her track Heard ‘Em All, and featured girl group 4minute along with BEAST’s Junhyung. We recently reported that Amerie would perform Heard ‘Em All along with 4minute on March 26th’s KBS Music Bank. But before that happens, they recently performed together at a posh W Hotel for the KIA Motors Auto Show.

SSTV was on hand to record the whole performance and the girls looked fierce. On the 25th, she’s scheduled to hold a fan meeting at the Mnet studio in Seoul and of course she’ll wrap it all up on the 26th with one big performance on KBS Music Bank. Check out the KIA Motors performance below and thanks to heechulisnotgay for the tip.

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SO HOT! LEGS EVERYWHERE~ 8D maknae is so fierce~♥
AKP, 4minuteVids @ youtube [dot]com, wintersun @ soompi
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What made Nicole go on her diet?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Through SBSStrong Heart, Kara’s Nicole revealed her reasons for starting her diet. Nicole stated, “I went on the diet after a statement a male idol told me, which got me determined.
Continuing on, Nicole shocked the guests of Strong Heart when she revealed, “Last year, before Mister promotions, I kept thinking that I had to go on my diet but never actually did. But then a male idol singer saw me and said, ‘When exactly are you going to lose weight?’ I got scarred by his question and started my diet. After that incident, I persistently lost weight and showed that male idol a more slim image of me.”

A girl’s weight and body figure is a very personal and sensitive topic for most girls, so it was very rude for this “male idol” to have criticized Nicole. However, as much as I would like to hunt this rude male down, I have to admit, his criticism seems to have benefited Nicole in the long run because she is looking more better than before. Kudos to Nicole for keeping strong with her diet and showing that guy up!

Source: allkpop
:/ I wonder who the male idol was.
icwudt with the Shindong tag shanny_w fyi everyone, they added it in for lulz, it wasnt really Shindong.

Big Bang Theory; Raj

'Mother' Wins Best Film Award at AFA

South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s thriller “Mother” has nabbed the best film award at this year’s Asian Film Awards.

The movie also picked up the awards for best actress and best screenwriter at the fourth Asian Film Awards ceremony held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Monday.

The award for best visual effects went to another South Korean movie --- “Thirst” directed by Park Chan-wook.

Launched in 2007, the Asian Film Awards are presented annually by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society to recognize excellence in Asian cinema.

Last year, South Korean actor Jung Woo-sung won the award for best supporting actor for his role in the movie “The Good, the Bad, the Weird,” while the South Korean film “Chaser” grabbed the award for best editing.

Source: KBS World
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

2 Kim Jong Kook Articles

Kim Jong Kook, Kneeling Asking For Forgiveness In Front of Kang Ho Dong! "Why?"

Kim Jong Kook knelt down in front of Kang Ho Dong.

On the 23rd on the broadcast of SBS Strong Heart's 'Scent of Man' special, Kim Jong Kook participated in the taping and confessed "I've knelt in front of Kang Ho Dong" raising curiosity.

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Sources: Nateo_cha@Soompi

Kim Jong Kook "I had dated someone for 6 years"

Kim Jong Kook suddenly revealed that he had dated someone for a period of 6 years.

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Sources: Nate & o_cha@soompi

SNSD Taeyeon leaves Win Win recording due to sickness

On the beginning of March 23rd’s episode of KBS 2TV Win Win, MC Kim Seung Woo and 2PM’s Wooyoung revealed, “Taeyeon came to the recording set, but because she was sick with cold and fatigue, she had to leave.”

After the two revealed about SNSD Taeyeon’s absence, the show revealed a footage of Taeyeon leaving the set looking really sick.

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Credit: Allkpop, kulee12 @ youtube

poor girl, i hope she recovers well. :(
girls; hyosica.

SNSD's Jessica takes pictures of her members while they're changing?

Today’s broadcast of SBS’s Strong Heart was quite different as a girl idol member talked about kissing.

In addition to that, SNSD’s Sunny shared a surprising story about her team member Jessica.

Nicknamed ‘Pervert Sica,’ it has been revealed that Jessica takes pictures of her fellow members while they are changing!

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SOURCE: allkpop and vhf66 @ YouTube

Well... so far this has been the highlight of my day. 8D
[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Shinhwa celebrates their 12th anniversay together

Shinhwa's legacy as the longest running Korean idol group continues. Kim Dongwan recently blogged about meeting up with the other members and dished out some advice to younger idols.

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Source: Dongwan's Naver Blog
Translation Credit: 수미 @ absolutshinhwa

To commemorate 12 years of friendship and love, a quote from Minwoo that sums up their bond:
"The member who’s left behind, we grab hold of his hand. The member who’s at the front, shares his luck with the rest of us. That’s how we’ve gone through for 10 years."

Guh. I can't wait for these guys to come back ;__;
I don't think there'll ever be an idol group like them again.

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yoon dohyun writes a song for kim jedong called... 'the kim jedong song'

TV persona Kim Jedong is currently touring the country doing a talk concert (since he isn't a singer, I suppose) called "No Break," and received a special present this week called "The Kim Jedong Song." As you can guess, it's a song written especially for him by close friend Yoon Dohyun.

Yoon came out as a special guest during Kim's concert in Incheon on the 20th, and did a surprise performance of the song for Kim and the audience.

The song is also called "okyokyokyo," after Kim Jedong's characteristic laugh.

It starts off, "How amazing it is that he can see the world through those tiny eyes," and is a message from a hyung to a dongseng who has been by his side for many years. Yoon took 3 days to write it, not wanting to show up to the concert empty-handed.

Kim was happy to receive such an unexpected present, especially a song written for him. But after listening to it he decided, "The melody's nice but I think we'll have to work on the lyrics." The audience couldn't stop laughing at their back-and-forth bickering antics.

Anyways, 'The Kim Jedong song' will be officially recorded and released soon!

source park youngjoo @ bntnews
translated by okdubu @ omona_prection


i always called him kim jAedong, but if i look at his name, it really should be jedong, lol. and that's what he goes by on twitter too. and yes, it's real, because his bickering with yoon dohyun leaks over there too. i looked around for fancams but couldn't find any, unfortunately. i can't wait to hear what it sounds like!